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Call of Duty: World at War


Perks and their Uses


Call of Duty: World at War
Perks, their slots and what they do

 Perk slot 1
1)Special Grenades x3
   3 Special grenades.No Smoke

2)Satchel Charge x2
   Two remote detonation charges

3)M9A1 Bazooka x2
   Bazooka with two rockets

4)Bomb Squad
   Ability to see Enemy Explosives (Satchel Charges+Bouncing Bettys)

5)Bouncing Betty x2
   Two Pressure activated Mines

   Respawn with twice as much Ammunition

7)Primary Grenades x2
   Two primary Grenades

8)M2 Flamethrower
    Produces a controlled stream of Fire

Slot 2

1)Stopping Power
    Increased Bullet damage

   Increased Explosives Damage

3)Flak Jacket
   Reduces Explosive Damage

4)Gas Mask
    Protects against Tabun Gas

   Increased Health

6)Sleight of Hand
   Quicker Reloading

   Reduces the Intesity of Signal Flares

8)Double Tap
   Increased Rate of Fire

   Carry Two Primary Weapons, no Pistol (if you have Second Chance, You get the Colt)

Third Slot

1)Deep Impact
   Deeper Bullet Penetration

2)Extreme Conditioning
   Sprint for Longer distances

3)Steady Aim
   Increased Hip-Fire Accuracy

4)Toss Back
    Resets the fuse for thrown back Grenades

5)Second Chance
   Ability to Revive Downed Team-Mates (Like Second Chance in COD4, but you can come back if your revived)

   Drop a live grenade when killed

   Reduces Fire-Based Damage

8)Dead Silence
   No noise when You move (it says Reduced, but there’s really none)

9)Iron Lungs
   Longer Breath Holding while Sniping

     Shows Enemy Dogs, Tanks and Artillery