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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide - Walkthrough


Having found the location where Lazarevic is holding Schäfer doesn't mean it's over just yet.

Treasure locations for this level:
||BOX|Treasure Name:          |Location:                                      ||
||[ ]|Tibetan Ritual Vase     |Use rope to swing nearby pillar on the left    ||
||[ ]|Tibetan Conch Horn      |Climb stairs in area where you spot the yeti's,||
||   |                        |go left, then look for a snowy platform left   ||
||[ ]|Bronze Oil Lamp         |In the area where you defeat 2 gatling gunners;||
||   |                        |Attached to the top of a pillar; higher ground ||
||[ ]|Ancient Sword Guard     |After climbing through window; On ceiling      ||
||[ ]|Tibetan Coral Earring   |After shimmying right, on platform to the right||
||[ ]|Tibetan Square Ghau     |On statue; hang from corner of left roof       ||
||[ ]|Carved Bone Ornament    |From gap in the stairs, look up at ceiling     ||
||[ ]|Tibetan Hair Ornament   |Atop of statue wall, second statue in the area ||
||[ ]|Tibetan Mala Beads      |                                               ||

Treasure Video for this level

This chapter starts off with a nice little shootout.  Clear the place out, but be especially careful around the armored shotgun grunt.  Also dispatch the two soldiers with RPG's immediately when the show up (one on the opposite side of the room, one in the right corner nearby).

When you've cleared the area, head up the stairs on the right side of the room.  You'll immediately be assaulted by another small dozen of troops, so take cover and kill them one by one. (Let's reflect a little, shall we?  Nate probably killed over 250 people during his first adventure - if not more - and we're probably over 250 during this adventure as well. 500 people killed, well, that's more than I counted in all Rambo movies!  Although .. maybe not all Rambo movies combined.  Rambo does kill a lot of people, now that I think of it.. Or maybe just in more gory fashion).

Go upstairs and clear the room.  Pass through a few more rooms, go up the last few stairs and approach the door to witness a scene.

After the scene, Nate and Elena will split up.  Go over the beams until you reach a rope; you've guessed it, jump over to it.

.----- TREASURE #82: TIBETAN RITUAL VASE --------------------------------------.
|!|Use the rope to swing to the pillar on the left side as this treasure's   |!|
|!|attached to it.  Don't let go of the rope, but simply press Triangle as   |!|
|!|the game's prompt comes up.                                               |!|

Use to rope to get across the next platform, then head outside and jump over to the snowy roof.  Dispatch four enemy troops here, then continue through the room and drop down the window on the other side.  At the end of the path, head up the ladder, dispatch the soldier, then climb the bricks to your left (the room is a dead end). 

Climb the bricks up, then go around the building to the right until you can swing over to a new walkway.  Jump down the next roof and head down from here by leaping over a walkway around the corner.  Don't kill the soldiers down below just yet - they're fighting off two yeti-like monstrosities you've encountered before.  When those flee, feel free to pick off these four enemies.

As you climb all the way down, expect a fairly intense firefight to initiate.  First of all, waste that RPG-wielding troop on the far end of the area as he's the most dangerous.  Then quickly turn to the three armored shotgun grunts coming your way and lay them to rest with grenades and safe, distant gunfire.

Tip: Collect the grenade launchers around the area and continue with 12 rounds.

Climb the stairs to the far end of the area to continue with the game.

.----- TREASURE #83: TIBETAN CONCH HORN ---------------------------------------.
|!|After climbing the stairs, turn left and explore the area.  You'll spot a |!|
|!|snowy platform to the left as you turn around; jump onto this and search  |!|
|!|for this treasure here.                                                   |!|

From the stairs, turn right, open the doors and go through.  You'll face two highly armored grunts with GAU-19 gatling guns.  It'll take a lot to fell these two toughies, although four rounds of the grenade launcher will do one in.

Tip: Alternatively, climb the ladder, go around the upper area and lower  yourself down on the platform below to find two fully loaded RPG's.  Three rounds will do each GAU-19 grunt in, so you've got enough to down both of them.  From this position, kill the rest of the snipers and other enemies.  An other RPG can be found on the snowy platform to the right of this location.

More enemies show up after defeating the grunts, so you may want to grab one of their gatling guns and head upstairs, simply waiting for something to show up to mow down. Dispatch the other enemies quickly, including an RPG-wielding soldier and several armored shotgun grunts.

After clearing the area, head back to your starting point and locate the green ladder against the building.  Climb up and move to higher ground to the right.

.----- TREASURE #84: BRONZE OIL LAMP ------------------------------------------.
|!|Simply climb that platform and inspect the last pillar to your left.  Look|!|
|!|up and you'll see this treasure's shine - shoot it down to collect it.    |!|

To cross that enormous gap, be a man and go for the jump.  (Actually, that jump is just barely possible if you jump at the very last possible moment, but use those bricks on the wall to the side instead to cross).  Go inside that open window to continue with the game.  Climb down to the rubbish below.

.----- TREASURE #85: ANCIENT SWORD GUARD --------------------------------------.
|!|Inside this room, simply look up and shoot the shiny treasure down.  This |!|
|!|is one of the easiest treasures to get in the game.                       |!|

Climb the stairs, jump over the gap, go outside and climb the wall.  Soldiers and monsters are goofing around below, but it's none of your business right now.  Shimmy all the way to the right and climb up.

.----- TREASURE #86: TIBETAN CORAL EARRING ------------------------------------.
|!|Hop down to your right on a destroyed pathway.  This treasure is attached |!|
|!|in the corner on the left, under the stone plate.  Shoot and collect it.  |!|

Use the red wooden poles to swing over to a window and head through, then jump to the area below.  Use the wooden cabinets here to climb the structure.

.----- TREASURE #87: TIBETAN SQUARE GHAU --------------------------------------.
|!|Before heading right, climb the roof to your left first, and hang down to |!|
|!|the far other corner.  You can spot a statue here - by hanging down from  |!|
|!|the roof you can grab the treasure without dropping down.                 |!|

Climb the other roof, then use the bricks on the wall to finally reach the tower, and a cutscene initiates.  When you're back in control of Nate, have a look at his journal by pressing select.  You're going to have to solve another puzzle.

At the end of the journal you'll come across several pages relevant to this puzzle.  There are several creatures in the journal, each with an elemental name next to them.  The first page represents the four objects in the room, each with a specific element attached to them.  Simply look for the objects and place them in front of each correct relief according to the key below:

          |Object's Elements:|Animal's Element & Object:            |
          |Bowl     = Air    |(East) Green Tiger = Air = Bowl       |
          |Pylon    = Fire   |(West) Red The Devourer = Fire = Pylon|
          |Orb      = Water  |(South) Dragon = Water = Orb          |
          |Box      = Earth  |(North) Yellow Snow Lion = Earth = Box|

After correctly placing the objects, the second part of this puzzle will reveal itself.  Check the page of your journal with the elements on it and note their colors: Air is Green, Fire is Red, Water is Hollow and Earth is Orange.  Now note the color of the symbols on top of the page.  There will be six symbols in total, including a blue and a black one, but you don't need those.

Starting with the Green Tiger, check the green symbol on top of the page and match it on the wheel.  Do the same with the other three creatures to reveal a pedestal in the middle of the room.  Stick the Phurba dagger in it, then go through the opening on the upper side.

From here, use the rope to your right to slide down.  Jump over the gap, then turn left and head up the rather dark stairs around the corner.

.----- TREASURE #88: CARVED BONE ORNAMENT -------------------------------------.
|!|Jump over the gap of the stairs, then turn around and look up.  You can   |!|
|!|spot this treasure attached to the ceiling - shoot it down, then jump back|!|
|!|to collect it.                                                            |!|

At the end of the stairs, climb the ledges/bricks and you'll trigger a cutscene.  Afterwards, crouched behind those crates, perform a sneak attack on the first guard by pulling him over the crates when the other isn't looking.  Then, sneak over to that little wall to your left and perform a stealth kill on that troop as well when he closes in.

Let's try to stay in that stealth vibe a little longer, shall we?  (If you fail you'll have to fight all the guys packed together, making for a slightly less comfortable situation as it includes several armored grunts and one with an RPG.)

Make your way over to the right side of the area and take cover before the troop stationed at the top of the ladder can spot you.  Sneak up to the ladder and take this (otherwise RPG wielding) soldier out stealthily by pulling him off.

While it's possible to kill at least one or two more troops by stealth kills, this will put you in an uncomfortable position.  Instead, use the RPG on this platform to kill one or two armored grunts down below, then quickly backtrack to cover in the previous area or you'll be a sitting duck.

Execute the sniper to the right first, then take care of any armored grunts coming your way.  After thinning this first wave, proceed to the second area and hurl a grenade at the turret, then clear the rest of the enemies before exploring the rest of the area.  There will be a few more enemies at the far end side, but you'll have cleared it afterwards.

.----- TREASURE #89: TIBETAN HAIR ORNAMENT ------------------------------------.
|!|This treasure is located on top of the broken statue wall of the statue in|!|
|!|the middle-to-back area (not the first plain in the center statue).  Look |!|
|!|up, shoot it down, the climb the back of the statue, hop over to the other|!|
|!|side (during which the game controls might hinder you slightly, but it's  |!|
|!|definitely possible), then collect the treasure.                          |!|

Tip: Collect all ammo from the area.  The M4 is an excellent weapon of choice during this time as it has a large clip capacity.

Inspect the secret entrance in the middle of the area, then turn the wheel.  After opening the secret entrance, use the rope for a quick descend and jump down the platform with the ladder, the climb this down. 

A wave of enemies quickly moves in, including a tough grunt with a riot shield Throw a grenade somewhat in front of him to make him walk over it, then gun him down with controlled bursts of fire.  After killing the rest of the enemies, continue and a new wave will come down from above with ropes.  Dealing with this wave is easier than the last, however.

.----- TREASURE #90: TIBETAN MALA BEADS ---------------------------------------.
|!|Before proceeding, backtrack and check the left corner of the area from   |!|
|!|this vantage point.  This treasure is simply glowing somewhere in the     |!|
|!|corner, so walk over to collect it.                                       |!|

Climb the ropes the soldiers nicely left for you and things should look familiar.  Head inside the secret entrance under the old tree, go down the stairs (and more stairs around the corner), until you finally reach the secret entrance to Shambala.

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How do I climb into the open window? I'm stuck here.
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Um, what if i didn't pick up a grenade launcher???? o__o

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