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Game Reviews for Devil May Cry 4


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Devil May Cry 4 ReviewAdded 16 Jul 2008, ID #2810
If you've damaged the Episode 1 end boss's core so much that the core is completely retracted into the boss's body, you can get at it by infiltrating the boss's body and attacking it from the inside.

Infiltrating Gordiant's body requires first stunning it by destroying several of its legs. The VS Shotgun is great for removing the Gordiant's legs, as is the VS Rocket Launcher. Destroying three legs is usually enough to stun the Cat-G.

You'll know Gordiant is stunned when the orange weak spots on its remaining legs turn black and it falls over with its mouth open. You only have a few seconds to infiltrate the Category G while it's stunned, so make your way toward its mouth as soon as you notice the weak spots on its legs turn black.

Although entering Gordiant is unnecessary to win this fight, doing so will allow you to attack its retracted core, which will make for a quicker fight. That said, the inside of Gordiant is very hazardous, as it contains Genessa pods, Sepia and Bolsepia. Then there's the matter of getting out.

It's best to go into the Category G with a Shotgun and Machine Gun. Once inside, use your Shotgun to destroy the Genessa pod that spawns and kill any Sepia or Bolsepia that are nearby. Genessa pods will continuously spawn inside Gordiant, so clear away just enough so you won't be killed before you can manage to take a few shots at the core. Bolsepia are the red exploding akrid, so be careful when killing those.

The retracted core is the orange, stalactite-like object hanging in the cage in the middle of the Gordiant's innards. Blast the core with your Shotgun to push it back up. You can throw a grenade or two as well, but be careful, as a poorly-thrown grenade can be fatal in the close-quarters of Gordiant's interior.

If you're attacked by a Sepia akrid, fight it off before getting back to attacking the core. Keep attacking the core and fighting off Sepia until the Gordiant begins to flush you out. At this point, if you've sustained any damage, use your Harmonizer to recover while the fluids inside Gordiant pull your toward its backend. There are spiky bulbs at the exit point that will damage you on your way out, so you'll need the health to survive. If you do survive, just hope you don't land in the water.


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