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Cat and Mouse
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Cat and Mouse

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide - Walkthrough

Cat and Mouse

Looks like Nathan is up against some heavy resistance again, this time in the form of a tank!

Treasure locations for this level:
||BOX|Treasure Name:          |Location:                                      ||
||[ ]|Yak Horn Carving        |In a corner before proceeding at burning house ||
||[ ]|Bronze Tsongkhapa Statue|After tank blows through a wall, left of path  ||
||[ ]|Tibetan Trumpet         |Inside gap after tank nearly drives off cliff  ||
||[ ]|Gilt Tara Statue        |                                               ||

Treasure Video for this level

Despite being in an open field you're still in a tigh position with that tank quickly moving in.  Rush over to the upper right side of the area, dispatching two soldiers as you go.  Stay away from that wall on your left; you'll soon find out why.  Tenzin opens the door of the house for you - quickly go inside, grab the AK's and hop back out.

Follow Tenzin upstairs, dispatching a few more soldiers along the way.  When you reach the burning house up ahead, defeat the troops on top of it first before following Tenzin again.

.----- TREASURE #70: YAK HORN CARVING -----------------------------------------.
|!|Easy treasure to find as it is placed along the main path you need to     |!|
|!|take in order to continue.  Right before proceeding at the burning house, |!|
|!|look around the right corner where several weapons are also placed.       |!|

Follow Tenzin by climbing over the wall, then continue following him upstairs and immediately head right in the open area.  In the next area, quickly, and I mean quickly press onward before the tank arrives, or things will only be more difficult.  Your destination is essentially the alley on the left side of the area as you first enter.  Walk past the weak stone shacks, and make your way for that stairs on the far opposite end of the tank.

As you continue and attempt to cross the red wooden bridge, the tank will promptly blow it up.  Run down inside another house, go through the window and climb the ladder.  Dispatch a soldier in the building across, leap over and head through the buildings and help Tenzin move some wooden beams to clear the way.

The tank is quite persistent in following, so quickly swing over to the wall's edge and make your way across.  The tank blows straight through the wall that looked so safe and comfortable for half a second, leaving you with little other options but to run down the pathway.

.----- TREASURE #71: BRONZE TSONGKHAPA STATUE ---------------------------------.
|!|This treasure is lying on the left side, only meters after you start      |!|
|!|running down the path when the tank blew through a wall.  It's placed     |!|
|!|slightly out of place in a corner.                                        |!|

You'll need to defeat several more soldiers along the way, so nothing new here.  The tank'll block the way once again, so turn right and dispatch two more soldiers.  Follow the linear path - just stay void of the tank - until you reach a mountain trail.  The tank will shortly after try to kill you in a rather strange fashion by driving nearly off the cliff.

.----- TREASURE #72: TIBETAN TRUMPET ------------------------------------------.
|!|This treasure is found right after the tank tried to kill you by nearly   |!|
|!|driving off the cliff.  When you reach the wooden roofs with a flag on    |!|
|!|them, don't jump over the gap - instead inspect it for this treasure.     |!|

Continue with the tank on your tail, dispatch a handful of soldiers in the building after climbing the stairs, and then climb the ladder onto the roof.  It is here that you can find the first RPG - just what you're looking for.  Carefully aim for the tank and fire the first RPG; just don't miss.  It should catch a little fire already.

Proceed to leap across the next buildings and take out the soldier with the RPG on top of this building.  Collect it afterwards and fire it at the tank.  Two more to go.

.----- TREASURE #73: GILT TARA STATUE -----------------------------------------.
|!|Search the building roofs for a small destroyed hatch and jump down.  Find|!|
|!|the treasure in the mossy area below.                                     |!|

Continue over the buildings until you reach a zipline.  Use this to get across the street.  Here, take out the enemies with RPG's and use the remaining two on the tank to finish the chapter.

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