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Wet-dry land seecrit w/ mario only

O.k. First go to wet-dry land(located at the second floor)(ONLY as Mario), then swim over to the place where the goomy iz(find a way to get there, because I'm not tellin (herez the part where you gotta find the swich(located ina seecrit part uv the castle)not in the level) hit the blok dats red an haz a question marc on in it ul get the powa flowa an den grab it an get the star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 30 Dec 2011, ID #16563, by Guest and get

Invisible block

How to find the invisible block out side the castle
It is not easy to find but I figured that you can tell. You that the easiest way to find it is to look at the file screen(adventure)look at the top screen at the right side of the castle(if done correctly) you should will see a grey kind of block that does not have anything on it.

Added 15 Dec 2011, ID #16518, by Guest

More mini games

To get more mini games just go speak to the rec room toad then go outside their will be bunnies cach the bunnies to get keys,the keys unlock more mini games.

Added 2 Oct 2011, ID #16255, by Guest

Get wario with luigi (in guide)

Climb the roll stairs then you will find a no marked door near a red carpet go inside and you will find a power flower grab it and jump into wario's painting and slide down.while you are in the air don't press anything and you will come to a place with two bullies and then go to the bending platform and jump where the icy water is.go into the place with some bullies and then you will see a wooden thing with a platform next to it and ice floating and moving in the air. Jump above the wooden thing and cross the moving platform and when you cross it you will see platforms going up and down. If you cross all of them you will see a hole jump in it. You will see chief defeat him knock him out of the ring three times by kick,punch or slide attack. Slide attack is the best attack.

Added 23 Aug 2011, ID #16102, by aditya jain

How to preserve time in king whomp defeat

To defeat king whomp in low time take a fast chacrater and run or dash near him.when he tries to stomp you do a sideword summersalt and do a ground pound before landing .repeat 3 times

Added 22 Aug 2011, ID #16100, by aditya jain


To get wario on mario 64 ds is to to have luigi then you have to go up the stairs to the star door en then run till you find the other door open it then go where the flying koopa is then get the flower on the seat then go in the window go in the pictutre with wario on it that's how you get wario

Added 8 Jun 2011, ID #15814, by sonicboom772

Infinate lives easy

Wanting to know?How to get infinate(you know what)go to the place you went to get the key to mario's door and then go to the boss after that kick him on the back whith mario(A+B=kick)then you will get a red mushroom then knock out all the goombas araund him(don't hit him at ALL)then stand in front of him that will make you take out all the 3 goombas in front of him keep doing that after a little tim 1up's will start appearing--when you become small die then go in again keep repeating that unntil you get 100 lives then die you will have 99 that will help you get infinate lives.

Added 1 May 2011, ID #15739, by mariocheatguy12123

Infinite lives

Go to goomboss and kick him on the back then you will get a red mushroom (only mario) then stand in front of him and kill the goombas keep killing.if your mushroom runs out die and go in this repetingly and get 100/99 lives ;)

Added 7 Apr 2011, ID #15685, by cheatmaka

? Blocks solid

After you get some stars you will see some light coming from the roof. Use your camera angle to look up at the light and you will come to the place.

Note: there is red coins so try to collect 8 and you will get a star

Added 9 Feb 2011, ID #15249, by Guest

Gain the most lives yet

Hi there this is how you can get about 8 lives very quick and easy. First go to Whomps Forstress go to the place where the red block is and the twomps are at you see red bricks. Smash them with Mario, Luigi or Wario there should be a green mushroom get it. Exit out of there go back to Whomps Forstress this time there is a Big Red mushroom get it and jump of the side destory big bullet bills thing and pirahna plants you gain 1 life for every thing you defeat.

Added 21 Jan 2011, ID #15127, by Guest

How to get Mario

Go into the rec room with toad. If you have 8 stars, you can go in the 8 door. On the side, you should see a picture of Mario. Jump into it. Beat the goomboss at the end of the level by eating his army of goomba's 3 times. He will give you the key to Mario's room.

Added 4 Jan 2011, ID #15050, by Guest

Moon Jumping & Sleepy Heads

I just got this game and I unlocked Moon Jumping amd I'll show you how to do it. First get all 150 stars then go to Tall, Tall Mountain there should be a monkey in a crack of the mountain he will take your cap (make you play as somebody with a cap) grab the monkey and he will gived it back run and jump 3 times off the edge you should die or get shot back to where the pink bomb with hands is at if you died try this again. Complete the level then play as Luigi when you jump hold B you float in the air.

to make your charcters to go to sleep stay in ine area for a long time they go to sleep later.

Added 30 Dec 2010, ID #15020, by Guest

Super Luigi Dude's Guide to Luigi

Hi.Lots of people keep saying "HOW DO I GET THE GREEN LITTLE MIDGET??!!?!?!?!"Well first of all,he is Luigi not a midget.When you go to the mirror room Luigi's pic will be solid.Don't be fooled because that is BIG FAT PLUMP WARIO!!!!So go to big boo's haunt AKA:BOO LEVEL IN BACK GARDEN and you need to get the 1st star so you unlock the 2nd floor.Once you are on the 2nd floor you will go to the last door on the right and you will need to be Mario and get the flower and float up to the 3rd floor and jump into the painting.IT'S REAL!!!Now you will here king boo's voice follow it to get to the final room where there is a hole to where king boo is.

Go kick some boo butt!

Added 27 Dec 2010, ID #15005, by super luigi dude

How to get Mario,Luigi,and Wario.

Mario:Get 8 stars and enter his painting. (Easy

Luigi:Go to Big boo's haunt and go upstairs and get into the 2nd door or 3rd (i forgot) then float up to the 3rd floor and jump into the painting.Follow king boo's voice (Super Anoying

Wario: Go to where Luigi's fake painting is(NEED TO BE LUIGI!!!!) then get the flower and go into Wario's pic.

Added 25 Dec 2010, ID #15002, by super luigi dude

Unlimited hats

In the snow level (in the mirror room) go get your hat blown off by the big snowman. (it's easier if you are Wario) Go down to the ground; then find the snowman that has your hat on. If you are Wario you can just punch the snowman, but if you are any other character you have to go get the box that's in the corner. Kill the snowman and get your hat back. Repeat the steps above and once you punch the snowman, he will drop twice as many hats as the last time you did it.

Added 8 Dec 2010, ID #14934, by Guest

how to get waluigi. as luigi with 150 stars.
2.get on top of the castle.
3.get the power flower.
4.while you're invisible shoot yourself into princess peaches painting and go get the power flower go in the mirror and you see a big piranah plant.go grab a bombomb and hit the plant and you see a waluigi key grab it and you get access to waluigi.

Added 15 Oct 2010, ID #14724, by Guest

snowmans big head

to get to the snow mans head first get any other star in the area exept for the one on his head after you have done that exit the stage and start it again but this time dont click on snowmans big head click on the other star you got and start the stage.When you start the stage climb alll the trees and you will find an eagle on one tree if you get to the top of the tree.You can use the eagle to fly to the top of his and get the star

Added 7 Oct 2010, ID #14709, by Guest

Throwing signs

To Throw signs,you need to play as wario.
Then go behind a sign & press the "A" button,then press "A" again to throw
The sign in any direction you want.

Added 30 Apr 2010, ID #13666, by Ev I Am

Sling Yourself Inside The Castle

To sling yourself in the castle you need to go to the set of small stairs (the stairs on the right leading towards the character room). Stand on the bottom stair and get as close to the wall as possible, then turn around so your back is to the wall. When you think it's ready crouch down and do a back flip. If done right they should slide on the crack and fling you over the railing and down the the 3 star door. This is really hard to get right and takes tons of practice. You can do this with anyone but Yoshi and Luigi are the easiest to do it with.

Added 4 Jan 2010, ID #12992, by Jazzy12x

Princess's Secret Slide Cool thing

You don't need action replay for this cool thing.

Do you want to get that star that is really hard to get because you need to finish it withing 20 seconds? Well, here's how to do it! Go to the slide (as anyone) and go down past the wall. Now, as soon as the wall ends (the yellow one, not the brick one) jump down to the platform underneath and do a ground-pound (butt-slam) and that should cut bout 3 seconds off your time. If you don't ground pound then you will actually GAIN 3 seconds! So do a butt-slam just before you hit the ground. It's not really a cheat but I though it was really cool.

Added 16 Oct 2009, ID #12604, by Craig555
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