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How do you make a baby on sim freeplay

Guest asks: Added Jun 12th 2012, ID #268043

Question for The Sims FreePlay

How do you make a baby on sim freeplay

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Keyblade21 answered:
Added 14th Jun 2012, ID #515369
You have to get two sims married, then you'll get a social option that says "Try for baby" select that and you might just get a Sim baby.
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Guest said: 30th Apr 2016 | REPORT
How do you do the quest again
Guest said: 8th Jun 2016 | REPORT
You can't
Guest said: 12th Jul 2016 | REPORT
iv had babys on sims before and it says i have room for Another sim but the thing over the crib that alows you to add a baby is not showing up?
Guest said: 20th Jul 2016 | REPORT
The button that allows u to add a baby isn't coming up
xMISMLx answered:
Added 15th Jun 2012, ID #515717
Welll, first you need to get married. And then another goal will say 'Buy a crib', then once you buy a crib, click on the crib, and add a baby. It's cool, you get to pick the name outfit, and even the GENDER!. But, when I got my first kid I have to pay 7lifepoints JUST for it... And soon, it will keep getting more expensivee... SO savee up! :P.
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Guest said: 7th May 2016 | REPORT
It isn't coming up above the cot 'add a sim' what should I do ?
Guest said: 15th May 2016 | REPORT
I have the same problem
Guest said: 1st Jun 2016 | REPORT
It's say the same for me what do I do?
Guest said: 16th Jun 2016 | REPORT
I think you should get two more sims have them get married and then do the same thing

Livibivi answered:
Added 11th Aug 2012, ID #531141

(You have to be at level 16 or above to have a baby)

WARNING! (Make sure you have lots of LP, it costs a lot to get a baby)

1. Get to sims who are in a partner relationship to get to the end of the bar.

2. Woo hoo once

3. Click on your partner once and there will be get engaged. Click on it

4. It will then ask you witch ring you want. Pick and expensive ring beaucse if you pick a rubbbish cheap one they WILL say no.

5. You will have a new relashionship status of engaged. Keep being romantic until the bar is full then get married will pop up

6. Click on get married. Your married!

7. To get a baby buy a crib from the nursery and put it in the house of your partners

8. Click on the crib and it will come up with add a sim! It will cost you 7LP. It takes 30 hours for a baby!

I hope this helped! If this worked for you please follow us on tumblr
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Guest said: 18th Oct 2015 | REPORT
How cani do it without buyin
g a crib?
Guest said: 22nd Feb 2016 | REPORT
I've been playing add a other sim but my crib has no add sim button
Guest said: 13th Apr 2016 | REPORT
We are married but I don't know how to get a baby I can't buy cribs why? How to do?
Guest said: 20th Apr 2016 | REPORT
Buy the children's store
Guest answered:
Added 25th Aug 2012, ID #534722
First you get married. Then buy a crib. It will hav a circle with a person in it. Click it, it will say 2 hours to hav a baby click ok. Wait 2 hours then you hav a baby

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Guest said: 22nd Mar 2016 | REPORT
1 .Get the sims married
2.Build the children's store
3.Buy a crib P.S anyone works.
3.Click on the add they baby button above the crib.
4.Wait 24 hours and the baby will be there
Guest said: 17th Apr 2016 | REPORT
What if you had a baby and you want to have another one.
Guest said: 10th May 2016 | REPORT
I need help, 2 of my sins have one baby but I want them to have another. It won't let me.
Guest said: 26th Jun 2016 | REPORT
You have to buy another crib, eache family can have only two babies and they have to be married.
Guest answered:
Added 8th Sep 2012, ID #537808
Yeah, you don't need to be on a certain level,and it does cost 7lp 1st get married
2nd buy a crip, I think mine was 5000
3rd click on the person with the plus sign next to it and keep following on with it..

I haven't got 7lp yet, I only have 3 does anyone knows a cheep and easy way to get 5 lp quick ? Thanks x
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Guest said: 13th Feb 2015 | REPORT
Do they give u the mony for the crib??
Guest said: 14th Mar 2015 | REPORT
It is so easy to get a baby
Guest said: 15th Apr 2015 | REPORT
I'm i want a baby but it's to hard
Guest said: 16th Jun 2015 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Oct 2012, ID #542189
To get LP just complete goals. Not all of them will give LP, but many will. Complete a lot of h=goals and soon you will have a lot of LP.
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Guest said: 8th Feb 2016 | REPORT
And click the ads, it will you give 1 to 2 LP at least
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Oct 2012, ID #542221
Youdo have to buy a baby cribe and you have space for a sim
Guest answered:
Added 8th Oct 2012, ID #543466
Yea. You have to be married and have room for a baby. Then have a crib and 7 lp to begin with
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Guest said: 3rd Nov 2015 | REPORT
The first time you get a baby it is free then it's 3 Lp then it gets higher and higher ps: ( the price gets higher so save up!)
JemimaPayne answered:
Added 14th Nov 2012, ID #551078
You have to be married and have at least 10,000 pounds and 7 life points. You buy a krib from the ba by section then click add baby then wait a day
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Guest said: 6th May 2014 | REPORT
Thx! That was all soooooo helpful! I've been trying to get a baby for a bit-I new it was possible, but I didn't no how to do it
Guest said: 11th Jan 2015 | REPORT
Nummer 2 opgave forstår jeg ikke i at få butikken
Guest said: 9th Apr 2015 | REPORT
Go into the store. You will see the outline of a baby, a toddler, and a preteen/teen. Click on the infant. It will show the crib selections.
chapmaly said: 17th Jul 2016 | REPORT
I want anonther baby i already have on the sims are married and i bought anonther crib why wont it let me add a baby.
Guest answered:
Added 17th Nov 2012, ID #551809
I have been married for a day how do I have a baby it is not a task when I do things with the couple
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Guest said: 8th Dec 2013 | REPORT
u got to wait 2 hours or less prob 10 minutes but your girl will be pregnet with it
Guest said: 9th May 2014 | REPORT
Wat people are trying to say is that the icon for the baby store is not showing up how do you get to the baby store
Guest said: 2nd Jul 2014 | REPORT
We'll I got a baby for free
Guest said: 31st Mar 2016 | REPORT
How did you get a baby for free
Guest answered:
Added 16th Dec 2012, ID #557371
Ok you see where the chair button is? Click on it then scroll through the icons you see on top and when you see a baby icon click on it there will be cribs that you will be able to pick from. When you buy it you have to get up a level or two before you may add another sim then click on the crib and the "stork" will bring it. Sometimes it takes a while but I'm pretty sure my first one was done quick.
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Guest said: 1st Apr 2014 | REPORT
Omg thank you so much I have been looking and looking what section I buy the crib from
Guest said: 7th Aug 2014 | REPORT
to have a baby it said I have to read
'better farms and cradle" I have brought all the magazine stack and it does not work. I am at level 15
Guest said: 29th Dec 2014 | REPORT
Be smart, buy the stack, put it on a table, select a sims, click on the stack, select what u wanr to read and then wait for ur sim 2 finish reading it
Luv simsfreeplay answered:
Added 16th Dec 2012, ID #557373
Ok you see where the chair button is? Click on it then scroll through the icons you see on top and when you see a baby icon click on it there will be cribs that you will be able to pick from. When you buy it you have to get up a level or two before you may add another sim then click on the crib and the "stork" will bring it. Sometimes it takes a while but I'm pretty sure my first one was done quick.
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Guest said: 26th Dec 2013 | REPORT
There's no baby icon
olivia16 answered:
Added 24th Dec 2012, ID #559025
You buy a cot you have to be married you can be on any level then add a baby it is only 3 LP OK

Hope I helped:-)
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Guest said: 15th May 2014 | REPORT
Everyone say it is 7lp does it cost to have a second baby as my first baby was free
chapmaly said: 17th Jul 2016 | REPORT
It only cost 3lp for every baby
Guest answered:
Added 28th Dec 2012, ID #560044
You get them to be married and you buy a crib and place it in the house. I believe some cost LP but it really doesn't matter what one you buy. You then click on the add person button hovering over the crib, and about a day later they are "born" and you pick their name, gender, eye color, hair color, and clothes. Hope it helps!!

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Terminator Ami said: 9th Jul 2014 | REPORT
Got it, but do u see the woman pregnant??? Like do u see the belly???
Guest answered:
Added 16th Jan 2013, ID #565107
First engage a couple n get them married. Then buy a crib and click on it to have the baby. Remember, you need to unlock a sim first
Guest answered:
Added 19th Jan 2013, ID #565649
Well, you can't make a sim pregnant on sims FreePlay, you have to buy a cot and then design a baby when the cot has been placed, like creating a new person in the town. You can't leave the baby on it's own though.
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Guest said: 29th Dec 2014 | REPORT
Yeah u can i do it all the time when its parents go to work and nothing ever happened
iamjammy77 answered:
Added 3rd Feb 2013, ID #568945
First you need to have two sims fall in love and get married...then you need to purchase a cradle...once you place the cradle in the home you click on it...congrats you can now make a baby.
Guest answered:
Added 7th Feb 2013, ID #569679
To make a baby follow these directions:

1st. Pick a Sim
2nd. Introduce them (shake hands, be funny etc.)
3rd. Once becoming a partner you can marry one another.
4th. Once you have gotten engagement rings you should buy a crib. After you bought the crib you should be able to click on it and receive an option to make a baby.


I was able to have a baby when I was only engaged . You might too!
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Guest said: 28th Mar 2016 | REPORT
theres no add sim button popinf up over the crib
Guest answered:
Added 25th Feb 2013, ID #573487
Hey I'm trying to get my sims to have another baby is that possible? Or for other sims in the same game to have a child ?
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Guest said: 27th Jul 2014 | REPORT
You can but I think you have to buy a different crib for the new baby it can't be a hand me down
Guest answered:
Added 30th Mar 2013, ID #579961
Hii ok I'm going to tell you how to get a baby
Requirements:3,000 money or 5 or more lp,you also must be in level 10 or higher,and finally you must get to the a certain goal which is the engaged goal
Steps on how to get a baby:
1.get 2 sims to be partners
2.when you are on the engaged goal you see an option "propose marriage" and you will get 20 lp to buy a ring.WARNING:do not get engaged if you are not on the engaged goal yet or you will start all over the most expensive ring with the 20 lp they gave you and if you do not the sim will deny and you will waste lp
4.fill the engaged bar and an option get married will appear
5.then make the sims move in together AFTER they are married
6.then a goal about getting a baby will appear
7.then you buy a crib (note:the more expensive the crib is the faster the baby comes)
8.Click the crib
9.there will be a requirment on how many sims you have and lp but don't worry sims freeplay will give you lp if you ran out
10.wait for the baby to come

Guest answered:
Added 11th Feb 2014, ID #616929
Once your sims got Married, complete the chain quests "money grows on trees" and "two and a half sim"
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Guest said: 2nd Apr 2014 | REPORT
You're the only person on the damn internet that even mentioned finishing the quests before you can get the baby. Thank you. I've been losing my mind trying to figure this out. My question is though, if I don't finish the quest in the time frame given, can I still have a baby?
Guest said: 29th Dec 2014 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 4th Apr 2014, ID #621458
I had thesame problem with all this . So I figured it out.
First : you have to get married and finish the love is in the air , quest or goal
Second : after that quest you will probably see the simoleons plant quest thing to get extra simoleons
Third : complete that first then moments later you might see a baby quest. Do the baby quest then you might have a baby if you follow the instructions correctly.
If anyone has a problem with finding where to buy a crib. Well you have to buy to build the childrens store . I had this problem so much so Hope this info helps Smile
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Guest said: 29th Dec 2014 | REPORT
OMG this helped so much
No one said you have to finish any QUESTS!! Know I know
MSDL answered:
Added 7th Aug 2014, ID #635568
I have sims that are marry. I am at level 15 and I have try to get them to have a baby, but it keeps telling me that I have to read the 'Better Farms and Cradles" and purchase a stack of magazines, which I did, and I have the couple read all of the magazines, but the book better farms and cradles does not show up. Also I don't have the icon to purchase a crib.

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Guest said: 21st Oct 2014 | REPORT
I am buy a crib after goal is add a baby . I am. Click on the crib but he saw message Baby need a family. I have a 8 lp after i am click on the crib but after same reason Please help me pls.
Guest said: 18th Jan 2015 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 25th Nov 2014, ID #647468
Don't forget to have sims married and have done woohoo
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Guest said: 27th Nov 2014 | REPORT
I did it did not work
Guest answered:
Added 18th Jan 2015, ID #653487
Can you have 2 babies ? If you can how can you have them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jan 2015, ID #653900
You have to get a quest that says two and a half sims.Then it's going to tell you to buy a crib at the childrens store then you have to place the crib in the married couples house click on the crib then you will have to wait a while and then you can dress up the baby.I HOPE IT HELPED.

Guest answered:
Added 27th Jan 2015, ID #654305
Y'all I went to make a baby and idk how but I got 3 so now I have 5 people living in the house (the 3 babies and the parents)
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Oct 2015, ID #671337
How to have a baby
Make your 2 sims partners. Then be romantic over and over but don't stop when you see the button that says get engaged. Be romantic like five more times then hit the button. Buy a cheap ring if you need to but I recomend the mood ring for a cheap one. Now get engaged it should work beacause they love eachother not because of the ring. I works for me. Then be romantic more till you see where it say get married. Do this, buy a crib from the children store and spend 3 lp and 1 day and you will get a baby you can choose gender, name, outfit,and eye color.

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Guest said: 26th Oct 2015 | REPORT
Thanks really helped
Guest answered:
Added 8th Apr 2016, ID #678573
Complete the steps below to have a baby in The Sims FreePlay! Note that it is possible to have twins, but you must buy 2 cribs after the babies are born.

1. Get 2 Sims to be Best Friends.
2. Complete the Love is in the Air quest.
3. Become Partners.
4. Get the Sims engaged-it may take more than one try.
5. Buy a crib. (The Two and a Half Sims quest will help you).
6. Click the Add Sim button on the crib. Make sure the crib IS NOT on the wall or you will have to get a wall extension.
7. The baby will take a day to arrive. Too bad The Sims won't let you change your device clock. Lol.
8. Take care of the baby.
9. When you complete the Quest for Toddlers, you can make your baby into a cute toddler!
10. When you complete the Preparing for Preteens quest, you can make the toddler into a preteen!
11. Later, you can change the preteen into a teenager.

Hope this helped!

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