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Intel Location Guide

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Intel Location Guide

Seeing as this will be about the most important page in the guide, we figured we'd stick it somewhere near the top so it's a bit easier to find. Each piece of Intel is explained in the main walkthrough but we've summarised the locations below with the following videos.

The location of all 46 intel items are discussed step by step in the main walkthrough. If you're able to find some yourself and you're just missing a few, just check out the list below:

Black Tuesday

Intel 1-1
After reaching the initial building, you’ll have to make your way to the second floor. The intel is inside the bedroom, adjacent to the helicopter wreck, on the floor.


1-1 Bedroom Intel (01)


Intel 1-2
After reaching the store, go downstairs and check the counter under the staircase to find this intel.


1-2 Store Intel (02) 

Intel 1-3
Once you cleared the front of the stock exchange building, you’ll have to go inside. To the left of the ammo crate where you can resupply, you’ll find this intel sitting on top of a small table.

1-3 Lobby Intel (03)

Intel 1-4
This intel is in the trading floor of the stock exchange. It is sitting on the kiosk beside the stairs leading to the rooftop. 

1-4 Trading Floor Intel (04)

Intel 1-5
After reaching the rooftop and clearing it out, you’ll find this intel on the table behind some sandbags near the broadcast tower. 

1-5 Rooftop Intel (05)


Hunter Killer

Intel 2-1
After entering the sub, you’ll find this intel immediately on one of the bunk beds in the next room.

2-1 Bunk Intel (06)

Intel 2-2
This intel is found in the first missile silo room, on the upper catwalks.  

2-2 Silo Intel (07)


Persona Non Grata

Intel 3-1
After making your way to the courtyard, check the alcove to the right. You’ll find the intel on top of a wooden crate.

3-1 Crate Intel (08)

Intel 3-2
After reaching the street, search the building past the two car wrecks. You’ll find this intel on the table inside the room.  

3-2 Another bedroom intel (09)

Intel 3-3
This intel is located inside the weapons shack, on top of the drum, beside the crate containing the UGV.

3-3 weapon cache intel (10)

Intel 3-4
After your UGV gets destroyed, exit the basement and go to the small playground to your left. The intel is barely visible on top of the slide. 

3-4 Slide intel (11)



Intel 4-1
After the zero-g sequence, go dowstairs and find intel on the tabletop near the door.

4-1 Airplane Intel (12)

Intel 4-2
After crash landing, follow the commander until you get past a fallen tree trunk. Check the ground for the intel.

4-2 Crash Site Intel (13)


Back on the Grid

Intel 5-1
After providing overwatch to Price and Soap, get down to street level and search the same building they last searched earlier. You’ll find the intel on top of the washing machine in the corner.

5-1 Dilapidated Building Intel (14)

Intel 5-2
After getting the first intel and regrouping with them, continue along and you’ll find a shanty to the left that you can enter. The intel should be on the small table inside, near the door.

5-2 Shack Intel (15)

Intel 5-2
This intel is located on the table inside the church.

5-3 Church Intel (16)


Mind the Gap

Intel 6-1
Enter the building in the second corner of the alley. The intel should be sitting in the corner of the dark portion of the room.

6-1 Alley Intel (17)

Intel 6-2
After reaching the loading area and before opening the back of the truck, head to the loading bay near the warehouse. Take the stairs to the catwalks and follow it until you reach the only open room. You’ll find the intel on the table. 

6-2 Dock Intel (18)

Intel 6-3
This is during the second part of the mission. After reaching the station and while pursuing the escaping terrorists, you’ll come across a magazine store after the escalator. The intel is behind the counter, on the floor.

6-3 Station Intel (19)



Intel 7-1
After leaving the beach head and reaching the streets, turn to the right to find a fallen transport. Search the fuselage near the cockpit to find this intel.

7-1 Plane Intel (20)

Intel 7-2
During the part of the mission where you’ll have allied tank support, you’ll come across a turn in the main road. Search the courtyard near the objective point to find the intel on top of some equipment cases.

7-2 Yard Intel (21)

Intel 7-3
After finding the convoy of the vice president, you’ll have to enter an office area through a blasted wall. Before going upstairs, grab the intel on top of the table inside one of the cubicles near the windows.

7-3 Teknikor Deutschland Office Intel (22)


Return to Sender

Intel 8-1
On your way to Waraabe's mansion, enter the building to the left and search the second floor. You'll find the intel near the window, in the room adjacent to the mansion.

8-1 Smuggler Intel (23)

Intel 8-2
This is found in the same room as Waraabe's. It should be immediately visible after breaching the door.

8-2 Waraabe Intel (24)

Intel 8-3
On your way to the exfil point (the sequence with the countdown timer) you'll encounter an enemy who will push a burning car towards you. There should be a money changer shop from where he's standing. Check it out to find this intel. 

8-3 Money Market Intel (25)


Bag and Drag

Intel 9-1
After reaching the bookstore, head to the second floor. The intel is sitting beside the window behind a shelf.

9-1 Bookstore Intel (26)

Intel 9-2
Exit through the destroyed restaurant and to the plaza. Enter the coffee shop to the right, near the stairs and find the intel in the backroom, on small table.

9-2 Cafeteria Intel (27)

Intel 9-3
While pursuing Volks in the catacombs, you'll eventually run into a sequence where you'll get flashed by a flashbang. The intel is on top of the generator to the left, beside some iron grills.

9-3 Catacombs Intel (28)

Intel 9-4
While pursuing Volks, you'll finally reach a ladder leading out of the catacombs. Follow the straightfoward path along the corridor and you should find this intel along the way. It is impossible to miss. 

9-4 Pursuit Intel (29)


Iron Lady

Intel 10-1
After reaching the courtyard, check the room to your immediate right to find the intel at the end of the stairs.

10-1 Courtyard intel (30)

Intel 10-2
After reaching the streets and with the Eiffel Tower ahead, search the only bus to the left to find this intel.

10-2 Bridge intel (31)


Eye of the Storm

Intel 11-1
After taking out the first patrol guards, Soap will tell you to follow him inside the next building to avoid being seen by the helicopter above. You'll find the intel inside, on the counter.

11-1 Apartment intel (32)

Intel 11-2
After your allied reinforcements appear in the plaza, check out the table under a parasol to find this intel. 

11-2 Plaza intel (33)


Blood Brothers

Intel 12-1
While Price is escorting Soap, you'll come across a mobile phone shop. Find the intel on the floor, in the corner near the window.

12-1 Store intel (34)



Intel 13-1
While fleeing the castle and fighting your way through a bunch of enemies, you'll come across a studio-like room. Search the small room to the left to find the intel.

13-1 Castle intel 1 (35)

Intel 13-2
After reaching outside, follow the path to your right until you come across another building. You'll find the intel on a crate beside a metal chair. 

13-2Castle intel 2 (36)


Scorched Earth

Intel 14-1
After landing, clear the enemies and move upstairs. The intel is located inside a cubicle near the ramp.

14-1 Office intel (37)

Intel 14-2
Continue to the rooftop and search for the intel behind the iron fence, beside the metal walkway.

14-2 Rooftop intel (38)

Intel 14-3
After reaching the ground level, enter the building “Trivo Buchhandlung” in the middle past the helicopter wreck. Find the intel beside the LCD monitor on the counter.

14-3 Trivo intel (39)

Intel 14-4
After the allied German tanks rolls in, clear a few more enemies then enter the building with the sign “Teknikar Deutschlan” to the left of the road. Find the intel inside.

14-4 Deutschlan intel (40)

Intel 14-5
When inside the demolished building, you'll come across an enemy-defended lobby. Clear it then approach the door marked in the objective marker. Sandman will kick it open but instead of following him upstairs, search the couch under the stairs to find this intel.

14-5 Athena intel (41)


Down the Rabbit Hole

Intel 15-1
After clearing the processing area, search the control room to the left to find the intel on top of the steel cabinet near the billboard.

15-1 Diamond Mine intel (42)

Intel 15-2
After breaching the floor open and saving the president, check the barrel behind the debris to find the intel.

15-2 Diamond Mine intel 2 (43)


Dust to Dust

Intel 16-1
After reaching the second floor while in a juggernaut suit, turn around and check the bar near windows.

16-1 Hotel Oasis Intel (44)

Intel 16-2
While pursuing Makarov, you'll come across a small casino room to the left of the main hallway. The intel is on the table. 

16-2 Casino Intel (45)

Intel 16-3
After getting the second intel, you'll need to push through several more guards until you reach a larger bar. The last intel is sitting on the counter near where you came from.

16-3 Bar Intel (46)







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Comments for Intel Location Guide

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Feb 15th 2013 Guest
game tell me i have all intel.but still wont give me 46 trophy
ID #254392
Jan 11th 2012 Guest
beat the game in about 4 hours did not find all the intel great guide to help would of never found all of them .
ID #104782
Nov 24th 2011 Guest
Great guide, had no problems finding any intels
ID #89886