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Pokemon Ruby

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Where to get the very rare and ancient Regis!!!!! cheats for Pokemon Ruby

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Where to get the very rare and ancient Regis!!!!!


Well, here are some very rare and one of a kind Pokemon!These Pokemon are very rare and,kind of tricky to get. And, some of these instructions may seem weird,if they do, that doesn't mean that this cheat is bogus,I have done this before and it even says it in my walkthrough I have.Now, first, before we begin, to do this you need to put a Relicanth in the first spot of you party and put a Wailord in the last spot of you party.Now, you are ready to follow the steps below!

1.Go to Pacifidlog town and surf west.You should come across an area where there is a very fast current.Go on it but,be sure to be at the very bottom of it when you first go on it.

2.Keep going for a while until you reach some land with no rocks or sand.Go in the middle and surf west again.You should then come across a dive area.So, dive and follow the path underwater until you are right infront of some Braile.When you get there,come up.

3.Great!You made it into the secret chamber!Go straight to the top and you will see some more Braile.Go right in front of the Braile and use Dig.A cave should appear,so,go in it.

4.Go right to the top of the screen again and, you will see some more Braile.Now, have your Relicanth in the first spot of you party and Wailord in the last spot of you party. Click on the Braile and wait, then,there will be an earthquake!It will then say you heard three doors open far away,this means that,the doors to get to the Regis,has opened!You may now, go uot and find them!

To find Registeel you need to go to route 120 and find a stone mound. There will be a hole there now, if you didn't see one before.Now, one of those crazy instructions,go to the center of the room and use Fly.(No, seriously I want you to do that) A door will then appear in the room.Walk in and, you will see Registeel.Save before you battle it and, bring alot of Ultra balls.Then, you caught Registeel!
NOTE:These Pokemon are not glitches like Missingno.These Pokemon were placed in the game for you to find and,if you know Braile,figure out.

Go to the desert by Lavaridge and go down to the bottom where,you will find Regirock.Walk up to the Braile at the front and go three steps down and,two steps right then,use Strength.The door will open and,do just the same as you did to catch Registeel.

Go to Dewford and surf north.Stay as far west as you can while you surf and you will come across an island.Inside the cave on the island is Regices chamber.Go up to the Braile and click on it.Just be patient and,after a few minutes,the door will open.Do the same to catch it as you did with the two before.

Congratulations!You caught the three Regis and,have now gotten three extremely rare Pokemon!Good luck future Pokemon masters!

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