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Black Ops 2 Perks

Latest update by Glaceon on Jan 1st 2013
The perks in Black Ops 2 CANNOT go Pro. Instead if you want multiple perks you use a Wildcard. Here are the Perks with their descriptions. There are three sets or tiers of perks. Tiers I and II have 5 perks while Tier III has 6.

Tier I:

Lightweight - Allows you to move and run slightly faster than normal. Also you take no damage from falling.

Flak Jacket - Significantly reduces all explosive damage done to you.

Blind Eye - AI controlled killstreaks, such as Hunter-Killer drones and Escort Drones, can't detect you. This also applies if Dragonflies and A.G.R.s aren't player controlled.

Hardline - Reduces all points required for scorestreaks by roughly 15%.

Ghost - Prevents UAVs from seeing you IF MOVING.

Tier II:

Fast Hands - Switch weapons and use equipment faster. Resets fuse when throwing back a grenade.

Cold Blooded - Makes you 'invisible' to targeting systems like MMS and Dual Band, and prevents a red diamond from being seen around you with player controlled aircraft. Also, no name or crosshair when targeted.

Hard-wired - Prevents Counter UAV's from wiping your tacmap and prevents EMP from affecting your map or weapon. You still can't call in scorestreaks while EMP is in effect, though.

Toughness - Reduces your flinching when shot at.

Tier III:

Dexterity - Allows you to mantle and climb 50% faster. You can aim down the sights quicker after sprinting and use melee attacks quicker.

Extreme Conditioning - Doubles sprint duration.

Engineer - Same as Hacker on Black Ops. Shows enemy equipment in red and allows you to reroll or booby-trap care packages.

Dead Silence - Reduces noise from footsteps, falling, and calling out reloads, grenades, equipment, fallen ally, etc.

Tactical Mask - Greatly reduces effects of Flash bangs, Concussion grenades, and Shock Charges.

Awareness - Increases the sound of enemy footsteps by 400%.
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