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Trace Mario

At any time on the front start screen press B
And then arios face will pause and the drawing
Screen will come up and marios face will still be there.

Added 29 Jan 2006, ID #535, by callmeon111 and get

Make Yoshi Kick!

To make yoshi kick simply hold down R and attack

Added 29 Jan 2006, ID #534, by callmeon111


Most of the game hasn't changed much from the original. What I mean is most of the Power Star locations are the same. What is new is a couple of secret courses, more playable characters, and 30 more Power Stars. Each main course has one more Power Star than on the Nintendo 64. Okay here is an easy way to get a very difficult Star. In the Hazy Maze Cave go to that big hole where the rolling boulders fall into as Wario and smash each one for those who are impatient or look at the Touch Screen and wait until you see a Star, smash that boulder, if it goes into the hole wait for it to come again. How did I get it? I got it by pure luck because I had no idea where or what to do. Well this should save you a lot of frustration.

Added 7 Jan 2006, ID #485, by Nintendo Fan

How to get mario wario and luigi

Mario: when you start off with yoshi collect eight stars then go to the rec room and jump in through his portait and the gooma king will start walking in a circle eat a goomba then spit the goomba at the king goomba then he will grow double in size do these again and again two more times then he will give you the key.

Luigi: firstly you must collect fourteen stars then stand in the midle of the light that shines through the castle by the stairs press the X button and look up at the light you will be in another world stomp on the red switch which unlocks the red block then enter the boos world in the court yard ground pound.

The boo bigger than the rest then enter the cage (Note you must have done the first star in order to do this) go up the stairs on the far east door and hit the box use the flower to float up to a door enter and you will see luigis potrait jump in and defeat king boo hit his shadow that will hurt him because hes hiding in the mirror defeat him and he will give you the key.

Wario: After beating bowser the 2nd time head up the stairs in the mirror room jump on the flower with luigi and you will turn invicible jump in the mirror theres a star when you enter the door but head right and jump into warios portrait punch the ice bully 3 times in the water then he will give you the key.

Sent in by ss4 Joshua

Added 29 Dec 2005, ID #442, by SS4 Joshua

Lots of lives quickly

Wario is the recommended character for this trick.

Go to the Hazy Maze Cave level. At the start, take the right path and long jump over the fire pits.

In the next room, slide down the pole. Run forward an take an immediate left. There should not be a path, only a door. Enter it. Look to your left and drop down the hole.

Quickly get out of the smog pit and take a right (where two moles are). Pass the moles and take a left. In the smog, you should see a brick block.

Break it to become invincible. Quickly run back to where the moles are and run around in circles (make sure you hit the moles). Do this quick enouh and you should have 30 extra lives!

Added 18 Dec 2005, ID #407, by johnkrill

How to beat the bombom king with yoshi

When he throws his bombs at you have yoshi stick his toungue out and put them in his mouth and shoot them out at him.hit him three times with this method and you'll get the first star.
p.s. Josh don't shoot me with my own gun! Oooooohhhhh my big toe! To see the beggining of this go to the elf dvd questions.

Added 30 Nov 2005, ID #381, by shadowpower5000

Speedy Spin

As Luigi, when you use his backflip, hold the jump button to make him spin faster, thus making his aerial time extent considerably.

Added 15 Nov 2005, ID #344, by darkboarder_77

Slightly easier stars

Here's a general hint, whenever you are in a course with a condor and are going for a star that you can get in most missions, pick a star that involves taking a star from the condor, It won't attack you and take your cap.

And here is a specific hint. On the course Tall Tall Mountain, if you are going after the Mysterious Mountainside star, there is an alternative way to trying to go on the slide.

You must be Luigi or have Luigi's cap. Go to the top of the mountain and hit the ? Box. When you get the flower, do a backwards somersault-helicopter towards the piece of land where the wind-up enemy is.

Helicopter past the edge of the cliff, then back towards the cliff, because the star behind the cage is there. If you did it right, then you should helicopter through the cage and get the star.

If you need more time, hit the box and then somerlsalt into the flower as it comes down. Also, you can control the speed of your decent by holding L and B after you jump, this will make you decend slower.

Release them to descend faster.

Added 2 Oct 2005, ID #295, by SniperX


When you go the main menu you ether got mario or yoshis face in the middle click on it and click on the pencil to draw

Added 21 Aug 2005, ID #233, by unmortal

All World Entries

Here's a complete list of the entrances to all of the levels. I'm nice like that

Bob-Omb Battlefield: 0 Star door. First on the left as you enter the castle, ground floor. Bob-omb painting.

Whomp's Fortress: 1 Star door. To the right of the main staircase, ground floor. Floating tower painting

Cool Cool Mountain: 3 Star door. To the left of the main staircase, ground floor. Snowman painting.

Jolly Roger Bay: 3 Star door. On the far right as you enter the castle. Ground floor. Underwater bubbles painting

Aquarium: Same as above. Turn right upon entering, climb into hole in wall.

Princess Toadstool's Secret Slide: 1 Star door. Far right at the top of the main staircase, ground floor. Stained glass window on the right.

Sunshine Isles: Same as above. Through middle door. Island painting

Goomboss Battle: 8 Star door. Same as above. Mario painting

Bowser in the Dark World: Big Star door. 12 Stars. Left at the top of the main staircase, ground floor. Princess Toadstool painting (sucker)

Tower of the Winged Cap: Sun symbol in lobby. Look into source of light

Big Boo's Haunt: Courtyard. Defeat Boo in far left corner. Birdcage

Battle Fort: Same as above. Break bricks in far right corner. Down hole.

Lethal Lava Land: Basement. Fireball painting

Shifting Sand Land: Basement. Turn left at fireball painting. Plain brick wall

Hazy Maze Cave: 0 Star door. Basement. Black liquid pool

Behind The Waterfall: Inside Hazy Maze cave. Underground lake. Use metal Wario to press switch and open gate. Black liquid pool.

Beneath The Moat: As the name suggests. Use Wario to break bricks.

Big Boo Battle: Inside Big Boo's Haunt. Second floor. Jump up above Power Flower block. Luigi painting

Dire Dire Docks: Big Star door. 30 Stars. Basement. Wall of liquid

Bowser in the Fire Sea: Same as above. Docks entrance moves after obtaining first Star from submarine. Hole in ground

Wet Dry World: Second floor, main hallway. Water Spider painting

Tall Tall Mountain: Same as above. Mountain painting (very small)

Snowman's Land: Second floor. Mirror room. Blank wall on left (snowman painting reflected in mirror)

Chief Chilly Challenge: Same as above. As Luigi, get Power Flower and go through Mirror. Wario painting

Tiny Huge Island: 0 Star door. Second floor. Goomba painting. Left is Tiny Island, right is Huge Island

Tick Tock Clock: Giant clock. Third floor.

Raindow Ride: Third floor. Alcove on right. Down hole

Over The Rainbows: Same as above. Alcove on left.

Bowser in the Sky: Third floor. Big Star door. 70 Stars needed to climb 'endless' stairs. Can only be done as Mario.

Added 14 Aug 2005, ID #225, by Bad Wolf

Blast to the Lonely Mushroom

Here's an easy shortcut for Blast to the Lonely Mushroom in Tall Tall Mountain. Go in as Luigi, and from the start, grab the tree behind you and climb it to wake the owl. Hang onto his talons and fly to the top. Climb on top of the red "!" block at the top and backflip from the top. Float down to the mushroom and claim the Star.

Added 15 Jul 2005, ID #198, by Cez


You know the (?) BOX right when you get mario and get the feather and your in a high place (better on top of castle) jump off the high place and hold B you'll like fly

Added 21 Jun 2005, ID #172, by NDS

Cool Glitch

O.K. I discovered this glitch when I was playing my game and I thought you might like it.

First, get Luigi and go into Jolly Roger Bay. Then go to the underwater cave and get the Wario hat. Hit the"?" box and you will turn metal. Run out of the cave and onto the sunken ship.

Run to the little tip at the front of it and jump off. When the Power Flower Wears off, You should stay on the bottom. If it doesn't work, make sure when you run out of the cave that you stand on the little thing sticking out of the front of the boat.

If you want to go back up, go back into the cave and come out again. (You may want to get the Mario hat first because it is easier to get into the cave. Hope you have fun with it!!!!!!!!!!

Added 8 Jun 2005, ID #164, by SuperCheatsMaster

How to freeze time in Tick Tock Clock

Easy! All you have to do is enter the level when the hour hand of the clock on the portrait hits 12. This is actually very useful, and is very much necessary if you hope to collect all 8 of the Red Coins in this stage! And, furthermore, navigation around the stage will be much easier, without all of the platforms shifting around with you on top!

Added 17 May 2005, ID #146, by darkboarder_77

How to retrieve a lost cap

If you were playing as Mario, Luigi, or Wario and you lost your cap because of that damn condor or monkey, then exited the level, no fear- just return to the level you lost it, and you'll be able to snatch it back from the thing that took it from you in the first place!

Added 17 May 2005, ID #138, by darkboarder_77

The doors

Here are the secret of the 4 doors,

Luige's door you can open it by killing big boo on the third floor of big boo's hound(u can get there by in the libary opening the red box with mario and you can fly above there will appear a door)

Mario's door can be unlocked by killing king goom (Mario's portrait is next to the middle door and than de 8 star door)

Wario's door can be unlocked by killing the ice king in the mirror room by catching a power flower by luige je kan walk now trow the mirror the wario portrait will appear left (there is a door if you enter it you will be in a white room with a power star) the boss of wario's boss 'the ice king' can be defeated bij punching him of the arena (tip: use mario he's stronger than luige;))

The white room will be opened by catching all the shiny rabbits (tip all the shiny rabbits can appear twice you can find them:
Mario: stairs to tic tak clock room
Luige: the area round lava land and sand land
Luige: in the water system of the castle)
In the room of the shiny rabbits is ONLY 1 power star!! I catched them all and I'm VERY disspointed

Well thats enough eh?;)
See ya later!

Added 29 Apr 2005, ID #111, by compunick


Wario and Luigi's rabbits are in a little hole in the back of the castle (outside) if in case you can't find them.

Added 15 Mar 2005, ID #83, by fdg


When you are at the screen with the Mario or Yoshi head touch the head to get to this place where you can stretch the scetch of Mario or Yoshi.

Touch the pencil to draw a picture.You have a limited amount of pencil, so when the meter at the bottom of the screen is white, you can't draw anymore.

When the meter ends or you touch the hand you will be able to stretch the drawing.

There are things you can do with the pictures with the buttons:

A:Spin Clockwise
B:Stretch Horizontally
X:Stretch Vertically
Y:Spin Counterclockwise
B+Y or B+A:Spin Horizontally
Y+X or A+X:Spin Vertically
L or R:Repel (while held) and Attract (when released)

Added 22 Feb 2005, ID #56, by fugi

Easier Bully Defeat

When fighting bullies (the horned cannonballs on Lethal Lava Land and a few other levels), don't use punches or kicks to defeat them.

Jumping on them will slide them out from under you and it doesn't take tough timing to pull off.

P.S. You guys doing "cheats" like 'pole dancer' and such need to quit posting stuff.

Sliding down a pole is not helpful to anyone and definetly not a cheat. Please stop, you're just wasting space.

Added 15 Feb 2005, ID #46, by Psyqo

Full health

If you stay above water while swimming, you will get full health.

No matter what....

Added 31 Jan 2005, ID #35, by kyleywiley
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