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Spec Ops - Survival Mode
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Spec Ops - Survival Mode

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Special Ops - Survival Mode

This is a series of missions that you can do alone or with a buddy. There are two modes: Survival and Missions. Survival will pit you and your partner against waves of enemies which increase in number and difficulty per wave. Missions will bring you back to various mission areas in the campaign with different objectives and enemies.

Players will only have 4 maps initially available. They can unlock additional map sets per 5, 10 and 15 levels (for Missions) and 5, 15, 25 for Survival mode. Your SPEC-OPS level is different from your multiplayer level.

Survival Mode

The stuff you can purchase in Survival Mode depends on your current level so it may be wise to go through Mission Modes first to gain a few levels to give you an edge in Survival.

General Tips:
Memorize the maps and consider finding “defensive” points. These are parts of the maps which you can easily dig in and hold out.
Use turrets. You must place them in an elevated position where they can provide maximum cover and avoid getting destroyed easily
Reinforcements – The Riot Shield team is always a better choice than the Delta Squad. Having them around increases your chances to survive.
Claymores – Place them along the paths the enemies are most likely to take.
Partner – Having a human partner will give you the advantage of having one additional turret and reinforcement squad.
Flashbangs are very effective against Juggernauts. Avoid facing them head on; always attempt to flank them or lure them towards your C4s and Claymores.
Helicopters can be taken out easily by assault rifles and light machine guns. Make sure you're under a tunnel or overhead cover to avoid getting shredded by machine gun fire.

Here are the list of items you can buy in Survival Mode.

The items in the weapons category have the same price but will be different in power so it pays to have the updated version – unless you can easily pick them up from the enemies.

Handguns ($250)
LV1 Five Seven Semi-automatic, (single fire) 
LV1 USP .45  Semi-automatic, (single fire) 
LV2 MP412  Revolver   
LV11 Desert Eagle Semi-automatic, (single fire) 
LV20 .44 Magnum Revolver   
LV40 P99  Semi-automatic, (single fire) 

Machine Pistols ($1500)
LV1 G18  Fully automatic, close range
LV3 SKorpion Fully automatic, close range
LV17 MP9  Fully automatic, close range
LV37 FMG9  Fully automatic, close range

Assault Rifles ($3000)
LV1 M4A1  Fully automatic, all purpose weapon
LV1 M16A4  3 round burst
LV5 SCAR-L  Fully automatic, all purpose weapon
LV14 ACR 6.8  Fully automatic, all purpose weapon
LV24 AK-47  Fully automatic, all purpose weapon
LV32 FAD  Fully automatic, all purpose weapon
LV39 G36C  Fully automatic, all purpose weapon
LV43 CM901  Fully automatic, all purpose weapon
LV47 MK14  Semi-automatic, (single fire)
LV50 Type 95  3 round burst

Sub Machine Guns ($2000)
LV1 MP5  Fully automatic, close range
LV4 UMP45  Fully automatic, close range
LV13 MP7  Fully automatic, close range
LV23 PM-9  Fully automatic, close range
LV38 PP90M1  Fully automatic, high fire rate
LV46 P90  Fully automatic, large magazines

Light Machine Guns ($7000)
LV12 M60E4  Fully automatic, large magazines
LV18 PKP Pecheneg Fully automatic, large magazines
LV34 MK46  Fully automatic, large magazines
LV41 L86 LSW Fully automatic, large magazines
LV48 MG36  Fully automatic, large magazines

Sniper Rifles ($2000)
LV7 MSR  Bolt action
LV16 Dragunov Semi-automatic, (single fire)
LV29 RSASS  Semi-automatic, (single fire)
LV35 L118A  Bolt action
LV42 AS50  Semi-automatic, (single fire)
LV49 Barrett .50 Cal Semi-automatic, (single fire)

Shotguns ($2000)
LV1 Model 1887 Lever-action
LV6 USAS 12 Fully automatic, low ammo
LV16 SPAS-12   
LV26 KSG -12  Double Barrel
LV33 STRIKER Semi-automatic (single fire)
LV44 AA-12  Fully automatic, low ammo

Weapon Upgrades
LV1 Holographic sight   $1000  Holographic sight
LV7 Red dot sight    $750  Precision sight.
LV19 Grip     $1250  Vertical foregrip for reduced recoil 
LV28 M203 Grenade launcher  $1500  Undermounted grenade launcher
LV28 GP25 Grenade launcher  $1500  Undermounted grenade launcher
LV28 M320 Grenade launcher  $1500  Undermounted grenade launcher
LV30 ACOG Scope    $1250  Enhanced zoom ACOG scope
LV45 Shotgun attachment   $1500  Undermounted shotgun attachment

LV1 Frag grenade  $750  Refill frags up to 4.
LV1 Flash bang  $1000  Refills flash bangs up to 4
LV2 Claymore x5 (10 max) $1000  Directional anti-personnel mine,set off by enemy entering its proximity
LV3 C4 x5 (10 max)  $1500     Charge of plastic explosive,set off manually with detonator
LV27 RPG-7 X2 (4 max) $2000    RPG-7X2
LV10 Body armor  $2000  250 armor hit points
LV13 Self revive  $4000  When knocked down,shoot your way back up
LV17 Sentry gun  $3000  Mini-gun mounted sentry
LV31 Sentry grenade launcher $4000 Grenade launcher mounted sentry
LV37 Riot Shield  $3000  Bullet resistant

Air support
LV1 Predators missile $2500  Missile from UACV
LV4 Air strike  $2500  Precision air strike on selected location
LV14 Delta squad  $3000  Delta force allies drop in via chopper
LV21 Riot shield  $5000  Riot shield  allies drop in via chopper
LV1 Quick draw  $3000  Faster aiming
LV8 Steady aim  $3000  Increase hip fire accuracy
LV22 Stalker   $4000  Move faster while aiming
LV36 Extreme conditioning $3000  Sprint for longer distances
LV50 Sleight of hand  $5000  Faster reloading

Here's also the list of maps available in Survival Mode:

Easy Maps
Bomb squads, Attack Dogs, Choppers and Juggernauts

Regular Maps
Bomb Squads, Chemical Warfare, Choppers and Riotshield Juggernauts

Hard Maps
Bomb Squads, Claymore Experts, Choppers and Riotshield Juggernauts

Insane Maps
Bomb Squads, Chemical Warfare, Claymore Experts, Choppers and Armored Juggernauts

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ID #631915 | Dec 8th 2015 Guest
The Internet is a _______ of networks
ID #629431 | Nov 28th 2015 Guest
fuq u all
ID #629042 | Nov 27th 2015 Guest
highest level on interchange is unknown😁
ID #624846 | Nov 13th 2015 Guest
how do you do cheats
ID #615408 | Oct 10th 2015 Guest
I made it to level 35. Gamertag BlacksAsylum. Hmu if u wanna team up.
ID #639229 | Mar 7th 2016 Guest
Suh dude im in a game if resistance currently at level 49 add me n we can get real good i have an amazing strategy on arkaden and resistance.
ID #612519 | Sep 29th 2015 Guest
I got to level 24 before dying in solo spec ops resistance.I am on wii.if u want to join me look for Sgt frost Westbrook.
ID #609766 | Sep 19th 2015 Guest
this does not help at all to get barret 50 calibers snypers this website is not very good
ID #604892 | Sep 3rd 2015 Guest
my and my friend highet 73 on underground no online no any cheats and glitchs
ID #603852 | Aug 30th 2015 Guest
Me and my friend nick only scavenged what we found,no ammo refills and we made it to 26 on resistance.. 26!!
ID #639484 | Mar 9th 2016 Guest
Did same thing made it to wave 39
ID #630251 | Dec 1st 2015 Guest
I made it to 46 on resistance.
ID #612968 | Oct 1st 2015 Guest
I was playing on an Xbox360 (im level 41) i got to wave 32... On resistance.. Wave 30 was insane, wave 30 has 5 juggernauts, attack dogs strapped with exposives, tangos with c4 strapped to their chests, and i survived to wave 32.. GG people! (Gamertag is pcking12345)
ID #575414 | Jun 25th 2015 Guest
my highest wave on underground is
ID #569278 | Jun 12th 2015 Guest
My highest wave on underground is 122 i number 116 in the world
ID #575417 | Jun 25th 2015 aknig6
people use cheats but i don't
ID #559344 | May 22nd 2015 Guest
Still going for level 30 on bakaara and Arcadian 28 on both is my best co-op with the mrs. Respect to you guys getting past there. C4 and riot squads I'm not using mite have to try them more
ID #538693 | Apr 6th 2015 Guest
my highest 3 waves are 30 on resistance 26 on underground and 21 on dome
ID #527382 | Mar 11th 2015 Guest
My highest wave is 33 on seatown
ID #513338 | Feb 8th 2015 Guest
Riot shield squad is NOT... better than DELTA