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Follow the dark path or use the light

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV is an open-ended first-person role playing game developed by Bethesda Softworks and published by 2K Games. First released in March of 2006, the game features a staggering amount of content that remains unmatched by nearly every other single player experience released since. Oblivion takes players to the province of Cyrodiil, which is currently under siege by the Daedric Lord Mehrunes Dagon. It's up to you to find the Emperor's lost heir and shut the Oblivion Gates that have been popping up all over Cyrodiil.

This is your complete guide to The Elder Scrolls IV. Every quest is covered in great detail, including all of the add-ons, the Knights of the Nine questline, and the Shivering Isles expansion pack.

Note: This guide was written based on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Nevertheless, this guide can still be used in conjunction with the PC or PlayStation 3 version, as the only major difference between the three versions of the original game is the control scheme.


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51 comments, latest first.
May 10th 2015 Guest
how do i convince velwyn to hel me ith his father house been hounted
ID #554591
Mar 21st 2014 Guest
Where do I find grand soul gems
ID #366488
Oct 9th 2015 Guest
You can go to mages guild and they'll have some. Or click ~ and type in COC testinghall and shows you every item there is in the game.
ID #615075
Aug 6th 2013 Guest
Were do I find really. Awesome armor ?
ID #303021
Apr 26th 2013 Guest
plz sum1 help me ...... i cant get the shiverin isles quest ........ i am level 29 and av finished the main quest and slept and waited for days and still no mesage about the gate ........ i av searched the island its supost to b on in niben bay but all i find is fort grief ????? can any1 help coz im desperate ????
ID #277815
Apr 23rd 2013 Guest
Sumone plz help...... have game ov year but cannot find the gate to shiverin isles......the island its supost to on in niben bay only has a fort on it cald fort grief.....i am lv 29 and comleted the main quest, slept for 2 days and still ther sumfin i need to do to unlock the quests or wot?????plz help im desperate to try the shiverin isles
ID #276811
Apr 11th 2013 Guest
Hi I've have been stuck on a quest for a week now its the thieves guild. "The arrow of extraction" I need help please
ID #272507
Apr 7th 2013 ashtonchaplin
My oh my this game can be tideous. I have a question that i hope someone can answer... I found an oblivion gate directly north of the inn of ill omen and i made it to the top of the main tower and i took the sigil stone but the gate didnt dissapear. so i went outside and eventually found a tunnel that led me to another part of the map and i found 3 more towers one of which had another stone. i took it as well ... still nothing... im soooooo frustrated...someone please help me. >__<
ID #271619
Dec 30th 2012 Nightscreams666
Ok can someone help me I'm doing the Ultimate Heist mission for the Grey Fox and i got caught after I got into the the gaurds room and now i need a key to get back in can anyone help me please?
ID #232511
Dec 30th 2012 Guest
ID #232489
Dec 5th 2012 Dragonborn
Where are all the places I can go to do the quests?
I used a cheat to go to a training hall and took a Buncha stuff and now I have a Buncha quests but I want to go to the places you go to originally start the quests.also is there a building for the thieves guild?
My carrying capacity is like 250 but I put in the god cheat and I have over like 3 million or billion now and when I try to pickpocket or steal or open my inventory it takes forever...any one know how to get a house so I can solve this problem? game is not coming on...anyone have any idea why?im on pc
ID #215399
Dec 3rd 2012 Guest
How do u put in the gold cheat
ID #214948
Dec 3rd 2012 Guest
To keep from being caught stealing make sure you are not seen. If you are in sneak mode the "eye" crosshairs tell you if anyone can see you - If it is "bright" you are being watched, if "dull" you are not.
ID #214944
Dec 1st 2012 Guest
[quote][/quote] i love oblivion cuz its awesome
ID #214101
Nov 11th 2012 Guest
Can anyone tell me how u open the crystal chests in the shivering isles cannot find the key anywere?
ID #207526
Oct 24th 2012 rick wolf
alright guys theres an easier way to get alot of gold early on. you have to get a summon spell and summon a dremora. kill it and befor it disappears click on it (hard i know but it does work) when you click on it most of the time (not all) you'll be able to take his weapon. doing this multiple times will allow you to get a lot of weapons that you can sell and your summoning skill will increase
ID #200780
Oct 21st 2012 Guest
It took awhile but I finally beat the game without a lot of money but as soon as I beat it I went into cheat mode and added 500,000 to my wallet
ID #199401
Oct 14th 2012 Guest
only way to really make money in oblivion is to use the item dupe glitch with varla stones as they sell for 1,000 gold (or the max a shopkeep can buy from you if their shop wealth is lower then the base price of the item) even now i made a new game, went into the Alyied ruin acrss the water when i got out of tutorial and picked up the varla stone. long story short, 5 hours later, 150,000 gold coind, akaviri warblade, akaviri sunderbade and helm of the delver (30,000 dwarven helm you can buy at the three brothers trade store) and a few dozen lvls in mercantile to boot ^.^ isn't cheating fun? but i don't do it unless i beat the game first (hint, hint)
ID #196043
Jun 26th 2012 Guest
Honestly making money is not that easy. It takes time the best thing i could suggest is to by a ring that is expensive use the clone cheat and sell like crazy. It gets very tiresome after a while but i maxed out my merc skill and have over 20 mill. And be carefull if your merc skill is one of your major skills cause you dont want to just raise your personality
ID #157200
Mar 5th 2012 Guest
how do i give digal her neckless and how many gradians tears are there
ID #120682
Mar 1st 2012 Guest
In the shivering isle everyone keeps falling over so i cant complete
the paranoia quest for the duchess of dementia
ID #119519
Oct 20th 2011 Guest
hey can someone help me get the arrow of extrication PLZ!!!!!
ID #81638
Sep 30th 2011 Guest
which magic guild can you recharge magic weapons at? and is there a faster way to level up? 10 hours in and im only level 4 and i kill everyone i see in different ways its driving me insane
ID #77465
Sep 10th 2011 Guest
ok everytime i try to complete the "ambush" wont let me open the iron gates...i have pressed the push block and it says its supposed to open the door but it wont let me...same with every other mission that involves me to go into the ruins
ID #73737
Sep 4th 2011 Guest
the code for gold is player.additem 0000000f (amount). something goes wrong if you try to get too much, but it works well if you ask for around 1 billion or so.
ID #72579
Sep 2nd 2011 Guest
Ok im well stuck. Im doing bleak flats cave and the zombies are immune to fire. I tried everything. My silver longsword ain't helping either. Im getting my deafens kicked. And sulinus vassinus wont volunteer to do it. On 360. So does anyone got a clue. Im getting really annoyed with this. I been told to disable the quest. But I don't know not using a computer. So like help me please.
ID #72032
Sep 2nd 2011 Guest
Where can I find wlkthroughs for all the Oblivion gates?
ID #71893
Aug 23rd 2011 Guest
how in the world do u get rid of this stupid vampire disease? seriously some one help me out here!!!!
ID #69600
May 14th 2016 Guest
There is a glitch and until they fix it you can't finish the quest
ID #652262
Aug 21st 2011 Guest
where can i find the best armoa and weapons....and where can i get the free ones
ID #68886
Jul 23rd 2011 Guest
How do you get more money like i have the pc verson but all i need is the code. if you tell me thx
ID #60407
Jun 30th 2011 seacor
In the Ultamate Heist I am sitting in the Reading Chair and no one brings me the scroll
ID #53731
Jun 23rd 2011 Guest
I'm trying to find a strong potion of healing.
ID #51597
May 28th 2011 Guest
Start the shadow banish wine quest in the inn at Weye. It is across the bridge as you exit the Imperial city.
ID #45450
Apr 21st 2011 Guest
where can i start the shadow banish wine quest?
ID #38666
Apr 12th 2011 Guest
To be a warrior i would be a redgaurd but im a high elf mage and i gotta tell u it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good i watch tv whale pushing spell cast so all my spells are 100 like my level
ID #37090
Apr 11th 2011 Guest
oh and you have to wait to talk to the watch man look out for the drowend troll lol
ID #36893
Apr 11th 2011 Guest
first high elf wizard their amazing 2nd realm of oblivion duplicating is the best way to get lots of it or you could go to one of the alchemy stores in the imperial city and does anyone know how to level up fast your welacome all
ID #36892
Mar 29th 2011 Guest
just go to option and turn the difficultly setting down till you get better
ID #34816
Mar 26th 2011 marcoa6
on the quest for vampire cure where cani i find bloodgrass growing
ID #34374
Apr 21st 2016 Guest
on theplains eyond any gaete
ID #648493
Mar 19th 2011 Guest
For the skeleton key you gotta do nocturnals deadric quest go to leyawiin exit though east exit follow the road up you'll come to it its hard to spot
ID #33361
Mar 5th 2011 Guest
This is the greatest game. I love to be a High Elf wizard or a wood elf thief. I don't really like warriors but I want to try what race should I pick?
ID #31505
Feb 22nd 2011 Guest
How do i come across the Nocturnals skeleton key?
ID #30031
Oct 28th 2010 nemyac
click in the move stick to get out
ID #16522
Oct 9th 2010 Guest
get out of sneak to not pickpocket... if u r sneaking the crosshair is an eye... get rid of it
ID #14812
Sep 4th 2010 Guest
How do I get out of the pick pocket mode? I can't talk to Martin
ID #11382
Aug 11th 2010 Scorpio02
You might want to try some better armor and summon a creature to help you even if all they do is distract the troll long enough to get in some really good hits. dont attack him tell his focus is on the summon. otherwise he'll ignor it. i do this when im overwhelmed or outnumbered severly. but im leaning towards warrior side so i use scrolls which can be bought all over
ID #8429
Aug 4th 2010 Guest
If you are a Journeyman of sneak you could kill 3 trolls and avoid the others then get to the paint brush thatss what i did and i got out fine
ID #7421
Jun 21st 2010 Guest
You have to put the turpintine on your weapon to kill the trolls.
ID #1391
Jun 18th 2010 Guest
ok.. idk if you all do this but im having major issues with one of the side quests of the game... i found a man trapped in a painting in cheyndyil.... go in and he gives you turpintine.. you gotta kill 6 strong trolls and then get the magic paintbrush to get out of the painting..BUT the trolls keep kicking my butt.. i cant even kill the first one... can anyone help me? Im playing the ps3 version(i dont think its different) please email me [email protected]
ID #977