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Weapon Attachments

Latest update by Glaceon on Jan 7th 2013
There are many attachments in Black Ops 2 and some are exclusive based on weapon class. Primary Guns can have 2 (up to 3 with Primary Gunfighter) attachments and Secondaries can have 1 (up to 2 with Secondary Gunfighter) attachments. Here are the attachments and a brief description.


Reflex - Similar to the Red Dot sight. Grants significant accuracy and minor range boosts.

ACOG - Grants an accuracy and range boost. Has 1.5x magnification compared to other scopes.

ED Tech - Similar to the Holographic sight. Grants an accuracy and range boost. Clearer window of target but less peripheral vision than Reflex.

Hybrid - A red dot sight built ontop of an ACOG sight.

Dual Band - A thermal and night vision scope. Will spot enemies that don't have Cold Blooded perk in red.

MMS - Millimeter Scanner. Reduces accuracy slightly to allow you to scan enemies hiding behind cover up to 25 meters away.

Variable - Scope that can be toggled from standard to zoom with the left thumbstick.

Damage buffing attachments

FMJ - All bullets are encased in metal. Increases damage and penetration.

Long Barrel - Increases range and damage.

Ballistics CPU - Increases range and damage for sniper rifles.

Clip related attachments

Fast Mag - Increases reload speed.

Extended Mag - Increases maximum ammo per mag.

Accuracy boosting attachments

Foregrip - Decreases recoil when aiming down sights.

Stock - Increases movement speed while aiming down sights.

Quickdraw handle - Increases aiming down sights speed.
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