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Urban Warfare
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Urban Warfare

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide - Walkthrough

Urban Warfare

After once again barely escaping the gunfire of his enemies, Nathan Drake travels to Nepal for more action.

Treasure on this level:
||BOX|Treasure Name:          |Location:                                      ||
||[ ]|Strange Relic           |Sewer area; Down the manhole near bicycles     ||
Weapons on this level:
|WEAPON PICKUPS:      |o .45 Defender (Pistol)         o AK-47 (Machine Gun)   |
|                     |o FAL (Machine Gun w/Scope)     o Mk - NDI (Grenade)    |
|                     |9 Micro - 9mm (Machine Pistol)                          |
|                     |                                                        |

This chapter has one of the most amazing gaming moments ever seen.  Hold down the analog stick down while emptying your AK-47 on the truck.  Two clips oughta do it, just make sure you keep that stick pulled down!

After that explosive chapter opening, walk down the street and another scene initiates.  Take out the four enemies, preferably with headshots afterwards.  Make your way over to where the red bus went and search a body for the [FAL] machine gun.  This gun has a scope that you can use by pressing the Right Analog Stick.  As you attempt to proceed further, well, your attempt ends.

Look around for a green box next to an electric pole and climb the structure to reach the blue pipe attached to the house.  Go your way around the house by hanging and leaping from sign to sign until you enter the upper room.  Exit through the back, leap across another house and find yourself in a completely ravaged living room.

Hop onto the nicely parked truck, shimmy across the two cabinets and leap to the planks to reach the stairs.  Up here, climb the table and cabinet, then you'll see a chopper taking off.  Dispatch the enemy on the balcony, then drop down by either the pipe or leaping to the sign on the right.

Treasure Video for this level

.----- TREASURE #23: STRANGE RELIC --------------------------------------------.
|!|In the open area, head for the upper right and search around for an open  |!|
|!|manhole nearby some bicycles. The sewer area below contains this treasure.|!|

Head down the other alley and perform a sneak attack on the enemy standing in the opening of the wall.  This next area is roaming with enemies - take out the ones on your left, then use your FAL machine gun to swiftly pick them off one by one while staying covered.  They'll occasionally hurl grenades at you, but all it takes is a few steps and a barrel roll to avoid getting blown to bits.

After clearing the crowd, proceed down the street and a heavily armed truck - including a machine gun - blocks off the way.  Take cover and try to fell a few more troops, but don't go out your way trying to kill the gunner - a cutscene is initiated shortly.

Follow Chloe to a set of doors - of course they're locked.  Back in the street, climb the signs of the street lantern and swing your way across the house on the other end.  Shimmy around it, then climb up.  Make your way across the other side, exit the building by walking over a thin bar, then finally leap over to a balcony.

As you hang onto one of the nearby signs, enemies appear down below.  Hurl a well-placed grenade into the middle of them to knock them all out. Alternatively use one of the gas canisters lying around this area.

You'll want to get that door unlocked asap to let Chloe in on the fight.  Rush to the door, shoot the lock on the chain and kick the door in.  Dispatch the remaining enemies, then finally continue.  At the end of the alley, give Chloe a boost and follow her up the ladder. 

Make your way through the house and shoot the bars in the doorway.  Next, lift the heavy beams to let Chloe cross.  As you enter the next room, a new chapter starts.

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