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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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The following Perks are unlocked as explained below.

    Recon: Explosive damage shows target on mini-map
    Recon Pro: Bullet damage shows target on mini-map

Sleight Of Hand
    Sleight Of Hand: Faster reloading
    Sleight Of Hand Pro: Switch weapons quicker

Blind Eye
    Blind Eye: Undetectable to air support and sentry guns
    Blind Eye Pro: Faster lock-on for launchers, and increased bullet damage to air support and sentries

Extreme Conditioning
    Extreme Conditioning: Increased sprint time
    Extreme Conditioning Pro: Increased climbing speed

    Level Unlocked: 39
    Scavenger: Get ammo from dead enemies
    Scavenger Pro: Get more ammo from dead enemies

    Quickdraw: Quicker aiming (ADS)
    Quickdraw Pro: Quicker recovery from using grenade/equipment

Blast Shield
    Blast Shield: Increased explosive resistance
    Blast Shield Pro: Resistance to flash and concussion grenades

    Hardline: Killstreaks require 1 fewer kill
    Hardline Pro: Two assists count as kill towards killstreaks, and deathstreaks require 1 fewer death

    Assassin: Undetectable by UAV, portable radar, thermal, and heartbeat sensors
    Assassin Pro: Immunity to CUAV and EMP, and no red crosshair or name appears when targeted

    Level Unlocked: 47
    Overkill: Carry two primary weapons; second primary weapon cannot have attachments
    Overkill Pro: Second primary weapon can have two attachments

    Marksman: Identify enemy targets at long range
    Marksman Pro: Hold breath longer while sniping

    Stalker: Increased movement speed while aiming down the sights (ADS)
    Stalker Pro: Delay enemy claymore explosions

    SitRep: Detect enemy explosives and tactical insertions
    SitRep Pro: Louder enemy footsteps

Steady Aim
    Steady Aim: Increased hip fire accuracy
    Steady Aim Pro: Weapon is ready faster after sprinting

Dead Silence
    Level Unlocked: 55
    Dead Silence: Quieter movement, and Recon does not work as well against you
    Dead Silence Pro: No fall damage

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Comments for Perks

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Jun 23rd 2012 Guest
Is it possible to obtain all cheats ie; weapons etc, and all bonuses by downloading a program, or inserting them into the game? Such as in the newer Wolfenstein game. If so, how may I obtain them....

ID #155814