Down the Rabbit Hole

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough and Guide by vhayste  

Down the Rabbit Hole

Clear the first room then after dropping to the lower level, jump off the elevator and take out all enemies along the way. Clear the next large, processing area. You'll also find an intel here.

Diamond Mine intel

Continue following your team until you reach outside. Kill the runners below and move forward the mine. Use the Predator's AGMs to quickly and efficiently clear the area.

Continue moving until you reach the mine and find the Russian president's daughter. Move along and take out the enemies along the catwalk. Rappel down and clear the enemies inside.

Breach the floor and carefully take out the president's handler and the other guards in slow motion. Grab the last intel behind you.

Diamond Mine intel 2

Escort the president outside and hold your position. Man the MG and take out enemies trying to push through. Remember to let go and take cover if you've taken severe damage. Once the team starts to move, kill all enemies until you get disabled yourself. Take out more enemies during this sequence and watch the mission completed n a distasteful way.


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