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Mystery gift

Go to a poke'mart in any town. Find a piece of paper on the counter and put in ''link together with all'' to get mystery gift

Added 19 Jun 2007, ID #10949, by D-man541
Ask.com and get

Weather Effects

When you use Sunny Day or Rain Dance you will get an added effect

Sunny Day's Effect: Increases Fire attacks, makes Synthesis, Moonlight, and Morning Sun restore all HP, and let's you use Solarbeam faster

Rain Dance's Effect: Increases Water attacks, makes Thunder accuracy 100%, and raises the chances of freezing a pokemon

Added 16 Jun 2007, ID #10928, by TheJackal

How to get easy exp. And $MONEY$!

I will explain it in steps:

1. Gain access to the bike route(celadon entrance)
2. Get the vs seeker from a girl in viridian pokecenter
3. Go to the bike route
4. In the part where there is 6 bikers, battle them all
5. Go to the pokecenter in celadon and heal. Return to bike route
6. Use vs seeker and battle
7. Repeat steps 4-7.
8. Enjoy high levels and cash!!!!!

P.S. This works in leafgreen too

Added 2 Jun 2007, ID #10852, by mysterycheater

The Hidden Leftovers!!!

If your wondering what leftovers are they simply a held item that restores a pokemon's health somewhere between 30-45. The Leftovers are found under the two Snorlax. When you drive the Snorlax away, use the Itemfinder. The Leftovers are
Found beneath the two Snorlax. You have to be in the EXACT spot where the two
Snorlaxs were... Glad I could help.

Added 14 May 2007, ID #10784, by Jay Dog

Faster Exp. For Your Pokemon

First you have to have 50 Pokemon and go to Fushia City. After you get there go to the first little building left of Fushia City. There will be stairs in that building. Go up them and there will be one of Prof. Oak's assistants talk to him and he will ask you if you have 50 Pokemon say yes and he will give you the Exp. Share. Give it to the Pokemon you want to gain levels. That Pokemon will get Exp. Every Pokemon you kill.

Added 16 Apr 2007, ID #10667, by LatiosandLatiasdude

More exp for the weaklings

When one of your Pokemon (like my charzaid) is level 100 if you go to resort gorgeous and put a weak Pokemon first in your party and challenge someone.when you start switch to the level 100 Pokemon the when you kill that Pokemon switch back to the weakling.then right before you start the next round in the battle switch the weakling with the level 100.keep repeating this and that weakling will level up fast.

Added 21 Mar 2007, ID #10488, by viperboy214

How to get entei suicune and raikou

First you have to beat the elite4 then search around kanto make sure you have a few max repels and a Pokemon that knows sweet scent and a lot of ultra balls and I would suggest having a Pokemon that knows sleep powder

Added 14 Mar 2007, ID #10441, by hawkking456

Secrets of the badges

For every badge you win from the gym leaders they have a secret power. I will tell you what the secret powers are for the badges.

BOULDERBADGE:the attack stat of all your Pokemon increases increases a little bit.it also lets you use the move FLASH outside of battle.

CASCADEBADGE:pokemon up to lv. 30 will obey you.that includes even outsiders you obtain in trades.pokemon of higher levels will be unruly in battle, however.it also lets you use the move cut outside of battle.

THUNDERBADGE:the speed stat of all your Pokemon increases a little bit.it also lets you use the move FLY outside of battle.

RAINBOWBADGE:pokemon up to lv. 50 will obey you.that includes even outsiders you obtain in trades.pokemon of higher levels will be unruly in battle, however.it also lets you use the move STRENTH outside of battle.

SOULBADGE:the defense of all your Pokemon increases a little bit.it also lets you use the move surf outside of battle.

MARSHBADGE:pokemon up to lv. 70 will obey you.that includes even outsiders you obtain in trades.pokemon of higher levels will be unruly in battle, however.it also lets you use the move ROCK SMASH outside of battle.

VOLCANOBADGE:the sp. Atk and sp. Def of all your Pokemon rise a little bit.it also lets you use the ove WATERFALL outside of battle.

EARTHBADGE:all Pokemon will obey you!

Added 11 Mar 2007, ID #10428, by viperboy214

New items in shops!

After you fix celio's machine on one island,if you go to two island and go to the shop the shopkeeper will have new items.

Added 10 Mar 2007, ID #10427, by viperboy214


To get the mystery gift go to any store and click on the clipboard that is next to the cashier, choose the words "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL", then save and restart, on the option screen at the very bottom you'll see "MYSTERY GIFT" (you must have wireless adapter to use the mystery gift).

Added 4 Mar 2007, ID #10391, by galbatorixme

Rare candies

Get 5 meowths and put a really strong Pokemon at the front after every wild Pokemon battle look at your party of meowths. They may be holding berries, tm10's or rare candies.

Added 2 Feb 2007, ID #10238, by pokemaster55

Get a bike

Go to a house in curulian city were a there is a Pokemon fan club, talk to the old man and listen to what he has to say and he will give you a bike ticket for the bike shop.

Added 29 Dec 2006, ID #10049, by Spawn11

Prof. Oak's Aides

10 caught Pokemon: Route 2 gate; HM05 (Flash)
20 caught Pokemon: Route 10 Pokemon Center; Everstone
30 caught Pokemon: Route 11 gate; Itemfinder
40 caught Pokemon: Route 16 gate; Amulet Coin
50 caught Pokemon: Route 15 gate; Exp. Share

Added 15 Dec 2006, ID #9923, by Master Volthawk

Get rich quick

To get rich quick, go to the sevii island that has the house on a tiny island above it(i think it's the 4th.) go to the house (where a girl gives you pearls, nuggets, etc. For bringing certain pokemon) and outside there are 2 or 3 rich kids. Battle them with the vs. Seeker with your Pokemon holding amulet coin and get around $20,000 each time untill you are happy. I got the max. Amount of money quickly.

Added 14 Dec 2006, ID #9917, by Dranixger

Bird legend

You can get the legendary bird Pokemon at the following locations:


zapdos:the power plant on route 4

articuno:seafoam islands

peace! ^ ^

Added 8 Dec 2006, ID #9881, by bamilo1

UNOWN list

Heres a list of which chamber on 7 island you can find the different unowns.
This is where I found all of them so it should work on yours

Unown A -------------------------Moean chamber
Unown B--------------------------Rixy chamber
Unown C--------------------------Liptoo chamber
Unown D--------------------------Liptoo chamber
Unown E--------------------------Weepth chamber
Unown F--------------------------Scufib chamber
Unown G--------------------------Scufib chamber
Unown H--------------------------Liptoo chamber
Unown I---------------------------Weepth chamber
Unown J--------------------------Dilford chamber
Unown K--------------------------Scufib chamber
Unown L--------------------------Dilford chamber
Unown M--------------------------Rixy chamber
Unown N--------------------------Weepth chamber
Unown O--------------------------Liptoo chamber
Unown P--------------------------Dilford chamber
Unown Q--------------------------Dilford chamber
Unown R--------------------------Dilford chamber
Unown S--------------------------Weepth chamber
Unown T--------------------------Scufib chamber
Unown U--------------------------Rixy chamber
Unown V--------------------------Rixy chamber
Unown W-------------------------Scufib chamber
Unown X--------------------------Rixy chamber
Unown Y--------------------------Scufib chamber
Unown Z--------------------------Viapois chamber

There is also one weird one in the viapois chamber, I think it's ( ' ! ' ). Unown locations may vary between games, but it's unlikely

Added 10 Nov 2006, ID #9643, by D-legend

Sapphire gem

Go into four island ice fall cave, you can't cross the waterfall until you find waterfall HM07. Teach it to a Pokemon then use it to ride up the falls to a new part of the cave. When searching for the HM you will have to fall down holes creating by stepping on thin patches of ice. Now go to six island and search for the dotted hole, when you find it, cut on the door. Enter the dotted hole, then drop off into the hole. There will be 4 holes go up and drop into the top hole, then go left and drop of into that hole, then go right and drop into that hole, then go down and drop into that hole. You will end up at the Sapphire! As soon as you arrive at the Sapphire you click A on it and a scientist will drop from a hole. Then he will grab it and tell you the team rocket warehouse password on five island. Then go to 5 islands team rocket warehouse.

Added 6 Aug 2006, ID #8876, by ashyboy1

Easy Money from nugget bridge!

I was raising my team one time when I was at Cerulean City, and I lost to the guy who gives you a nugget on the bridge. When I went to face him again, I got another one! So, what I'm saying is, you get a nugget, you lose to him, and so on and so forth. This way, you can get quick and easy money!

Added 5 Aug 2006, ID #8864, by Alchemy Wep

Two Island Cape Brink Move Tutor

The old lady in the house on Cape Brink will teach your starter Pokemon an extremely powerful attack, but only when it's at it's final evolution form and is very happy with you.

Venusaur- Frenzy Plant (Grass)
Charizard- Blast Burn (Fire)
Blastoise- Hydro Cannon (Water)
All of these are just like Hyper Beam.

If your someone who already knew this, I still have more good news!
If you have all 3 starters, and you can't decide which one should learn the super-powerful attack, you don't have to choose! Have one Pokemon learn their attack first, then wait for a little while. When you return later, she'll teach another Pokemon another attack.

Note: She will only teach these attacks to Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise (don't try using Blaziken or Feraligatr) and she'll only teach one attack ONCE. So if your Charizard forgets it's Blast Burn, then your basically screwed because she won't teach it Blast Burn again.

Added 28 Jul 2006, ID #8763, by Master Volthawk

GameShark Codes

Inorder for these GameShark Cheats to work you MUST create a new Game Entry.
Then simply enter in the master codes.
This cheat BLOG will contain Pokemon Cheats From:
O1.)Pokemon Emerald
O2.)Pokemon Sapphire
O3.)Pokemon Ruby
O4.)Pokemon Fire Red
O5.)Pokemon Leaf Green
So make sure you use the right master codes and gameshark codes in the new Game Cheat.

[This are the Pokemon master code modifiers for each of the games]
[Be sure to use the right one]
Master Code Game

1003DAE60007 Pokemon Fire Red

1003DAE60007 Pokemon Leaf Green

1006AF880007 Pokemon Emerald

1003A82A0007 Pokemon Ruby

1003A82A0007 Pokemon Sapphire

[These are some of the cheats that I will use myself]
[They show the cheat/the cheat's outcome/and for what game to be uses on]
Pokemon Modifier: Fire Red/Leaf Green

Pokemon Modifier: Sapphire/Ruby

Pokemon Modiefier: Emerald

Shiny Pokemon [Only in Pokemon Emerald]
[Enter The Code from Left to Right]
[Enter this code in the same game entry with the Pokemon modifier master code]
83007CE40021 83007CE60300
53000020000F 044800684589
808900042843 1860C0460148
0047905D0003 177C06080000

[Here are the Pokemon ID Digits to be replaced with the X's]
[In Pokemon Emerald there are 4 digits so There is an extra zero in the ID digits, so for the other Pokemon games do not pay any attention with the FIRST ZERO SKIP to the LAST THREE DIGITS OF The ID!!!!]
[There are two POKEMON Per row and the ID DIGItS are to the LEFT OF THEM!!]
Poke ID Pokemon Poke ID Pokemon
0001 Bulbasaur 0002 Ivysaur
0003 Venusaur 0004 Charmander
0005 Charmeleon 0006 Charizard
0007 Squirtle 0008 Wartortle
0009 Blastoise 000A Caterpie
000B Metapod 000C Butterfree
000D Weedle 000E Kakuna
000F Beedrill 0010 Pidgey
0011 Pidgeotto 0012 Pidgeot
0013 Rattata 0014 Raticate
0015 Spearow 0016 Fearow
0017 Ekans 0018 Arbok
0019 Pikachu 001A Raichu
001B Sandshrew 001C Sandslash
001D Nidoran (F) 001E Nidorina
001F Nidoqueen 0020 Nidoran (M)
0021 Nidorino 0022 Nidoking
0023 Clefairy 0024 Clefable
0025 Vulpix 0026 Ninetales
0027 Jigglypuff 0028 Wigglytuff
0029 Zubat 002A Golbat
002B Oddish 002C Gloom
002D Vileplume 002E Paras
002F Parasect 0030 Venonat
0031 Venomoth 0032 Diglett
0033 Dugtrio 0034 Meowth
0035 Persian 0036 Psyduck
0037 Golduck 0038 Mankey
0039 Primeape 003A Growlithe
003B Arcanine 003C Poliwag
003D Poliwhirl 003E Poliwrath
003F Abra 0040 Kadabra
0041 Alakazam 0042 Machop
0043 Machoke 018A Gardevoir
0044 Machamp 0045 Bellsprout
0046 Weepinbell 0047 Victreebel
0048 Tentacool 0049 Tentacruel
004A Geodude 004B Graveler
004C Golem 004D Ponyta
004E Rapidash 004F Slowpoke
0050 Slowbro 0051 Magnemite
0052 Magnetron 0053 Farfetch'd
0054 Doduo 0055 Dodrio
0056 Seel 0057 Dewgong
0058 Grimer 0059 Muk
005A Shellder 005B Cloyster
005C Gastly 005D Haunter
005E Gengar 005F Onix
0060 Drowzee 0061 Hypno
0062 Krabby 0063 Kingler
0064 Voltorb 0065 Electrode
0066 Exeggcute 0067 Exegutor
0068 Cubone 0069 Marowak
006A Hitmonlee 006B Hitmonchan
006C Lickitung 006D Koffing
006E Weezing 006F Rhyhorn
0070 Rhydon 0071 Chansey
0072 Tangela 0073 Kangaskhan
0074 Horsea 0075 Seadra
0076 Goldeen 0077 Seaking
0078 Staryu 0079 Starmie
007A Mr. Mime 007B Scyther
007C Jynx 007D Electabuzz
007E Magmar 007F Pinsir
0080 Tauros 0081 Magicarp
0082 Gyarados 0083 Lapras
0084 Ditto 0085 Eevee
0086 Vaporeon 0087 Jolteon
0088 Flareon 0089 Porygon
008A Omanyte 008B Omastar
008C Kabuto 008D Kabutops
008E Aerodactyl 008F Snorlax
0090 Articuno 0091 Zapdos
0092 Moltres 0093 Dratini
0094 Dragonair 0095 Dragonite
0096 Mewtwo 0097 Mew
0098 Chikorita 0099 Bayleef
009A Meganium 009B Cynaquil
009C Quilava 009D Typhlosion
009E Totodile 009F Croconaw
00A0 Feraligatr 00A1 Sentret
00A2 Furret 00A3 Hoothoot
00A4 Noctowl 00A5 Ledyba
00A6 Ledian 00A7 Spinarak
00A8 Ariados 00A9 Crobat
00AA Chinchou 00AB Lanturn
00AC Pichu 00AD Cleffa
00AE Igglybuff 00AF Togepi
00B0 Togetic 00B1 Natu
00B2 Xatu 00B3 Mareep
00B4 Flaaffy 00B5 Ampharos
00B6 Bellossom 00B7 Marill
00B8 Azumarill 00B9 Sudowoodo
00BA Politoed 00BB Hoppip
00BC Skiploom 00BD Jumpluff
00BE Aipom 00BF Sunkern
00C0 Sunflora 00C1 Yanma
00C2 Wooper 00C3 Quagsire
00C4 Espeon 00C5 Umbreon
00C6 Murkrow 00C7 Slowking
00C8 Misdreavus 00C9 Unknown
00CA Wobbuffet 00CB Girafarig
00CC Pineco 00CD Forretress
00CE Dunsparce 00CF Gligar
00D0 Steelix 00D1 Snubbull
00D2 Granbull 00D3 Qwilfish
00D4 Scizor 00D5 Shuckle
00D6 Heracross 00D7 Sneasel
00D8 Teddiursa 00D9 Ursaring
00DA Slugma 00DB Magcargo
00DC Swinub 00DD Piloswine
00DE Corsola 00DF Remoraid
00E0 Octillery 00E1 Delibird
00E2 Mantine 00E3 Skarmory
00E4 Houndour 00E5 Houndoom
00E6 Kingdra 00E7 Phanpy
00E8 Donphan 00E9 Porygon2
00EA Stantler 00EB Smeargle
00EC Tyrogue 00ED Hitmontop
00EE Smoochum 00EF Elekid
00F0 Magby 00F1 Miltank
00F2 Blissey 00F3 Raikou
00F4 Entei 00F5 Suicune
00F6 Larvitar 00F7 Pupitar
00F8 Tyranitar 00F9 Lugia
00FA Ho-oh 00FB Celebi
0115 Treecko 0116 Grovyle
0117 Sceptile 0118 Torchic
0119 Combusken 011A Blaziken
011B Mudkip 011C Marshtomp
011D Swampert 011E Poochyena
011F Mightyena 0120 Zigzagoon
0121 Linoone 0122 Wurmple
0123 Silcoon 0124 Beautifly
0125 Cascoon 0126 Dustox
0127 Lotad 0128 Lombre
0129 Ludicolo 012A Seedot
012B Nuzleaf 012C Shiftry
0130 Taillow 0131 Swellow
0135 Wingull 0136 Pelipper
0188 Ralts 0189 Kirlia
0137 Surskit 0138 Masquerain
0132 Shroomish 0133 Breloom
016C Slakoth 016D Vigoroth
016E Slaking 012D Nincada
012E Ninjask 012F Shedinja
0172 Whismur 0173 Loudred
0174 Exploud 014F Makuhita
0150 Hariyama 015E Azurill
0140 Nosepass 013B Skitty
013C Delcatty 0142 Sableye
0163 Mawile 017E Aron
017F Lairon 0180 Aggron
0164 Meditite 0165 Medicham
0151 Electrike 0152 Manectric
0161 Plusle 0162 Minun
0182 Volbeat 0183 Illumise
016B Roselia 016F Gulpin
0170 Swalot 014A Carvanha
014B Sharpedo 0139 Wailmer
013A Wailord 0153 Numel
0154 Camerupt 0141 Torkoal
015F Spoink 0160 Grumpig
0134 Spinda 014C Trapinch
014D Vibrava 014E Flygon
0158 Cacnea 0159 Cacturne
0166 Swablu 0167 Altaria
017C Zangoose 017B Seviper
015C Lunatone 015D Solrock
0143 Barboach 0144 Whiscash
0146 Corphish 0147 Crawdaunt
013E Baltoy 013F Claydol
0184 Lileep 0185 Cradily
0186 Anorith 0187 Armaldo
0148 Feebas 0149 Milotic
0181 Castform 013D Kecleon
0179 Shuppet 017A Banette
0169 Duskull 016A Dusclops
0171 Tropius 019B Chimecho
0178 Absol 0168 Wynaut
015A Snorunt 015B Glalie
0155 Spheal 0156 Sealeo
0157 Walrein 0175 Clamperl
0176 Huntail 0177 Gorebyss
017D Relicanth 00DE Corsola
00AA Chinchou 00AB Lanturn
0145 Luvdisc 018B Bagon
018C Shelgon 018D Salamence
018E Beldum 018F Metang
0190 Metagross 0191 Regirock
0192 Regice 0197 Latias
0198 Latios 0194 Kyogre
0195 Groudon 0196 Rayquaza
0199 Jirachi 019A Deoxys
0193 Registeel

Here are the MASTER CODES for the Gameshark Codes Listed after this.
[Must be in a sepprate game entry not with the Pokemon Modifiers!!!!!]
Master Code Game

830050020000 Fire Red

830050020000 Leaf Green

100004280007 Ruby

100004280007 Sapphire

[Use this codes wit the master codes above!!!]
[These are some of the cheats that I will use myself]
[They show the cheat/the cheat's outcome/and for what game to be uses on]
Infinite Cash: Sapphire/Ruby

Eggs Hatch Faster: Sapphire/Ruby

All Pokeblocks + Max Lv.: Sapphire/Ruby

Infinite Cash: Fire Red/Leaf Green

Female Egg: Fire Red/Leaf Green

Added 16 Jul 2006, ID #8619, by LLegendary Trainer
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