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Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition Pack Shot

Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition


Game Walkthrough (for beginners)

by drewdrewrocks

Look at the bottom for move recommendations so you donít delete useful moves. 
When you first start the game, go to your PC. There is a potion. Take it and exit your room and the house. Go out into the grass. Prof. Oak will stop you and catch a Pikachu. Later, he gives it to you. You'll battle your rival on the way out. If you win, Pikachu levels up. If you don't, nothing happens, but the potion will help during the battle. 
Exit the Lab and go to the house next to yours to get a Town Map from your Rival's Sister. Exit. Go up towards Viridian, talking to everyone on the way. Someone will give you another potion. Go to the PokeMart, and get the Parcel. Deliver it to Oak to get a Pokedex. Go back to Viridian to buy pokeballs. Go left towards a corridor until you get to a grassy area. DO NOT GO PAST THE GRASS!!! Look for a Mankey and catch one. Raise it along with your Pikachu. Go up to Viridian Forest and raise Pikachu versus the trainers. Try catching a bug pokemon, like caterpie, and evolve it. You'll need it later.
Get through the forest, and go to the mart in Pewter City for Potions. Battle Brock. He uses rock types, but you have no water/grass type pokemon. Use a fighting type (lvl 13 Mankey should beat Brock.) After you win, proceed right and battle lots of the trainers and follow the path to the cave. There's a pokemon center in front. Use it. Go in, and go all the way up, then right, then up, then all the way left, then down, then left, then up. You should see a ladder with a guy in front. Go down the ladder and through the corridor. Follow the path out. You'll have to battle a guy with two fossils. Save first. Defeat the guy, and then choose your preference. Follow the path out.
You encounter team rocket. Win. Exit the cave and follow the path to Cerulean. Heal your pokemon at the center. I hope you trained Pikachu, because it needs to be at least at lvl 23 to beat Misty; she uses water types. Again, you donít have a grass type pokemon. After you win, proceed to the Nugget Bridge. Battle the trainers, then go all the way up and left and up. The guy you see gives you Charmander. Train it. Go right and try to miss as many trainers as possible. You'll soon see a house. Enter and help Bill. You get the SS Anne Ticket. Exit, go all the way down, then left, then down again, and go to the house where there was a woman standing in the way. Enter and exit through the back. Battle the rocket and win. Teach dig to Mankey. Go down (not off the ledge) and proceed to an underground path which takes you to Vermillion. Go on the SS Anne. When you get close to the captainsí quarters your rival appears. Beat him, then go to through the staircase and get the HM 01. Go to Digletts' cave and get Diglett or Dugtrio and teach cut to it. Cut the tree in front of the Gym and enter. 
Find the right switches to enter the Gym Leaders room. He uses electric types, so ground type pokemon work best. Win and exit. Go to the police officer in the middle of the town. She gives you Squirtle. Train it.  Make your way back to Cerulean, except this time, cut the tree to the right of the Gym. Battle a lot of the Trainers. Make your way right, and then go down. There's another pokemon center! Heal your pokemon. Enter the cave, and try making your way through. There might be a contrast option in the menu to help. You'll end up in Lavender Town. Exit Lavender east, then go up, left, down, left, up. You'll see a little hut. Enter. This time, you'll end up in Celadon. Find the Mart and go to the 4th floor. Buy a Pokedoll for the ghost on the bottom of the stairs. Go to the roof to buy lemonade. Exit the store and go all the way right through the building. The guard will let you through. Go all the way right. The next building takes you to Lavender Town. Go to the pokemon tower and make your way through. At the bottom a ghost will say "Be gone, intruders..." Throw the pokedoll at it and rescue Mr. Fuji. 
Go back to Celadon and proceed to the bike path. Cut the tree, and go through the second building. You'll see a house. The woman inside gives you fly. Go back through the house and to the grass. Catch a pidgey or pidgeyotto there and teach it fly. Fly to Vermillion and go to the fan club. Get the Bike Voucher from the Chairman, and fly to Cerulean Bike Shop to get the bike. Fly back to Celadon, and go back to the Bike Path. Use PokeFlute on the Snorlax and try to catch it. Go through the building and down the bike path. You reach Fuchsia City. Go to the Safari Zone, and find Gold Teeth and the Secret House. Get Surf in the Secret House and redeem gold teeth for HM 04 at the wardens'. 
Fly to Celadon and find the Gym. Hope Charmander evolved, you'll need Charmeleon. The gym leader there uses grass types, so use fire/ice to win.  Fly back to Fuchsia and battle the leader there. Use a fire pokemon. Next, go to Saffron and go through Sliph Co. The Card Key is on the fifth floor. Go there. There's a rocket near a teleporter. Teleport, teleport back, then go down. After beating the Rocket, go right. That's the Card Key!!! Go to the third floor and open the first door on the left. Battle your Rival and Win. Talk to the guy near him, and then go on the other teleporter. There's team rocket again!!! Win, then go down, right and open the last door. Beat Giovanni. Go to the president to receive a master ball. Use it wisely. Exit, and then go to Saffron Gym. Butterfree needs to be at a high level, like lvl 53 at least. Beat Sabrina with Bug type moves, like Leech Life. (Squirtle should now be at least lvl 40 Blastoise with Surf.) Fly to Pallet Town, and surf down to Cinnabar. Make your way through the Mansion for the Secret Key for the Gym. Use Dugtrioís dig attack to let you out. Go to the gym. You can choose to answer a question correctly to skip the trainers. Blaine uses fire types, so use Blastoise against it. (Teach it surf for max damage.) Beat Blaine, and teach fire blast to Charizard and leave. Fly to Viridian. The Gym there is now open. Enter and find the Leader-- Giovanni. He uses Ground types, so use grass/water/psychic to win.
After this, go back to where you entered the cave, except this time surf on the water. You end up at a power plant. Explore all the rooms. One has the TM for Thunder. Teach it to Pikachu, then use dig.  
	Go back to where you caught mankey (it should be lvl 54 Primeape) and go past the grass. Your rival challenges you again. Win, then go to the big building (you canít miss it!!!) Make your way through, and youíll see a cave (Blastoise needs to know Strength). Get through the cave (youíll need at least 30 mins-2 hrs, depending on how well you can find out how to get the boulders on the switches. Youíll soon get to the exit. Proceed up to the pokemon league, and buy lots of revives, Max potions, full restores and full heals inside. Heal your pokemon at the center. Proceed up and youíre in the pokemon league!!!
Winning team recommendation-- 
Pikachu- Lvl 56 
Blastoise- Lvl 56
Hydro Pump
<Any move>
Charizard lvl 57
Fire Spin
Fire Blast
<Any move>
<Any two powder moves>
Primeape- lvl 55
Mega punch
Mega Kick
<Any move>
Dugtrio- lvl 58
<Any move>
Dewgong-Lvl 53
Cloyster-lvl 53
Slowbro-lvl 54
Jynx-lvl 56
Lapras-lvl 56
Preferred pokemon- Pikachu!!!
Onix-lvl 53
Hitmonchan- lvl 55
Hitmonlee- lvl 55
Onix- lvl 56
Machamp- lvl 57
Preferred pokemon- Blastoise/Butterfree
Gengar- lvl 56
Goldbat- lvl 56 or 57
Haunter- lvl 55
Arbok-lvl 58
Gengar- lvl 60
Preferred pokemon- Butterfree (Psychic attacks only)
Gyarados-lvl 53-58 (canít remember)
Two Dragonairs- lvl 56
Aerodactyl -lvl 60
Dragonite- lvl 62
Preferred pokemon- Blastoise (ice attacks)/Pikachu
Your rival
Sandslash- lvl 61 Ė use Blastoise-surf/hydro pump
Closyter- lvl 63- use Pikachu- thunder/thunderbolt
Magneton- lvl 63- use Dugtrio- earthquake
Executor- Lvl 61 or 63- Use Charizard-fire blast
Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon- lvl 65- Pikachu for Vaporeon, Blastoise for Flareon and Dugtrio for Jolteon
Alakazam- lvl 59- any non-ground pokemon