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The Best Location To Special Attack EV Train

The Best Location to Special Attack EV Train is outside Victory Road. There is a 45% chance that a Heatmor will appear. Heatmor will be between the Levels 37-40, so be prepared. Your Pokemon will receive 2 Special Attack EV Points for every Heatmor it defeats. That's 4 Special Attack EV Points if your Pokemon has Pokerus!

Added 6 May 2012, ID #16881, by Warrior13 and get

Best Place To HP EV Train

The Best Location to EV Train is by surfing on Route 8. There is a 100% of Stunfisk appearing. The Stunfisk are between the Levels 15-35. Your Pokemon will receive 2 EV HP Points for every Stunfisk it defeats. That's 4 EV HP Points for every Stunfisk if your Pokemon has Pokerus!

Added 4 May 2012, ID #16869, by Warrior13

Best Places To EV Attack Train

The best place to EV Attack Train would be on Route 1. If you walk through the grass, there is a 100% of a Lillipup or Patrat appearing. They aren't any threat, being Levels 2-4. You will receive 1 EV Attack Point for every Lillipup or Patrat you defeat. That's 2 EV Attack Points if your Pokemon has Pokerus.

If you Pokemon is at higher level, try training in Basement Floor 2 of Relic Castle. There is a 50% of Krokorok appearing. These Krokoroks will be between Level 34-37. You will receive 2 EV Attack Points for every Krokorok you defeat. That's 4 EV Attack Points if your Pokemon has Pokerus.

Added 3 May 2012, ID #16866, by Warrior13

Best Locations To Speed EV Train

The best place to Speed EV Train is by surfing on Route 1, Route 3, Striaton City, and Lostlorn Forest. There is a 100% of a Basculin showing up in these areas. Your Pokemon will receive 2 Speed EVs for every Basculin it defeats. That's 4 Speed EVs if you Pokemon has Pokerus! The Basculin aren't really a threat; Levels 5-15 for Route, Route 3, and Striaton City and Levels 5-20 for Lostlorn Forest.

Added 2 May 2012, ID #16863, by Warrior13

Inexpensive Breeding

If you place two Level 100 Pokemon of the same Egg Group in the Daycare, they will begin to Breed. After you get the Pokemon you were looking for, you can get these two Pokemon out of the Daycare for a total of only two hundred Poke Dollars.

Added 1 May 2012, ID #16856, by Warrior13

How to clone items!

Get a ditto from giant chasm.
Get a Pokemon of your choice (eg.Emboar) and make it hold the item you want duplicated.
Put them in daycare and wait for egg.
Leave space in inventory for egg and run 5000 steps to hatcWhen it hatches it will be the Pokemon of your choice (eg. Emboar) holding the item.
Now you have 2, repeat until satisfied.

Added 25 Apr 2012, ID #16848, by Pravinj

Action Replay Code: Unhittable Sableye With Great Moves and Stats (L+R to activate)

This is a Sableye with Wonder Guard witch makes it only be effected by super effective moves and nothing is super effective on a dark/ghost type. I do requests for anybody who comments on this with their requests. THE Pokemon FIRST IN PARTY WILL BE REPLACED.
Health - 31
Attack - 31
Defense - 31
Sp Attack - 31
Sp Defense - 31
Speed - 31

Overall Stats
HP - 500
Attack - 500
Defense - 500
Sp Attack - 500
Sp Defense - 500
Speed - 500

STATS RESET AFTER IF YOU PUT IN PC. This code has been tested and works.

94000130 FCFF0000
B2000024 00000000
E00196C4 00000088
B980B984 E0D80000
69CC02DF B65AC1A6
71A05198 EC4C5498
7E2BBBA1 80215ED8
A61799B9 47EDFD49
A2BF7BCA 378D171C
A7ADF179 2D34898B
237F8CAA 6AC38B45
9E343663 DDFB99CE
F8159497 92B7250B
F937A6B6 06D72B62
B07C6201 F471AA88
70F93BE2 93D1A4C2
70AB1092 DD5B4043
BB97860A A6BEF878
E001974C 00000054
DC6B346D 71A99841
4888CFEB 57F55E36
FE6AD877 847E8209
14B5A813 4F5B75E1
D2A58A24 04BB69CF
97180338 9CBD4266
19556F03 A73DD3A3
BEAAA915 1DF61B50
26DEBE42 22525D5D
6BAD7A9B 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Added 22 Mar 2012, ID #16774, by Tr3xEmpire

Shiny pokedex

If you have the code "Wild Pokemon are Shiny" on and have the "complete the pokedex" code on you'll get the shiny pokedex and All the Shiny Pokemon in it. But you'll have to have those code inorder for this to work.

Added 13 Feb 2012, ID #16707, by Guest

How to catch virizion on Pokemon white

Go to pinwheel forest and then cross the bridge near a running man there will be a secret entrance.Next go down the stairs go to the right.Go up the stairs and go right again.Go through the oak thing.Go up through the tall grass.You will see an other forest entrance. Go in and You will see virizion. Good luck oh yeah you will need many Utral and Great Balls.

Added 15 Jan 2012, ID #16640, by Guest


Go to a pach of long grass and wait ti'll one shakes. Once you see it shake walk over it and you will have to battle it(please note if you find one you will not find another in the same patch). If you wish to catch it, I suggest using a netball off the bat!also if you want to battle it fire type Pokemon are the best. (if you made it faint) EXP points making the wait worth it!

Added 15 Jan 2012, ID #16637, by Guest

Battle Zekrom again???

If you kill Zekrom at N's castle just go 2 drangon spiral tower on the 7th floor then Zekrom should be waiting for a battle

Added 31 Dec 2011, ID #16583, by samiam764

Easy exp (real)

I may be telling you what you already know but here goes.
Lv 1-10 go to route 1 and find audino. Run outside the grass so you don't waste time struggling against patrats/lilipups.
Lv50-60 (traded Pokemon work better on this)get a lucky egg then go giant chasm(place where you find kyurem) the Pokemon there range from 55-65 ish so going with a Pokemon slightly lower gives you about 5000-6000 exp per battle. With lv 70's I get about 2000-3000 and yes audino still appears here.
Lv 80 by this time it should be strong enough to take on the elite 4 alone. Give it a lucky egg and a legendary to help it.( I suggest zekrom)
Free rare candies and other stuff. Go to the battle subway with a spammable Pokemon ( like galvantula or hydreigion) and kick some but at the end of the day go to anville town and talk to the man in the house in the bottom right hand corner of town. He'll either give you rare candies or power-up items. The more you play the more he gives. I played for an 8 hour period and got 10 rare candies.

Added 25 Dec 2011, ID #16541, by Guest

Gain Access To Unity Tower!

In the oceans of Unova, there is a place called the (Unity Tower). To gain access to it, you must first do an international trade using the Geonet, after that. You can go to the Unity Tower by getting on the boat at the Unity Pier at Castelia City.

The Unity Tower keeps record of the people you trade around the World!

Added 17 Nov 2011, ID #16439, by OMEGA CALEB

Lots of Money!

Go to Undella Town and go WEST until you find a big mansion. The rich kid here will battle you every day for more money (make sure you have the Amulet Coin equipped). The battles will get harder than previous ones but with more reward money!

Added 17 Nov 2011, ID #16438, by OMEGA CALEB

Birthday Cake/Fog!

Play Pokemon on your birthday set in the DS calendar and the nurse at the Pokemon center will wish you a happy birthday. And you can talk to the owner of the Musical upstairs in his office to receive a birthday cake. And finally, Routes 14 & 15 will be clear with lots of fog!

Added 17 Nov 2011, ID #16437, by OMEGA CALEB

Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon White

Victini - Victini can be found on Liberty Island. It will be at Level 15. To get to Liberty Island, you must have done the Liberty Pass Event. It is a Psychic / Fire Type Pokemon.

Zekrom - It can be found at the end of N's Castle, before you battle N. It will be at Level 50. It is an Electric / Dragon Type Pokemon.

Thundurus - It can be found roaming the grasses of the Unova Region, after your first encounter with it. It will be at Level 40. It is an Electric / Flying Type Pokemon.

Terrakion - Can be found deep inside Victory Road. It will be at Level 42. It is a Fighting / Rock Type Pokemon.

Cobalion - Cobalion can be found deep inside Mistralton Cave. It will be at Level 42. It is a Fighting / Steel Type Pokemon.

Virizion - Can be found deep inside Pinwheel Forest. It will be at Level 42. It is a Fighting / Grass Type Pokemon.

Kyurem - Can be found in the cave area of the Giant Chasm. It will be at Level 75. It is a Dragon / Ice Type Pokemon.

Landorus - Can be found at the end of the Abundant Shrine. You must have both Tornadus and Thundurus in your Party in order for Landorus to appear. It will be at Level 70. It is a Ground / Flying Type Pokemon.

Genesect - Can only be obtained by an Event. It is a Steel / Bug Type Pokemon.

Keldeo - Can only be obtained by an Event. It is a Fighting / Water Type Pokemon.

Meloetta - Can only be obtained by an Event. It is a Normal / Psychic Type Pokemon when it's in it's Aria Form. It is a Normal / Fighting Type Pokemon when it's in it's Pirouette Form.

Added 16 Nov 2011, ID #16413, by Warrior13

How to catch Landorus!!

First you have to unlock the national Pokedex. You must also have Thundurus and Tornadus in your party, Thundurus is in Pokemon Black and Tornadus is in Pokemon White, so you will have to trade. Once you have both Thundurus & Tornadus in your party, go to route 14 and click on the shrine then Landorus will appear, it will be Lv. 70 when you battle him!

Added 15 Nov 2011, ID #16411, by OMEGA CALEB

New PC Wallpapers!!

You will get new wallpapers for your pc box when you beat the Elite Four the first time, and then another set of wallpapers once you beat them a second time!

Added 15 Nov 2011, ID #16410, by OMEGA CALEB

Heal at any time/Even during the Elite Four!!

This requires a SECOND DS and copy of Pokemon Black or White. Use the C-Gear's Infrared connection trade function combined with a second DS and the game, you can pull out your Pokemon from your team between each battle with the Elite Four and place them in your Pokemon PC-Box to heal them, then take them out and they will be healed!!

Added 15 Nov 2011, ID #16409, by OMEGA CALEB

Elite Four Pokemon / Levels

First Time:

Shauntal - Chandelure Level 50, Golurk Level 48, Cofagrigus Level 48, and Jellicent Level 48

Grimsley - Bisharp Level 50, Krookodile Level 48, Scrafty Level 48, and Liepard Level 48

Caitlin - Gothitelle Level 50, Musharna Level 48, Sigilyph Level 48, and Reuniclus Level 48

Marshal - Mienshao Level 50, Throh Level 48, Sawk Level 48, and Conkeldurr Level 48

After You Defeat N and Beyond:

Shauntal - Chandelure Level 73, Cofagrigus Level 71, Jellicent Level 71, Drifblim Level 71, Golurk Level 71, and Froslass Level 71

Grimsley - Bisharp Level 73, Drapion Level 71, Krookodile Level 71, Sharpedo Level 71, Scrafty Level 71, and Liepard Level 71

Caitlin - Metagross Level 73, Musharna Level 71, Sigilyph Level 71, Reuniclus Level 71, Bronzong Level 71, and Gothitelle Level 71

Marshal - Conkeldurr Level 73, Sawk Level 71, Throh Level 71, Mienshao Level 71, Toxicroak Level 71, and Breloom Level 71

Alder - Volcarona Level 77, Druddigon Level 75, Bouffalant Level 75, Vanilluxe Level 75, Accelgor Level 75, and Escavalier Level 75

Added 14 Nov 2011, ID #16400, by Warrior13
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