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Were to find rare ones

Bagon:up a waterfall in Fallarbor Town in the room were you find TM Dragon claw
Bellossom:evolve Gloom with Sun stone
Nosepass:use Rock smash in Granite Cave
Camerupt:evolve Numel at level 35
Altaria:evolve swablu or on the level were you find Rayquaza(Ruby only)win pokemon League First
Beldum:win pokemon League go to Mossdeep walk in Stevens house
Absol:in Fortree on the right side of the Town

Added 10 Nov 2004, ID #3696, by goodman
Ask.com and get

Pokemon Location Schedule

This is the edited version of a submission I made last April.

1. Treecko: One starting Pokémon
2. Grovyle: Evolve Treecko at level 16
3. Sceptile: Evolve Grovyle at level 36
4. Torchic: One starting Pokémon
5. Combusken: Evolve Torchic at level 16
6. Blaziken: Evolve Combusken at level 36
7. Mudkip: One starting Pokémon
8. Marshtomp: Evolve Mudkip at level 16
9. Swampert: Evolve Mudkip at level 36
10. Poochyena: Routes 101, 102, 103
11. Mightyena: Evolve Poochyena at level 18
12: Zigzagoon: Routes 101, 102, 103, 104, 110, 118, 119, 120, 121, 123
13. Linoone: Routes 118, 119, 120, 121, 123; evolve Zigzagoon at level 20
14. Wurmple: Routes 101, 102, 103; Petalburg Woods
15. Silcoon: Petalburg Woods; evolve Wurmple at level 7 (attack higher)
16. Beautifly: Evolve Silcoon at level 10
17. Cascoon: Petalburg Woods; evolve Wurmple at level 7 (defense higher)
18: Dustox: Evolve Cascoon at level 10
19. Lotad: Routes 102, 114 (Sapphire only)
20: Lombre: Route 114; evolve Lotad at level 14 (Sapphire only)
21. Ludicolo: Evolve Lombre with Water Stone
22. Seedot: Routes 102, 114 (Ruby only)
23. Nuzleaf: Route 114 (Ruby only); evolve Seedot at level 14
24. Shiftry: Evolve Nuzleaf with Leaf Stone
25. Taillow: Routes 104, 115, 116; Petalburg Woods
26. Swellow: Route 115; evolve Taillow at level 22
27: Wingull: all sea bodies; Routes 103, 104, 110, 115, 118, 119, 121, 122, 123; Mt. Pyre
28. Pelliper: same as above except Mt. Pyre; evolve Wingull at level 25
29. Ralts: Route 104
30. Kirlia: evolve Ralts at level 20
31. Gardevoir: evolve Kirlia at level 30
32. Surskit: Routes 102, 111, 114, 117
33. Masquerain: evolve Surskit at level 20
34. Shroomish: Petalburg Woods
35. Breloom: evolve Shroomish at level 20
36. Slakoth: Petalburg Woods
37. Vigoroth: evolve Slakoth at level 18
38. Slaking: evolve Vigoroth at level 36
39. Abra: Granite Cave
40. Kadabra: evolve Abra at level 16
41. Alakazam: transfer Kadabra
42. Nincada: Route 116
43. Ninjask: evolve Nincada at level 20
44. Shedinja: if there is a vacancy in your party when Nincada evolves and if you have one of the balls that you caught Nincada with, Shedinja will appear in that ball in that party position
45. Whismur: Route 116; Rusturf Tunnel, Victory Road
46. Loudred: Victory Road; evolve Whismur at level 14
47. Exploud: evolve Loudred at level 30
48. Makuhita: Granite Cave, Victory Road
49. Hariyama: Victory Road; evolve Makuhita at level 34
50. Goldeen: Routes 102, 111, 114, 117, 120; Meteor Falls, Safari Zone, Victory Road
51. Seaking: Safari Zone; evolve Goldeen at level 24
52. Magikarp: all routes except 101, 112, 113, and 116; Meteor Falls, Abandoned Ship, Safari Zone, Shoal Cave, Victory Road, Seafloor Cavern
53. Gyarados: Sootopolis City; evolve Magikarp at level 20
54. Azurill: hatch from two Marill; female holds Sea Incense
55. Marill: Routes 102, 111, 114, 117; make Azurill friendly
56. Azumarill: evolve Marill at level 24
57. Geodude: Granite Cave; use Rock Smash anywhere
58. Graveler: Rock Smash in Victory Road; evolve Geodude at level 35
59. Golem: transfer Graveler
60. Nosepass: Rock Smash at Granite Cave
61. Skitty: Route 116
62. Delcatty: evolve Skitty with Moon Stone
63. Zubat: Granite Cave, Meteor Falls, Shoal Cave, Victory Road, Seafloor Cavern, Cave of Origin
64. Golbat: same as above except Granite Cave and including Sky Pillar; evlove Zubat at level 22
65. Crobat: make Golbat friendly
66. Tentacool: all sea bodies
67. Tentacruel: fish at Abandoned Ship; evolve Tentacool at level 30
68. Sableye: Granite Cave, Victory Road, Cave of Origin, Sky Pillar (Sapphire only)
69. Mawile: same as above (Ruby only)
70. Aron: Granite Cave, Victory Road
71. Lairon: Victory Road; evolve Aron at level 32
72. Aggron: evolve Lairon at level 42
73. Machop: Route 112; Fiery Path, Jagged Pass
74. Machoke: evolve Machop at level 28
75. Machamp: transfer Machoke
76. Meditite: Mt. Pyre, Victory Road
77. Medicham: Victory Road
78. Electrike: Routes 110, 118
79. Manectric: Route 118; evolve Electrike at level 26
80. Plusle: Route 110 (more common on Sapphire)
81. Minun: Route 110 (more common on Ruby)
82. Magnemite: New Mauville
83. Magneton: New Mauville; evolve Magneton at level 30
84. Voltorb: New Mauville
85. Electrode: New Mauville, Magma/Aqua Hideout; evolve Voltorb at level 30
86. Volbeat: Route 117 (more common on Sapphire)
87. Illumise: Route 117 (more common on Ruby)
88. Oddish: Routes 110, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 123; Safari Zone
89: Gloom: Routes 121, 123; Safari Zone
90. Vileplume: evolve Gloom with Leaf Stone
91. Bellossom: evolve Gloom with Sun Stone
92. Doduo: Safari Zone
93. Dodrio: Safari Zone
94. Roselia: Route 117
95. Gulpin: Route 110
96. Swalot: evolve Gulpin at level 24
97. Carvanha: fish on Routes 118, 119
98. Sharpedo: fish in all sea bodies; evolve Carvanha at level 30
99. Wailmer: fish in all sea bodies
100. Wailord: fish on Route 129; evolve Wailmer at level 40
101. Numel: Route 112; Fiery Path, Jagged Pass
102. Camerupt: evolve Numel at level 32
103. Slugma: Fiery Path
104. Magcargo: evolve Slugma at level 38
105. Torkoal: Fiery Path
106. Grimer: Fiery Path (more common on Sapphire)
107. Muk: evolve Grimer at level 38
108. Koffing: Fiery Path (more common on Ruby)
109. Weezing: evolve Koffing at level 34
110. Spoink: Jagged Pass
111. Grumpig: evolve Spoink at level 32
112. Sandshrew: Routes 111, 113
113. Sandslash: evolve Sandshrew at level 22
114. Spinda: Route 113
115. Skarmory: Route 113
116. Trapinch: Route 111
117. Vibrava: evolve Trapinch at level 35
118. Flygon: evolve Vibrava at level 45
119. Cacnea: Route 111
120. Cacturne: evolve Cacnea at level 32
121. Swablu: Route 114
122. Altaria: Sky Pillar; evolve Swablu at level 35
123. Zangoose: Route 114 (Ruby only)
124. Seviper: Route 114 (Sapphire only)
125. Lunatone: Meteor Falls (Sapphire only)
126. Solrock: Meteor Falls (Ruby only)
127: Barboach: fish on Routes 111, 114, 120; fish in Meteor Falls, Victory Road
128: Whiscash: fish in Meteor Falls, Victory Road; evolve Barboach at level 30
129. Corphish: fish on Routes 102, 117, Petalburg City
130. Crawdaunt: evolve Corphish at level 30
131. Baltoy: Route 111
132. Claydol: Sky Pillar; evolve Baltoy at level 36
133. Lileep: revive Root Fossil
134: Cradily: evolve Lileep at level 40
135. Anorith: revite Claw Fossil
136. Armaldo: evolve Anorith at level 40
137. Igglybuff: hatch from two Jigglypuff
138. Jigglypuff: Route 115; make Igglybuff friendly
139. Wigglytuff: evolve Jigglypuff with Moon Stone
140. Feebas: fish on Route 119
141. Milotic: evolve Feebas by maxing out Beauty condition
142. Castform: Weather Institute (after removal of Magmas/Aquas)
143. Staryu: fish in Lilycove City
144. Starmie: evolve Staryu with Water Stone
145. Kecleon: Routes 118, 119, 120, 121, 123‡
146: Shuppet: Routes 121, 123 (Sapphire only); Mt. Pyre (more common on Sapphire)
147. Banette: Sky Pillar (Sapphire only); evolve Shuppet at level 38
148. Duskull: Routes 121, 123 (Ruby only); Mt. Pyre (more common on Ruby)
149. Dusclops: Sky Pillar (Ruby only); evolve Duskull at level 38
150. Tropius: Route 119
151. Chimecho: Mt. Pyre
152. Absol: Route 120
153. Vulpix: Mt. Pyre
154. Ninetales: evolve Vulpix with Fire Stone
155. Pichu: hatch from two Pikachu
156. Pikachu: Safari Zone; make Pichu friendly
157. Raichu: evolve Pikachu with Thunderstone
158. Psyduck: Safari Zone
159. Golduck: evolve Psyduck at level 32
160. Wynaut: Mirage Island; in egg at Lavaridge Town; put two Wobbuffet in Day Care, male must hold Lax Incense
161. Wobbuffet: Safari Zone; evolve Wynaut at level 15
162. Natu: Safari Zone
163. Xatu: Safari Zone; evolve Natu at level 25
164. Girafarig: Safari Zone
165. Phanpy: Safari Zone
166. Donphan: evolve Phanpy at level 24
167. Pinsir: Safari Zone
168. Heracross: Safari Zone
169. Rhyhorn: Safari Zone
170. Rhydon: evolve Rhyhorn at level 42
171. Snorunt: Shoal Cave
172. Glalie: evolve Snorunt at level 42
173. Spheal: Shoal Cave
174. Sealeo: evolve Spheal at level 32
175. Walrein: evolve Sealeo at level 44
176. Clamperl: underwater
177. Huntail: transfer Clamperl with Deapseatooth attached
178. Gorebyss: transfer Clamperl with Deepseascale attached
179. Relicanth: underwater
180. Corsola: fish on Route 128 and in Evergrande City
181. Chinchou: underwater
182. Lanturn: evolve Chinchou at level 24
183. Luvdisc: fish on Route 128 and in Evergrande City
184. Horsea: Routes 132, 133, 134
185. Seadra: evolve Horsea on level 32
186. Kingdra: transfer Seadra with Dragon Scale attached
187. Bagon: Meteor Falls
188. Shelgon: evolve Bagon at level 30
189. Salamence: evolve Shelgon at level 50
190. Beldum: Mossdeep City; obtain in Steven's house after defeating him
191. Metang: evolve Beldum at level 20
192. Metagross: evolve Metang at level 45
193. Regirock: Desert Ruins, opened from Sealed Chamber
194. Regice: Island Cave, opened from Sealed Chamber
195. Registeel: Ancient Tomb, opened from Sealed Chamber
196. Latias: Routes 110, 111, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, or 134 (Sapphire only); Southern Island (Ruby only)
197. Latios: Routes 110, 111, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, or 134 (Ruby only); Southern Island (Sapphire only)
198: Kyogre: Cave of Origin (Sapphire only)
199. Groudon: Cave of Origin (Ruby only)
200. Rayquaza: Sky Pillar
201. Jirachi: Pokémon Channel, Pokémon Colosseum bonus disc
202. Deoxys: import from Fire Red or Leaf Green

Added 10 Oct 2004, ID #3510, by Cross Stinger

don't evolve pokemon

If you don't evolve your pokemon like torchic it learns flamethrower at level 43 or 44 and combusken learns sky uppercut at level 51 or 52. Bagon learns dragon claw on level 49.

Added 26 Aug 2004, ID #3256, by Geckoman8164

How to get solar beam

Go to the safari zone serch by a lake and it should be by a lake.

Added 29 Jul 2004, ID #3034, by dylan 232

Bonus Berries

If you know where the berry masters house is then tell his wife these thrases to recieve a free berry.

Super Hustle - Belue Berry
Cool Latios - Durin Berry
Challenge Contest - Pamtre Berry
Great Battle - Spelon Berry
Overwhelming Latias - Watmel Berry

PS: It only works once every day.

Added 7 Jul 2004, ID #2809, by remedealer

How to get A psyduck

First Get a Pokeblock case by talking to the girl in slateport's pokemon contest buliding. Then go to the safari zone and find water surf around intill you see it!

Added 23 Jun 2004, ID #2692, by pokemon trainer 2003


Hi guys! I have seven fans all because of this cheat i found out...

Well. To start off, you get your first fan by winning the pokemon league for the first time. (your fans are in the club house right of the pokemon centre in lilycove) To get more fans, you need to win link battles! Butwhat if you cant beat your fri3ends? you'll have to get them to deliberatlely lose!

BUT!!!!!!!!! (and its a big butt) When you lose a link battle you lose a fan! SO HOW DOES SOMONE GET FANS AND THE OTHER PERSON NOT??? Well that's where my cheat comes in! Start the battle. The person who isnt getting the fan needs to run. It will say the other person won. THEN it will say SAVING RECORD DATA (or somthing like that) well the person who lost must turn the game off when it says that and the result of that will mean that the other person has a blanc screen. Wait til it says link error on the wining person before turning off the power and TADA!!!!! THE PERSON WHO LOST WILL HAVE NO RECOLECTION OF LOSING AND THE ONE WHO WON WILL HAVE AN EXTRA FAN!!!!!!! Hope this cheat makes you famous, See Ya'll Round! ;)

Added 11 Jun 2004, ID #2583, by SalvatoroLeone

Walk through Walls E.t.c

Hi. I'm new and thaought I might post a few Gameshark codes up.

Here we have the balls in the first slot of your bag. If you
want them in the proper pocket, move them to your PC and then retrieve them again.

910C4AFB 679BA66A Master Ball
EE875C31 CEC90E53 Ultra Ball
5EEB6CF4 0D0A13F2 Great Ball
123EC001 4F5CB7FA Pokeball
A16687DD 542EF412 Safari Ball
0EC2C6A5 495E579D Net Ball
3B53887F 4C65B384 Dive Ball
C4FF8279 66689214 Nest Ball
944EFEF8 CE670A24 Repeat Ball
0A923385 D6B7B0B6 Timer Ball
A016762F C2966BA1 Gorgeous Ball
1A73E4F6 6090E68F Premium Ball

I don't know if this one works, my friend e-mailed it to me.

If you want to catch a gold sandshrew all you have to do is:
1. Go in the sandstrom area and walk around the edges (that is what I did)
2. The walk around every where (don't go out of the sandstorm or you will have to do this again)
3. When you see gold stars fly around the sandshrew catch it!!!
A good way to catch pokemon is press
up & B

Don't get that one...
Right... I found this out... not sure though

Go to the berry master talk to his wife. Tell her
'babe blaziken' and she will give you a new berry .I do not know if it is rare or not, i just got it.(the berry master is east of mauville city surf at the small beach near it and run till you see a house.



Added 2 Jun 2004, ID #2501, by Charmander

pokemon evolutions, locations and Jirachi and Deoxys

Hi I'm new and I know quite a few pokemon evolvsions,locations and how to get Jirachi and Deoxys.

Here are evolutions I can think of off the top of my head.

Anorith to Armaldo level 40
Lileep to Cradily level 40
Swablu to Altaria level 35
Wailmer to Wailord level 40
Rayquaza Sky pillar
Latios and Latias met on one of the routes around pacifidlog
For people who want Jirachi and Deoxys, here you are.
Jirachi Need a Gamecube, Pokemon colessium or pokemon channel
Deoxys You need a Xploder from Action replay for £20.00 and the Deoxys code off the internet.

Added 17 Apr 2004, ID #2183, by Hurst502

Duplication + pokeruss

OK first you find the pokemon you want to Duplicate (it only works for zubat,Golbat,zigzagoon,linloone,elektrike, and Maintrike.)

Catch a pokemon. then beat the Elite four. Then catch the same pokemon (it has to be the same gender.)

With 5 pokeballs,ultraballs,greatballs,nestballs, and 1 preimierball. There should be three in the box.

One will have pokeruss.

Added 14 Mar 2004, ID #1867, by Dragon User


Hi its me again heres how to get different types of pokeblocks...

berry 1 friend 2 friends 3 friends
Aguav green liteblue liteblue
Aspear yellow yellow yellow
Belue olive olive gold
Bluk indigo indigo indigo
Cherri red red red
Chesto blue blue blue
cornn indigo indigo indigo
durin liteblue liteblue liteblue
figy red purple purple
grepa olive gray brown
hondew liteblue gray indigo
iapapa yellow olive olive
kelpsy indigo gray indigo
leppa red purple purple
liechi gold gold gold
lum green purple indigo
mago pink brown brown
magost brown brown brown
nanab brown brown purple
nomel olive olive olive
oran blue indigo indigo
pamtre indigo indigo indigo
pecha pink pink pink
persim pink brown purple
pinap purple indigo brown
pomeg purple gray purple
qualot brown gray purple
rabuta liteblue liteblue liteblue
rawst green green green
razz purple purple purple
sitrus yellow indigo brown
spelon purple purple purple
tamato purple purple purple
watmel gold brown brown
wepear liteblue purple indigo
wiki blue indigo indigo

See you later!

Added 26 Feb 2004, ID #1738, by jimmyjackson11

Mystery island

How to get o mystery island:
listen up.

Your pokemon have these numbers randomly assigned to them everyday called something like break stat points.

If it happens that one of your pokemon have a break stat number of 0, the island appears.

It's only there for a day because the numbers for your pokemon change everyday.

Also, the number changes when you deposit the pokemon in the box, so you can try doing that.

Added 17 Feb 2004, ID #1666, by pkmngurl

How to get the rarest pokemon

If you want to fill up your pokedex look here

Relicant-around Sootpolis(underwater)
Corsola- fish at Evergrande
Grumpig-raise spoink till level 32
Hunttail-trade clambel while its holding a deepsea tooth
Swalot-raise Gulpin till level 34
Phampi-found at safari zone

Added 1 Feb 2004, ID #1540, by zanaz


Hey I have a ton of stuff for you guys!!!

-Find the poke'block case in the contest hall in slateport city.

-Find the sun stone in mossdeep city.

-Here are all the TMs and HMs:
Hm01= cut
Hm02= fly
Hm03= surf
Hm04= strenth
Hm05= flash
Hm06= rock smash
Hm07= waterfall
Hm08= dive
Tm01= focus punch
Tm02= dragon claw
Tm03= water pulse
Tm04= calm wind
Tm05= roar
Tm06= toxic
Tm07= hail
Tm08= bulk up
Tm09= bullet seed
Tm10= hidden power
Tm11= sunny day
Tm12= taunt
Tm13= icebeam
Tm14= blizzard
Tm15= hyper beam
Tm16= light screen
Tm17= protect
Tm18= rain dance
Tm19= giga drain
Tm20= safeguard
Tm21= frustration
Tm22= solarbeam
Tm23= iron tail
Tm24= thunderbolt
Tm25= thunder
Tm26= earthquake
Tm27= return
Tm28= dig
Tm29= psychic
Tm30= shadow punch
Tm31= brick break
Tm32= double team
Tm33= reflect
Tm34= shock wave
Tm35= flamethrower
Tm36= sludge bomb
Tm37= sandstorm
Tm38= fire blast
Tm39= rock tomb
Tm40= aerial ace
Tm41= torment
Tm42= facade
Tm43= secrect power
Tm44= rest
Tm45= attract
Tm46= theif
Tm47= steel wing
Tm48= skill swap
Tm49= snatch(spelling)
Tm50= overheat

Thats in for now later!!

Added 25 Jan 2004, ID #1482, by spads

Restart to main menu

All you do is press A+B+START+SELECT at the same time.

Added 25 Dec 2003, ID #1265, by zarli

How to get the luxury ball

You wiil need surf and dive to get the luxury ball.

The boat is around Route 107or108 , go in the boat and go down the stairs go in the middle room on the bottom of the screen.

There is going to be place to surf, use surf then use dive go to your left and go in the door.

Then use dive, then your in another room go into room that is that is unlocked on the bottom of the screen go in find the shining thing in the room and you will get a key.

Go into the room that the key says to go into unlock it.

You have to find all the shining items and evetually you will get it.

Added 30 Nov 2003, ID #1015, by anubis rules

It Works

First I want to thank the guy who sent in how to get shedinja he is my favourite pkmn, second can people stop saying torchic is the best because I caught the same pkmn in the game wen trying it with mudkip treeko and torchic and I couldnt even get past the first gymwith torchic but I completed the game with the other 2 finally if your starting off in the game here is a good team.

Starter(whatever pkmn you chose at the start
Wurmple(male or female)
Wingull(if you didnt choose mudkip)
Seedot(if you didnt chose treeco)
taillow(if u didnt chose torchic)

Added 31 Oct 2003, ID #856, by Midnight Master

How to get the pokemon SHEDINJA

Go to a place where you can catch NINCADA.Catch it with a POKEBALL.Make sure you have some pokeballs left.

Also make sure you have a space in your party.Now raise it to level 20 where it should evolve into NINJASK.Go into your party and you should have SHEDINJA in the empty spot.It has only one HP no matter what its level is but it's got a mean affect that only super affective moves harm it.

Its type is bug/ghost.

Added 21 Sep 2003, ID #728, by tut,tut

How to catch Rayquaza: After you have defeated the Pokemon League, head east from Pacifidlog town onto route 131, and check the northern edge as you go along. You'll eventually find a gap that will lead you to an island. Land on the island, then enter the small cave and run through to get onto the top of the island. You will find an immense tower here, the Sky Pillar. To reach the top, you'll need the mach bike, some patience, and a bit of skill. All you have to do is ride all the way to the top-easier said than done, since a mistake will send you down a floor. When you make it, save your game. It would also be a good time to use the master ball if you saved it.


Do not listen to the not untrue hints of picking the starters. Torchic is not the best one, duh thatz why we have three starters to pick.

Torchic is strong but every Pokemon has weakness.Treecko is fast, and Mudkip has good attacks.

Cheat/Hint: All of the Treecko starters invole it into a Sceptile and teach it these attacks to beat the Elite Four.

These attacks are:Drangon Claw,Leaf Blade,Earthquake,and Ariel Ace. Yes it can learn all these attacks!

Thanks For Reading.{Can some one tell me were to get another dig without gameshark or those, so i can get the Regis.

Don't tell me to get it at the Fossil Manicak's house plz.}

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