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Enhancing Armor

Enhancing your Armor is one of the most important aspects to Knights and Dragons. It is a great way to boost your Armor sets, and therefore your knights, and, if done correctly, is one of the cheapest ways to succeed at the game.

The Basics

To start making the most of Armor Enhancements, you have to visit the Fusion Master. Upon tapping his handsome shed, you are given the option to Combine Armor, or Enhance Armor. Obviously for this particular area you need to enhance your Armor, so select that option. Next, pick the Armor that you want to enhance, so choose 'Select a Base Armor Set'. From this menu you will be able to pick from any of the sets of Armor that you have, regardless of whether they are currently being worn by your knights.

Following this, you need to choose up to four other Armor types to fuse onto your base type. This is a good way to get rid of excess armor, but does cost Gold. When armor is fused together you increase the level of the base armor, but sacrifice the armor that you are fusing to it. You can see, once the fusion process is completed, the statistics of the armor before and after the transformation, including the Level of the armor, the enhancement points you have gained, and the attack and defense points.

Every piece of armor in Knights and Dragons is able to be enhanced in this way. Depending on the type of armor in question, they can reach level 30, level 50, or even level 70 in some cases. The more you upgrade a piece of armor, the more different it will look, as the game indicates the quality of your armor.

The maximum amount of enhancement points available per level up depends on the type of base armor you have. Basic Armors are restricted to 6 enhancement points, Single-Elements are limited to 10, while Dual-Elements have 24 point limits at Tier 1 and 50 point limits at Tier 2.

Armor Enhancement Times

Basic Armors: 5 minutes
Single-Element Armors: 30 minutes
Dual-Element Armors: 2 hours


When choosing armors to enhance, try to pick ones that share the same elements of the targeted armor. This maximizes the number of enhancement points that you will earn.

For every level of the armor being added to the enhancement, you earn 1 extra enhancement point. So a Level 4 armor would add 3 enhancement points.

The higher the level of the Armor to be enhanced, the more Gold is required. Level 1 Armor costs 150 Gold per armor used in the enhancement.

The cheapest way in terms of economics to enhance armor is always to use all 4 enhancement slots. The reason for this is because the base armor is likely to level up which would increase the Gold cost per slot.

Early on in the game you won't need too much armor as your gold supplies will be low. Once you get to the stage where you have lots of Gold, you can employ two Armorsmiths who will then be able to craft you all the armor you need to provide 4 sets for enhancements on a regular basis.


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