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Higher level, better loot

As you progress through the game and level up, you'll notice better loot starts to drop. Better loot like weapons, armour and enchantment effects on weapons and armour is also enhanced. The better the enhancement the more the item is worth too.

Added 26 Jun 2010, ID #5954, by CrustyWafer and get

How to reach highest level possible

When creating your class and selecting your skills etc at the beginning,do this. if you are going to be a warrior select the mage, and skills that your race ISNT good at, that way it will start at a lower level, meaning you can get an extra few level ups when leveling your character.

Added 26 Jun 2010, ID #5953, by CrustyWafer

Secret chest in tutorial

During the escape at the start of the game, there is a chest hidden in the room with a big light in the middle, 3 - 4 rats, a rusty iron helm, and lots of wood and vegetables. As soon as you enter this room take a left, may look like a dead end but if you look at the wall there are a few bricks missing and if you look where they used to be (under the wall) there is a chest with an Average lock difficulty. The chest contains a few lockpicks, torches and 20 gold.

Word of Advice: I recommend saving before any attempts are made, especially if your not very good at lockpicking. Anyway, Enjoy!


Easy levels

This is an easy way to level any charector you have that uses magic.

1: pick the spell in the magic class you want to level (Captivate=Illusion, Flare=Destruction, etc.)
2: get near a bed (any bed will do)
3: cast the spell untill you run out of mana then rest for 1 hour, unless you have the birthsign that doesn't let you regenerate mana, then reapeat.
4: sleep in the bed you are by every now and then untill you reach the level you want.

Ps: this will take some time to do. I got to level 16 in less than 2 hours.

Hope this helps in your leveling ^_^
Yes that is my GT for Xbox Live.

Added 7 Jun 2010, ID #5876, by ShadoAssasin136

more funny spells: higher rank spells

Hello again I'm back with more spells, this time I have published high rank spells that require high magicka and levels, enjoy:

BURNING BLADE:(must have sword equipped for this)disintagrate weapon [self, 1pt, 99seconds] this will cause your sword to look like it's on fire it's pretty cool.

FASTER THAN LIGHT: fortify speed[self, 100pts, 100 sec] invisibility(optional)[self, 100 sec] this will cause you to go so fast that nothing would hit you or catch you (for the silent type the invisbility works a treat)

PERFECT SNIPER: paralize[target, 100 seconds] fortify marksman [self, 100 sec] this will cause the target to stay still and give you the bow skills of robin hood to take the target down uber quick.

SOUL REND: drain health [target, 100pts 100 sec] this is simple just fire and all will die no matter what difficulty your on.

JUDGEMENT DAY: fire [target, 100pts, 100 sec] frost [target, 100pts, 100 sec] lightning [target, 100pts, 100 sec] this spell will deal full elemental damage so all people in 100ft.

Thats all for now...

Added 23 May 2010, ID #5825, by pokedude08


Can I duplicate things if I don't have updates or xbox live or anything like that???

Added 14 May 2010, ID #5798, by deanb17

the new infinite cash glitch mega money !!!!!!!!

Well you no that if you kill dorian and get his cash it's like 1000coins
I no a better way it made me 208,561,156 coins.

You need a paralise spell (1 second)

Now paralise him he will try to fight you stop him from fighting you(holdblock and talk)bribe him full then paralise him keep doing this till you have about 100k gold in him you can take unlimite gold and is good because if you run out of cash you can just go back and do it again bacause hes not dead


The guards will come in about 1 min so do it quick then youll be fine
But if you go to jail you Dont loose the cash

Thank-you for your time

Added 2 May 2010, ID #5755, by badboyzack10

invisiable glitch

Access to the arcane university, make a spell that = target invisiable 30 seconds, after you do that cast the spell to anyone and youll turn invisiable

Warning there is no way to turn back into not invisiable so save before attempting this stunt

Thank-you for your time

Added 2 May 2010, ID #5754, by badboyzack10

repairing bound armour

Just make a spell where you summan a suit of bound armour and have the glitched armour equiped though and make it for 1 sec (to ensure no wasted magica or time) but it's realy simple and easy glitch idk if it's fixed by a patch my xbox isnt hooked up to live so yea

Added 29 Apr 2010, ID #5751, by coltono10

easy bound weapons

What you do is you have to have acess to a spell making alter and make a bound weapon spell with 2 weapons I did easy with my conjuration trainer cast the spell and drop the unequiped one it's much easier then trying to damage the weapon because these weapons are indestuctible

Added 29 Apr 2010, ID #5750, by coltono10

Item duplicating

Low on cash? Need things to sell? Then follow this easy guide to make loads of the same item!
1) Load an arrow into your bow, but don't fire it.
2) Go into your inventory, and press A twice on the arrows you have equipped.
3) Then drop the item you wish to clone.
4) Voila! Done!

A few words of warning:

If there are any items you no longer want, then collect them all and drop them at the same time so they go into a big pile, if you leave them out separatly then your game may freeze.

Aim at the ground when doing this, if the arrow misses you could hit someone and get in trouble with the guards.

If you have the Game of the Year edition ot bought the expansions online you may have to press A 4 - 5 times rather than twice.


Added 17 Apr 2010, ID #5717, by CrustyWafer

See under water glitch

Looking for stuff under water and can't see properly? Well, then simply go into first person mode, position your characters sight on the surface of the water (in the middle of underwater and above) and you will be able to see clearly, although be aware that your oxygen bar goes down and you can die! Enjoy

Added 17 Apr 2010, ID #5716, by CrustyWafer

making funny spells (for fun and for death)

Heres a list of lots of funny spells I use for fun and for the thrill of killing an entire city( I will put the name of the spell what you need to make it and a description)

The vampire ghost: summon ghost(more than 10 seconds) fire(target, 15 damage) this will cause the ghost to vaporise instantly kind of like a vampire vaporising inn sunlight.

Grim reapers busy night: drain health(50 damage 50ft) this is really cool, if you use it in a room, everyone will practically die.

I hate you all: drain health(1 pt 100ft) if you use this spell as a target spell the moment it hits something everyone within 100ft (very very far) will not die bt will start to either run or start to beat the living daylights out of you.

Necromancy: invisibility (10 seconds) summon zombie (25 seconds) use this and to other people a random zombie will appear.

Blame the zombie: invisibility (10 seconds) summon zombie (25 seconds) drain health (1 pt 50ft) this will do the same effect as necromancy but instead will damage everyone for 1 point and they will start to hit the zombie as well as that the gaurds should hit the zombie asswell instead of arresting you.

I can fly: fortify acrobats(100pts, 5 seconds) this isnt a really good one I just put it in cause it's cool.

Why does god hate me?: damage health(self 100 pts) this is kind of a suicide spell for when you have just had enough.

Hand of god: fortify hand to hand(100pts 5 sec) fortify strength(100pts 5 second) this is good if you want to a random person that your stronger than being hit by a car going 1000 miles an hour.

Leg crippling: drain agility (100pts 100sec 100ft) this is really funny what you do is cast it in a room full of people then everyone will just fall to the ground for ages giving you a chance to run away.

Santas ghost: bound dagger(20 sec) summon ghost(1 sec) ((this works well if you use the glitch to keep bounded weapons)) this is a good one to see for 1 second a ghost will appear and disapear and you will be left with a bounded dagger kind of like santa's ghost giving you it for christmas.

Goodbye world: (reccomended you have lots of magicka for this) drain agility(self 100pts 2 sec) fire (self 100pts) frost (self 100pts) lightning (self 100pts) (( use this spell on the edge of a high cliff for maximum effect)) this will cause your character to instantly die, fall of a cliff, and fall over at the same time.

Bungee jumping: fire (target 100pts 100ft 1sec) this will cause everyone within 100 ft to just die and fly up into the air.

Added 31 Mar 2010, ID #5662, by pokedude08


Boosting Alchemy
Alchemy -: dupe lots of ingreatends about 2 - 3 thousand of each
One that makes a potion then you will probubly get 100 in like 15 minutes

Added 28 Mar 2010, ID #5644, by badboyzack10

wabbajack glitch

STEP 1 :get the wabbajack
STEP 2 :summon any creature SUMMON !
STEP 3 :wabba jack it when it is going to die
STEP 4 :when you loose the monster it will still be there but wabbajacked
And wen that 1 dissapeared it will go back to normal then you can go throught it's body and if it's something like a sceleton here you can get it's sword


Ty for reading

Added 16 Feb 2010, ID #5478, by badboyzack10

The Arena glitch and Invinity Cash

Right start with arena glitch this recomends that you can jump high
When you go to battle an opponant, when the gates are closed, look left at the door, there is a space tht you can just fit in, jump on the lege the run at the wall for a few secs hopefully you fall right into a glitch but when you fall run towards the arena then you will be in the arena befor any gates close
I did not copyright this glitch and if nessesary save befor you do this.


I recomend being a high level for this (the higher level the more cash)
Go to the imperial city at the talos plaza district run forward till you get to the statue(off a dragon) go left and look for dorians house (it will have a box outside his door go in (only when hes there) bribe him till the maximum you can
Then hope this dosent cause too much trouble but kill him , search his body and
There is cash, (and other crap stuff) take the cash but (you can't take it but it adds the amount off cash on to you) keep taking it, but DONT press take all or you will have to restart the xbox 360/ ps3

Added 10 Jan 2010, ID #5346, by badboyzack10

Easy cash quick

Ok lets start off
Get 5 scrolls example= 5 flares
Now I want to get 1 arrow(dosnt need to be arrows) into 5 in 3 steps

Step1 = go to inventory and go to the 5 scrolls then double tap A
Step2 = go to the arrow and drop(press b) it then press

Thats it hope you make good cash :D



No thumbs

Added 1 Jan 2010, ID #5320, by badboyzack10

Good duplacating wepons (not all)

Right lets start off

Make sure you have over 2 scrolls , exmple= 5 FLARE

I want to duplacate 1 iron arrow into 5 so here we go

Go to invitory go to the 5 scrolls n press A 2 times then go to iron arrows then go to arrows then press B

If it dosnt work do it on ps3 it works for tht aswell
I have 256098 coins now

Ty comment n rate this

Added 1 Jan 2010, ID #5319, by badboyzack10

Duplicating Weapons and Armor

Usually when you try to dupe a weapon with arrows and a bow, it doesnt work,but if say you want 3 of one weapon just swing a melee weapon, press B before the action is complete, have 3 arrows and press A twice on the arrows and drop a weapon or armor you want to dupe and you will have three of that weapon or armor you dropped.Then if you use the arrows and a bow trick after using the previous trick, you can dupe weapons with arrows too.

Note that you can't dupe some stuff like quest items or enchanted weapons beside staffs.

Added 7 Sep 2009, ID #4926, by Flooflo

easy lvl 9

Who wants 2 get 2 lvl 9 in hhhmm say about 30 mins all you have 2 do is get the alchemy stuff get 2 ingredients you will need about 1250 of the each ingredient just mix them untill you get 100 alchemy skill then sleep untill leveled so it's a 2 in 1 deal you get 2 level 9 and 100 alchemy skill

Plzzz comment on this thanks

Added 21 Aug 2009, ID #4875, by xbox360_gamer
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