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Hints and Tips

Following the basic information set out in this guide is a good way to improve your skills at Knights and Dragons. You will also find a collection of hints, tips and general pointers on how to succeed at Knights and Dragons, below:

Make sure you have Notifications turned on. Sure, they're annoying, but you also need to make sure that you are maximizing your potential and are not leaving buildings going to waste or knights dawdling around at full health. Use Notifications so that you know when to log back on and revisit the game. This will make it so you level up quicker.

Make the most of your Buildings:
Buildings have a certain limit on how much Gold can be earned. Otherwise, though, there's no real punishments for being away from the game for an extended period. Use the Buildings section of this guide to see how long you can spend away from the game before a particular building will reach its maximum capacity.

Use the Quest Log:
The Quest Log is great as it gives you the low-down on where you should be focusing your time and effort. You can also use it to jump straight to a particular quest, which saves you the trouble of having to look around the map for it.

Level Up During Battle:
If you can level up during battle, all your knights will receive full health going into the next round.

Fuse Stars:
You can get Fuse Stars from boss battles, when fighting them on the Epic stage, though it happens very rarely.

Expanding Your Castle:
Most expansions after the first two will give you four squares of space - you should focus on these as you progress. Every time you expand, the expansion will cost twice what the last one did.

Checking Prices:
You can check the statistics of a particular building by clicking on the menu, then the shop.

Focus on Training Grounds:
Training Grounds in Knights and Dragons are the best way to earn Gold. You should aim to build them in every expansion and, if necessary, replace older buildings with them as you move forwards.

Exploiting Boss Fights:
Boss fights are the best way to earn resources. You can earn a shard from the elemental attribute of the Boss merely by defeating it. Use a special attack to finish it and you will receive a rare item. After you defeat a boss on the Epic level, you are able to summon it from the Summoning Circle using Gems. Bosses can also drop other items, including chest keys, fusion stars, and more.

Use the Arena:
Even if you don't like playing against other people, you should use the Arena to gain XP and Gold while waiting for your knights' health to recharge.

Choose your Knights wisely:
Once you have a good selection of knights in your barracks, you should make sure you rotate them so that you don't use any with low health, and only pick those who are strong against the opponents you are facing.



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