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Beats Gary 2 times near the Pokemon League gates and get Mewtwo

At the begining of the game you will have pikachu after you have him leave the lab and Gary will stop you to battle him. win or lose ir does not mater, train Pikachu up to level 12 and go to whe Pokemon leauge and gary will and so going to the Pokemon Leauge? forget it you most probally dont have any badges and he will battle you.

He will have a level 9 spreaow and his eevee will be on level 10 or 11 beat him and he will walk away, if you get any badges before you do this gary wont be there. collect all badges and he'll be there again beat him and you are well on your way. beat the Pokemon leauge and the cave with the man blocking it will be gone. in there Mewtwo will lie on the deepest dungen.

Once you catch Mewtwo with master ball DO NOT over write recover. Mewtwo's recover can gain over 200 hp.

Added 6 Nov 2004, ID #3149, by poke pete
Ask.com and get

How to get Pikachu

Talk to the scientist in the Lab then walk in the grass and then the man will catch a Pikachu and later give it to you

Added 24 Jul 2004, ID #2898, by can u dig dat

Surfing Pikachu

(this is only for people with Pokemon yellow/red/blue, Pokemon stadium and the game adaptor) You want a surfing Pikachu but don't want to get a Gameshark? Well, here's how. first, get your pikachu from pofessor oak and train it and some more pokemon to level 100. then, get your pokemon onto pokemon stadium and get up to R2. To get to R2, beat the entire stadium once. after the credets roll, beat the stadum up to the part where you are at the master ball cup. then, make a team of no rented or regestered pokemon. Pikachu must be with you while you are going to vattle, but he doesn't have to fight. bt the way, if you continue, this won't work. anyway, after you beat the last person, a screen should pop up and ask you if you want Pikachu to learn surf. say yes and then your pikachu will learn surf! Here's another secret. After your pikachu knows surf, go to Fuchsia and go to the beach to the south. go into the house and the person will ask you if you want to surf. say yes and your Pikachu will play thesurfing game!

Added 9 Jun 2004, ID #2758, by GC_FREAK

Erika Koga Gary

To win Erika or Koga,You need to get Hitmonchan which can learn Fire Punch.

To get it,defeat the Dojo in Saffron City(In the left GYM)and also train Hitmonchan to Level 50(or higher)and also you can train your Charmander.

Gary will evolve his Eevee into Vapaeon.

So train your Pikachu

Added 4 Feb 2004, ID #2397, by Joel

Catch Mew

Ues you can caych mew without a gameshark heres how first of all dont fight the gambler outside of the underground path next to celadon city or the youngster near nugget bridge with a level 15 slowpoke first get the hm fly then go to the underground path and save then go out and step foward once and immediately press start next fly to Cerulean City the start button wont work but go fight the youngster you didnt fight dont walk up to him or the game will mess up beat him then the start will work fly to lavender town and go west and the start button will pop up by itself and a mew will appear it will be at level 7 and will only no pound pokeball go.

Added 16 Oct 2003, ID #2107, by storm_serpant

How to beat Brock in a few easy steps

This is practally the only way to beat Brock without trading from off your other games. Trust me, I beat Brock in two minutes with this.

1.) After getting your Pokedex, buying Pokeballs, ect., go to the Viridian Forest.

2.) Capture a Caterpie or Metapod and train it until it evolves into Butterfree.

3.) Train Butterfree until Level 15 or so.

It should know Confusion and a few powder techniques by then, so go beat Brock! Good luck ^_^!

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