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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Weapons Guide

Weapon Proficiencies

Weapon level is increased by using it regularly and successfully killing enemies with it – basically, completing its challenges over and over again. They can be equipped to the weapon to enhance its stats and improve its performance.

1. Kick (reduced recoil)
2. Range (increased range)
3. Attachments (equip two attachments)
4. Focus (reduced flinching when hit)
5. Melee (faster melee attached)
6. Stability 
7. Impact (bullets carry more damage through materials)
8. Speed (faster movement with weapon equipped)
9. Damage (shells do more damage; shotgun only)

Assault Rifles
(Weapon Level) 4 Kick
9 Impact
12 Attachments
16 Focus
22 Breath
28 Stability

Sub Machine Guns
4 Kick
9 Range
12 Attachments
15 Focus
21 Melee
28 Stability

Light Machine Guns
4 Kick
9 Impact
12 Attachments
16 Focus
21 Speed
28 Stability

Sniper Rifles
4 Kick
10 Impact
14 Attachments
18 Focus
24 Speed
28 Stability

4 Kick
9 Focus
14 Attachments
19  Melee
23 Range
28  Damage

Riot Shield
5 Melee
10 Speed


Each weapon has its own set of challenges which will award you with additional experience if you completed the challenges. Some of the challenges including scoring kills and headshots, as well as scoring kills with various attachments equipped.

Assault Rifles

M4A1 Fully automatic, all purpose weapon
M16A4 3 round burst
SCAR-L Fully automatic, all purpose weapon
CM901 Fully automatic, all purpose weapon
TYPE 95 3 round burst (Level 32)
G36C  Fully automatic, all purpose weapon (Level 42)
ACR 6.8  Fully automatic, all purpose weapon (Level 50)
MK14  Semi-automatic, (single fire) (Level 60)
AK-47  Fully automatic, all purpose weapon (Level 68)
FAD   Fully automatic, all purpose weapon (Level 78)

Assault Rifle - Attachments
LV2 Red dot sight  Precision sight.
LV5 Silencer  Invisible on radar when firing, -range
LV8 Grenade Launcher Undermounted grenade launcher
LV11 ACOG Scope  Enhanced zoom ACOG scope
LV12 Rapid Fire  Increases fire rate (M16A4, Type 95)
LV14 Hearbeat Sensor Track enemy locations
LV17 Hybrid Sight  4x Scope with attached Reflex sight
LV20 Shotgun  Undermounted shotgun
LV23 Holographic sight Holographic sight
LV26 Extended Mags  Extended Magazines
LV29 Thermal  See enemy thermal signature behind smokescreen

Sub Machine Guns

MP5   Fully automatic, close range
UMP45  Fully automatic, close range
PP90M1  Fully automatic, high fire rate
P90   Fully automatic, large magazines  (Level 38)
PM-9   Fully automatic, close range (Level 56)
MP7    Fully automatic, close range (Level 74)

Sub Machine Guns - Attachments
LV2 Red dot sight  Precision sight.
LV5 Silencer  Invisible on radar when firing, -range
LV11 Rapid Fire  Increases fire rate
LV16 ACOG Scope  Enhanced zoom ACOG scope
LV19 HAMR Scope
LV22 Holographic sight Holographic sight
LV24 Extended Mags  Extended Magazines
LV26 Thermal  See enemy thermal signature behind smokescreen

Light Machine Guns

L86 LSW  Fully automatic, large magazines
MG36  Fully automatic, large magazines
PKP Pecheneg Fully automatic, large magazines
MK46   Fully automatic, large magazines (Level 54)
M60E4   Fully automatic, large magazines (Level 72)

Light Machine Guns - Attachments
LV2 Red dot sight  Precision sight.
LV5 Silencer  Invisible on radar when firing, -range
LV8 Grip   Reduced Recoil
LV11 ACOG Scope  Enhanced zoom ACOG scope
LV14  Rapid Fire  Increases fire rate
LV20 Hearbeat Sensor Track enemy locations
LV22 Holographic sight Holographic sight
LV25 Extended Mags  Extended Magazines
LV27 Thermal  See enemy thermal signature behind smokescreen

Sniper Rifles

Barrett .50 Cal  Semi-automatic, (single fire)
L118A    Bolt action
Dragunov   Semi-automatic, (single fire)
AS50    Semi-automatic, (single fire)
RSASS    Semi-automatic, (single fire) (Level 44)
MSR     Bolt action (Level 66)

Sniper Rifles - Attachments

LV2 ACOG Scope  Enhanced zoom ACOG scope
LV5 Silencer  Invisible on radar when firing, -range
LV19 Thermal  See enemy thermal signature behind smokescreen
LV13 Extended Mags  Extended Magazines
LV15 Hearbeat Sensor Track enemy locations
LV22 Variable Zoom Scope Enhanced zoom scope


USAS 12   Fully automatic, low ammo
KSG 12   Double Barrel
SPAS 12   Pump action
Striker    Semi-automatic (single fire) (Level 48)
Model 1887    Lever-action  (Level 62)
AA-12    Fully automatic, low ammo

Shotguns - Attachments

LV2 Grip   Reduced Recoil
LV5 Silencer  Invisible on radar when firing, -range
LV12 Red dot sight  Precision sight.
LV17  Holographic sight Holographic sight
LV26 Extended Mags  Extended Magazines

Machine Pistols

FMG9   Fully automatic, close range
MP9    Fully automatic, close range
Skorpion    Fully automatic, close range (Level 36)
G18     Fully automatic, close range (Level 70)

Machine Pistols - Attachments

LV2 Silencer  Invisible on radar when firing
LV5 Akimbo   Hip fire two weapons, -accuracy
LV8 Red dot sight  Precision sight.
LV7  Holographic sight Holographic sight
LV10 Extended Mags  Extended Magazines


USP .45  Semi-automatic, (single fire) 
P99   Semi-automatic, (single fire)
MP412  Revolver
.44 Magnum  Revolver (Level 46)
Five Seven   Semi-automatic, (single fire) (Level 58)
Desert Eagle  Semi-automatic, (single fire) (Level 76)

Handguns - Attachments

LV2 Silencer Invisible on radar when firing
LV5 Akimbo  Hip fire two weapons, -accuracy
LV7 Tactical Knife Faster melee attack
LV10 Extended Mags Extended Magazines


SMAW  Free fire or vehicle lock-on
Javelin  Location and vehicle lock-on
Stinger   Vehicle lock-on only (Level 40)
XM25   Free fire (Level 52)
M320 GLM   Free fire (Level 64)
RPG    Free fire (Level 80)


Frag Grenade
Semtex Grenade
Throwing Knife
Bouncing Betty Grenade (Level 37)
Claymore (Level 53)
C4 (Level 69)


Flash Grenade
Concussion Grenade
EMP Grenade
Smoke Grenade
Trophy System (Level 45)
Tactical Insert (Level 61)
Portable Radar (Level 77)


LV3 Classic
LV5 Snow
LV6 Multicam
LV8 Digital Urban
LV10 Hex
LV13 Choco
LV18 Snake
LV23 Blue
LV26 Red
LV29 Autumn
LV31 Gold

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Comments for Weapons

9 comments, latest first.
Sep 13th 2014 Guest
on mw3 wiki it says theres 4 m14s on. goalpost i can only find one is that a 360 only sitiation

ID #447336
Nov 18th 2012 Guest
how do i get unlimited money and weapons...
ID #209945
Sep 14th 2012 Guest
you can destroy a juggernaut or a assault drone with an STINGER
ID #185904
Feb 25th 2012 Guest
i like mw3 its frekain awosome
ID #118199
Feb 22nd 2012 SniperForLife25
Whats a really good class to lvl up with, i have a pp90mo1 (or whatever its called) wiyth rapid fire, silencer and 2 attatchments, with a mp142 and scavenger pro, hardline, stalker pro. And support with Remote sentry, stealth bomber, and osprey gunner
ID #117434
Feb 14th 2012 Guest

ID #114877
Feb 9th 2012 SuperDragonElite
If you want to unlock all guns try to level up fast and by doing that play Free-for-All HQ pro or TDM(Team DeathMatch).Playing these modes will not only level up your character but level up the gun they are using like if you play free for all and get over 23 kills you will level up your gun as well as your character here are some helpful gun attachments Lethal Tactical and Perks
Assault Rifles,SMG,LMG,Sniper and the rest : HeartBeat Sensor ACOG Scope Silencer and Thermal
Perks : Assassin Pro Scavenger Pro and Stalker Pro
Lethal : C4 Claymore or Bouncy Betty
Tactical : Smoke Grenade Semtex or Tactical Insertion
Remember to watch your back in Free-For-All
ID #113513
Feb 8th 2012 Guest
And how do u unlock all the guns?
ID #113163
Jan 26th 2012 jacob123456789
how can i unlock all the guns?
ID #109472