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Zombie Army 4: Dead War Walkthrough

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Walkthrough for Zombie Army 4: Dead War

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Zombie Army 4: Dead War Walkthrough and Guide

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a third person shooter that is the sequel to Zombie Army Trilogy. The game takes place in 1946 where zombies still continue to plague Europe and the demonically powered Hitler has returned to continue his conquest. Your objective is to save humankind from undead Armageddon. Check out our Zombie Army 4: Dead War Walkthrough and Guide to get help in the game.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Walkthrough and Guide

Be Aware of your Health and Stamina

In Zombie Army 4: Dead War you need to make sure you are constantly aware of the status of your health and stamina and always ensure you have a supply of both. Health is needed to stay alive and it can be replenished with Medkits. Stamina refills over time and is required for sprinting, Empty Lung, melee attacks and Weapon Assists. Your Stamina is the blue bar that is at the bottom right of the screen and your Health is the red bar .

Pick Up Upgrade Kits

The most important collectible in Zombie Army 4: Dead War is the Upgrade Kits that are scattered around each of the chapters. This item allows you to upgrade your weapons so they are more proficient at dealing with the zombie hordes you inevitably encounter. Make sure you pick up these Upgrade Kits and use them to update your weapons when you get access to a Workbench.

Weapon Upgrade Priority

Although all the weapons in Zombie Army 4: Dead War can be upgraded with the use of a Workbench and some Upgrade Kits it is recommended that you prioritise the weapons that deal Elementary damage such as Electrical, Incendiary, or Divine so you are able to set zombies on fire or shock them. These types of weapons deal area damage making them effective for taking down hordes of zombies.

Always Equip the Second Chance Perk

The Second Chance Perk is unlocked from the start of Zombie Army 4: Dead War and when equipped will allow you to shoot zombies with your pistol after your health has reached zero. The Second Chance Perk basically allows you to return to the game and give you another chance to complete the level you failed earlier without the need of starting again from a previous checkpoint. The Second Chance Perk will replenish after you visit a safehouse or a checkpoint.

Complete Heroic Actions

In Zombie Army 4: Dead War you can earn some bonus rewards which includes extra XP by assisting the survivors you find that are in need of help. Protecting these survivors so they don't die is the only way that that you can get these useful rewards so be sure to keep an eye out for these bonus opportunities.

Save your Medkits

Regardless of how much health you have remaining using a Medikit will completely restore your health. You can only carry a very limited number of Medkits and they are not easy to find outside Safehouses or checkpoints so make sure you only use them to heal yourself when you are a hit or two away from death.

Explore Areas

In certain areas of Zombie Army 4: Dead War you will be able to roam freely once you have cleared the zombies. Make sure you thorougly search these maps when the opportunity arises as there is no telling what you may find. The aeas that continually spawn an endless horde of zombies you will have no other choice but to escape and leave the map as quickly as you can.

Melee Attacks

In Zombie Army 4: Dead War there are multiple melee attacks you can employ against the undead hordes to defeat them. Melee attacks play an important role in the game as you need to be proficient at them in order to survive. These attacks include landing powerful uppercuts and stomping on fallen zombies. The most powerful melee attack are the Melee Takedowns which will give you some health and ammo as well as kill the enemy you have targeted. If you already have full health you will be awarded some extra health. Check out our Melee Takedown Attacks guide to find out everything you need to know about these powerful attacks.

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