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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide - Walkthrough


After three months of detainment, Sullivan, an old pal of Drake bails him out and with Chloe they make a plan.

Treasure on this level:
||BOX|Treasure Name:          |Location:                                      ||
||[ ]|Yuan Dynasty Coin       |After first explosives; Tree in area on left   ||
||[ ]|Yuan Dynasty Jade Animal|Isolated area nearby first two enemies         ||
||[ ]|Jade Pei Pendant        |On top of a waterfall                          ||
||[ ]|Amber Jade Chimera      |After big melee fight; Climb area; Near barrel ||
Weapons on this level:
|WEAPON PICKUPS:      |o .45 Defender (Pistol)       o AK-47 (Machine Gun)     |
|                     |o Wes - 44 (Magnum)           o Moss - 12 (Shotgun)     |
|                     |                                                        |

Treasure Video for this level

Simply travel through the jungle until you reach the first set of explosives that Chloe has left behind for you, indicated by a bright green led light.  Arm it and proceed.  Where Sully heads right over a tree trunk, look to your left instead.

.----- TREASURE #16: YUAN DYNASTY COIN ----------------------------------------.
|!|Right after arming the first explosives, search the area to your left and |!|
|!|look for a glimmer in a tree branch.  Shoot the treasure to collect it.   |!|

Continue onward and climb a small cliff.  Proceed through the jungle until you can jump down.  In this area are several grunts - take the first two out with headshots.  As soon as you do this, the gunfire will alarm an other group of enemies further on, so take cover behind tree trunks and fight your way through.

.----- TREASURE #17: YUAN DYNASTY JADE ANIMAL ---------------------------------.
|!|Backtrack to where you killed the first two enemies and search the small  |!|
|!|isolated area to the left (or, as see from when you first dropped off the |!|
|!|ledge, to the right).  The shine is easily spotted, so go on and collect  |!|
|!|the treasure.                                                             |!|

Climb the boxes until you're high enough to use the pole to swing across the other side.  Collect the [AK-47] from the dead grunt and continue to the end of the trail where you can push a large rock down to assist Sully.  When he's climbed up the ledge, proceed and take out several enemies in the area of the first excavation site.

To the right of the area is a treasure you may want to collect.

.----- TREASURE #18: JADE PEI PENDANT -----------------------------------------.
|!|This is located above a waterfall you've already passed once.  When you're|!|
|!|climbing the wood, head right instead and climb up the ledge.  Simply walk|!|
|!|walk to the very end of the path to collect this treasure.                |!|

After climbing up and dropping down a ledge you'll reach a small settlement with various enemies.  The first guard can be downed by a sneak melee attack, but his comrades won't go down as easily; You'll find yourself in a big firefight.  Take note that while machine guns such as the AK-47 are great for semi close-ranged fights, the pistol is still superior when aiming for heads popping up behind distant crates.  Accuracy aside, it also fires one round at a time, saving you ammunition in the long run.

Take out the remaining guards and collect any weapons and ammo they left behind.  A new batch of enemies is quick to assault from the left.  The one on the upper platform is especially vicious in firing, so dispatch him first.  Look for a red explosive on the ground level and shoot it several times to blow it up, causing great damage.

Wade through the water and take cover as you dispatch more enemies.  After doing so, your search for the four explosive charges starts.  The first one is located immediately below the explosive you might've already fired at.  Turn around and find the second one under the wooden jetty.  The other two are located even further back, also at the wooden jetty.  Look around for their green lights and bleeping sounds.

After arming all four of them, proceed to the upper right part of the area and give Sully a boost, who'll gladly knock the ladder down for Nate.  In this area with tents, look for a passage on the right and a cutscene initiates.

Take down the enemies with melee attacks and break free from their grapples with the Triangle button.  Climb back up by the rope, then continue by leaping over to the ledge on the right.

.----- TREASURE #19: AMBER JADE CHIMERA ---------------------------------------.
|!|A fairly tough treasure to locate, jump to the ledge on your right after  |!|
|!|Sully climbing up by the rope.  Follow the trail a few steps and very     |!|
|!|carefully keep your eyes open for a set of white bricks in the wall on    |!|
|!|your left.  Climb these, then swing over to several poles that leads Nate |!|
|!|hanging onto the big trunk.  Shimmy to the right, pull yourself up the    |!|
|!|ledge, and finally make a leap to the far left area.  The treasure can be |!|
|!|found among the pile of rubbish, nearby a barrel.                         |!|

Simply head back to where Sully's waiting and follow the blue tube leading to a waterfall.

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