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Light Deadric Weapons

First, if Conjuration isn't one of your major skills buy the Bound Dagger spell from Edgars Discount Spells from the Imperial City Market and raise your skill to 25 or higher. Once you have your skill to 25 or higher if your a Mages guild member who got all the recomendations, or have Frostcrag Spire, visit the spell making alters, and make a spell with the Bound Dagger and another bound effect, make the piece of equitment you want to keep the second effect of the two and cast the spell. Immedately open your inventory and you'll find the item there and drop it you can pick it up and use it wihout any encrumberance for holding the item but if you try to sell it it will be worth zero gold
Hope this helps Kidfly

Added 1 Aug 2009, ID #4786, by kidfly and get

Quick Money

Ok, when you get Vapirism, if your in the Dark Brotherhood you'll get a quest from a man who has Vapirism also, and he will send you to a man in the Mages guild named 'Raminus Polus' he'll send you to the count of Skingrad, who will tell you he's heard of one person who might be able to come up with the Cure Vapirism potion, he'll send you to an old woman named 'Melisande' who knows the cure for Vampirism, she need five Grand Sould Gems (empty), once you get them you can go back to her and she'll tell you to get two heads of Bloodgrass, sux cloves of Garlic, five Nightshade leaves, the blood of an Argonian, and the dust of a powerful vampire. When you get the potion return to the count of Skingrad he'll geive you 10,000 gold, and he'll go to his wife and kill her, with the potion, now at night go into his quarters and wake hi up and ask him for money, he will give you 10,000 gold EVERY time you ask.

Added 28 May 2009, ID #4494, by kidfly

Maximum Sneak at the Start of a New Game

WARNING: This takes about 6 hours!

First, start a new game. Whatever character you use, don't use a Khajiit or Bosmer(Wood Elf), as they get a Sneak bonus that may be taken away if you switch races before you get out of the Sewers.

Then, play until you come across the Sneak tutorial. Instead of attacking the goblin that's in the room, enter Sneak Mode and run against the wall in front of you. You may want to go into the corner to your left so you can do something else like watch TV or go on your computer. You should save periodically if you should happen to screw up or your 360 freezes or something else happens.

When you finally max out your Sneak skill, save your game, go to the exit to the Sewers, and then save again. This makes it so that if you want to make another new character, you don't have to spend another 6 hours doing this little trick all over again (since you can change your race, class, etc before you exit the sewers).

Added 5 May 2009, ID #4381, by ffc Squall

very easy way to get into the dark brotherhood!

First, go to Skingrad and head for the chaple. Then look for the town looney (sorry, I forgot his name!!), he should be near the chaple. Then talk to him and he says 'meet me at midnight' wait until then, then talk to him. He should say he thinks hes being watched and he askes you to watch some people. If you do this quest *note: he wants you to watch 3 people I think* he gives you gold. You can watch the people if you want, but they don't do anything, belive me, I watched them.
After the quest, he might turn against you depending on what you say to him, but if he doesn't, kill him. The dark brotherhood guy then seaks you out after you sleep.

Please rate!! :P
(hope this helps!! Good luck killing people!)

Added 4 May 2009, ID #4371, by ludaritz

get lots of gold

To do this you need to go to the talos disrict in the imperial city wait till night fall then (11 to 12) look for Dorian's house it's near the tiber septum hotel. Then pick his lock to his door(make sure there are no guards around). After your inside kill him then take his gold. NOTE:the gold stays in his inventory so you can take all you want. I would prefer doing this only if you have a high intelligence because you will get more money faster. Doing this I pulled out a wapping 500K in about 30 minutes. Enjoy.

Added 31 Mar 2009, ID #4233, by heyman23

Can't Find Someone To Feed On?

If you are a vampire and your struggling to find someone to feed upon, don't Worry you can always find someone at the Tiber Septim Hotel in the Imperial Taloz place. If you go up the stairs (doesn't matter which ones) at about 8pm~12pm and they should be a women who is dressed in green robes laid on the Bed in one Of the unlocked rooms. If there isn't just wait because she will Come after a few 'In-Game' minutes you can feed on her as much as you want any Day as long as it's at night.

Hope This Helped You,


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Added 29 Mar 2009, ID #4212, by sargi001

Are you a vampire?

If you are new to the game and you become a vampire and the chaple wont cure you untill it's too late, well you can seek the cure, the Dark brotherhood will help you, or you can just put up with it. People say that you need to feed every night, but you dont. Just NEVER go to sleep or 'wait' otherwise you will have to feed unless you want to become a 'super vampire' but you can't go out in the day because the sun hurts you. You have to sleep to level up, but my advise is go in a tavern to sleep; but wake up at about 1:00am then seek out a begger, they sleep in the open so it's easy to feed.

Hope this helps all you newbies!! :P

Added 20 Mar 2009, ID #4189, by ludaritz

for beginners

Hey sup yall this is ya home boy oblivion12 with a cheat for beginners

Okay, first make sure you are in bruma if not go there (ihave a house there so it's easy for me) once there talk to a begger named jorck the outcast then pick rumors (i think) and he will tell you about this girl who lost some gold well her name is arnora go to her house and talk to her she will not like you so if you got some gold bribe her until you can't any more then press the jorundr option and she will tell you about him (boring) go to the castle dungeon and ask the jailer if you can visit a prisoner then talk to jorundr and he will neglect you turn atack the jailor once and select go to jail then talk to jorundr again and he will talk (bla bla bla) and go back to arnoras house and tell her what happened then she gives you an option to kill her or do it her way if you pick jorundrs way you will be arrested and you can't get the amulet needed for the quest so pick her way once done she will give you a key and you go unlock a chest and get the amulet bring it to jorundr and he will tell you were the stash is look for it and kill this guy that comes up and says stuff (shutup!!!) and kill him get his stuff (armor,silver sword blablabla) then find the stash once this is done go back to arnoras house and she will be lying face flat in a pool of blood!!! Take everything in her house and sell it did it at lvl 5 and got rich!!!

Hope this helped noobs!!!! :>]

Added 14 Mar 2009, ID #4152, by oblivion12

No outer layer

You can take off the clothes off other characters, but they need to be sleeping. First, you need a paralyze spell, an invisibility spell and have enough space in your inventory so you don't get over encumbered. After having those, wait till the person you want to take the clothes off is sleeping. Sneak in their house and stand by their bed (might want to save the game incase you mess up). While their sleeping, use the paralyze spell on them then quickly search them. You will find that their clothes that they are wearing will be there. Take it then go invisible. Then they will go back to ebed and their clothes will suddenly disappear (only the outer layer; don't get your hopes up).
If it says they are fleeing, then load the game and try again. Make sure you aren't invisible while doing it. It works on the people in the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary.
Note: It only works on certain characters. Also, it depends if a patch fixed this problem.

Added 5 Mar 2009, ID #4098, by raptor91

Leveling up

If you wish to level up certain stats, then you must become the Grand Champion of the arena so you can have the adoring fan to follow you around and have an armor (armor equipments) that will give you 100% camellion. After that, buy a house and bring the adoring fan with you inside. Tell him to wait and put the gameplay into maximum hard mode. Now begin hitting him with arrows, blades, blunt weapons, stealing, and any other things you wish to level up. If he tries to run then sorround him with paint brushes so you can keep on beating him. Also, if he is about to die, wait for atleast one hour so his health will regenerate. Now continue the process. You may also do it to the monsters in the arena, but you have no choice but to kill them.


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Added 24 Feb 2009, ID #4033, by raptor91

Paint Brush Glitch, Discover Anywhere(Inbounds)

Basically, in The Elder Scrolls IV, paint brushes do not obey the laws of physics. They do not move if they're dropped, and you can jump on them, create stairs, and etc.

Okay, so, I figured I'd have some fun with this glitch. There are certain roofs that you can stand on, and some that you can't. However, you can discover any place at all, by using paint brushes to jump over the city walls. Once done, everything will be about white, excluding the patches of grass. Nothing will be able to attack you, however, you still might be able to listen to monster music/hear oblivion gates' music. If you try to enter anywhere you couldn't go before using this glitch, you will fall and fall until you die. You can also fall from mountains, etc. Also, if you quick-travel anywhere, the glitch will be over.(I use Skingrad to jump over the city wall.) Rate if you liked this glitch.
Not a prepatch.

Added 14 Feb 2009, ID #3975, by sora668

Get Rich Quick

First You Get A RARE!! Weapon Worth at least 4000 GOLD Item. (For Quick Money.)
Then You Get At Least 20 Of The Same Scroll E.G:20 X Flare.
Attack With Your Sword And Press B Halfway Through The Attack.
Press A Twice On The Scroll's And Go Over To The Item You Want To Duplicate.
Drop The Item You Are Duplicating And Go Off Of The Menu.(B)
Then If You Done It Right You Should Have About 20 Of The Duplicated Item.
(NOTE: This Cheat Does Not Work With 1 Of A Kind Items. Have Fun.)
^ ^
0 0


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Added 14 Feb 2009, ID #3974, by nutty122

adoring fan death

In that town with the statue of the lucky old lady the adoring fan and I was useing it for good luck so I used it about 20-40
Times in a row and the fan was missing hours later I found him on the other side of the statue dead

Added 31 Jan 2009, ID #3911, by doodoocheat

Keep Bound Weapon

Ok, to do this you need the following- a bound weapon or armor spell, an enemy, and a repair hammer. Cast your weapon and hit 1 time, it'll degrade to 99 then immediately go to your repair hammer and repair your bound weapon, now drop it, wait until the time limit runs out and then pick it up. You now have your own bound weapon. It weighs nothing and is worth noting, but has all the statistics of a regular daedric weapon! PLEASE RATE!!!


Added 27 Jan 2009, ID #3893, by isom97

Programmers map

This requires that you have downloaded Frostcrag Spire. Go into the tower and use teleport pad to go up to sleep chambers. Do not leave the pad once you are there! Using 1st person view, look to the right at the archway. Save your game and then close the game down. Go into the memory settings of your 360 and delete the wizards tower from your memory. (Don't worry it won't cost you to re-download) Start Oblivion and load the saved game. Hold the left analog stick forward as though you are running, do not let go. You will see the outline of a house, just keep running forward. Once you "hop" into the house, leave through the front door. You are now in the programmers map. Down by the fire is the most expensive weapon in the game, completely free, and you can duplicate it!! (Great for making easy cash!!) Directly to the left of the house you arrived in is another house which when you enter is a very dark replica of one of the sigil stone towers. Use a torch or a light spell to go to the top. You will see a sigil stone. Jump out to activate it. Make sure to get by the door because sigil stones will start mass replicating in your inventory. If you count to 10 that is usually sufficient. Leave the house and check your inventory you will have several of each kind of sigil stone, and one point of fame for each stone you collected. You can do this at any level, but at level 25 you will receive the strongest stones the game offers. Have fun with this.


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Added 22 Jan 2009, ID #3859, by GeneticDementia

The bow and arrow..item multiplyer

For all you cheaters...The best way to multiply your stuff is equip your bow and arrows. Then hold the R trigger like your going to shoot it. Don't shoot it, instead press B. Then equip your arrows again. It should say something like (can't equip it while attacking) then you drop the item you want to multiply. Note: if you have 50 arrows 50 of the items will drop..if you have 100 arrows a 100 will drop. Trying to multiply to many lockpicks will freeze the game. And you can't multiply every weapon. You can multiply staffs and a few other weapons. Just try it. Its an awesome way to get rich quick.


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Added 17 Jan 2009, ID #3832, by justintmorton

This is Something That I Found Out

Anyone who is copying this cheat is getting the idea from me. Please rate .

Ok, first you need to get into the arcane university, be the guildmaster of the thieves guild and fighters guild, and be speaker in the dark brotherhood. Note:this is very hard to do and you also have to have completed all of the daedric quests. Next,you need to go wherever you like to go to get experience, I prefer the Roxey Inn because it has two people in glass armor, one person in daedric, and two imperial guards. Then kill everyone there and slepp for 2-4 days, and they'll be back alive! This is usefull for those that need experience. You need high ranks in all those guilds because whenever I kill someone, the guards don 't do anything because I have a whole lot of renown. Enjoy! Please rate this a 5 or higher.
-Isom97 (:

Added 30 Nov 2008, ID #3570, by isom97

Best Glitch In Whole Game! New Doubling Glitch, After Patch!!!

Okey, So, your running out of health potions, picklocks, magika potions.... Are you running out of anything? Not anymore!!

This gitch will allow you to double, tripple, quadrupple, anything up to x50 of mostly anything in the whole game! Wanna know...?

All you need is:

- up to 2 scrolles ( Any more and your game may freeze and you will have to re-start your xbox :( )

- Whatever you want to double. Ill say the Gold Ring for the sake of confusion.

Okey. Get up your inventory and double tap A on the scrolles. Now go down to the Gold Rings (The Thing you Wonna Double) and click X. Now press B to leave your inventory, and if you did it corectly 2 Gold Rings will fall down at your feet.

If you can't be bothred to do it 2 at a time, just dublicate the scrolles themselfs to save yourself a bit of money, or just buy 50 scrolles if you can't be botherd to evan do that!


- If your new, go to the jewler store and buy on emerald neckelace and gold ring or whatever is worth a lot. And duplicate them as above!!!

- Always keep about 40 health potions and picklocks with you at all times! You never know when you will need them.

- Unlimeted picklocks will help LOADS in the theft guild, breaking into houses and that.

- When selling stuff to make money, DONT SELL ALL OF THEM. Make sure you leave at least 1 so you can duplicate them again! Sounds dum but the amount of times I do it. Also, the jewler only buys 800gp at a time.

Other Tips::::

- when going into the Arena, take at least 15 health potions with you, espetially if you are new to the game.

- When you start the game and leave the sewers, Don't go strait for that Jueffe guy. Do some guilds, do the Arena and LEVEL UP. It helps so much when doing the quests.

- When doing the arena questline, don't challenge the grandchampion as soon as you can!! Do his quest first!! If you do this, when you fight him he will want to die and will not hurt you. I used this to my advantage by headshotting him with my bow and arrow and levelling up. MAKE SURE YOU LOOT HIM AFTER!!
Also, this is an easy way into the dark brotherhood. Sleep after you have killed him and some guy will come up. Speak to him and kill the guy he tells you to.

- when your doing the theift guild missions, just go to a castle, go into some rooms and shut the door after you. Loot everything worth over 2gp.

- When in arena... Block, wait for him to hit you, when he does he will be stunned for about 2 secs, hit him twice, walk back a bit and use fireball on him. Repeate loads of times.

Well, thats all I can think of the top of my head and I'm only lvl 6. I hope this helped because it's helped me so much!!! Ill be back soon with more stuff i'v found out!!

George =D

Added 31 Oct 2008, ID #3393, by georgeowens

Invisibility and Awsome Weapon

Invisiblity - Ok, first you need to get your Alteration skill up to about 25 or higher, then you need to get 5 pieces or armor, then go to the arcane university (if you have access, if not, you need to get a reccomendation from all the guild halls) and go to the Chironasium. Next, enchant each part of your armor with chamelion and you will be completely invisible! You can rob someone and if a guard catches you, you can resist arrest and he won't attack you because he can't see you!!!!!

2. Awsome Weapon - First, get a Daedric Claymore, then give it fire damage 100, frost damage 100, and lightning 100 in a range of 20 feet for 100 seconds. This weapon because can kill ANYTHING in one hit!!!!!

Added 25 Oct 2008, ID #3344, by isom97

Easy Entrance To The Dark Brotherhood

In the imperial city there is the Arena. You have to join the arena by going downstairs to the Bloodworks and talk to Owyn, he will give you the option of a Light Armor Rainment or a Heavy Armor Rainment(They Are Really The Same). Compete in the Arena Until you are the Champion of the Blue Team. Talk to the Orc who has been slashing away down in the bloodworks and get his quest(Important!)and complete it. Then you finally fight him. He wont fight back if you do the quest. After Killing The Grand Champion get your cash and sleep somewhere, than the darkbrotherhood guy will find you at night.

I did this at Lvl 3 it's the 2nd easiest way to make money

Added 4 Sep 2008, ID #3061, by flygonmaster06
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