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Black Tuesday

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Black Tuesday

Start by moving forward. Take out the enemy soldiers while moving from cover to cover. If their armored vehicle appears, you can switch to your XM25 launcher to destroy it. Regroup with some friendlies along the way and continue fighting off more enemies. Finally a Hind will appear. Since you don't have any means of destroying it, you must run and enter the next building.

Once inside, continue upstairs and kill the enemies in the far end of the building. There's also an intel inside the second bedroom. Also, the enemies on street level can see you and shoot you. Don't hesitate to pick some of them off if needed.

Bedroom Intel

Continue following Sandman until you reach the staircase. Lob a 9-bang through the door and kill the enemies outside. Continue following your teammates and take out the two russian soldiers in the store below. Once you reached the ground floor, more enemies will start rushing it. Take them out at will. There's also another piece of intel in the counter beneath the staircase.

Store Intel

Head back to the street and take out enemy soldiers along the way. Fight your way through until you reach the stock exchange. There's an ammo crate inside that can refill your ammo so use it as necessary. There's also another intel on top of the table to the left of the ammo crate so don't forget to pick it up.

Lobby Intel

Continue upstairs and clear the trading floor. Before heading to the upper floor, grab another intel piece inside the kiosk beside the stairs.

Trading Floor Intel

Climb the stairs to the scaffolding. Take out the enemies who will appear in the balcony, then continue going upstairs until you reach the top level. Climb the ladder to the rooftop and kill all enemies there before moving to the second tier.

Kill the last batch of enemies guarding the jamming rig then pick up the last intel piece in this mission. Place a thermite charge on the jammer's power supply. Get to safe distance then detonate the charge.

Rooftop Intel

After that, more enemies will appear from the rooftop on the other building. A Hind will also appear making your exfil impossible. You'll have the Predator drone in your control so use it to take out the foot soldiers in the rooftops before finally taking down the Hind. Take note that you can control the trajectory of the hellfire missile. Once the Hind is taken out, jump to your evac chopper.

While you're on the gunner seat, kill all enemy foot soldiers on the rooftops and all enemy hinds that will appear. The mission will be completed afterward.

All Hinds Down

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Jan 2nd 2012 Guest
How do I access the pedator drone with the wii controls?
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