Dust to Dust

You'll be heavily armored and equipped so you'll be able to shrug most enemy gunfire and grenades. Walk towards the hotel and take out the soft guards. Do not injure civilians in the process. Continue to the second floor and grab the first intel in this mission.

Hotel Oasis Intel

Enter the lift and take out the enemy chopper. You'll have to jump to the other lift and continue moving forward without your heavy armor. The timer will start now and you need to fight your way fast to catch up with Makarov. The second intel is on the casino table to the left, a short walk away from the lift.

Casino Intel

After that, push through once and after crossing the bar and the walkway, the last intel should be on the counter.

Bar Intel

Push forward and you'll be thrown off balance because of the rockets. Pull yourself up and catch up with Makarov. Jump to the chopper and follow the command buttons for the next sequences.

This is where it all ends