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money and exp.

And island 5, at the resort where selphie is, there's two lady(s) there, the ones who give you about 10,000 when you win. You'll need vs seeker and amulet coin. Use vs seeker to call attention to the two lady(s), put Pokemon with amulet coin in front, win, that's 20,000 and 19,800 from left to right.

Added 5 Jul 2008, ID #12195, by mrchef496
Ask.com and get

Hint for pokemon league

At first when you enter the Pokemon league you need to spend all your money or as much of it as you can. When you battle this means that if you lose your money will be safe because you wont have any to give them. Now when youre at your rival never start with your statrer Pokemon as you will propably lose the match no matter what level it is.I suggest, if possible you trade your say blastoise for a charizard with a friend. This will easily ensure you triumph over the Pokemon league.

Please rate this as it is one of my first ever cheats-Ive got one on family guy on ps2-look at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 16 Jun 2008, ID #12120, by 178034622334

SPECIAL ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stand exactly where a important Pokemon or person to get one of these items. Macho Brace:stand exactly where Giovanni was and use itemfinder. Soothe Bell:go where mr. Fuji was and use itemfinder in Pokemon tower.

Added 6 May 2008, ID #11993, by dingledong44

nuggets in trainer bridge

In cerulean city,you will find the trainer bridge beat all 5 trainers there and in the end of the trainer bridge,someone will give you a nugget worth 5000!!! But don't beat the mystery trainer.dont worry you will not lose your nugget!!!

I did that and got 40 nuggets!!

Added 27 Apr 2008, ID #11954, by kevin26

glich at pkmn center

Ok yall
I just dicovered this glich
Fly to fusia city and go to the Pokemon center
Go to the PC and get your pokedex rated ( Note: You must have at least 60pokemon in your national dex) when you get it rated go out of the center and press A A B B A A B A. Go jump off ledge and go to the ocean south. As soon as the screen tells you what route you are on now, pay close attention an the screen will flash purple go to the sea and use good rod untill You "Catcn one"
Your game should then reset
This should work 38% of the time
Might not work the first time

Added 12 Apr 2008, ID #11910, by linzo2

Game reset

For a complete game reset press and hold :
Start + Select and A + B
(Your game will not get deleated, it will just reset)

Added 24 Mar 2008, ID #11863, by Brendan Fernandez

little bit of help

Well my friends if you are choosing between the fossils at the begining in mount moon the one I favour is the dome fossil it contains Kabuto but the helix fossil contains the Omanyte they evolve into Omatser and Kabutops.To revive them and their extroadinary powers they hold travel to Cinibar island and beside the poke mart the last building go inside to the last door and talk to the men then leave the room come back about 2mins later then it has been revived now it's all up to you whaat happens with it either evolve it or bred it for more power when you receive it it's at lv5 and it evolves and lv40 then it's ultra strong good for indigo platue thats all hope it helps!

Added 13 Mar 2008, ID #11837, by MysteryTrainer1234

How to get porygon

Go to the slot machines in safron city after you done go to the middle lady and she will ask if you will like to by a series of Pokemon and porygon is one of them.

Added 7 Dec 2007, ID #11558, by garylsu

Easiest Way to catch fleeing Pokemon

In this game after obtaining the national pokedex, one of the three legendary dogs will appear radomly, depending on your starter pokemon. Here is a list of which Pokemon to start with to get the certain dog.

Charmander--Suicune (Water)
Squirtle--Raikou (Electric)
Bulbasaur--Entei (Fire)

Now, catching them. This method will work on ANY Pokemon that repeatedly flees from area to area, like Latios and Latias in Ruby and Sapphire. First, trade with another game cartridge that has not used their masterball yet. Attach the ball to a ditto and breed it. This way, you should get another masterball from the newly hatched pokemon. Now you should have 2 masterballs, one of which you can give back to your friend who you traded from.

Make sure you have seen the dog at least once before so it has been added to your pokedex. Fly to route 7 (east of Celadon) or route 18 (west of Fuchsia.) Here, there is always a building that connects two routes. Check your pokedex. If the Dog is not recorded in your area, enter the building, then exit and check again until the Dog is in your area. Then, go to the grassy area and catch it. It should be the first Pokemon you encounter if it's in your area. Keep in mind that if you enter a building or leave the route, the Dog will not be there anymore.

When you come across the Dog, use a masterball and you will catch it without fail.

Added 11 Nov 2007, ID #11492, by Airsofttim92

Restart the game

To to restart the game press A+B+start+sel at the same time.

Added 27 Oct 2007, ID #11427, by doubleg12


Here is a tip for going to the seafoam islands from fushia city Sick to the LEFT!!!!!!!!!so you don't run into the trainers.

Added 19 Oct 2007, ID #11401, by alexruby98

How to get red gem and blue gem

1.beat elite 4 and get more than 60 Pokemon in your pokedex

2.go to island 1 and go where moltraes is and on the right there will be two team rocket gaurds

3.battle them and go in the cave and find the red gem(u need streanth.

4.go to prof.oak get the national pokedex and go to island 1 again

5.Go to the big Pokemon cneter and bills asstent will give a rainbow ticket

6.Go to island 4 and go to the ice cave on the north-east corner(surf needed

7 go to the right place and battle the team rocket guards

8 go to 5 island and get to team rocket base and beat it(now you will be able to go in

9. Go to sixth island and go to a minicave and complete the puzzle and then you will be able to go to the cave and get the blue gem and and will be able to trade with other games.

Added 3 Oct 2007, ID #11361, by chotu228

Secret Items

There are four secret items in the game. There is the Sooth Bell. To get it, use the item finder in the exact spot where Mr. Fuji stood in Pokemon Tower. There is the Macho Brace. Get it by using the item finder in the exact spot where Giovani stood in the Viridian Gym. And there are two Left Overs, both are located right underneath where both Snorlaxes sat. Use the item finder exactly on the spots. If you done it correctly, yellow stars will shoot out instead of item finding-arrows. Works in Leaf Green too.

Added 19 Sep 2007, ID #11341, by King Boo 13

Extremely high exp.points and a lot of money!

For me,the best place to train for high exp points would be at island 7,sevault canyon.Keep walking down to sevault canyon until you see the last two trainers.Then fight them.They are near the house with the man that ask you whether you want to dance the chansey dance.There is also a chansey near the man.Every time you want to fight the two trainers,use vs seeker.Make sure you can see them or their heads.After you fight them, go inside the house and talk to the man.When he ask you whether you want to dance the chansey dance,press yes.Then your pokemons will automatically heal.Then get out,walk around to make sure that your vs seeker is fully charged,then go back to the place where the two trainers are.Then use vs seeker again.It takes a long time to fight them but it's good because you can get high exp points and a lot of money.

Added 20 Aug 2007, ID #11254, by beginnerSamuel

Easy money and over 700 experience

To make about 3000 in cash get the amulet coin and put it on the first Pokemon in your party. Then go to down to a couple down on the docks on route 12. Battle them. Then use the vs seeker while the fisherman is at the top of the srceen and the two Pokemon will be level 30. You will get about 3360 in cash. Keep repeating this and soon you will be rack in doe and you get over 700 exp.

Added 14 Jul 2007, ID #11093, by meteor243

Easy money and Experience

First what you do is get the VS seeker and the amulet coin. Then you travel to one island (make sure that you have a Pokemon that knows surf go surfing up Kindle road as if you were going to mount ember. On the way to mount ember there is the ember spa were you can restore your Pokemon and gain the hm rock smash if you didn't have it. Equip your first Pokemon that you'll send out into battle with the amulet coin then you go out of the ember spa and use the VS seeker when your charector has them all in his screen. After that just run into the ember spa and restore your pokemons health and repeat. I got the max amount of money this way and my Articuno was a level 96 in just 12 hours! (results may vary) Also in this area they use all fighting type so I suggest using flying type. (just a reminder... The 2nd time you vs them they are stronger...but after that they stay the same level)

Happy Cheating ;}

Added 1 Jul 2007, ID #11030, by BrianShetty

Get mystery Pokemon for one battle

To get a Pokemon that looks like a circle with a question mark inside it get a game shark select a cheat code for battle a Pokemon use the cheat before you get your starter Pokemon and you have it but it is a level 0 and you only use it for that battle after you lose it

Added 1 Jul 2007, ID #11029, by supercheatar!


Ok people, I'm telling you this because this page is made for CHEATS not questions and other stuff like this:
1)stop putting questions that is what the QUESTIONS page is for.
2) we are not going to rate you teams on this thats for forums.
and last but not least, but the most anoying.....

Added 23 Jun 2007, ID #10983, by galbatorixme

Frenzy Plant

Well Well Well I caught you looking at my cheat so here I go. To get the move Frency Plant for Venasuar, go to Two Island and go east then north and there should be a house put venasaur as your first Pokemon and talk to the woman
She should want to teach you a move accept it. It will help you beat the elite four

Effect: The foe is hit with an enormous branch. The user can't move on the next turn

Added 21 Jun 2007, ID #10965, by pokemastamaze


Alright, it's probably not my place to nag here, but....

If you're submitting a cheat, please look on the page to see if the same cheat (like mystery gift) has been submitted before. It's really annoying when I run into about 20 of the same cheat when I'm trying to find a specific one, and it seems to clog up the page.

If you're asking a question, DONT!!!! There is a SEPERATE page for questions in this game. Please don't submit questions, it bothers us to see them, as we can't answer them (if we do, we have to submit a new one, and thats TWO unneeded submissions in the cheats section.

And we are NOT going to rate your team if you put it here. Its annoying, because for those of us like me who restart their games regularly and just try training different teams each time, it's rude to see people bragging about their "lvl 100 mewtwo" and what not which was probably trained by cheats. Besides, we can't give you friendly pointers if you put it in here because we don't feel like wasting everyone elses time to read that, and besides, it gets confusing.

And if you submit something that is probably bogus and is something wrong with your game, we will all mark it as such and therefore is annoying to read stupid cheats that don't work. Save that for with your friends or your blog.

Its been asked before, and PLEASE FOLLOW IT!!! I would appreciate a more efficient cheats site so I don't have to do this every once in a while. Thanks.


Added 19 Jun 2007, ID #10953, by fantasyfan611
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