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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide


|Button:      |Uses:                                                           |
|Left Analog  |Move Around                                                     |
|Right Analog |Move Camera                                                     |
|Cross        |Jump/Climb                                                      |
|Square       |Melee Attacks                                                   |
|Circle       |Roll/Drop from ledge/Take cover/Push things                     |
|Triangle     |Interaction button/Pick up items/Melee gripple counterattack    |
|L1           |Aim                                                             |
|L1 Triangle|Quickly switch weapons                                          |
|L1 L3      |Change Camera View                                              |
|R1           |Fire/Blind fire from cover                                      |
|L2           |Aim Grenade                                                     |
|R2           |View hints (if possible)                                        |
|R3           |Accurate Aim/Zoom in/Scope                                      |
|D-Pad Left   |Select One-handed Weapons (Pistols)                             |
|D-Pad Right  |Select Two-handed Weapons (Rifles, etc)                         |
|Select       |View Journal/Map (when possible)                                |
|Start        |Pause                                                           |

Tip: Additionally you can use the SIXAXIS of PS3 controllers when Nate is hanging from a ledge and you want him to reach out to something in the opposite direction.  Simply turn the controller towards your body to perform this move.


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