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Back on the Grid

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Back on the Grid

Follow Soap and Price. Crouch when prompted then continue following them. Take out the targets near the village entrance then continue until you find more enemies in the open. They're about the set a poor civilian on fire so kill the bastards before they know what hit them.

Continue moving ahead until you find two more civilians about to be executed. Even if its against your moral standpoint, hold your fire and don't compromise the mission. Wait until Price gives the command to move on. Stay off the road and immediately go prone on the grasslands to avoid enemy detection.

Continue to the house and hold your position behind your two team mates. Head out when prompted and you'll spot two enemies on the wooden footbridge. Wait for the trucks to pass then take one out.

Continue to the village and climb the tower. Melee kill the guard and provide overwatch to your squadmates below. Kill the enemies as instructed.


After they cleared the large building, they'll be compromised. Switch to your AK-47 Suppressed and go down. Kill the enemies along the way and enter the same building they cleared before to find the first intel in this mission.

Dilapidated Building Intel

Regroup with Price and continue clearing the pathway ahead. You can take the stairs to the right and clear the upper levels. Find the second intel inside the red, graffiti covered shack to the left side of pathway.

Shack Intel

Continue following your team mates until then get to ground level. Kill the gunner from the technical in front of you then man the .50 cal from the nearby technical to provide covering fire from a large number of enemy troops.

Tech(nical) Support, at your service!

After getting blown off from the turret, follow Price again through the shacks to avoid enemy mortar. Along the way, you'll fall into a roof with a machete-wielding bastard waiting inside. Kill him immediately before he kills you then shoot the other guy along the way. Take out the enemies on the roof and continue moving forth until you have access to the mortar position on the watchtower.

To unlock the achievement for this sequence, you'll have to destroy four targets with only four shells. The first three are technicals so you wouldn't have problems targeting them. Take note that the mortar doesn't have that much splash damage so you have to land a direct hit to be able to kill them. The last target is a moving foot soldier so you have to time your release so it he gets hit directly. Otherwise, he'll just be blown like a ragdoll and still live, missing your chance to get this achievement. Just restart the checkpoint to do it again.

It's raining mortars!

Once done, jump from the ledge behind you then follow your team mates. Go through the sewer pipe, and fight your way through the shacks and shanties until you reach the church plaza. Kill enemies along the way and move your ass to the church. Inside, you'll find the last intel in this mission.

Church Intel

Breach the door open and a hyena will bite your arm. Use your pistol to kill the two soldiers in sight and Yuri will kill the hyena automatically. Mission complete.

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Feb 14th 2016 Guest
Hw do u turn the map on show Intel and enemy
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