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Pokémon Hub
Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition Pack Shot

Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition

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Everything!!! cheat for Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition


Buy Master Balls For Free 01017CCF
All Pokemon On Your Team Look Like Mew, In Battle 0115d8cf
Make Your Opponent Pokemon Burn and Sleep 0115e8cf
Catch Wild Articuno 014ad7cf
Catch Wild Zapdos 014bd7cf
Catch WIld Motres 0149d7cf
Catch Wild Dratini 0158d7cf
Catch Wild Dragonair 0159d7cf
Catch Wild Dragonite 0142d7cf
Catch Wild Mewtwo 0183d7cf
Catch Wild Mew 0115d7cf
Catch a Pokemon at Level 5 010526d1
Catch a Pokemon at Level 10 010a26d1
Catch a Pokemon at Level 15 010f26d1
Catch a Pokemon level 20 011426D1
Catch a Pokemon level 25 011926D1
Catch a Pokemon level 30 011E26D1
Catch a Pokemon level 35 012326D1
Catch a Pokemon level 40 012826D1
Catch a Pokemon level 45 012D26D1
Catch a Pokemon level 50 013226D1
Catch a Pokemon level 75 014B26D1
Catch a Pokemon level 100 016426D1
Catch a Pokemon level 150 019626D1
Catch a Pokemon level 190 01BE26D1
Catch Wild Gyarados 0116d7cf
Catch Wild Lapras 0113d7cf
Catch Wild Ditto 014cd7cf
Catch Wild Eevee 0166d7cf
Catch Wild Vaporeon 0169d7cf
Catch Wild Jolteon 0168d7cf
Catch Wild Flareon 0167d7cf
Catch Wild Porygon 01aad7cf
Catch Wild Omanytle 0162d7cf
Catch Wild Omanyte 0162d7cf
Catch Wild Omastar 0163d7cf
Catch Wild Majikarp 0185d7cf
Catch WIld Kabuto 015ad7cf
Catch Wild Kabutops 015bd7cf
Catch Wild Aerodactyl 01abd7cf
Catch WIld Snorlax 0184d7cf
Catch Wild Hitmonlee 012bd7cf
Catch Wild Hitmonchan 012cd7cf
Marowak 0191d7cf
Catch Wild Lickitung 010bd7cf
Catch WIld Koffing 0137d7cf
Catch WIld Weezing 018fd7cf
Catch Wild Rhyhorn 0112d7cf
Catch Wild Rhydon 0101d7cf
Catch Wild Chansey 0128d7cf
Catch Wild Tangela 011ed7cf
Catch Wild Kangaskhan 0102d7cf
Catch Wild Horsea 015cd7cf
Catch Wild Seadra 015dd7cf
Catch Wild Goldeen 019dd7cf
Catch Wild Seaking 019ed7cf
Catch Wild Staru 011bd7cf
Catch Wild Starmie 0198d7cf
Catch Wild Mr. Mime 012ad7cf
Catch Wild Scyther 011ad7cf
Catch WIld Jynx 0148d7cf
Catch Wild Electabuzz 0135d7cf
Catch WIld Magmar 0133d7cf
Catch Wild Magmar 0133d7cf
Catch Wild Pinsir 011dd7cf
Catch Wild Tauros 013cd7cf
Catch Wild Seel 013ad7cf
Catch Wild Drowzee 0130d7cf
Catch Wild Dewgong 0178d7cf
Catch Wild Grimer 010dd7cf
Catch Wild Muk 0188d7cf
Catch Wild Shellder 0117d7cf
Catch Wild Cloyster 018bd7cf
Catch Wild Gastly 0119d7cf
Catch Wild Haunter 0193d7cf
Catch Wild Krabby 014edd7cf
Catch Wild Gengar 010ed7cf
Catch Wild Onix 0122d7cf
Catch Wild Hypno 0181d7cf
Catch Wild Kinger 018ad7cf
Catch Wild Voltorb 0106d7cf
Catch WIld Electrode 018dd7cf
Catch Wild Exeggcute 010cd7cf
Catch WIld Exeggutor 010ad7cf
Catch Wild Cubone 0111d7cf
Catch Wild Slowbro 0108d7cf
Catch Wild Magnemite 01add7cf
Catch Wild Magneton 0136d7cf
Catch Wild Farfetch'd 0140d7cf
Catch Wild Doduo 0146d7cf
Catch Wild Dodrio 0174d7cf
Catch Wild Slowpoke 0125d7cf
Catch Wild Primeape 0175d7cf
Catch Wild Growlithe 0121d7cf
Catch Wild Arcanine 0114d7cf
Catch Wild Poliwag 0147d7cf
Catch Wild Poliwhirl 016ed7cf
Catch Wild Poliwrath 016fd7cf
Catch Wild Abra 0194d7cf
Catch Wild Kadabra 0126d7cf
Catch Wild Alakazam 0195d7cf
Catch Wild Machop 016ad7cf
Catch Wild Machoke 0129d7cf
Catch Wild Machamp 017ed7cf
Catch Wild Bellsprout 01bcd7cf
Catch Wild Weepinbell 01bdd7cf
Catch Wild Victreebell 01bed7cf
Catch Wild Mankey 0139d7cf
Catch Wild Tentacool 0118d7cf
Catch Wild Tentacruel 019bd7cf
Catch Wild Geodude 01a9d7cf
Catch Wild Graveler 0127d7cf
Catch Wild Golem 0131d7cf
Catch Wild Ponyta 01a3d7cf
Catch Wild Rapidash 01a4d7cf
Catch Wild Parasect 012ed7cf
Catch Wild Venonat 0141d7cf
Catch Wild Venamoth 0177d7cf
Catch Wild Diglett 013bd7cf
Catch Wild Dugtrio 0176d7cf
Catch Wild Meowth 014dd7cf
Catch Wild Persian 0190d7cf
Catch Wild Psyduck 012fd7cf
Catch Wild Golduck 0180d7cf
Catch Wild Vulpix 0152d7cf
Catch Wild Ninetales 0153d7cf
Catch Wild Jigglypuff 0164d7cf
Catch WIld Wigglypuff 0165d7cf
Catch Wild Zubat 016bd7cf
Catch Wild Golbat 0182d7cf
Catch Wild Oddish 01b9d7cf
Catch Wild Gloom 01bad7cf
Catch Wild Vileplume 01bbd7cf
Catch Wild Paras 016dd7cf
Catch Wild Clefable 018ed7cf
Catch Wild Butterfree 017dd7cf
Catch Wild Weedle 0170d7cf
Catch Wild Kakuna 0171d7cf
Catch Wild Beedrill 0172d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgey 0124d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgeotto 0196d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgeot 0197d7cf
Catch Wild Rattata 01a5d7cf
Catch Wild Raticate 01a6d7cf
Catch Wild Spearow 0105d7cf
Catch Wild Fearow 0123d7cf
Catch Wild Ekans 016cd7cf
Catch Wild Arbok 012dd7cf
Catch Wild Pikachu 0154d7cf
Catch Wild Raichu 0155d7cf
Catch Wild Sandshrew 0160d7cf
Catch Wild Sandslash 0161d7cf
Catch Wild Nidoran 010fd7cf
Catch Wild Nidorina 01a8d7cf
Catch Wild NidoQueen 0110d7cf
Catch Wild Nidoran (male) 0103d7cf
Caych Wild Nidorino (male) 01a7d7cf
Catch Wild NidoKing 0107d7cf
Catch Wild Clefairy 0104d7cf
Surfing Pikachu Unlock Sufing Pikachu without having to use Pokemon Stadium. Be sure to place Pikachu in the first position 013972d1
Catch Wild Bulbasaur 0199d7cf
Catch Wild Ivysaur 0109d7cf
Catch Wild Venusaur 019ad7cf
Catch Wild Charmander 01b0d7cf
Catch Wid Charmeleon 01b2d7cf
Catch Wild Charizard 01b4d7cf
Catch Wild Squirtle 01b1d7cf
Catch Wild Wartortle 01b3d7cf
Catch Wild Blastoise 011cd7cf
Catch Wild Caterpie 017bd7cf
Catch Wild Metapod 017cd7cf
Flying Pikachu with Balloons 013f99d4
Surfing Pikachu 013973d1
Start with a Charizard 01B41ED1
Infinite PP (4th Position) 01282fd0
Enemy Can't Attack and Burned at Beginning of Match 0170e8cf
Infinite Money 019946d3
Have All Badges 01ff55d3
Protect Status 010017d0
Never Miss and Have More Criticals 01ffd5cf
No Random Battles 01033bd1
Infinite Casino Coins 0199a3d5
Infinite Time (Safari Zone) 01f00dd7
Infinite Safari Balls 016446da
Float On Air 010a13d7
Pacific Pikachu 013972d1
Infinite HP(in Battle) 01ff15do
Infinite PP (1st Position) 01282cd0
Infinite PP (2nd Position) 01282dd0
Infinite PP (3rd Position) 01282ed0

This code requires GameShark v3.0. Note: Do not use Rare Candy with this code.
Garvice hattox
Unlimited money:
Buy anything from Pokemart:
First slot:
Second slot:
Third slot:
Fourth slot:
Use one of the following values.
01: Master Ball ($0)
02: Ultra Ball ($1200)
03: Great Ball ($200)
04: Pokéball ($200)
0A: Moon Stone ($0)
0B: Antidote ($100)
0C: Burn Heal ($250)
0D: Ice Heal ($250)
0E: Awakening ($200)
0F: Parlyze Heal ($200)
10 : Full Restore ($3000)
11: Max Potion ($2500)
12: Hyper Potion ($1500)
13: Super Potion ($700)
14: Potion ($300)
1D: Escape Rope ($550)
1E: Repel ($350)
20 : Fire Stone ($2100)
21: Thunderstone ($2100)
22: Waterstone ($2100)
23: HP up ($9800)
24: Protein ($9800)
25: Iron ($9800)
26: Carbos ($9800)
27: Calcium ($9800)
28: Rare Candy ($4800)
2E: X Accuracy ($950)
2F: Leaf Stone ($2100)
31: Nugget ($10000)
32: PP up ($9800)
33: PokéDoll ($1000)
34: Full Heal ($600)
35: Revive ($1500)
36: Max Revive ($4000)
37: Guard Spec ($700)
38: Super Repel ($500)
30: Max Repel ($700)
3A: Dire Hit ($650)
3B: Coin ($10)
3C: Fresh Water ($200)
3D: Soda Pop ($300)
3E: Lemonade ($350)
41: X Attack ($500)
42: X Defend ($550)
43: X Speed ($350)
44: X Special ($350)
4B: Exp. All ($0)
4F: PP Up ($0)
50: Ether ($0)
51: Max Ether ($0)
52: Elixer ($0)
53: Max Elixer ($0)
All codes above from Stuart Edmunds.
HM and TM:
Second slot:
Third slot:
Fourth slot:
Use one of the following values.
C4: HM01 Cut
C5: HM02 Fly
C6: HM03 Surf
C7: HM04 Strength
C8: HM05 Flash
C9: TM01 Mega Punch
CA: TM02 Razor Wind
CB: TM03 Swords Dance
CC: TM04 Whirlwind
CD: TM05 Mega Kick
CE: TM06 Toxic
CF: TM07 Horn Drill
D0: TM08 Body Slam
D1: TM09 Take Down
D2: TM10 Double Edge
D3: TM11 Double Beam
D4: TM12 Watergun
D5: TM13 Ice Beam
D6: TM14 Blizzard
D7: TM15 Hyperbeam
D8: TM16 PayDay
D9: TM17 Submission
The: TM18 Counter
DB: TM19 Seismic Toss
DC: TM20 Rage
DD: TM21 Mega Drain
DE: TM22 Solar Beam
DF: TM23 Dragon Rage
E0: TM24 Thunderbolt
E1: TM25 Thunder
E2: TM26 Earthquake
E3: TM27 Fissure
E4: TM28 Dig
E5: TM29 Psychic
E6: TM30 Teleport
E7: TM31 Mimic
E8: TM32 Double Team
E9: TM33 Reflect
EA: TM34 Bide
EB: TM35 Metronome
EC: TM36 Self-Destruct
ED: TM37 Egg Bomb
EE: TM38 Fire Blast
EF: TM39 Swift
F0: TM40 Skull Blast
F1: TM41 Soft Boiled
F2: TM42 Dream Eater
F3: TM43 Sky Attack
F4: TM44 Rest
F5: TM45 Thunder Wave
F6: TM46 Psywave
F7: TM47 Exposion
F8: TM48 Rock Slide
F9: TM49 Tri-Attack
FA: TM50 Substitute
Stuart Edmunds
First move:
Second move:
Third move:
Fourth move:
47: Absorb
33: Acid
97: Acid Armor
61: Agility
85: Amnesia
3E: Aurora Beam
8C: Barrage
70: Barrier
57: Bide
14: Bind
2C: Bite
3B: Blizzard
22: Body Slam
7D: Bone Club
9B: Bonemerang
91: Bubble
3D: Bubblebeam
80: Clamp
04: Comet Punch
6D: Confuse Ray
5D: Confusion
84: Constrict
A0: Conversion
44: Counter
98: Crabhammer
0F: Cut
6F: Defense Curl
5B: Dig
32: Disable
92: Dizzy Punch
18: Double Kick
68: Double Team
26: Double-Edge
03: Doubleslap
52: Dragon Rage
8A: Dream Eater
41: Drill Peck
59: Earthquake
79: Egg Bomb
34: Ember
99: Explosion
7E: Fire Blast
07: Fire Punch
53: Fire Spin
5A: Fissure
35: Flamethrower
94: Flash
13: Fly
74: Focus Energy
1F: Fury Attack
9A: Fury Swipes
89: Glare
2D: Growl
4A: Growth
0C: Guillotine
10: Gust
6A: Harden
72: Haze
1D: Head Butt
88: Hi Jump Kick
1E: Horn Attack
20: Horn Drill
38: Hydro Pump
3F: Hyper Beam
9E: Hyper Fang
5F: Hypnosis
3A: Ice Beam
08: Ice Punch
1A: Jump Kick
02: Karate Chop
86: Kinesis
8D: Leech Life
49: Leech Seed
2B: Leer
7A: Lick
71: Light Screen
8E: Lovely Kiss
43: Low Kick
60: Meditate
48: Mega Drain
19: Mega Kick
05: Mega Punch
76: Metronome
66: Mimic
7B: Minimize
77: Mirror Move
36: Mist
65: Night Shade
06: Pay Day
40: Peck
50: Petal Dance
2A: Pin Missile
8B: Poison Gas
28: Poison Sting
4D: Poison Powder
01: Pound
3C: Psybeam
5E: Psychic
95: Psywave
62: Quick Attack
63: Rage
4B: Razor Leaf
0D: Razor Wind
69: Recover
73: Reflect
9C: Rest
2E: Roar
9D: Rock Slide
58: Rock Throw
1B: Rolling Kick
1C: Sand-Attack
0A: Scratch
67: Screech
45: Seismic Toss
78: Self Destruct
9F: Sharpen
2F: Sing
82: Skull Bash
8F: Sky Attack
15: Slam
A3: Slash
4F: Sleep Powder
7C: Sludge
7B: Smog
6C: Smokescreen
87: Softboiled
4C: Solar Beam
31: Sonicboom
83: Spike Cannon
96: Splash
93: Spore
17: Stomp
46: Strength
51: String Shot
A5: Struggle
4E: Stun Spore
42: Submission
4A: Substitute
2A: Super Fang
30: Supersonic
39: Surf
81: Swift
0E: Swords Dance
21: Tackle
27: Tail Whip
24: Take Down
64: Teleport
25: Thrash
57: Thunder
56: Thunder Wave
55: Thunderbolt
09: Thunderpunch
54: Thundershock
5C: Toxic
90: Transform
A1: Tri Attack
29: Twineedle
0B: Vicegrip
16: Vine Whip
37: Water Gun
7F: Waterfall
12: Whirlwind
11: Wing Attack
6E: Withdraw
23: Wrap
Unlimited HP( in battle):
Unlimited item in 1st position:
Harry Norton
Unlimited PP (1st position):
Unlimited PP (2nd position):
Unlimited PP (3rd position):
Unlimited PP (4th position):
Enemy can not attack and burn at beginning of match:
All Badges:
Protect status:
Never miss and have more criticals:
No random battles:
Unlimited casino coins:
Unlimited time (Safari Zone):
Unlimited Safari Balls:
Float on air:
Always biking:

Added by: Rise10
Jul 8th 2011, ID#5349


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12 comments, latest first.
Dec 1st 2015 Guest
i did this all gameshark codes
ID #630090
Jul 6th 2015 Guest
With these cheats and others I can do pokemon yellow in reverse
ID #580735
Apr 29th 2015 Guest
the cheats are very cool and useful: )
ID #549647
Jan 5th 2015 Guest
how and where should i to these cheats. is this nintendo or pc.
please help me
ID #496902
Dec 14th 2014 Guest
My mew transfrom in gengar
ID #484401
Nov 1st 2014 Guest
i typed the cheats but they have not worked
ID #466175
Jul 16th 2014 Guest
mew turned out to be missingno O_o
ID #419589
Feb 24th 2014 Guest
pano magdownload ng cheats
ID #358654
May 20th 2013 Guest
Steal trainer's pokemon?
ID #284222
Aug 14th 2012 Guest
if i put some code and save it (like d never miss and have more criticals) will it remain or will become normal again or will my save disappear when im saving it with codes???????
ID #175985
Apr 27th 2012 Gr8umbreon
By Code Name: Gr8umbreon

There is now a problem via codes with emulator gameshark, the codes must require more than 1 line of code, and will NOT reconize the 1 lined code
ID #137425
Feb 7th 2012 Guest
Dude where i get the gameshark
thing magigy
ID #112979
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