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Follow the dark path or use the light


by mast3r ch33f 93

my latest walkthrough...resident evil five,by me should know me by now...mast3r ch33f 93!

ok enjoy acing your ps3 version of this game...

BeginningIf you need any strategies or tips, please go here. It is important to know that, each time you finish a chapter, you will be able to Organize and Buy new weapons from the intermission screen. Make any final preparations, before moving on. Also, if it is you're first playthrough, then take time whenever you can, to scavenge the area for whatever items you can find. Make it a habit to investigate areas, even if they don't look safe. 

Chapter 1 - 1: Civilian CheckpointKirk radios Sheva and Chris to inform them that it is believed that there is a black market deal going down in Kijuju and that they should meet their lead Irving. Dechant and the other members of his Alpha team have already infiltrated the area and Chris, along with Sheva, are to be Team Alpha's back-up. They are told to meet with a man at the Butcher's shop so that they may acquire additional intel and weaponry. 

As you walk down the path in the village you notice that some of its residents are participating in rather violent behavior, it's okay though, because they're only beating up a sack. It's not as though it's a person or anything. 

You continue past the group of men as they stare at you because you are American... All of the sudden the street has emptied of residents, and all you can hear is a radio and a siren going off. Sheva looks around concerned, but you both continue on to the Butcher shop. As you enter, a man tells you to go around to the side door. In the shop, you talk to Reynard and you are told to check you weaponry as Uroboros are not just a myth after all. Apparently Irving is the only lead they have and being cautious is top priority. 

You regain control of your characters at this point. You head out of the shop and head down stairway to run into a flock of crows snacking on a carcass. You inspect it and notice that it's still warm...Head off into the side building, while checking the area for ammo in boxes. Head to the table and you find a deer. It appears as though it's being used in some kind of ritual... In the left corner you can check a piece of paper on the table with an odd message. Head out the back door off to the right corner while picking up an herb and some ammunition along the way. All of a sudden you hear a scream, rush to the building to investigate. 

Watch the cutscene. Sheva is caught in surprise while Chris makes note that these guys definitely don't seem like any of the zombies he's ever seen. Neutralize the lone target, and head on to the next room. When you jump out the window, and make your way around a path, you will trigger the onslaught of Majini's. Follow Sheva's advice and head into the the room. Scavenge what little items you can find, and make your way down below, and follow the linear underground path, climb upstairs, and exit the little shack. Follow the narrow path to the gate, to enter the next area. 

Make your way down the path, and make any preparations before heading into the house, doing so will trigger a cutscene. Poor Reynard, but you have more important things to worry about. Begin by pushing the shelves in front of the windows, to buy some time. Find all the items, you can in the house (destroy the fruit and open the drawer). Now be prepared to hold your ground, defeat any Majini that will be making their way into the house. If you survive long enough, a scene will be triggered where Majini will be breaking in from the roof, that is your cue to book it. Head outside, and deal with any Majini in your way. Wait for the Executioner to knock down the fence, and book it all the way to the giant gate. Turn right, to reveal a suitcase holding a Skorpion Vz.61 Machine Gun. Now you can enter all the houses, and salvage what items you can find, but be quick about it (one house contains hand grenades, while the other contains ammunition). Attempt to make your way to higher ground, as the Executioner can't reach those areas. Your main goal is to survive, until Kirk arrives, so try to play it safe if you can. If you are attempting at neutralizing the Executioner, then use the barrels, to your advantage, their littered all throughout the map. If you survive long enough, then Kirk will eventually radio you, telling you to seek cover. After watching the cutscene, the first chapter of Resident Evil 5 ends. 

Chapter 1 - 2: Public AssemblyFollow the linear path as Kirk continues to talk to you, until you reach a sturdy red gate. Kirk continues to radio you, indicating that the route is blocked. Ignore him and make your way into the house. Collect what little items you can find, and exit via the back door. As you exit, you will notice a half broken ladder, ignore it, and follow the path left. Neutralize the lone female Majini, and continue left down the narrow path. When you reach the end, perform the partner action with Sheva, to boost her to the upper regions of the area. Sheva will notify you that she has found the Old Building Key. Deal with any enemies that may be present, and make your way around the building by following the path, until you reach the other side of the fence. You will eventually reach a gate, where Chris and Sheva must perform a partner action. Once you enter, you will trigger a cutscene. Ignore the girl for a bit, and head to the building that has blue doors. Use the key that Sheva retrieved to enter the building. You will be treated to a new and shiny Ithaca M37 Shotgun, now you can deal with the girl in distress. Make your way up the stairs to trigger a cutscene. Eliminate the hostile girl (Warning: A parasite will appear regardless if you did not shoot her in the head.), use your shotgun to destroy the parasite. Deal with the remaining enemies and head out via the back door. Follow your map to the indicated location. 

Follow the linear path, until you reach a wooden ladder. When you're upstairs, follow the squared path until you reach a gap, jump across to find some treasure. Perform the partner action on the door, to trigger a cutscene. Ignore the deceased soldiers, and continue moving. Take the elevator down. Continue down the linear path, and ignore the indicated location, and keep going. You will eventually reach a room with canisters, apporach the deceased solider to pick up the Furnace Key. Now backtrack your way back to the indicated location to trigger a cutscene. 

Boss: Uruboros #1After watching the cutscene, you will be treated to your very first boss battle in Resident Evil 5. Don't bother shooting the Uruboros, but instead fall back, and proceed out of the narrow hallway, and into the large room. Begin by knocking down both gas canisters, and wait. As soon as the Uruboros enters the room, the gate will close, sealing you inside. If you lure the Uruboros to one of the gas canisters, it will consume it. Lure the Uruboros to the other canisters and shoot one of the canisters to stun the Uruboros, doing this allows you to shoot the bubbly mess that is exposed. When the Uruboros begins to recover, make a dash for the separate room. Wait for the Uruboros to enter the room, and proceed to shoot the bubbly things near the top of it's body. When the Uruboros is stunned, don't bother shooting it, but instead, exit the room, and head to the control panel, and activate the switch. The doors will close, and the Uruboros will be left to roast in the scorching fire. After the Uruboros has been incinerated, the doors will re-open. 

Back track your way back to the sealed door and use your key to open it, and continue down the path. Stock up on the briefcase of handgun ammunition, and take the elevator upward. After watching the cutscene, the chapter will come to an end. 

Chapter 2 - 1: Storage FacilityYou begin in the hanger from the previous cutscene, salvage whatever you can from the room, including the H&K MP5 Machine Gun. Use it, or give it to Sheva. And then exit the hanger. An advisable thing to do before entering the container maze, would be to open up your map. You will be in a shipyard if you haven't noticed by now, so get ready to be cramped into tight corners. When you first enter the the pathway of the containers, be careful as there is a trip wire, shoot at it to detonate it, also be aware of a Majini upon the containers. Keep going in a straight line, and be ready to detonate any trip wires. Keep advancing forward, until you encounter some four legged friends, the shotgun is the most efficient weapon in taking down these hellhounds. Disable the near by tripwire, and proceed forward. Climb up the ladder and go through the crate, until you are able to jump down. Proceed forward, until you reach a open area with a wrecked car. Equip your shotgun and take out the dogs. You will encounter an obese Majini, that are more resistant then the regular Majini, so be prepared to unload shotgun shells into him. There will be a pesky Majini hiding among the car wreckage, so don't forget to take him out as well. Perform the action with Sheva to heave the gate open, to enter the next area. 

You will be upon a large bridge, so be prepared to take out any opposition. Jumping the gap will trigger a cutscene, where a insane truck driver will be pacing towards you at unsafe speeds. Either take out the driver, or shoot one of the barrels, stay near the left hand side to avoid being hit by the truck. Take out the rest of the Majini, and proceed forward until you reach sturdy ground. Head inside the building and scavenge what you can, and make your way down the stairs and into the murky sewers. Equip your shotgun and take out the dogs that you encounter. Continue to follow the path, until you reach the door, which leads to the next area. 

Head straight, and turn left to grab a Sapphire, now head right. You will encounter what seems to be dead Majini's but you will soon encounter four flying parasites. Neutralize them, and shoot the lock of the door to proceed forward. Climb up the ladder, and proceed forward, grabbing the herb by the boat. Head down the stairs, and head towards the large blue doors. Shoot the lock off, and as you enter you will notice a skeleton hanging above. Shoot the shiny object, to reveal the Port Key. By now, you will have triggered a flood of Majini. Deal with any enemies you may encounter, and open up the sealed gate with the Port Key. Search the boat for a hand grenade, and eventually Kirk will arrive via helicopter and provide support. Make your way to the indicated location on the map, while obtaining what herbs and items are in your way. 

You will have now entered the area of Shanty Town (identical to the demo). Head to the bank of the house, and deal with the three enemies at the window, with your knife. Make your way through the house, and to the front. Take out the flying parasites as you make your way up the path. Perform the Partner Action to boost Sheva. Deal with the enemies below, while Sheva covers you from above. When you enter the house, be weary of some enemies that may be hiding. Take out the remaining enemies in the house, and pick the house clean of items (two hand grenades on the second floor). Before you perform the partner action with Sheva, don't forget the BSAA emblem on the top of the roof, behind you. Drop down below, and be prepared to cover Sheva from afar with your S75 Rifle (if you have one), until she reaches and unlocks the gate below. 

After Sheva has unlocked the gate, eliminate any remaining enemies in the area (try to keep the barrels intact), and salvage any items you can find before proceeding to the stairs. Doing so will, trigger a cutscene, and you will have to face off with a chainsaw Majini. A good method to take down this madman, would be to utilize the electric generator just near the base of the stairs, shoot it just before he comes down, to cause some damage. Also, lure him near the barrels, and detonate when in close proximity. Deal with any Majini, if necessary.Keep aiming at his head, and perform melee attacks, when stunned. Keep this up, and he will eventually fall. Approach his deceased body to retrieve the Guard Key. Eliminate any remaining Majini, and head back up the stairs, and unlock the gate with the Guard Key. Proceed forward and open the treasure chest to obtain some treasure. Go to the door, to enter the next area. 

Keep going straight, and perform the partner action to heave the gate aside. Get ready for an intense cutscene. When you see the motorcyclist Majini, leap with the chain, press the onscreen Action Button to dodge. Press the Action Button once more when reverted back to Sheva, to shoot the chain off. Press the indicated Action Button once more, when a pair of angry Majini motorcyclists charge at you. Finish the cutscene, and then another to end the chapter. 

Chapter 2 - 2: Train Station
Boss: Popokarimu

After watching the cutscene, make a dash for the surrounding path, and destroy the barrels to pick up a Proximity Bomb. This will be your main weapon against the Popokarimu. Place the bomb when it is near, and on the ground. Make a dash for it, and if done correctly, it will walk right into the imminent explosion, which will stun the beast. Begin by unloading whatever ammunition you have into the beast's exposed belly. When the Popokarimu recovers, make your way to the other set of barrels, and get some more Proximity Bombs. Again, set the bombs when its close and on the ground. When it has struck your bomb, lay waste to its exposed belly. Repeat, until a cutscene appears, then you will have defeated the Popokarimu. 

Chapter 2 - 3: SavannaBoss: Ndesu El GiganteAfter watch the cutscene, you will have to take on this gargantuan beast. The entire battle will take place from the back of the humvee, so all you have to worry about is shooting. (Try not to let your weapon overheat, shoot for a bit, and pause.) Try to maintain fire on its head, and during its attacks, revert your fire to its body part that is being utilized (When he is about to stomp, aim for his foot.). Shoot the red barrels when he is close enough, and doing so will trigger two parasites to protrude out. As Sheva exclaims, lay waste to the exposed parasites. Deal with any Majini, if necessary but try to focus your attention on Ndesu. After both parasites have been destroyed, Ndesu will fall to its knees, and a much larger parasite will protrude from its back; shoot it. After it has recovered, you will have to repeat the process. Now three parasites will appear, shoot at them till they are destroyed. The much larger parasite will re-appear once more, allowing you to lay waste to it. When the parasite has been obliterated, you have defeated Ndesu El Gigante. 

Chapter 3 - 1: MarshlandsChapter 3 - 2: Execution GroundsChapter 3 - 3: Oil Field - Drilling FacilitiesBoss: IrvingAfter watching the cutscene, begin by manning one of the available turrets (command Sheva to do the same). When Irving appears, he will have large protruding tentacles. Shoot at the pulsating bumps in the tentacles, when all are destroyed, the tentacles will disappear. The head will pop out, shoot at the pulsating bump on the head. Revert to new turrets when necessary to keep a close watch on Irving, and continue to shoot at any tentacles that may arise. Once again, you will have to repeat the process of shooting the pulsating bumps on his tentacles (Don't forget to dodge.) After the tentacles have been destroyed, the head will re-appear, continue shooting at the pulsating bump. Eventually, Irving will latch onto the back boat, make your way to the rear turrets, and proceed to shoot at the dangling tongue containing Irving. Next, switch your attention to his tentacles by aiming at the pulsating bumps, and continue to lay waste to Irving. Irving will eventually succumb to the damage. 

Chapter 4 - 1: CavesChapter 4 - 2: Worship AreaChapter 5 - 1: Underground GardenBoss: U8In the cutscene, when Chris aims his gun at the Giant Enemy Crab, prepare for a Quick Time Event before Chris and Sheva gets killed instantly by the Giant Crab. 

As the battle starts, shoot the Crab's open red wounds (or boils) on it's legs. When the Crab is down, go near the mouth and press the button prompt to toss in a grenade. Repeat the process again to break it's shell. Once that's done, shoot at the big red boils on it's head. Keep on doing this until the crab is dead. 

Occasionally, the U8 will spawn flying Plagas. You can kill them in order to get more ammo for your arsenal. If a cutscene shows the U8 is getting ready to attack you with it's claws, press the Quick Action button in order to dodge it before you're dead. 

Chapter 5 - 2: Experimental FacilityBoss: Uruboros #2Chapter 5 - 3: Uruboros Research FacilityBoss: Albert Wesker & Jill ValentineIn this fight, you and your partner need to last seven minutes (as said by Wesker himself). As soon as the battle starts, keep in mind that Wesker can dodge bullets, knife attacks, and grenades. So keep in mind that you have to keep on dodging his attacks and use the Quick Time to counter-attack. Jill Valentine will also be a nuisance since she will shoot you and punch you. After a few minutes of avoiding Wesker, a cutscene will play where Wesker will kick you into a maze-like room. Your best bet is to run around, breaking the pots and grabbing the items. When you find a room with a big white stone crate, you and your partner should open the crate in order to grab the L. Hawk. Now, keep on flanking Wesker from behind and shoot him in the back since you can net an achievement for this. You can't kill Jill or you will see the Game Over screen (keep in mind that she is under mind-control). After five or six minutes, a cutscene will play and you will now have to face Jill Valentine. 

Boss: Jill ValentineIn this fight, you need Chris to reason with Jill. When you (or Sheva) gets close to Jill, press the indicated button in order to reason with Jill Valentine. In the first part of the battle, Chris needs to reason with Jill twice until she can become stunned. When she's stunned, you or your partner must hold Jill and rapidly press the indicated button to hold her off. When Jill is temporally detained, you or your partner needs to carefully shoot the red mind-control device on her chest. As soon as you shoot the device, press the quick time button to throw her down. Do this same process the second time and a Tear Off prompt will show up as a Quick Action near Jill. Rapidly press the Quick Action button to do this. When Jill goes up to the second floor, aim carefully and shoot the device and she will come back down. As you keep on doing this process, Chris will have to reason with Jill more before she can be stunned. Once you tear off the device, the boss battle is over and Jill returns to normal. 

Chapter 6 - 1: Ship DeckChapter 6 - 2: Main DeckBoss: Excella GionneWhen Excella turns into a gigantic Uruboros, Chris and Sheva will have to make a dash for the boat. You will have to keep close watch for the cinematic action sequences, and be at the ready to press the indicated Action Button. 

Once you're outside, you can take your revenge on Excella for trying to kill you while you're inside the ship. Turn behind you and use the Bridge Keycard you found earlier. Grab the Stinger missile and head up the ladder. Drop the missile and beginn to shoot at all of the big orange boils. Also, grab any ammunition it may drop. Once a very verybig Orange Boil appears in the middle, use the stinger to shoot it (Lock on and then shoot). Try to dodge any of the creature's attacks. Repeat this process, until Excella is defeated. 

Chapter 6 - 3: Bridge DeckFinal Boss: Albert WeskerPhase 1As soon as the battle starts, head to the upper left corner and break open the glass case that contains an Rocket-Propelled-Grenade. After you or your partner takes the RPG, try to turn off all of the lights in the map by going to the lever that is next to the light and pulling it. After you have turned off all of the lights in the map, Wesker will say something about the inevitable. Wesker will go around and try to turn all of the lights back on. By this time, try to flank behind Wesker and shoot the RPG at him. While he is struggling with the RPG, shoot him. While he his stunned, you or your partner must hold him and inject him with the virus. If you or your partner fails to detain him, go up a ladder and break open a glass containing unlimited amounts of RPG ammo. Take the ammo and get the rocket launcher. If Wesker turned on some lights, be sure to turn it off. Repeat shooting him in the back with the RPG and trying to inject him with the virus to end the level. 

When Chris and Sheva are on the Airplane, be prepared for some Quick Time Events. After Wesker says "Uruboros will be released into the atmosphere ensuring complete global saturation," you have to press an Action Button before he impales Chris or Sheva with a deadly hand through the stomach. When Wesker aims a gun at Chris, and Sheva comes in to knife him, Wesker will go up onto a ceiling. Here he will aim a gun at Chris, you have to press a Action Button before he kills Chris. When Sheva knifes Wesker in the arm, he will start to choke Sheva and you will have to press another Action button before Wesker chokes her to death. When Chris goes for the override lever, you have to perform an action sequence at Wesker before he kills Chris. When Chris has a flashback about Jill, you have to preform a another action sequence before Sheva dies. 

Phase 2When the battle starts, fall back until a cutscene plays where you and your partner will become separated. As Wesker focuses on the 1st level, you need to keep shooting at him until a minor cutscene plays where his main weakness will be revealed. If you're up on the ledge, you need to snipe the orange boil on Wesker. If you're on the ground, you need to shoot the orange boil with whatever weapon you have. When you shoot Wesker in the back at least two times, another cutscene will play where Wesker will follow the player on the ledge. If you're on the ledge, fall back and cross the stone bridge. As soon as it breaks, you need to pull yourself up. If you're on the ground and Wesker is far away from you, equip the Sniper Rifle and shoot Wesker and dodge his attacks as soon as your partner has pulled himself/herself up. When the camera pans to the huge stone, you or your teammate will have to go to it and preform rapid button pressing in order to move the stone into the lava so your partner can get across to your position. A cutscene will play where Wesker will move himself up towards you, so no more running away from him. When Wesker puts his arm up to the air, go behind Wesker and shoot his orange boil. Move away from him so you won't get caught in his tentacle spin circle of doom. Another cutscene will show that you must attack his orange boil in the front now. Do so until his front side is blocked, so shoot his orange boil in the back. After a couple times, Wesker will do another of his tentacle spin circle of doom. After he is done, you or your partner must run behind him and restrain him. The restrainer must rapidly press buttons during the Quick Time to restrain Wesker and the other person must preform a Quick Time in order to knife Wesker in his Orange Boil. If this fails somehow, then you have to repeat the process again until it's done right. 

When Wesker pulls in the helicopter with his long tentacle, you have to press an Action Button before Wesker pulls the Helicopter into the lava. 

Watch the cutscene, and the credits. Congratulations! You have now beaten Resident Evil 5!