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Some fusions with magic and monster cards and a little bit of ch

First of all you might need a certain amount of starchips ok here we go.
ok heres a couple of my favourite fusions.
Jirai Gumo+Metal Morph=Launcher Spider+Machine Conversion FactoryX3=Launcher Spider with an atk and def of this 3700/4000

Dark Magician+Black PendentX3=Dark Magician with an atk and def of 4000/3600.

Labyrinth Wall+Magical LabyrinthX3=Labyrinth Wall with the atk and def of 1500/4500
Here are some magic fusions.
Dark Hole+Wasteland=Eternal Rest

Electro Whip+Elecro Whip=Rageki

Warrior Elemination+Monster Tamer=Electro Whip

Red Medicine+Red Medicine=Goblins Secret Remedy

Goblins Secret Remedy+Goblins Secret Remedy=Soul of the Pure

Dian Keto the Cure Master+Dian Keto the Cure Master=Mega Morph
Heres some monster fusions kay
Petit Dragon+Pot the Trick=Stone.D

Laughing Flower+Blackland Fire Dragon=B.Jungle Dragon

Summoned Skull+Red Eyes B.Dragon=B.Skull Dragon

Meteor Dragon+Red Eyes B. Dragon=Meteor B. Dragon

Blackland Fire Dragon+Typhone#2=Red Eyes B. Dragon

Immortal of Thunder+Dragon Zombie=Twin Headed Thunder Dragon

Time Wizard+Embryonic Beast=Summoned Skull

Skullbird+Maveles=Crimson Sunbird

Giga Tech Wolf+Cannon Soldier=Labyrinth Tank. I think you might need Polymerization to fuse them together.When I tried it didn't work kay.
Heres a couple of Rituals
Zera Ritual (Zera the Mant)
Wicked Dragon with Eratz Head,King of Yaminakai,Ryu-kishin Powered

Dark Magic Ritual (Magician of Black Chaos)
Dark Magician,Blast Juggler,Winged Dragon,Guardian of the Fortress#1

Black Luster Ritual (Black Luster Soldier)
Kuriboh,Beaver Warrior,Gaia the Fierce Knight

Fortress Whales Oath(Fortress Whale)
Mech Bass,Whit Dolphin,Misairzame

Gate Guardian Ritual (Gate Guardian)
Suijin,Kazejin,Sanga of Thunder

Novox's Prarer (Skull Guardian)
Kamikariman,M Warrior #1,M Warrior #2

Ultimate Dragon (Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon)
Blue Eyes White Dragon,Blue Eyes White Dragon,Blue Eyes White Dragon

Revived of Serpent Night Dragon (Serpent Night Dragon)
Darkfire Dragon,Obese Marmot of Nefariousness,Dragoness the Wicked Knight

Puppet Ritual (Phsycho -Puppet)
Mysterious Puppeteer,Blocker,Saber Slasher
Heres some Cheat Codes
7 Completed 86198326
Aqua Dragon 86164529
Aqua Madoor 85639257
Attack and Recieve 63689843
Axe of Despair 40619825
Axe Raider 48305365
Baby Dragon 88819587
Barox 06840573
Bear Trap 78977532
Beast Fangs 46009906
Beastly Mirror Ritual 81933259
Beautiful Beast Trainer 29616941
Beautiful Headhunter 16899564
Bickuribox 25655502
Black Dragon Jungle 89832901
Blackland Fire Dragon 87564352
Blast Juggler 70138455
Blue-winged Crown 41396436
Book of Secret Arts 91595718
Bottom Dweller 81386177
Boulder Tortoise 09540040
Bracchio-Raidus 16507828
Brave Scizzar 74277583
Breath of Life 20101223
Bright Castle 82878489
Catapult Turtle 95727991
Cocoon of Evolution 40240595
Contruct of Mask 02304453
Corroding Shark 34290067
Cosmo Queen 38999506
Crimson Sunbird 46696593
Crow Goblin 77998771
Crush Card 57728570
Curse of Dragon 28279543
Curse of Millenium Shield 83094937
Curse Of Trihorned Dragon 79699070
Cursebreaker 69666645
Heres some RARE card codes
Blue Eyes White Dragon 89631139
Dark Magician 46986414
Empress Judge 15237615
Eradicating Aerosol 94716515
Exodia the Forbidden One 33396948
Faceless Mage 28546905
Gaia the Dragon Champion 66889139
Gaia the Fierce Knight 06368038
Harpie Lady 76812113
Harpie Lady Sister 12206212
Harpie's Pet Dragon 52040216
Hercules Beetle 52584282
Insect Barrier 23615409
Insect Queen 91512835
Invisible Wire 15361130
Javelin Beetle 26932788
Judge Man 30113682
Labyrinth Tank 99551425

Thats all that I can help you with if you want to know any walkthroughs I'll be posting them.

Added 29 Oct 2004, ID #12286, by chaos AD
Ask.com and get

List Of Fusions Part 2

Dancing Elf + Ancient Jar = Mystical Sand
Machine + Dinosuar = Cyber Saurus
Dragon + Stone = Stone D
White Dolphin + Obese Marmot = Tatsunshigo
Mushroom Man + Obese Marmot = Flower Wolf

Useful Power-ups For Twin Headed Thunder Dragon:
Dragon Treasure
Wasteland (not tested)
Beast Fangs (not tested)

Added 11 Sep 2004, ID #12169, by ultimatecheater Ryan

Blue eyes ultimate dragon ritual

I got a way to make the blue eyes ultimate dragon ritual.

All you have to do is fuse dragon treasure and megamorph...

You get the ultimate dragon ritual.

Added 20 Aug 2004, ID #12114, by killaking

How to get good very rare cards!

Hey guys I got Labyrinth tank (Atk-2400 and defense-2400) yesterday.

If you beat Heishin 2 and whenyou get a screen "YOU WIN!" let it fade away by itself and don't click anything that's the only way to get rare cards.

I also got twin headed thunder dragon from Seto 3.

I did the same thing as I did to Heishin 2.

Seto 3 was easy. I beat him with my skull knight with an attack of 4150 in mercury guardian star. If you attack blue eyes ultimate dragon with skull knight with attack of 4150 in mercury guardian star he'll be 4650.

Trust me this works.

See ya soon and don't forget to let screen "YOU WIN!" fade away.

Added 21 May 2004, ID #11684, by Dark Sage123


Yo what's up home dogs!

I read somewhere on super cheats(good webpage!) that some one asked how to beat the high mage wit the gate dude(gate gaurdian).

First get three ragekis ill tell ya how. If you have 2 memory cards
then you should be able to do this.

First you enter any name that you like on memory card b(the game with out your data that you want to keep) and look for rageki and if its not there try it again wit the name thing and all.

Do this till you get 3. Aight? Next defeat low medow mage lots of times with good ratings.

(A and S)

You'll get cards like black meteor d and black skull d and skull knight and dark magician.

How I think it works is luck and good ratings because some people defeat him 25 times and get black meteor d and I only beatin him 78 times and all I got was skull knight and only 10 times I've gottin lower than B.

Just keep doin it until you think you have a really good deck and just go kick some gate gaurdian but!

Oh ya somtin been reallllllly bugging me...........You cant pause the game!!!!! Why can't people figure it out! Why do you need to pause anyway?

To enter some bogus cheat that dosen't work! And if you need to pause it during a duel just leave it on your turn and do your thing that you need to do!

The cards aren't going to scurry of into some lost video game cyber world!

Why can't people get that through their lil heads than they must have half a brain and a thick skull and must be blind!

O and have field magic and/or normal magic cards like moutain to power up black m and black s.

And there is no such thing as infinite starchips code without game shark!

Anyone who agrees wit me put this little symbols at the end of they're submition! (>' ')>Q(' 'Q)(kirby and boxin kirby)

This is me signing off good night and happy duelings!

Added 31 Mar 2004, ID #11420, by yu-gi-oh masta

Quit giveing bad cheats...

If you start a new game and have a really good card on another memory card, trade the good cards on to memory card 1 from memory card 2.

When you go up against Tania you will get a a right arm of exodia if you get a ranking.!

Added 12 Mar 2004, ID #11363, by stevo_450

A card extremly better than the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

This is true, all you need is a Blue White Dragon and a Red Eyes Black Dragon. Conbined them and you will get a dragon with the attack points of 5000.

I have another Fusion.

Meteor Dragon: 1800 +
Red Eyes: 2400

You will get Meteor B. Dragon: 3500

Added 6 Feb 2004, ID #11180, by Jasmine and Steelix

See monsters mainly for yami yugi

Ok it is true you can see the monsters all you have to do is when you want to attack you click X ON YOUR monster and instead of x to attack THEIR MONSTER press SQUARE.

It will go black an then the monsters will come up and your monster will use there attack on the enemy well thats it hope you like it....

Added 9 Jan 2004, ID #11043, by kiaba

Awesome cards

Hey, I just got some new cards and put a deck together.

These will help you big time in the game.



Remove Trap=1 51482758
Book of Secret Arts=1 91595718
De-Spell=1 19159413
Just Desserts=1 24068492
Soul Release=1 05758500
Yami=1 59197169
Dark Hole=2 53129443
Mystical Space Typhoon=1 05318639
Magic Jammer=177414722
Enchanted Javelin=1 96355986
Trap Hole=2 04206964
Blast with Chain=1 98239899
Graceful Charity=1 79571449
Dian Keto the Cure Master=1 ?
Card Destruction=1 72892473
Monster Reborn=3 83764718
Turtle Oath=1 ?
Black Illusion Ritual=2 41426869
Toon World=1 15259703


Dragon Zombie=1 66672569
Swordstalker=1 50005633
Curse of Dragon=1 28279543
Ryu-Ran=2 02964201
Manga Ryu-Ran=2 38369349
Launcher Spider=1 87322377
Judje Man=1 30113682
Gaia The Fierce Knight=2 06368038
Thousand Dragon=1 ?
Crab Turtle=1 ?
Toon Summoned Skull=1 91842653
Summoned Skull=2 70781052
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon=1 53183600
Dark Magician=1 46986414
Relinquished=2 64631466
Blue-Eyes White Dragon=3 89631139
XYZ-Dragon Cannon=1 91998119
Dark Paladin=1 98502113


MAGIC CARDS (no doubles or tripples)

Ominous Fortunetelling 56995655
Dian Keto the Cure Master ?
Goblin's Secret Remedy 11868825
A Legendary Ocean 00295517
Red Medacine 38199696
Paralyzing Potion 50152549
Soul Exchange 68005187


Fushi No Tori 38538445
Red-Eyes B. Dragon 74677422
Steel Scorpion 13599884
The Legendary Fisherman 03643300
Catapult Turtle 957277991
Dark Ruler Ha Des 53982768
Patrician of Darkness 19153634

That's it, I hope you enjoy all of my cards!

Added 22 Dec 2003, ID #10907, by kaiba650

Twin headed thunder dragon

The cards im about to say will fuse to make twin headed thunder dragon always have thunder last

a plant any + dragon any + thunder any =twin headed thunder dragon

dragon + plant + thunder = twin headed thunder dragon

time wizard + dragon (those 2 cards make thousand dragon just thought id say that) + thunder = twin headed thunder dragon

pot of tricks + dragon + thunder = twin headed thunder dragon

Added 9 Nov 2003, ID #10714, by adse

what the code dose affter you beat the game

After you beat the game you get a 8 digit code.

You use that code in dulist of the roses and you get a card.

That's what the code does.!

Added 21 Aug 2003, ID #10384, by jjjjjjj313

If you want good cards should beat the Meadow Mage in Campaign mode. Then beat him in Free Duel.

After you beat him about 30 times or before or after you might get the Dark Magician or even the Black Meteor Dragon Atk/3500 Def/2000 and more.

You should get B to S ranks if you want to get good cards.


This is a Bickuribox the one Pegasus uses in the tv show. Well for a price of 900 star chips you can get (atk.2300 def.2000) him his number is 23655502.


Here are some good combinations:

pot the trick + mystical lamp = ushi oni

petit dragon + pot the trick =stone dragon

eyearmor + dragon statue = dragoness the wicked knight

spike ball+ petit dragon = koumori dragon

air marmot of nefariousness + queens double = neckogal#2


Okay, when you are dueling anybody, press square on one of your monsters on the field and square on the opponents monster, your monster, and the opponents will come alive in the middle of the duel arena. trust me this works. i do it every time I duel.

Its very cool.


When you get Red Eyes Black Dragon fuse it with a thunder type. Atk: 2800 Def: 2100. (Make sure you put red eyes second so you don't waste a good card if it dosn't work.


(sorry about spelling)Here are some good fusions they are Kaminariman + Yamato Dragon Scroll + Bolt Penguin = Twin-headed Thunder Dragon.

Droll bird + wicked mirror + fire eye = crimson sunbird. milus radiant + dancing elf = nickogal #2. mechanical spider + yamato dragon scroll = metal dragon.

Milus radiant + flame viper = flame cerabus. pot the trick + yamato dragon scroll = stone dragon. gia the fierce night + curse of dragon = gia the dragon champion. chubin the fire night + greenkappa = flame swordsman.

Tomzasaurus + blast juggler = cybersaurus. anchint jar + mistic lamp = ushi oni. searitan of secrets + shadow spector = magical ghost. sinister serpent + crass clown = soul hunter. dancing elf + dancing elf = dark witch.

Dancing elf + muka muka = mistical sand. swordsman from a foreign land + mechanicl spider = cyber solder. firegrass + the wondering doomed = pumpking king of ghosts. dark plant + yamato dragon scroll = Black dragon jungle king. man-eating plant + swordsman from a foreign land = bean solder. lehul + greenkappa = cockroch knight.

Dancing elf + greenkappa = celtic gardian. dancing elf = weather control = mystical elf. mystical elf + blackland fire dragon = dark elf. torike + green kappa = tiger axe. mech mole zombie + cyber commander = dice armidilla. milus radiant + bat = giga-tach wolf.

Time wizard + yamato dragon scroll = thousand dragon. time wizard + monsturtle = 30,000 year-old turtle. summoned scull + yamato dragon scroll = black skull dragon. searitan of secrets + yamato dragon scroll = kamori dragon. Hyo + greenkappa = wow worrior.

Skull servent + yamato drogon scroll = dragon zombie. all of these fusions work! So when you do duel you can kick but! If I find outany more fusions I will tell you!


You know how people say that you can pause well you can't.

I know this because I'm so close to finishing the game and there is no way to pause.

If you think that you can make the Dragon Champion Soldier with the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and the Black Luster Soldier because thats only in the show.

Well I hope you liked the information.

Signing off.


Ok This is not a cheat just correction sry about my spelling But on Forbidden Memories you can't get 999'999'999 or infenete starchips because you can't type in all of it you can try but all you can type in is "STARCH" then th "I" replaces the "H" and so on if i am doing it worng tell me ok now for my cheat/hint/tip/little helpy thingy/.

Ok first you fuse Bolt Puingiun and Crawling dragon 2 the 3 dragon Tresures then 3 Dark Energy it realt pumps him up oh You should also put down Mountain well that is all for now bye>


No thumbs


My speicalty is dragons so heres a few useful combos;

any dargon(except dragon statue)+element type(not fire/flying/fiend/animal/reptile/fish)+lightning type= twin-headed thunder dragon

Dragon + metal= metal Dragon

Dragon + plant= b. dragon king of the jungle


No thumbs

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