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Easy money.

Ok make sure you have every spot in the hotel spots then save and turn the DS of and turn the date 3 days or more the people will check out and you will get the money you can repete but if you set the date back aliens will invade.

Added 4 Aug 2006, ID #1149, by xluckix and get

Build Rooms Faster

After you buy the rooms you want (get as many as you can) save. Change the time on the ds 8 hours later. Then go on the game and !BANG! The rooms are built.Ready to go.beware the alians will invade.

Added 26 Jun 2006, ID #968, by sim man dude

Walk in mid air for a short time

To walk in mid air for a short time go to the 2nd floor lobby go through the white doors(deluxe guest room) and go to the bathroom there will be some stairs go up them go onto a lege run off and your guy will be running in mid air for a short time my sister didn't believe me when I told her about it

Added 24 Mar 2006, ID #656, by smatt3000

Heaps of money and skill points

First check in all the people at your hotel that can fit
Then you save the game then turn it off turn it back on to the nintendo ds main menu choose settings then change the date up a month or one year then turn the sims 2 game back on and the register guy should call you to pass on some messages
It worked for me now my hotel score is up to 100% and I have 30000 dollars
You can also use it to get skill points just put the date up 1 week then get the skill point then put it up 1 week and do it again
But if you go forward and backwards the aliens will come for an invasion
But I kill them easy with THE RATTICOR

Added 3 Jan 2006, ID #468, by TheRetard
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