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Are you bored?

If you're bored you can:

Pretend, pretend you work at the Saloon,Gym, Sax Lounge, or the Art Gallery.

Make milk, make milk, milkshakes or chocolate milk shakes.

Phone people, you can phone anyone see where they are, cheer them up, romance, or calm them down.

Buy things,You can buy things from the Strangetown Store (located next to the Saloon) once in a while there are different items in the Store. (Check maybe every two days.)

Play the lottery, there is a lottery machine inside the Stangetown Store,If you get three pictures you win! There are three prices ($1, $5 and $10.) The cheaper the ticket the less money you win if you get three pictures. I'm not to sure how much money each are when you win. But I think you get about $25.00 or $50.00 when you win the $1 one.

Play music, You can create your own songs and record them in the Sax Lounge. (The first room in the Atrium to the left.)You can also play music in the Lion Lounge too. (The first room to the right.)You can leave you're DS on (plug it in the charger), go to the Sax Lounge and play the keyboard,when you play it you get paid $5 every minute or every five minutes I forget. I works VERY well I did that and now I have $125,047! I swear I'm not lieing.

Create paintings, You can create paintings in the Art Gallery. You can sell the paintings for a good price. Here are the rankings of you're paintings.

(Garbage) $38-$300

(Respectful) $300-$500

(Magnum Opus) $500-$700

Masterpiece) $700-$2,000

Pretend to be a Maid for the hotel, You can pretend to be a Maid by vacuuming all the dust piles on the floor.

Make big bucks, There are many ways to make good money.You can use the Metal Detector in the Desert. You can find Gold bars, Copper bars, Silver bars, Muffied aliens,spaceship parts, gourds, and nuclear fuel rods. Here's another way to make money. You can sell milk even though it's $2 every glass.

I really hoped I helped you!

Good luck!

Added 24 Oct 2010, ID #14760, by XxXRubyXxX and get


When people phone you and they tell you someone stole furniture they bought with them or someone stole furniture out of you room the furniture is actually in the desert. Sometimes its next to the cow shed.But I think that's very rare. You can take someone else's furniture if you want. I usually do that sometimes. Or for money, you can sell the furniture from the desert.

Thanks for reading,Hoped this helped

Added 24 Oct 2010, ID #14759, by XxXRubyXxX

Save Money Fast/ Where furniture is located

If you're wondering how to save money fast what you can do is sell all your furniture. Here are some locations of where some furniture is.

Bed- City Hall, other guest's rooms,Mamma Hogg's room, Jebediah's room.

Couch/chairs- Other guest's rooms, Sax lounge,

Toilet/Sink- other guest's rooms,City Hall,Lion lounge,

Thanks for reading, hoped this helped

Added 24 Oct 2010, ID #14758, by XxXRubyXxX

how to get a family

first you have to find someone you love and you call him or her every day to romance them, and make sure tey rnt a room so when she wants to romance and they are in their room they will propose to you and after you have romance you will see a ring on your hand and it will say that they proposed.

Added 16 Oct 2010, ID #14732, by Guest

how to "time travel"

well, i saw a question on how to set your clock forward,so here is how you do it. well for an example... when you are building something and you dont want to wait 8 hours, you first buy what you want to build and you then save the game. Then you turn your d.s or dsi off and go to settings. Go to time and change the time 8 hours forward. What i do to make it easier, is to go to date and put the date up about three days. Hope this help you.

Added 1 Jul 2010, ID #14148, by Guest

How to never have aliens come!!!!! OMG!

This is how you never have aliens!

- go to the store and buy a lord mole painting
- put it in your room and admire it
- it should come alive
- go to the cow feild and run around it twice
- aliens should come and dissapear

problam solve!!


Added 26 Jun 2010, ID #14097, by Guest

Alien Invaision!

To Make Aliens Appear set the time way back or way foward. If you get caught by aliens your sanity meter will go down you will move super slow.

Added 23 Aug 2008, ID #8923, by sebas0022

Easy money

The way to get easy money is to earn at least $3000, next you build a vault, once the vault has finished (8 hours) walk in. Inside you will see a money making machine, that's right you can print your own money, but only print out $1000 the wait an hour or so, then print again other wise you will be arrested and bail will be deducted from your account.

Added 21 Aug 2008, ID #8885, by davakid

The head wire

Now... When you get a metal detector and when "The Guy That Goes 'I'll take a penthouse'...(the first one)" near the end of working for him he tells you to bury a wiggly box and Penelope Redd catches you don't think you are in trouble... (because thats what I thought) she tells you to wear a head wire... DON'T think you have to go buy it at the store because she put it on you at that very moment she will put it on you and you can't get it off so don't do what I did and go to the store because you really justhave to go up stairs to the penthouse and calm him dowm!!!

OKAY ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Added 19 Apr 2008, ID #7287, by Toot Sweet

where to put the sarcopgagus

Go to your room and click on the button below the triangle that lets you move things. Then click on the sarcopgagus and then the hand to the right of it then you can move that like any other type of furniture to whatever location

Added 21 Mar 2008, ID #6954, by rollorcoaster9

Time Travel

To accumulate money, possessions, skill points, license plates etc., without being called a little time traveling cheater and facing alien invasion, turn your internal clock and date back, BEFORE you create your sim, then gradually save. I started mine on 01/01/2000. I gathered all the fuel rods and gourds I could and gathered everything in my room to sell. Then I built rooms, saved the game and moved the clock forward 8 hours. Then I checked in everyone I could and moved it forward 7 days. I kept doing this and kept accumulating money. I started actually playing the game with over 200,000 simoleons.

Added 7 Jan 2008, ID #6034, by dsmama

Get free stuff

Ok when a man calles up saying his bed, sink, ect... Go to the dessert and it should be there right. but here is the trick, when you pick it up, don't give it to him and it will reapear. Keep doing this and you could sell and sell and sell. Free stuff. (when you get bored, be nice and give it to him.)

Added 19 May 2007, ID #2717, by cpillarie


"Combat Mode":Collest 12 license plates.
"Razor Burn":Collect 24 license plates.
"Credits Theme":Beat the game.
"Mongoo Monkey":To unlock Mongoo Monkey for the casino, play The Sims 2 DS while having The Sims 2 GBA in the DS.

Added 18 May 2007, ID #2696, by mr. buh

OK! More Stuff!!!!

9/5/2035: an Arcade-Sisyphus, some dulux showers(Onyx, Blue, and Red)and a delux green sink.
6/25/2000: a XAM Satellite Stereo and a sky diving machine.
1/1/2000: Arcade-Bustin Out, Computer, Giant Ancestral Bonsai, and a large Plant.
2/2/2002: Mapel Rouge Bed, white delux shower,and a satin heart bed.
3/3/2003: beds(ceder skys and mahogany night), lighted vanity mirror, honey bee shower, and an arcade-Space Armada

Added 22 Apr 2007, ID #2477, by AThomason

Getting Cool Stuff

If you go to 12/31/2099 you can get a holiday yetie stachu I probly spelled stachu wrong but oh well and other cool stuff. I'm working on finding the hott tub so I'll post when I find it.

Added 21 Apr 2007, ID #2476, by AThomason

How to see the cute ghost


Go to 06/30/2054 and buy the painting of the cute ghost and put it in your room. Then wait a bit and some one will phone you and say that they need rescuing from a ghost. Find the person and the ghost will be there. Quickly get out your hoover and walk into the ghost. It will be sucked up the hoover but you will still see it in other places

Added 25 Mar 2007, ID #2319, by zuma

Chocolate Milkshake!!!

To get chocolate milkshake, buy a chocolate bar (i think from the Asian Eporium) and give it as a present to a cow. Now you can tip the cow and milk it and you will have a chocolate milkshake! (you can do this for chocolate milk aswell; just don't tip the cow.)

Added 14 Mar 2007, ID #2272, by zuma

recharging the metal detector

to recharge the metal detector just go to the furnis in the basement that you put the energy rods in at the begining of the game have fun! xx Missie xx

Added 23 Feb 2007, ID #2192, by missie33

How do you change the time? And recharge metal detector

I was reading some of the cheats, and a lot of them said to change the time. I was wondering how to change the time? I was also wondering how to recharge the metal detector? Thanks!

Added 6 Jan 2007, ID #1925, by wowyourcool41

Building all the rooms

Say you don't want to wait the full 8 hours that it takes Tristan, all you have to do is set your system's clock ahead the pending time and voila! Insta-rooms.

P.s. I have set my clock and date and everything ahead then saved on the *fake* date, went back, set the system back to real time, then gone into the game. The clerk at the front desk will call you a dirty lil time traveling cheater, and say that you've messed things up, and that the aliens have launched a full attack. My attempts with this were years that I saved, I don't know if it will do the same for a couple of hours, but in the event of, be warned: once this happens, the main screen (non-touch) will turn into a clock, and it will wind out of control. You then need to touch the green gem on the touch screen before you lose all your sanity. Then check EVERYWHERE that the aliens appear and have a blast. Have fun!

Added 1 Sep 2006, ID #1255, by faellie17
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