Old Chateau

Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Old Chateau

After obtaing the National Pokedex, come back to this house anytime between 22:00 to 04:00. Head to the center room in the 2nd floor. There, enter the 2nd room (from left). Save your game. Check the TV and thump it when prompted to. Rotom will come out to fight you.

| Legendary Pokemon Rotom                                        |
| This Pokemon is very low level. So it is very easy to knock it |
| out accidentally. Bring in your weakest Pokemon (a low level   |
| one) and chip away Rotom's HP. Once it drops to red, throw an  |
| Ultra Ball to capture it. Chances are it won't be able to      |
| break free, since it is a low level Pokemon.                   |


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the butler is always like i`m not talking to you i`m dead and the girl is like gardenia is that you

Added 11th Jun 2015, ID #568921

you can get Rotom on Saturday 8:00 pm.

Added 28th Dec 2014, ID #491500

Is it on a certain day❓

Added 27th May 2013, ID #285813

there is goasts inside the old chateau. one being a little girl and another being the butler ( old man ). the little girl hovers over top of tm sustitute and the butler hangs out in the dining room.

Added 1st Feb 2013, ID #248660

in old chateau, i saw old man in the kitchen.... why?? please tell me if u know

Added 5th Jan 2013, ID #237430

u dont need to really battle it. u can just use a quick ball or dusk ball

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #168104

DONT try to use a quick ball! it doesnt work i found out the hard way D:

Added 11th Jul 2012, ID #163039

[size=12][/size] same

Added 11th Apr 2012, ID #132320

how do you get munchlax? HELP!

Added 18th Jun 2011, ID #50161

yo dude who wanted 2 find spiritomb go 2 the place were u put the oodd keystone then talk to 30 peeple underground then he will be there[img][/img]

Added 15th May 2011, ID #43061

Cant you get in the doom world by going through the tv?

Added 14th Apr 2011, ID #37362

old chateau is located inside eterna forest the one with trees to be cut, near the exit goodluck

Added 13th Apr 2011, ID #37217

where is the old chateau?

Added 3rd Apr 2011, ID #35630

ok not what i need im finding ghost there and a pic with eyes i need help!!!!!!!

Added 12th Mar 2011, ID #32325

Remember- Rotom can breed.

Added 19th Jan 2011, ID #26065

i like stuff

Added 19th Jan 2011, ID #25986

It's at the end of eterna forest

Added 17th Aug 2010, ID #9254

Where is the old Chateau?
Please help!
I REALLY want a Rotom!

Added 2nd Aug 2010, ID #7202