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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide
Complete game walkthrough with videos to help you find all the 101 treasure locations for this cracking game. Plus appendex section with detailed..
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A collection of cheats that include unlocking multiplayer skins, taunts and Crushing mode. There is also a cheat for prequel bonuses.

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We have 21 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves please send them in here.

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Guide and all Treasure Locations plus Videos

A great game needs a great guide and this one comissioned by us from Absolute Steve hits the spot when it comes t helping you through the game and finding all 101 treasure items.
Videos are supplied to cover all treasure items plus major boss battles.
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide

Unlimited Money Glitch

To perform this glitch complete a task that rewards you with a large amount of money. Save the game if it is not at an auto-save area and exit out to the 'Main' menu. When you now reload the game you will still have the reward. This can be repeated as many times as desired.

Defeat Guardians

The easiest way to kill the Guardians that you face late in the game is to kill one and take the gold crossbow it drops and use it on the others. The crossbow will kill them quicker than your normal guns.

Unlock Crushing Mode

This feature becomes an available option when you have completed the game on the Hard difficulty setting.

Unlock Multiplayer Skins

Reach the following level in Multiplayer or complete the specified task to unlock the corresponding skin and then go to the Multiplayer store to purchase it for the indicated amount of money.
Unlock Cameraman Jeff Skin:
Reach Level 30; Costs $100,000
Unlock Doughnut Drake Skin:
Reach Level 60; Costs $2,000,000
Unlock Genghis Khan Villain Skin:
Beat Crushing Difficulty. Cost: 1,500,000
Unlock Zorskel Skin:
Reach Level 10; Costs $20,000
Unlock Heist Drake Skin:
Reach Level 10; Costs $20,000
Unlock Harry Flynn Skin:
Reach Level 20; Costs $50,000
Unlock Winter Chloe Skin:
Reach Level 20; Costs $50,000
Unlock Heist Flynn Skin:
Reach Level 20; Costs $50,000

Run Normally while Injured Glitch

To perform this glitch have Nate carry a propane tank when he is injured and he will be able to run at normal speed.

Unlock Skins

When you complete the indicated task the corresponding skin will become unlocked for purchase.
Unlock Marco Polo (Hero):
When you unlock the Platinum trophy you get this skin free.
Unlock Genghis Khan (Villain):
Complete the game under the Crushing difficulty and then purchase for $1.5 million.

Unlock Multiplayer Taunts

When you reach the following levels in Multiplayer the corresponding taunt becomes available for purchase at the Multiplayer store for the indicated amount of money.
Unlock 'Kiss' Taunt:
Reach Level 10; Costs $10,000
Unlock 'Flex' Taunt:
Reach Level 20; Costs $50,000
Unlock 'Flurry' Taunt:
Reach Level 30; Costs $100,000
Unlock 'Yes' Taunt:
Reach Level 40; Costs $250,000
Unlock 'Pump' Taunt:
Reach Level 53; Costs $500,000

Prequel Bonuses

Open the store in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and press Square to detect a saved game file from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. You'll then get $20,000 for having a saved game file and an additional $80,000 for having a completed saved game file. You will be able to spend the money in the Single-Player and Multiplayer stores.

Unlock Multiplayer Boosters

Reach the following levels in Multiplayer to unlock the corresponding booster and then go to the Multiplayer store to purchase it for the indicated amount of money. Boosters give your character more tools to use in Multiplayer mode.
Unlock Point and Shoot (Booster Slot 1):
Reach Level 2; Costs $2,000
Unlock Bandoleer (Booster Slot 2):
Reach Level 4; Costs $2,000
Unlock From the Hip (Booster Slot 1):
Reach Level 6; Costs $5,000
Unlock Scavenger (Booster Slot 2):
Reach Level 8; Costs $8,250
Unlock Break Up (Booster Slot 1):
Reach Level 10; Costs $11,250
Unlock Keep Firing (Booster Slot 2):
Reach Level 12; Costs $14,250
Unlock Down the Irons (Booster Slot 1):
Reach Level 14;..

Defeat Lazarevic

This is done by luring him near the volatile blue sap found throughout the level and then shooting the sap causing it to explode when he is in range.

steel fist expert

Go to chapter 4 the dig, very easy mode. in this level you will get grenades, there you will have to take a pistol. go near them and blindfire once and kill them with a punch . keep on doing that and you will get the steel fist expert trophy .
here is a video tutorial link:

double cash for multi-player coming up

From 24th to the 27th of December we will have double cash for be sure to be logged on so you can unlock more goodies for your online character

Propane glitch (TANK)

1.first get a AK-47 and a 45 defender
2.Get a tank
3.shoot with your 45 defender while holding tan
4.then you Quickly (AND I MEAN IT) swap your gun to your AK-45
5. Dont do it to fast OK because you can do it halve a second
6.don't get to excited because you can make a few mistakes
Or just use a tank Smile
Hope this will be helpful I got more glitches for you xx

Train recked

On the level train recked you will fight waves of bad guys and once you have defeated them all there looks like there is no where to go well there is a cliff if you go and clime it you will meet tenzin and proceed to the next level


First,Infinite Money
Once you have beat the game you'll get the chance to buy things like weapons from the store. You make money by doing things like finding treasures etc.Once you do something that gives you a large amount of money (like Master Ninja for 25k). Save your game (if it's not at an auto save area) and then quit back to the main screen. Then load up the game again you'll keep getting the reward each time you do it. Soon enough you'll have enough money to buy everything without having to find all the treasures.
Second,Use Tweaks on Any Difficulty
Normally, when you beat the game on a certain difficulty you'll be able to use Tweaks in a new game set on that difficulty. However, if you start a new game on a difficulty you haven't beaten, you can still enable..


1.First get a partner to help you Smile
2.Next get a riot shield
3.Get a pistol
4.Pick up your riot shield and go to a corner
5.aim you pistol at the corner while holding shield
6.Tell your friend to get a pistol as well
7.face the corner and get your friend to come right behind you
8.Now tell your friend to aim the gun while he's right next to you
9.While aiming keep walking forwards and it's lie your pushing him
10.As you can see he must be going in
11.And you must be getting a pistole for pushing
"""""""Places for this glitch"""""""
ice cave


get an sas12 and get a double shot behind the head

Extra money

Whenever you get a medal that says the amount of money under it immediatly quit to the main menu then start uncharted 2 up again when you look at your money you will have twice as much as before.

psn cards

in this game there are a few packages worth getting such as the siege expansion pack. now my brother wanted this pack badly and we went and tried to get psn carsds for him and we found out only eb games gives psn cards and it only comes in $30 or $50. so if you ever want these packs now you know the pricing for psn cards.


You need:
1.Hang on a wall
2.Aim your pistol at the roof while hanging
3.Throw your grenade at a distance
4.Quickly keep tapping L3 until the grenade explodes
5.Then you should be in
6.If your stuck keep tapping circle

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