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Pokemon Ruby


Game Reviews for Pokemon Ruby


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tylerv1003rd Sep 2005, ID #177
Pokemon Ruby is a great game, and I reccomend it to all players. Pokemon Ruby and Saphire was very much improved from the original games for Gameboy Color in all of the aspects of video games. A gre..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review

tylerv1003rd Sep 2005, ID #178
Pokemon Ruby is a great game, and I reccomend it to all players. Pokemon Ruby and Saphire was very much improved from the original games for Gameboy Color in all of the aspects of video games. A gre..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review

jImBoW896th Oct 2005, ID #191
Okay when you fist buy your game, insert it into the Gba, then turn power on. At this time go to New Game, Start a story that you will be able to complete with a Ruby and Sapphire game, and in handy..

Rating: 66%Read Full Review

Mister R4th Aug 2007, ID #667
So they decided to be unique with this one. Unlike most of the other pokťmon games for GBA, they've now included multiple unique features such as berry mixing, pokťmon contests, battle tower and mor..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review

Nanoboy258th Aug 2007, ID #682
Its just what we had all hoped for in the GBA. Great graphics (still good even now.), lovely music and as in every poke'mon game, incredible gamplay. The poke'mon company brought us this game to sho..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review

u_got_gamed2nd Jun 2008, ID #877
Pokemon games are always fun, they get better every time. Pokemon ruby was one of my favorite Pokemon games. They got cool new Pokemon and items you can have, also new bad guys. I played it for a lo..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review

Pokemonhacker686th Apr 2009, ID #1081
Hi everyone Im pokemonhacker68 First of all I do NOT hack I just named myself that. Grovyle is my favorite Pokemon I don't care if you think thats wrong thats your opinon. I will be reviewing Pokemo..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review

kimmy45612th Mar 2011, ID #1319
After playing Silver and Gold, I was excited to play a game that would introduce new Pokemon to the series, I was already playing the games on the GBA just after they were released. When I started t..

Rating: 82%Read Full Review


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Pokťmon Ruby Review!Added 15 Nov 2007, ID #11498
With the first two Pokemon games on the GBA now, your sure to have a new feel to this adventure. The graphics are much enhanced then on the GBC from a few years back. You begin this game by picking a starter to save Prof. Birch from a wild Pokemon. After you defeat that, he calls you to his lab. He feels that the Pokemon you chose whas the right one for you. He lets you keep either Treeko, Torchic, or Mudkip. With your new Pokemon, you begin on your journey through the Hoenn region. As you travel trough Hoenn, you will make friends, and enemies. It's up to you to beat Team Magma and restore peace to the Legendary Pokemon of Hoenn so the people will not die of drought. When your purchasing Pokemon Ruby, your pruchasing an adventure you will remember for a lifetime. You will train your Pokemon to restore peace in Hoenn or even to link up and battle! Buy Pokemon Ruby today because you will be playing an adventure with memopries to last!

SkillAdded 2 Nov 2006, ID #9592
This game is brilliant.

Graphics :8/10 Much better than Pokemon Crystal.
Music : 9/10 Most of the music is good
Multiplayer : 8/10 Berry blending is fun!
Gameplay : 10/10 Brilliant.
Difficulty : 8/10 It almost took me a year to beat the elite four.
Lastability : 10/10 After you beat the elite four you will still be playing for hours.
Overall : 10/10 This game is one of the best GBA games I have ever played.

Pokemon Ruby was...Added 3 May 2006, ID #8058
Pokemon Ruby was AWESOME. The only problem was you can\'t trade with red, blue, silver, and all the others except saph, em, and other ruby.
Graphics 9/10-It could have been better
Sound 6/10-It got a little annoying
Pokemon 8/10-I like alot of the old pokemon, and all of the old Pokemon they had were weak like Abra-Alakazam
Space 8/10-You were able to go in caves much deeper and go behind buildings.
Trading Evolution 6/10- Some pokemon had to be holding something, I\'m mainly talking to Seadra-Kingdra, and it wasn\'t cool.
Overall 98/100- This game, was not the best, even how close it was, but definitley the best pokemon game ever, so I can\'t wait to get Emerald, I heaard it was REALLY good!

Great game!Added 26 Jul 2005, ID #5972
pokemon ruby is the best pokemon and gameboy game i have encountered.

i give it 10.5/10

TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!Added 10 Jul 2005, ID #5782
I give pokemon ruby and sapphire 100/100!

noise 10/10

sound 7/10- I play most of the time with sound off.

game 10/10

adventure 10/10

pokemon 386/386

grapics 10/10

clear 10/10

name space 7/10- Only SEVEN for starter name and 10 for the pokemon.

Total all above score-450

Added 23 Mar 2005, ID #4612
This game is for far the best from the games pokemon, the desingns of the new pokemons are horrible some pokemon look that was draw by children!!!

I didn't like the idea of taking off the day and night oh right! what was the idea from stopping the pokemons moving like it was on crystal? the day care is more difficult to breed since it was taken ditto, I think that this are the bad points.

Now the good points, the days with storms are nice, the cities and the berries well anyway it's a good game (NOT THE BEST) rate: 8/10

Pokemon RubyAdded 10 Feb 2005, ID #4277
I have to say 10 out of 10

Good game.Added 7 Feb 2005, ID #4267
This game,is one of the best Pokemon games I've ever seen (except for Emerald) It has brand new Pokemon,new towns,new items,and tons of other,awesome stuff! But,this game,is kind of disappointing.

Another game,that needs an E-Reader,to completely explore it.When will Nintendo ever learn.Not many people have E-Readers,let alone,another Gameboy.The only time you can use an E-Reader,is if you get together with a friend(which isn't that often,for me)That is a HUGE disappointment.

Catching all Pokemon:
To catch all 386 Pokemon,you will need,and Action Replay,Gameshark,Pokemon Fire Red,or Pokemon Leaf Green. Most people,are kind of upset,because their old favorite Pokemon,aren't in this game.Very disappointing.

No old towns:
The new towns are great,but it would be more exciting,if we could go to Johto,Kanto,and Hoen.I,was persionally,upset with Gold and Silver,because of being able to go to both Johto and Kanto,but if we could Fly,to which ever place we wanted to,instead of traveling by a train,it would be great.

Although I liked the new fishing feature,young people,will have alot more trouble with the fishing.

But,their are some,good sides,to this game.


New items:
The new items,were great! The Mach and Acro bikes,were great(too bad we can't have both at the same time)

New towns:
These towns,were great.It's nice exploring new places and learining new things.

New Pokemon:
Their were so many new Pokemon! I was afraid,I'd never learn them all!

Graphics:Best I've ever seen,in a Pokemon game!

Sound:The sounds weren't very great,I played with the music off,most of the time.

New features:Great features,they are exciting and fun.


Awesome Game!!!!!!!!Added 14 Dec 2004, ID #3855
This game is so awesome! I've been playing it for more than 200 hours, and I still can't play it long enough! The graphics are the best I've ever seen in any Pokemon game(10 out of 10).

All the new Pokemon and all new towns, make this the best Pokemon game I've ever played(new features:10 out of 10).

The feature of playing as a boy or girl makes this game even better(9.9 out of 10). This game is very challenging and fun to play. It is also very addicting, you can't get away from it for more than 5 minutes!

Excitement: 10.1 out of 10. In overall score: 100 out of 100. If you don't have this game, try it out, you will probably love it right away!

Awesome!Added 7 Oct 2004, ID #3488
I really like this game. I'd give it a 8/10. It is next to impossible to get to the moon (if it is possible) and it's hard to get Legendary Pokemon. It's also hard to get some normal Pokemon, like Slakoth. The battles, looks, maps, and moves are cool and are very useful.

Crossy's New Standardised Ratings for Pokémon RubyAdded 30 Jun 2004, ID #2758
Control: 8
Controls are simple, based on the previous versions. This time, on Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, you can select from three button modes on the option screen. Generally, the L and R buttons have no use. That will be very light on your hands!

Environment: 8
This is the Game Boy Advance, so don't expect your free space to go too wild. In this new version, you can actually go behind trees and buildings. It gives you some good space, but there can be more. Plus which, your character can't jump, and has to rely on Pokémon to do his or her handiwork. And yes, you can be either a boy or girl. The very bad part, however, is that you can't link with Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, or Crystal.

Tact: 8
It's the usual repertoire: Catch all the Pokémon and use them for your own personal defence. But with the introduction of abilities and new Pokémon, with most features being carryovers from Crystal, the game takes the usual tact to a new level.

Graphics and Sound: 8
As this is the Game Boy Advance, don't expect too much from the graphics and sound. But the renditions here are significantly better than in the previous versions. Looks a lot realistic compared to Red and Blue!

Enjoyment: 10
This is by far the hottest era in Pokémon repertoires. With the introduction of abilities and a new sense of environment, you'll be cheering for more by the time you bring down the League and add Rayquaza, the Dragon equivalent to Mewtwo, to your party!

Final Grade: 84 (B)

An OK gameAdded 30 Jun 2004, ID #2757
I thought the game was very challenging (which I think is good) the only thing I didn't like is you need a ton of stuff to trade I give it a 8 and a half out of ten.

Awesome Game!!!Added 14 Jun 2004, ID #2613
Pokemon Ruby is the overall best game of the Pokemon dynasty. It is better than Sapphire because Groudon better than Kyrouge. And I like Seedot and his evolutions better than Lotad and his gang. It has better graphis and features than the rest of the Pokemon games(exept for sapphire).I am currently waiting for Leaf Green to come out on Sept. 9th.

Overall 10/10

SERIOUSLY ADICTIVE!!!!!!!!!Added 12 Jun 2004, ID #2593
I played this game, and it is amazing!!! I couldn`t get away from it, if i put it off, it would be on 5 seconds later! Anyway, look below for more detailed info:

Graphics: 8/10: The graphics on this game are BRILLIANT! It is one of the things that make the older pokemon games seem boring!
looks much better on TV!

Sound: 7.30/10: The sound is pretty good, much better than most GBA games!

Gameplay: 9.87/10: Seriously adictive, and very long, this game is nearly perfect, and can make the GBA seem like the best console ever! Most of the gym leaders seem VERY easy, just not WALLACE! The elite 4 are hard, too! I just didn`t give it a perfect because of when you can catch RAYQAUZA! You should be able to catch him BEFORE you have beat the Elite 4, instead of after! He makes the elite 4 seem almost like the very easy gym leaders!

Really good gameAdded 3 May 2004, ID #2327
This is a absolutely brilliant game for the game boy advance one of the best games for the gba easily apart from saphire its easily the best game right now.

Graphics:the graphics have improved alot and I mean alot better than the other ones believe me I have the game.

7/10 for the graphics.sound:the sound is really good to not bad atall.

6.5/10.gameplay:the gameplay is brilliant it symbolises the gba in many ways like the best hand held console ever!!!!!.

8/10. alltogether ide give this game a 83% out of 100% its one point down from saphire but its still a brilliant game.

Shiny PokemonAdded 25 Apr 2004, ID #2252
Hi.Its me again.I just want to say im very happy with most of you and your answers,hints,cheats.Anyway,Im just peachy today because yesterday a Sharopedo with a violet red head randomly showed up and i caught it!But I still think I need improvementeven though I have 2 trainer stars(pretty pathetic,huh?)My Milotics both lost in the master beauty even though there beauty was maxed out and their moves are all beaty exept for the lv.100 milotic wth cool based twister.They were so sad.They lost to an Electrode...A little encouragement?

p.s.If any of you won the master beauty,can you tell me what pokemon it was,the moves it knew and the order the moves were used in during the contest and how high its beauty was?Also,if you remember,how many stars it got in the opening round,who the other contestents were and what gender it was and what level it was at?I really have to win!

The Thick of ItAdded 20 Apr 2004, ID #2215
The brother equivalent to Pokémon Sapphire, Ruby does not expand on Red and Blue like Gold, Silver, and Crystal did, but it presents a new storyline that coheres with the basic idea of the game: Catch as many Pokémon as you possibly can and use them as your personal defense.

In Ruby and Sapphire the stakes are higher: There exist over one hundred newly discovered Pokémon native only to Hoenn, you can receive more money from winning the battle, and more than half of the storyboard follows the pursuit of Team Magma or Team Aqua in their respective dastardly terraforming proposals.

When the teams finally realize where they screwed up, it's an opportunity to capture a presumably powerful and potent Pokémon: Groudon in Ruby, who has been said to be responsible for shaping the continents and forming mountain ranges, and Kyogre in Sapphire, who is credited with controlling the seas.

The start of the game commences in a fashion similar to its predecessors, but the potencies of the Gyms are balanced and just right for your experience level at that point. Compare it to the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions, which left you little room to prepare, and Gold, Silver, and Crystal, in which you tackled a plethora of weak Gyms in Johto and remodels of the Kanto Gyms that confined their power to level 50 Pok√©mon‚ÄĒwhen the furthest that most players could get was level 40 with proper training‚ÄĒand then left for Silver Cave to be whacked in the face with Red's level 70-plus Pok√©mon. Ruby and Sapphire are similar to Red, Blue, and Yellow more than the others in that it follows the same pattern almost strictly: there are eight gyms, you had Regirock, Regice, and Registell, the equivalents of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, and rounded off your game with the capture of Rayquaza as done with Mewtwo.

In some respects I feel that the Ruby version's assortment of Pokémon are more potent than those in Sapphire: Lunatone, Seviper, Sableye, Latias, Kyogre, and Lotad make their home in Sapphire and only Sableye and Seviper hold a candle to the collection in Ruby. What I can say for real is that Ruby wins out as the most balanced, but far from flexible. My final rating: 8 out of 10.

Added 5 Mar 2004, ID #1791
I think this game is too easy to complete but I would still give it a 10 out of 10 rating.

Also if you need help I will do a walktrough....

This is the game or what!Added 26 Feb 2004, ID #1737
This game is a stinking good game so buy the game.....

Pokemon Ruby rules the earth!Added 21 Feb 2004, ID #1695
I'm not kidding that pr [pokemon ruby] rules the earth.

They might Rule the entire UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!


I'm ruting for you, Supercheats!

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