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Follow the dark path or use the light

- Mt. Coronet & Spear Pillar

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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The Beacon Badge - Mt. Coronet & Spear Pillar

| Items or Key Items                                                       |
------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
| Route 208         | Iron                                                 |
| Mt. Coronet       | Max Potion, Escape Rope, Revive, Max Revive          |
| Mt. Coronet Peak  | Max Potion, Tiny Mushroom (x3), PP Up, Rare Candy,   |
| Spear Pillar      | Adamant Orb                                          |
------------------- ------------------------------------------------------

Before heading into Mt. Coronet, Rock Climb on the wall next to the entrance for a trainer battle. His Pokemon consist of Golbat, Graveler and Onix -- all at level 35. You'll receive $1120 for winning. Also, smash the rock next to the trainer then press A to find an IRON.

Mt. Coronet

Rock on the wall at the northeast corner to the next floor. Here, go northwest up the steps to find a MAX POTION. Turn back, then head south for an ESCAPE ROPE. Go back, proceed up the steps. At the fork, continue north then west across the bridge. Go down the stairs and up the next one to get a REVIVE. From there, turn right up the stairs. Cross the bridge and head down 2 sets of stairs. Now go left under the bridge into the next area.

Follow the path up to the next screen. In this area, take the right steps down. Check the solitary stone at the bottom to find a MAX REVIVE. Return to the previous area and head north.

 ----------------- -------------------- ----------- 
| Trainer         | Pokemon            | Rewards   |
----------------- -------------------- -----------
| Galactic Grunt  | Beautifly (Lv. 40) |  $1600    |
| Galactic Grunt  | Bronzor (Lv. 39)   |  $1560    |
----------------- -------------------- -----------

Defeat both Galactic Grunts. Follow the path to the exit.

Mt. Coronet Peak

This part of the mountain is covered with snow. So all battles that occur outside the caves will have hail weather. Anyway, start off by going right then up. Rock Climb on the wall there. At the top, head left, down, then left again. Examine the stone for a MAX POTION. Make your way back to the rocky wall and proceed right into the cave.

Go up the steps then examine the stone to get an ULTRA BALL. Head back down, continue west, smash the rock and check the back wall for a TINY MUSHROOM. Examine one of the 2 stones near the cave entrance for a PP UP. Go back outside. Make your way to the cave at the northwest portion of the mountain and go in.

Rock Climb to the top. Battle 2 Galactic Grunts.

 ----------------- -------------------------------------------- ----------- 
| Trainer         | Pokemon                                    | Rewards   |
----------------- -------------------------------------------- -----------
| Galactic Grunt  | Dustox (L35), Dustox (L35), Golbat (L38)   |   $1400   |
| Galactic Grunt  | Stunky, Golbat (Lv. 38)                    |   $1520   |
----------------- -------------------------------------------- -----------

Move on to the east exit. Outside, examine the stone on the tall grass for a RARE CANDY. Rock Climb on the wall to the left. At the top, head west and examone the stone to get a TINY MUSHROOM. There's a rock with a BIG MUSHROOM on the right-most corner at the bottom of several stairs. Turn back and go into another cave.

Check the second rock for a TINY MUSHROOM. Follow the path up several stairs and battle another Galactic Grunt.

 ----------------- ----------------------------- ----------- 
| Trainer         | Pokemon                     | Rewards   |
----------------- ----------------------------- -----------
| Galactic Grunt  | Bronzor, Glameow (Lv. 38)   |   $1520   |
----------------- ----------------------------- -----------

Grab the STARDUST. Continue west to next area. Battle 2 more Galactic Grunts.

 ----------------- -------------------------------------------- ----------- 
| Trainer         | Pokemon                                    | Rewards   |
----------------- -------------------------------------------- -----------
| Galactic Grunt  | Bronzor, Golbat (Lv. 37)                   |   $1480   |
| Galactic Grunt  | Golbat, Glameow, Bronzor (Lv. 37)          |   $1480   |
----------------- -------------------------------------------- -----------

Continue north towards the exit leading to the Spear Pillar.

Spear Pillar

Go forward and fight the 2 Galactic Grunts in a double battle.

 ----------------- -------------------------------------------- ----------- 
| Trainer         | Pokemon                                    | Rewards   |
----------------- -------------------------------------------- -----------
| Galactic Grunts | Stunky, Dustox, Glameow, Croagunk (Lv. 38) |   $3040   |
----------------- -------------------------------------------- -----------

After that cut-scene with the Galactic Boss Cyrus, heal up your Pokemon and save your game. Battle Commander Jupiter and Commander Mars. Damion will be helping you in this fight.

 ----------------------- ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Boss                  | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
----------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
|                       | Bronzor  (Lv. 41)           |   --     |
|                       | Bronzor  (Lv. 41)           |   --     |
| Commander Jupiter     | Golbat   (Lv. 42)           |   --     |
| Commander Mars        | Golbat   (Lv. 41)           |   --     |
|                       | Skuntank (Lv. 46)           |   --     |
|                       | Purugly  (Lv. 45)           |   $7280  |
----------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
| Damion will send his Munchlax out first. The thing is, his     |
| Munchlax is useless. It does prove useful as a cannon fodder   |
| though. But do try to knock it out, so you can force Damion to |
| send out some better Pokemon.                                  |
|                                                                |
| The foes' Bronzors are weak against Fire, so try to hit them   |
| with that attack type as much as possible. The Golbats are     |
| weak to Electric attacks, so moves like Thunder are very       |
| effective against them. As for Purugly and Skuntank, hit them  |
| with your strongest Fighting-type moves.                       |

After the battle, Damion will heal all your Pokemon and leave. Save your game. Battle Cyrus again.

 ----------------------- ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Boss                  | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
----------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
|                       | Honchkrow (Lv. 45)          |   --     |
|                       | Gyarados  (Lv. 45)          |   --     |
| Galactic Boss Cyrus   | Weavile   (Lv. 48)          |   --     |
|                       | Crobat    (Lv. 46)          |   $8640  |
----------------------- ----------------------------- ----------
| Cyrus' Pokemon are weak to Electric-type attacks. Pikachu's    |
| Thunder (provided that your Pikachu has high Sp. Atk. stat)    |
| is capable of knocking each of them out in a single hit.       |

Heal up your Pokemon and save your game again. Go forward and battle Dialga (Pokemon Diamond) or Palkia (Pokemon Pearl).

| Legendary Pokemon Dialga                                       |
| Dialga's Roar of Time deals serious damage on your Pokemon,    |
| and it is also halves the damage it receives from most attack  |
| types. It is weak against Ground and Fighting-type moves       |
| though. Earthquake does considerable damage to Dialga, but do  |
| not overdo it since you're supposed to capture this Pokemon,   |
| not defeat it. Once you get its HP down to red, start throwing |
| Ultra Balls or Dusk Balls (at night). It may take several      |
| attempts to successfully capture it.                           |

Again, you only get to fight and capture Palkia in Pokemon Pearl.

| Legendary Pokemon Palkia                                       |
| The movesets of both legendary Pokemon are the same save for   |
| the fact that Palkia has Special Rend instead of Roar of Time. |
| I suggest using a fighting-type Pokemon in this battle. If you |
| have a Machoke with the Revenge attack, then use it on Palkia  |
| until you get it down to red health. Once this happens, start  |
| throwing Ultra Balls until you capture Palkia.                 |

Before exiting Mt. Coronet, go back to Dialga's or Palkia's spot at the Spear Pillar and pick up the ADAMANT ORB (Diamond) or the LUSTROUS ORB (Pearl).


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41 comments, latest first.
Aug 13th 2014 Guest
i have a level 66 crobat
ID #435835
Apr 5th 2014 Guest
Where is the enterance to mt coronet?
ID #371763
Apr 5th 2014 Guest
Where is the enterance?
ID #371762
Jan 30th 2014 Guest
it is very hard to defeat the boss
ID #349854
Aug 3rd 2013 Guest
It's very cool man thanks for the tips
ID #302315
Apr 8th 2013 kokoypogi
the best way to capture dialga or palkia is to throw a dusk ball make sure it is night time to fight dialga or palkia because ultra ball has a 2x higher catch rate and the dusk ball has 4x catch rate if it is night time so thats it then.
ID #271883
Apr 7th 2013 Guest
Go out the cave you are in and go right. There are two rock climbing paths. Go to the one on the left and it's over there!
ID #271567
Sep 11th 2012 Guest
how to get pass the grunt that says that he has no pokemon
ID #185308
Jun 10th 2012 Guest
Stuck on the stupid "lowly grunt" that has no pokemon!!!!!

I'm so sick of running around in circles!
ID #151271
Apr 20th 2012 Guest
I caught dialga with a great ball
ID #135263
Apr 11th 2012 Guest
In Pokemon platinum, I caught Giratina with a dusk ball. In Pokemon pearl, I caught Palkia with a timer ball. In Pokemon diamond, I caught Dialga with a poke ball( witch is hard to believe!!!!) my friends don't believe I caught Dialga with a poke ball, but I prove them I'm right, yet I never shown them for some reason.
ID #132340
Mar 26th 2012 Guest
How do you get though the cave when theres a wall blocking it. it has mesprit, azelf, and uxie of it!?
please help me amedeatly!!!
ID #126672
Feb 17th 2012 Guest
How do you get past the grunt who says "please don't pay attention to a lowly grunt without any pokemon!"
ID #115668
Jan 5th 2012 Guest
I battled dialga with my lvl.58infetnape but [quoe][/quote] ko [quote][/quote] it help!!![strike][/strike]
ID #103218
Nov 12th 2011 Guest
i got so lucky, i only had my 2 weakest pokemon left and i barely beat crobat, then, i had one quick ball, so i just threw that instantly, and i got palkia
ID #86803
Sep 21st 2011 Guest
how to get pass that grunt who says he is lost but has no pokemon???? please, please help????
ID #75717
Sep 19th 2011 Guest
ID #75367
Aug 14th 2011 Guest
When I caught dialga I used flame wheel on it with my lv 60 infernape once. It hp was orange and I caught it with my first ultra ball. Lv. 47
ID #67202
Jun 27th 2011 Guest
do any of u pepl know ation replay codes?
ID #52789
Jun 26th 2011 Guest
i have no idea
ID #52559
Jun 14th 2011 Guest
you guys are idiots
ID #49221
Jun 7th 2011 superprocheater
thank u... and its not damian it's barry
ID #47525
Apr 18th 2011 Guest
I Agree With [email protected] I Can't Get Past This Bit? Can You Please Post Up What it is?
ID #38153
Apr 7th 2011 Guest
Where are the south,north,west, and east exits in Mt.Coronet?
ID #36271
Mar 30th 2011 Guest
Hi, I am at Mt Coronet, and cannot get past a "lowly grunt who is lost with no Pokemon". I've ran around for a few hours trying to figure out what I am supposed to do, but I just keep coming back to this. I need to get past him to battle Cyrus again. My email is [email protected] Please, I need help! My head is hurting, and I love this game, lol help me!
ID #34854
Mar 6th 2011 Guest
thx for that advice! very useful!
ID #31652
Feb 14th 2011 Guest
i accidentally shut down the game at the cutscene cause i thought it was a rom crash, what do i do?
ID #29186
Dec 29th 2010 Guest
ID #22974
Dec 17th 2010 samuel1997xd
ID #21323
Sep 30th 2010 Guest
ID #14013
Sep 5th 2010 Guest
hmmmmm....... i found that pretty usefull.
ID #11535
Jul 26th 2010 Guest
I do not understand
ID #6103
Jul 21st 2010 Guest
hmmph...just toss a quick ball at dialga. half the time it'll work fine. first turn, whip out the quick ball.
ID #5518
Jul 9th 2010 Guest
How do I find northwest?
ID #3763
Jul 2nd 2010 Lurumi08
thank you!!! this is very helpful!!!
ID #2716
Jun 28th 2010 Guest
i found his advice very helpful in finding my way through mt coronet and in telling me what Pokemon are coming up before i battle them so i knew which to put out first
ID #2273
Jun 25th 2010 Guest
you cant save after you fight the two comanders with damion
ID #1850
Jun 16th 2010 Guest
Bronzors are weak against hydro pump
ID #840
Jun 14th 2010 Guest
ID #555
Jun 13th 2010 Guest
its not damian you can call him what you want at the start of the game i called him barry
ID #453
Jun 13th 2010 Guest
wow but to me are too easy cacth dialga for The Master ball
ID #416