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Follow the dark path or use the light


- Veilstone City

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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The Cobble Badge - Veilstone City

| Items or Key Items                                 |
----------------- ----------------------------------
| Veilstone City  | Sticky Barb, TM63, Coin Case     |
| Veilstone Gym   | Cobble Badge, TM60 (Drain Punch) |
----------------- ----------------------------------

Veilstone City

This is a big city, so there are plenty of things you can do here. Start off by visiting the department store, located just behind the Pokemon Center. Talk to the old guy in the first floor to get a Mask of Lucas' initial Pokemon. At the second floor, talk to the lady behind the bottom counter and she'll give you the COUNTER POKETECH APP. Next, proceed to the fifth floor and speak to one of the buff guys standing near the escalator. He'll give you a STICKY BARB.

Talk to the man outside the pair of houses to the left of the Game Corner. He'll give you the TM63. The lady inside the left house will offer to give your Pokemon a massage and find an accessory for you afterwards. Enter the other house and talk to the clown, say "LEFT" to get the COIN CASE.

Check out the Game Center next. Talk to the standing brown-haired man and he'll give you 20 Coins. You can play on the slot machines and exchange the coins you won for prizes in the house next-door. You may buy coins from the lady at the counter too. 50 coins is worth $1000 and 500 coins is $10,000. Lining up the same images diagonally or horizontally is valid.

Head to the Pokemon Gym when you're done. It's a good idea to bring high level Psychic and Flying type Pokemon, since the Gym Leader uses Fighting type ones.

Veilstone Gym

 -------------- ------------------------------------ --------- 
| Trainer      | Pokemon                            | Rewards |
-------------- ------------------------------------ ---------
| Darren       | Machoke, Machop, Machoke (Lv. 25)  |   $600  |
| Jeffery      | Machoke, Meditite (Lv. 26)         |   $624  |
| Rafael       | Meditite (Lv. 28)                  |   $672  |
| Colby        | Machoke, Mackoke, Machoke (Lv. 25) |   $600  |
-------------- ------------------------------------ ---------

Leave the Gym and rest up at the Pokemon Center. Return to the gym. You'll have to solve a slider puzzle to get to the Gym Leader at the top of the room. Push the sliders left or right until you open the path to the top.

 ------------ -------------------------- ---------- 
| Leader     | Pokemon                  | Rewards  |
------------ -------------------------- ----------
|            | Meditite (Lv. 27)        |   --     |
| Maylene    | Machoke (Lv. 27)         |   --     |
|            | Lucario (Lv. 30)         |   $3600  |
------------ -------------------------- ----------
| The Bite ability works very well on her Meditite |
| so use it if you have it. As for the Machoke and |
| Lucario, the move Earthquake (from Torterra) can |
| knock both Pokemon out in a single hit.          |

Maylene will give you the COBBLE BADGE and TM60 Drain Punch afterwards. The badge allows you to use the ability "Fly" outside of battle.