Call of Duty: World at War Guide


The most important thing to know about the controls is that you can change them depending on your play style. As usual, the right triggers fire and throw grenades, the left triggers looking down the ironsights on the gun for improved accuracy and throwing special grenades (Molotov Cocktails and Smoke Grenades). You can switch these round by choosing the Lefty button layout. If you see yourself as a tactical player, it is recommended that you choose the tactical button layout. This puts melee attacks on the B/Circle button and change stance (to crouch or go prone) on clicking the right stick. This layout is also recommended for anyone attempting the game on Hardened or Veteran.

On easier difficulties or for particularly gung-ho gamers, you will want to keep melee on the right stick for lots of easy and satisfying knife and bayonet kills. The NOM4D layout is the same as Tactical, but looking down the iron sights is now 'sticky' so that you don't have to hold down the trigger to do it – just push it once to look down the sights and then again to come out of that view. You can also change the aiming sensitivity in the options menu, as well as the game's brightness (some sections of the game are set in darkness and you should ensure this is set up correctly so as not to ruin the experience.