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by mast3r ch33f 93

hi guys welcome back to another devil may cry game walkthrough,by me mast3r ch33f 93.

i shall post the achievemnts as singles at the user submitted cheats page on supercheats

lets get started shall we...

section 0.1-walkthrough
section 0.2 -strategies
section 0.3-achievements

lets plug in that 360 and get playing

Mission 01: Birds of a Feather,The first section of Devil May Cry is in essence just a tutorial. The game will show you how to attack at long and short range, avoid gunfire, perform combos, and other moves. You'll then have to fight Dante. This fight is more of an introduction to combat than a real challenge. Use the skills you learned in the tutorial to defeat him (though just pounding away on him with your sword works well, too). ,
aim for s rank and get your first achievement!

now for mission 2,

Mission 02: La Porte De L'Enfer:

You'll encounter your first enemies at the start of this level. The demons move in pretty predictable patterns and are easily bested by grabbing them with the Buster and assailing them with sword slashes. Once you enter the building, head up the small set of stairs and do a kick jump off the wall to reach the nook. Here you'll find a gold orb. 

At the top of the stairs you'll encounter your first red barrier battle. You must defeat all of the enemies here to lift the barrier and proceed. Defeat the three demons and proceed into the Cathedral. 

Go to the center of the cathedral and examine the pedestal with the blue orb in it. You'll see a scene where you find the Evil Legacy. It will tell you about Grim Grips, which will instruct you to stand on the blue floor panel, and from there you can jump up to the balcony. 

There you'll find another blue floor panel that you can use to get across to the other side, where there is a door. It leads back to the Terrace/Business District. Use the grim grip there to jump across the courtyard. There you'll see a glowing post, with a note on it. Examine the note to learn about secret missions. This starts Secret Mission 01. 

Jump across the next gap and you'll encounter another red barrier. Defeat the pair of enemies here to continue. Move forward to a balcony. Jump off and go through the alley. Here, to your left you'll find a red statue you can destroy for red orbs. Jump on top of the roofs of the stalls in the alley to find a blue orb fragment. 

Continue on to Port Caerula. Use the grim grip to get to the other side of the docks. Then you can enter the Customs House. Kill the enemies here. Once they have been defeated you can attack the green mechanism on the wall with your sword which unlocks the seal at the top of the room. You can jump up there and use that door to exit the room. Outside, examine the terminal, which will lower the bridge. 

Go back through the Customs House and to the dock. Use the grip to jump get back to the side you started on, then attack the enemies you find there. Head behind the Customs House and you'll find a door you can go through to the First Mining Area. Use the grips to go up the wall and you'll see a shrine of sorts. This is a Combat Adjudicator. Examine it and it will ask you to "impress it with your skills." Strike it with several stylish combos to get a blue orb fragment. 

There is a divinity statute nearby. Here you can upgrade your skills. Go through the doors to the Ferrum Hills. Here you'll have your first boss battle.

make sure you are prepared if your playing on higher difficulties...


Berial ,
The first boss of the game is Berial. He is a giant flaming demon with four legs and sword. Wait until he swings his sword at you, then jump over it and attack the lower part of his body. Don't bother using your gun; it�s far too weak and you'll just be wasting time. If you get too far away from Berial he'll charge you; dodge to one side if he does this, then stay close for the remainder of the fight. Once you deal enough damage, the flames on his body will go out. Take your chance and use your Buster move on him to deal a lot of damage before he gets back up. 

After the fight, the red barrier will open and red orbs will spill out. Go through this door and proceed into the cave you see to end the level.

Mission 03: The White Wing:
There is a divinity statue at the beginning of this level. There is also a Vital Star S off to the left side of the main path, just before the gate that must be knocked down. Head along the mountain path and through the snow until you see the cut scene. Here you'll be attacked by two flying ice demons. Sometimes these demons will encase themselves in ice. While they are in the ice, they can heal themselves. Break the ice, so to speak, to prevent them from healing. Kill them both to open the red barrier. 

Next you'll meet up with Gloria. In the center of the hall you'll find a rested coffin, which reads: 

You do not have the power to destroy this rusted coffin. Only that which makes an impact will break it. 
You'll also find a device that you can't operate just yet. If you examine it, it reads: 

We are the Gyro Blades. If your power is what you desire, Anima Mercury is what we require. 
You must find the Anima Mercury (found later this level) to use the Gyro Blades to destroy the coffin. There is also a divinity statue here, where you can upgrade your abilities. Go through the door on first door on the west side leads to the torture hall. Kill the enemies here to open the red barrier. At the top of the stairs you'll find a rusted statue. You can't do anything with this pillar yet, but like the rusted coffin it will come up later in the game. 

Go through the doorway. Here you can use the grim grips to get to the other side of the room, but if you touch the spiked ceiling, you'll end up before the last red barrier and have to fight the demons there again before you can try again. The key to this section is to go from one grip to another as quickly as you can. You can rest on the ledges, but when you string together grip swings, do them quickly. If you try to swing across them slowly, you'll hit the roof and have to start over. You must also start your grip immediately after you start to jump. If you wait too long, you'll end up lower than the grip, and using it will shoot you into the spikes on the ceiling. Just hammer on the button when you're using the grips and you'll be fine. Successfully completing this room will take you outside to battle more flying ice demons. 

The next area is Foris Falls. Here you'll find a pillar with a globe on top. Later in the game you'll be able to extend this bridge, but for now go back to the building and use the other door to go inside. Go through the Central Courtyard where you'll have to battle more flying ice demons. This path will get you back to the main hall. 

Here, strike the blue mechanism to open the blue barrier. This will get you to the gallery. You'll have to fight another group of demons to open a red barrier. Remember that you can break objects in the room if you need health during the fight. The next room is the library. There is a divinity statue, and just beyond that is another red barrier battle. In the next room is a pillar where you'll find the Anima Mercury. Finding this object ends the level. 

mission 04,cold blooded:
Use your Buster to bring life to the Gyro Blade. Hit it with your sword to get the blades spinning, then knock it around the room to break the door down. Head through the gallery for another red barrier demon fight. Next head all the way back to the grand hall and bring the gyro blades to life. Use them to break open the coffin. This reveals a seal, but it can't be used yet. 

The red door on the east side leads to a large hall. At the north end of the hall is a seal that requires four gyros to be placed on the glowing circles on the floor. Two are already there. A third is behind a seal that requires you knock one of the gyros through it. You can also shoot the gyros down the hall to kill enemies you find there. Set the three gyros on the seals, then head to the southeast side of the hall. Go through the room with the red barrier battle and keep going. 

You'll come to a hall with fireballs that shoot down it. Push the gyro in front of you to block the flames. When you are close enough, shoot the gyro down the hall to destroy the flame machine. This reveals Secret Mission 02. 

Go through the door, defeat the enemies there. Then strike the blue mechanism to lower the gate. Push the final gyro blade down the hall and on to the fourth seal to unlock the barrier. This brings you to the next boss fight.

boss time....

Boss: BaelThis fight starts out with two female ghosts. They dance around in a rather provocative manner. Attack them and damage them as much as you can with the sword; the Buster won't be particularly useful here, so don't bother. 

The real boss will then attack. It's a large toad, and the two women were actually part of its antennae, like an angler fish. The boss presents itself by swallowing Nero, unless you're deft enough to roll out of the way (you may not be able to. however, you can use the Devil Trigger to get out). Don't bother with the buster until you've stunned him, like you did with Berial. Then, try to move around in front of him and use the Buster for a powerful attack where Nero will attack from inside. When he freezes himself, that means he's going to try to sallow Nero again. If he rears up, get read to roll out of the way of his charge or blasts of ice. If you can get behind him, or hop on his back, you can attack him for a long period without him reacting. The next best way to attack is repeated blows with your sword. Just watch out because he will freeze himself, then attack if you're in front of him. 

After the fight you'll receive the Rusalka Corpse. There is a door on the west side of the area; going through it will finish the level. 

mission 05:trisagoion:
The first enemies you find here are floating creatures. They can't be hurt until you perform a Snatch attack. This will remove their cloaks. You can then kill them normally. 

Secret Mission 03 is located under the stairs, before you enter the building. 

Inside you'll have to fight two white knights. Past that you'll find yourself back in the torture chamber. This time you're on the other side of the gate you couldn't open. Find the blue mechanism to Nero's left, which lowers a walkway. Then hit the gyro blade across the walkway to the rusted statue. When you destroy the statue, the floor gives way and you'll find yourself falling down a shaft. There are a bunch of red orbs you can pick up on the way down. At the bottom, you won't take fall damage. You will have to fight a few demons, though. 

Grab the Wing Talisman. You can now use the red seals like trampolines to get out of the shaft. If you miss a red seal, don't worry as Nero doesn't take fall damage. There is a room you can jump to along the wall with some red orbs in it if you want to take the time to stop. Once you jump up from the fifth seal, you'll see a cut scene where Nero jumps out of the shaft. 

The next room is a red barrier battle. After that, return to the Grand Hall and use the red seal to jump to the chandelier, which you should attack. This opens up a hole in the giant portrait on one end of the hall. You can then go through this opening. Fight your way into the Secret Lab, and you'll see a long cut scene. This scene ends the level.

misson 6 now....

mission 06:ressurection (wow cool title)

Jump down the pit. At the bottom is a combat adjudicator, but you can't use it yet. At the large seal, you'll encounter a red barrier battle against some land sharks. They are hard to hit with your sword, and your gun isn't doesn't do much damage against them. Use Snatch to grab them and yank them out of the floor, then use your sword. 

Next up is the Game Room. Here you'll see colored circles on the floor connected with white lines. There is a statue of Nero on one of the circles. You must guide the statue of Nero to the door. Hit the cube and it will display a random number. The Nero statue will then move forward that number that displays on the cube. However, you can cheat the cube. If you use the Buster move on it, it will land on whatever number is shown on top.If you do this correctly, you should NEVER have to be in a fight. Each color does something different: 

White: Nothing 
Yellow: Transports you to the adjacent yellow circle, be it ahead or behind. 
Blue: Fills the room with orbs 
Red: Sends lasers after you for 30 seconds, or gives you enemies to fight 

now its time for an annoying boss...

Boss Battle: AgnusNext up is the containment room. Here, after a cut scene, you'll have to fight more demons. These are flying demons that sometimes turn into swords that fly at you. You can grab them, then throw them at the window behind which Dr. Agnus is protected. They keep spawning until you'll break the window and end the battle. 

After a long cut scene, you'll get the Yamato, a powerful sword. Go through the door and hit the blue mechanism to extend a bridge. Past that is a red barrier battle, then another with a white knight. 

Secret Mission 04 in this area. 

Next up, another red barrier battle with four white knights, then a shaft. Use the red seals to jump up to the ledge above you. This hallway takes you back to the grand hall. When you go back out through the destroyed portrait, take one of the doors to the left or right to return to the central courtyard. Head all the way out to Foris Falls, where you can use the bridge you extended earlier. Cross the bridge and go through the tunnel to end the level. 

now lets get a change of scenery from supercheats to a forest choc-full of demons...

Mission 07: The She-ViperTake a moment to upgrade the Yamato Sword. You may want to buy some purple orbs, as these increase the duration of your devil trigger. On this forest map, seed pods hold orbs, so you'll want to destroy as many of them as you can. There's a red orb statue in the first area, so be sure to beat the snot out of it. Head forward to the Windswept Valley, noting the location of a Secret Mission along the way. 

Drop down the ledges to the floor of the valley and take the east path (the other two are currently blocked by sealed walls) past the fountain into the Ruined Church. Kill the enemies within to make the red barrier disappear. Bust through the windows to the west for some red orbs, then go upstairs and hit the blue devices to create some disappearing platforms. It's divided into five sections; check the adjacent map to see which platforms remain between the phases. If you fall, defeat the enemies to make a portal appear which will take you back to the start of the platforms. 

When you finally reach the other side, continue to the Lapis River. Cross the bridge in the center of the area and head south to find Secret Mission 05: Skyscraper. Head north next and defeat all the enemies to lower the red barrier in the southwest corner. Head through there to find a gyro blade. Knock it through the wall ahead and then through the next sealed wall around the corner. Head through the door there to the Ruined Valley. 

There you'll be chased by a large flying viper. Run away from it across the bridge, jumping over the seed pods when they block the path ahead. Continue to the Forgotten Ruins, defeat the combat adjudicator for a blue orb fragment, then proceed down the path past the divinity statue to the Den of the She-Viper. 

boss:she-viper part I:

This is a fast-moving and very difficult boss to defeat. It has a high tolerance to your weapons, and as such your sword slashes will take off only small chunks of damage. Forget about trying to hit her low; you'll want to grab onto her with Snatch and slash at her body whenever the dragon's "mouth" opens and reveals her true self. Her primary attack is a tail swipe that slashes across the screen; double-jump over it to avoid getting knocked off your feet. Sometimes she'll also release seed enemies, so be sure to kill them fast. As with Berial and Bael, if you do enough damage within a short enough amount of time, she'll be stunned. This only happens when she's buried herself in the ground, so take your opportunity then. You'll know she's stunned when she slumps over. When that happens, use something like Showdown or your Buster to deal some serious damage. You can also counter her with your Buster when whe's charging at you, but your timing must be really good. Just jump in the air and buster slightly before she hits you. 

After the battle you'll receive the Sephirothic Fruit. With this item you can kill the tangles of glowing red vines around these parts. Take out the one in the southwest corner of the arena and head out that way to end the level. 

well that freak of nature is dead now on to mission 08

mission 08:proffesion of faith(or something like that)

Head through the arch and down the path, kill the vines in your way, then continue to the Lapis River and take the northwest exit. Kill the enemies to break the red barrier, then proceed to the Windswept Valley, and back to the Ruined Church. Break the glass under the stairs to find some vines you can kill, then head through the door behind them to the Lost Woods. 

Read the plaque on the central statue to learn a clue about how to get out of these magical woods. Check the ground and see where the shadows are pointing; you want to take the path that places your shadow behind you, as if you were running into the sun. You must do this three times to reach the Forgotten Ruins (the directions are east, south, then north). Proceed to the Ancient Training Ground and past the divinity statue to the Gran Album Bridge, where you'll face your next boss. 

Boss: Angelo CredoCredo uses a defensive stance that can be easily broken with your Streak attack, which you can then follow up with a bevy of slashes and combos. He'll also throw his sword at you, so roll out of its way when you see him charging up to do this (if you're close enough, though, you can use the Buster to throw it back in his face). If he starts walking slowly toward you, use your Snatch skill on him, which will cause him to charge at you. Roll out of his way, then attack him from behind. Works every time. 

If you manage to get Yamato fully charged you can combine it with the Devil Bringer (Activate Yamato then Devil Bringer) when his defense is down to execute a powerful attack. 

After the battle, you'll receive the Aegis Shield, and the level will end. 

well i loved this battle so i guess my fellow supercheaters  will too
mission 9 time:

mission 9:for you (why the hell is it that title?)

This level begins with a red barrier battle where you fight two White Knights and a Gold Knight. 

Run into the Grand Hall and use the combat adjudicator. 

Go through the door on the far side and examine the red switch to see a cut scene. A door will open in the hall, but you'll have to avoid the red lasers that sweep the floor. Jump over them to get back across the hall. Go up the stairs to the key chamber. Here is another red barrier battle against a two white knights and a gold knight. Killing them will reveal a column that will give you the Cronus Key. You can use this on a Cronus Device to slow down your enemies or puzzles. If you see a Cronus device near a puzzle from now on, know that you'll have to use it to solve the puzzle. 

In the next room, hit the blue device to lower a cage into the center of the room. This cage will fill with enemies. Once you've killed them all, the cage rises like an elevator. 

In the next area, you'll see a Cronus Device. You'll need this to get past the lasers that are blocking your path. It takes nothing other than good timing to run past these lasers. 

The next elevator cage again has enemies that must be killed before it will move. At the top, you'll again see a Cronus Device and some lasers. Again use the device to get past the lasers. This will lead to a third elevator cage. This cage also fills with enemies just like the first two. 

At the top, you'll find a divinity statue, and then move forward to Agnus's room and the next boss battle.

i hated this boss as he was so �$%^&*() hard to beat but he has a weakness...

Boss Battle: Angelo AgnusThis battle is all about staying close and hitting Agnus with combo after combo. Destroy the cages near the room's walls to get health orbs during the battle. Avoid him when he starts spinning around with blades like a helicopter, then go back in to attack when the blades retract. Constantly grip onto him to stay close and repeatedly hammer the attack button to lay in hard. Late in the battle he'll perform a move that revives a small portion of his life, but he'll be so close to death by that point that a little more pounding will finish the job. As with previous bosses, if you can stun him, use your Buster. If you'r ein devil Trigger mode an use Buster, it will take down as much as 1/3 of his total health. 

If you're finding it difficult to stay close or do enough damage you can also throw the Gladius (swords) he summons back at him with the Devil Bringer (just like your previous encounter with his human form). With some practice this option can be effective but time consuming. 

Note: When Angelo Agnus readies his grab attack (usually at a distance) enough gunshots will cancel the move (he should say, "You threw off my calculations!"). If the attack still goes off, you can also cancel it by timing the Yamato very close to contact. If you're caught, use your Yamato to make him release his grip.

Mission 10: Wrapped in GloryGo through the door, and get in the cage elevator. The enemies here are immune to damage until you pull off their cloaks. You'll have to use several Snatches in a row to remove their cloaks. Once the cloaks are off, they are quite easy. On the other side hit the Cronus Device to slow time and get past the lasers, then hit the blue device to destroy the blue barrier. Use the Cronus Device again to get back across the lasers. 

You'll now have to head down to the bottom of this shaft. The fast way to go is to jump off the side of the elevator, and you'll land at the bottom. At the bottom, go through the door to the Key Chamber, then on to the Grand Hall. Exit on the south side of the hall and go across the newly extended bridge to the Security Corridor. Here you'll find a platforming puzzle. You must go down the hall, but jump over and run under the lasers that are slowly moving toward you. 

At the end and to the right you'll find Secret Mission 06. 

Next up you'll find a huge spinning screw machine. Jump down to the bottom of this shaft and you'll face a red barrier battle. You'll have to destroy the cloaked floating enemies here to continue. 

The barrier will lower to reveal a Cronus Device. Activate it to slow the giant screw. You will now have 40 seconds before it speeds up again. You must jump from each spinning platform blade and make your way up the machine. Don't go to top blade (which spins faster than the others). Instead jump from the second highest blade to the platform on the south side of the room. Next is a red barrier battle with two Gold Knights. You'll then find Secret Mission 07 across the hall from the Divinity Statue. The next door leads to the boss battle. 

Boss Battle: DanteUse Buster attacks, especially mid-air Buster attacks against Dante. These are the only attacks that will do any real damage. Another strategy that works well is to shoot at Dante, forcing him to shoot back. While doing this, approach him and execute a side roll when you're close enough. He should attack at about the same time, but since you rolled away, this leaves him open for a counterattack. Some moves with your sword will work, depending on how he attacks you, but using your Buster, as stated above, is probably the best option. 

Note that on the higher diffcuties Dante will tend to block off alot of your aerial and gorund buster attempts with a mid-air shotgun blast and a dash attack. 

There are a few green orbs in the furniture in this room you can use to heal up if you take too much damage. 

Mission 11: The Ninth CircleThis level begins in the Advent Chamber. On the south side of the room is a Combat Adjudicator. On the southeast coroner is a blue device. Hit it to make some grim grips appear. Use them to get to the upper ledge. Move quickly because they disappear after a moment. Next up is a red barrier battle against three cloaked floating demons. After that, examine the red device to summon the elevator. You'll then come to a gate with a plaque that says "Proceeding alone is strictly prohibited." You must use your Snatch skill to grab one of the demons through the gate and pull them onto the pressure plate. This will lower the gate and allow you to proceed. 

Head upstairs and use the grim grips to get across the gap. On the second grip, wait until you're below the grip, then launch yourself at an up angle toward the ledge. It will take you close enough to make the ledge with a double jump. If you fall you can jump up the wall to get back to your starting point. You'll come to a second, similar gap, so make your grips as before. Battle the white knight after that and hit the blue device to make more grim grips appear to get to the next level up.

Hit the red device to start a red barrier battle against three white knights and an even faster-moving knight. Defeating them summons an elevator one level below you. Drop down to it. There are some white knights you can fight there, or you can just jump onto the elevator. Ride it all the way up. It takes you to a huge statue, a cut scene, and a boss battle. 

Boss Battle: SanctusUse the Snatch move to get up to him, then break his shell with slashes. When he lands on the ground, unleash your best combos as quickly as you can, or simply use your Buster. When he starts gathering energy, back off. This means he's rebuilding his shell, and it will hurt you when it forms if you are nearby. After you've broken his shell a few times, you'll see a scene where he enters the giant statue. The giant statue will try to smash you with its fist, so you can roll out of its way at the last second to avoid the attack. Better yet, if you use your Buster move on it in mid-air right before it hits you, you'll counter the attack and Sanctus will go flying out. Alternatively, wait and Sanctus will then periodically come back out to continue the fight. This time around he shoots fireballs that roll on the ground. You can dodge them by jumping or rolling. Every now and then he'1l enter the giant statue and it will attack by slamming it's fist down on top of you again. Just roll away and wait for Sanctus to reappear or Buster it so you can finish sapping off his health. 

Once he's on the ground, one combo that works very well, especially on Human and Devil Hunter difficulties, is using Showdown and grabbing him before he's recovered. On Devil Hunter difficulty, this will easily drain half of his total health. 

now you get to play as badass dante yay!

Mission 12: A New BeginningYou're now playing as Dante. You'll have to choose new skills, but you get to keep the orbs you've collected, so you'll be able to afford new ones for Dante. 

You'll be going back through maps you've already seen before, so it'll be pretty hard to get lost. The level starts off with a fight against some minor demons. This is a good time to test out the combat differences between Dante and Nero. When they're dead, head north into the next room. You'll have to deal with three slightly harder enemies. Continue north. Go to the purple pillar and pick up the Wing Talisman, then ride the elevator down. 

When you get to the bottom, you'll have ten minutes to get out before the building collapses. Drop down, hit the blue switch, enter the elevator, defeat the enemies, ride the elevator up and proceed north into the next room. You'll then have a red barrier battle against some cloaked demons. When you were playing as Nero, you used the Snatch skill to remove their cloaks. As Dante, shoot them with your shotgun (switch guns with the L-Trigger) several times to remove their cloaks. You can then attack them normally. 

Examine the Cronus Device to stop the spinning screw and obtain the Cronus Key. Jump up the screw blades to the north exit. At the top is Secret mission 10 if you haven't done it already. Next, use the Cronus Device to slow time and make your way through the lasers. Keep heading north and you'll hit another red barrier battle against more white knights. When you get past this barrier the ten-minute timer will end. 

Keep heading north, past the bridge and over a long walkway. This will take you to the end of the level, where you'll see one of the stranger cut scenes of the game. dante eating pizza!

Mission 13: The Devil ReturnsHead north to the small balcony and jump off to the ground below. At the bottom you'll have a red barrier battle against some enemies. Defeat them, obviously. You'll encounter some purple clouds floating around the exits to some of the paths in this area. They transport you to different areas, though most just send you back to the Windswept Valley, as this one does here. Go through, then exit east to the Ancient Plaza. Go northeast to the Lapis River and jump off the bridge; you'll find a purple cloud underneath it. Go through and you'll end up outside the Ruined Church. Go inside to find a Battle Adjudicator for Dante. 

Go under the stairs and take the exit you find there to appear in the Lost Woods. There are demons you can fight, or you can just run away from them. To get out do the same thing you did last time: in each area run toward the sun so that your shadow falls behind you. You'll end up in the Forgotten Ruins. Go past the divinity statue to the Den of the She-Viper for a familiar boss battle. 

boss:she-viper part II

This is the same boss you fought as Nero in Mission 07, except this time you don't have Snatch to launch yourself up to her level. That means you'll have to jump up there on your own, which significantly slows this battle down on the offensive front. When you've taken off enough of her health, she'll turn yellow. At this point she'll fly around, then land for a few moments. That's your cue to combo the living snot out of her. She'll take flight again, but soon land, giving you another opportunity to finish her off. 

At the end of this battle you'll get the Gilgamesh weapon, which allows you to perform fisticuff attacks, as well as punch through certain barriers. Exit to the southwest to end the level. 

Mission 14: Forest of RuinIn the area you'll see some demons that pop out the ground, as indicated by glowing blue circles of light. If you stand too long on the open ground, they will appear below you, although they don't appear if you're standing on something else, like boards, boxes or stairs. Keep moving to avoid them. They appear when you're just walking around, but the real problem comes when they appear and you're fighting other demons. If they catch you, you'll be transported to the Runed Lowlands where you'll have to fight a red barrier battle in order to escape. 

Run through the first area, watching for ground demons. In the next area is a red barrier battle. You must defeat the normal demons, but you don't have to kill the ones that pop out of the ground. At the river you'll have to fight some cloaked demons. Keep moving to avoid the ground demons. Exit to the northwest to the Ancient Plaza where you'll have another red barrier battle. Exit southwest to the Windswept Valley. There is another red barrier battle here. The main challenge here is the ground demons, which appear far more frequently. Just keep moving and attacking the demons, and jump if one of the ground demons appears below you. 

After the battle, go to the west side and jump up the cliff. At the top is a red orb statue. Just past that, inside the small structure near the hollow log is Secret Mission 08. Cross back over the bridge at Foris Falls to end the level. 

Mission 15: Fortuna CastleYou'll see a combat adjudicator at the start of this level, so bash it up good for the usual rewards. Next is a red barrier battle against and Electric Knight. It's electrified through most of the fight, so keep shooting it with your guns until it loses its charge, then go in with melee attacks for the kill. When it's dead, carve a path through the Grand Hall, the Gallery, Library, and the Large Hall, noting the location of Secret Mission 09 on the way. You'll have to fight a red barrier battle there in the Large Hall. Continue through the Dining Room, a different section of the Large Hall, the Torture Chamber and on to the Spiral Well. Jump down and use the blue device to make the blue seal activate. Jump on it and it will transport you to a level above where you started. 

time for another familiar boss!

Boss Battle: Dagon,This is the same boss (Bael) that you fought as Nero in Mission 4. Use the same tactics: run to the side of him and attack his flanks or back. Don't even bother attacking him from the front: the sides and back will keep you safe for the duration of the fight. 

After the battle, you'll get the Pandora. Drop down in the Underground Laboratory to end the level. 

Mission 16: From the Underground Laboratory, head into R&D Access. The area will fill with poison that slowly shears away your health until you manage to get away from it. So make haste! You'll have a red barrier battle with those shark-like enemies. Since you don't have the Snatch skill to yank them out of the ground, just use the Stinger attack on them when they get close. Continue to the Game Room, then on to the Containment Room for another red barrier battle. Next up is the Foris Falls, where you'll get a brief reprieve from the poison. 

But back inside in the Angel Creation, the poison will return! Defeat the enemies in the first section of this room to clear the red barrier, then head upstairs and drop down the other side to instigate another red barrier battle. Kill the knights, then exit to the south to another part of the Underground Laboratory, where the poison stops for good. Bounce up to the top of the room on the red trampolines, then enter the Grand Hall. Head out through the front doors to the Fortuna Castle Gate, where you'll have to face off against a pack of fire dogs in a red barrier battle. Continue your journey south after they're dead to the Second Mining Area. Once you exit that, you'll have yet another fight against a boss you've faced before. 

Boss: Berial, Part 2He's even easier this time than he was before! All you have to do to defeat Berial now is to hold down the Right Shoulder Button and hammer on your melee attack button. Stay right up against Berial through the fight and lay in with combo after combo. Berial will shoot a few flames your way every now and then, but he won't last longer than a minute if you continually beat him into submission. 

After the battle you'll obtain the Lucifer weapon. Exit south to end the level. 

Mission 17: Adagio for StringsFrom the First Mining Area, head to Port Caerula for a red barrier battle with some demons and knights, then head south to the Residential District for another red barrier fight. Be sure to slice up the red orb statue here before moving on to the Business District/Terrace. There you'll face a red barrier battle with a massive amount of enemies to defeat. When they're all dead, proceed to the Opera House Plaza for yet another red barrier battle, then head past the Divinity Statue into the Opera House for a boss fight. 

Boss: Angelo Agnus, Part 2Like Dagon and Berial, this will be a mash-fest. Use Dante's Stinger attack to get close to Agnus and then unleash a fury of combo attacks. At times Agnus will grab you and drain some of your health away. You can see this move coming when he starts charging up for it; just hit him repeatedly during the charge-up phase to cut the move off. 

Afterward, head in the glowing circle and ride the elevator down to end the level. 

Mission 18: The Destroyer:
You'll start this mission by receiving the Yamato Sword, which is activated by choosing the same fighting style twice in a row on the D-pad. 

Boss: SaviorSee that giant statue there in the distance? Yeah, that's what you're fighting. There are nine blue gems on his body (two on his wrists, two on his upper arms, two on his shins, one on his chest, one on his forehead, and one on his back) that you have to destroy, and to do that you'll need to warp around this huge area to reach each gem. As you're flying around, look for the standard blue devices; these will trigger cannons that fire lasers at the Savior, knocking him unconscious for awhile. During these times, look for the closest gems and attack them until they shatter. They may seem out of reach at times, but they will often be susceptible to damage with your shotgun. At times you can run up his arms to get the two on each one and other times his legs will be accessible, so look for those opportunities. When his face gets close, strike or shoot it to make him fall backwards; do this enough times to destroy the gem on his back if you haven't already. The final one on his chest can be destroyed by getting on the highest platform and waiting for it to pass by as Savior rises up. Slash at it first, then as he moves away, shoot it with your gun until it's destroyed. Pandora's regular ground attack will usually destroy any of the gems in one hit, so if it's just out of range, use that. 

Mission 19: The SuccessorIn this section you'll be playing as Nero again. This is a large, five-level game room, similar to the one you passed in Mission 06. The objective here is to hit the die and land on the purple circle. If you pass the purple circle you'll have to roll again and go around the ring of circles until you land on it. When you do land on the purple circle, you'll go up a level, but you'll have to pass a red barrier fight first. If you land on the yellow circle you'll be automatically transported to the purple circle. 

Here are the battles you'll face after each level: 

Level 1: Four white knights and a gold knight. 
Level 2: Berial, who was the first boss of the game. Defeat him like you always have. 
Level 3: Dagon, the Toad Boss. You've faced him before in Missions 04 and 15. Just hammer away at him from the sides for an easy victory. 
Level 4: Echidna (aka the She-Viper). The tactics remain the same: dodge her attacks when she is flying. When she lands, target her and use Snatch to get close and unleash combos. 
Level 5: Angelo Agnus. Take him out same as before, just hammering away at him with the Streak attack. If he starts to charge up his life-stealing attack, be sure to Buster him and attack him to cut it short. 
Now go up the stairs and slice through the barrier there to end the level. 

Mission 20: La Vita NuovaAnd here they are, the final battles of the game. After the cut scenes you'll be controlling Nero in a showdown with Sanctus one more time. Hopefully you've purchased some healing items and/or Gold Orbs; chances are you'll need them, particularly on Devil Hunter difficulty. 

Boss: Sanctus DiabolicaThis fight against Sanctus will be similar to your previous battle with him, only much, much more difficult. As before, you need to shatter his protective shell and slash at him when he falls to the ground. Getting that to happen, though, can be a chore. To get things started, use Snatch to grip onto him or his two yellow orbs, then slash out with your weapon to break his shield. That's the easy part. Now comes the real challenge. Sanctus is going to try to regenerate his shield, and you must not let him do that. Sanctus will move a little if you launch to him, so sometimes better to not lock on at this point and just jump up to him and attack. Listen for Sanctus to call out "Burn", then keep rolling away, because fireballs will be coming your way. Once they've passed, quickly grip onto him and slash at him repeatedly with combos, particularly when he starts emitting red light. That's a sign that he's trying to regenerate his shell, so make sure you keep attacking during this part to throw a monkey wrench into his plan. You can also jump up to him during this phase and perform a Buster attack to break his concentration, leaving him open to attack. He should fall to the ground at that point, meaning it's time to show him the sharp edge of your blade. Keep up this strategy until you've shaved off about two-thirds of his health. At that point Sanctus will repeatedly try to stab you with his sword while saying "Witness the true power of the sword!". Roll out of the way of these attacks until they stop, then quickly jump over to him and slash him with your sword to make him drop to the grounds sans a new shield. Pound him into submission at that point and his health should drop to a satisfying zero or if you can time correctly you can buster him as he charges at you with his sword it needs to be the exact moment that the sword touches you if not you will be hit as usual.Activating Yamato at the exact time during that moment will stun him allowing you to do somemore combos or a stronger buster. 

More cut scenes will ensue after the fight with Sanctus, after which you will face your final challenge of the game: another battle with the giant animate statue, Savior. 

Final Boss: False SaviorFalse Savior will be trying to pound you into a slimy paste on the ground, but here's how you can prevent him from doing that: When he slams down his right hand, roll out of the way at the last second and use your Buster to knock the hand back. He'll then retaliate by swinging his left hand across the screen at you. It may take a few tries to learn the timing, but what you need to do here is strike the hand with the Buster just as it reaches you. Doing so will send the False Savior for a loop, causing his head to drop down. Attack with the Buster to destroy it once and for all. 

Congratulations! You have just beat Devil May Cry 4. As the credits begin to roll, you'll be able to control Nero in a little game of "Protect the Girlfriend from the Nasty Demons." Doing so is entirely optional, but if you manage to fight back the Scarecrow demons for 90 seconds, you'll get an extra (and ludicrous) cut scene at the end of the credits. 

now time for the achievements:

Achievement Gamerscore Description 
A Comfortable Pace 10 Clear mission 11 in Human Mode 
A Cut Above 30 Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode with an S ranking 
A Stunning Feat 40 Clear all Missions in Son of Sparda Mode with an S Ranking 
A Throne of Glory 50 Clear all Game Modes 
All Bow Before You 40 Clear All Missions in Dante Must Die Mode 
Bat Out of Hell 10 Extend the Devil Trigger Gauge to maximum capacity 
Brimming with Pride 20 Acquire 100,000 Proud Souls 
Covered in Blood 40 Clear All Bloody Palace Mode stages 
Done and Done 20 Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode 
Easier Said Than Done 10 Clear Mission 11 in Dante Must Die Mode 
Easy Does It 10 Clear all missions in Human Mode 
Filled with Pride 10 Acquire 10,000 Proud Souls 
Half Way There 10 Clear mission 11 in Devil Hunter Mode 
Hardly A Simple Task 30 Clear All Missions in Son of Sparda Mode 
Item Collector 50 Acquire a maximum number of all items 
King of the Palace 50 Clear All Bloody Palace stages with an S Ranking 
Legendary Devil Hunter 50 Defeat a total of 10,000 enemies 
Modus Vivendi 10 Extend the Vitality Gauge to maximum capacity 
Never Say Die 50 Clear all Missions in Dante Must Die Mode with an S Ranking 
Nothing Left Unsaid 10 Clear all Secret Missions 
Proud Millionaire 40 Acquire 1,000,000 Proud Souls 
Red Orb Millionaire 40 Acquire 1,000,000 Red Orbs 
River of Red 10 Acquire 10,000 Red Orbs 
Rock and a Hard Place 10 Clear Mission 11 in Son of Sparda Mode 
Rookie Devil Hunter 10 Defeat a total of 100 enemies 
Simply Spectacular 10 Complete a mission with an S ranking 
Skill Collector - Dante 50 Acquire all of Dante's skills 
Skill Collector - Nero 50 Acquire all of Nero's skills 
Skilled Devil Hunter 30 Defeat a total of 1,000 enemies 
Smokin' Sick Style!!! 10 Complete a Stylish Rank SSS combo 
Smokin' Style!! 10 Complete a Stylish Rank SS combo 
Smokin'! 10 Complete a Stylish Rank S combo 
Speak of the Devil 20 Clear the game with Dante 
Step into the Light 10 Clear All Missions in Heaven or Hell Mode 
The Best of the Rest 20 Clear all missions in Human Mode with an S ranking 
The Eight Circle 10 Clear stage 80 of Bloody Palace Mode 
The Fifth Circle 10 Clear stage 50 of Bloody Palace Mode 
The First Circle 10 Complete Stage 10 of the Bloody Palace 
The Fourth Circle 10 Clear stage 40 of Bloody Palace Mode 
The Ninth Circle 10 Clear stage 90 of Bloody Palace Mode 
The Second Circle 10 Clear stage 20 of Bloody Palace Mode 
The Seventh Circle 10 Clear stage 70 of Bloody Palace Mode 
The Sixth Circle 10 Clear stage 60 of Bloody Palace Mode 
The Third Circle 10 Clear stage 30 of Bloody Palace Mode 
Tonight, We Dine in Hell 10 Clear All Missions in Hell or Hell Mode 
Your Cup Runeth Over 20 Acquire 100,000 Red Orbs 

ok now time for strategies


Smash EverythingSmash everything you can. Most objects have red or green orbs inside them. Furniture, garbage cans, barrels, boxes, candelabras, and almost anything else you can see in the game can be smashed for orbs. 

You can also smash items during a fight if you're running low on health. 

Map and Mini-MapBe aware that the map in the options menu is oriented in the customary manner, with north at the top of the screen. The mini-map on the lower right of the screen changes orientation for each area. Be careful when using both maps to navigate as they usually don't have the same orientation. 

Devil Bringer = Your FriendWhen playing as Nero, use the Devil Bringer more often; it deals a lot of damage, and it can help your combo when it is bleeding out. Also, you'll be surprised how many bosses' attacks can be countered with the buster. It's pretty likely that every boss has an attack that can be Buster-countered. Also, the dice game can be cheated with the Buster. 

Get More Proud Souls,To obtain more Proud Souls which you'll use to purchase new skills for Nero and Dante, you can't just spam your favorite attack on every enemy you come up against. A higher Style Meter equals more Proud Souls. So instead of hammering away with the same attack, string together every combo you have for whatever weapon you're using, constantly mixing it up. Also, attack every enemy you see, particularly when they're in large groups, and try hard not to get hit, as this will decrease your Style Meter. 

Bring the Devil to the Bosses,When fighting bosses as Nero use his Devil bringer to deal serious damage when the bosses are knocked down for a few seconds. 

Extra Damage for Nero During Devil Bringer,Keep on tapping the (X) button in between a buster move during Devil Bringer mode. These work extremly well on bosses as a little damage goes a long way.