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Follow the dark path or use the light

Nazi Zombies Guide

by Team Ragnarok


AKA the Nazi Zombies FAQ for Call of Duty: World at War
-For the Microsoft XBox 360-

Version 2.01

by Will Weaver (Team Ragnarok)


For full legal information, see section IX of the FAQ.

This FAQ may not be posted on any website not on my permissions list without 
my express written consent. If you see this FAQ anywhere else, or if you see 
it with a different name at the top, please contact me at coredesat at so I may hunt down those responsible and have a nice little chat 
with them about how stealing others' work is bad and all that (read: I stand 
there and go "You idiot! What the hell do you think you're doing?!").

A link to my permissions list can be found in the same section.

On another note, this is not a full FAQ on Call of Duty: World at War. If
that's what you're looking for, head back to GameFAQs, or pick up the strategy
guide. This is also not an instruction manual; you should've gotten that with
the game!

	OF THE NEW MAP, ZOMBIE VERRUCKT. I have tried to make this information
	as accurate as possible, but there may still be mistakes or errors; if
	you spot any, feel free to contact me so I can correct them! You will
	get full credit.


For quick navigation of the guide, hit Ctrl-F (or whatever opens the Find
window) and paste in one of the shortcuts below. To return here, use the
shortcut #toc.

Table of Contents

I. Version History & Contact Information [#ver_info]

II. Nazi Zombies? Huh? [#wtf_zombies]

III. How to Play [#how_play]
	a. Unlocking
	b. General Gameplay
	c. How to Score Points
	d. How to Use Points
	e. Multiplayer
	f. General Survival Tips

IV. The Maps [#maps]
	a. Nacht der Untoten (Night of the Undead)
	b. Surviving the Night of the Undead
	c. Zombie Verruckt (Zombie Asylum)
	d. Zombie Verruckt Map Overview
	e. How to Keep Your Sanity in the Asylum

V. Weapons and Accessories [#wep_acc]
	a. Wall Murals
	b. Pickups
	c. The Mystery Box and Its Contents
	d. The Legendary Ray Gun

VI. Special Thanks [#thanks]

VII. Contact Info - Part Deux [#contact]

VIII. Copyright Information & Disclaimer [#nosteal]


1.0 - The first complete version of the guide.

1.5 - Added some stuff to make the guide more multiplayer-friendly, and added
	in information about the Ray Gun and the Mystery Box.

1.7 - Made the Mystery Box into its own section and expanded others. Special
	thanks to everyone listed in Section VI of the guide! You have been
	really, really helpful.

1.8 - Substantial update. Made the Mystery Box its own section.

1.9 - Added the actual plot, since people are asking about it on a fairly
	constant basis. Fixed quite a few errors pointed out by observant
	readers (thanks!).

1.95 - Forgot the PTRS-41. It's added now.

1.98 - Corrected errors, updated the thank yous, and added an important tip.

1.99 - The new map is out; however, I haven't had the chance to rewrite the
	FAQ yet. I've been getting emails, so I added a disclaimer.

2.00 - Added information about Zombie Verruckt to the guide, which has been
	significantly rearranged and rewritten. The weapons section no longer
	has references to the first map, and covers just the weapons
	themselves. The hints section has been broken up and each hint has
	been placed in its respective map's subsection.

2.01 - Additions and corrections based on reader feedback and more experience
	playing the new map.

Contact me at coredesat at with any questions, comments, 
additions, or suggestions. You may also find me on XBox Live - my Gamertag
is CyclonicCoreD2.

II. NAZI ZOMBIES? HUH? [#wtf_zombies]

Yes, you read right. Nazi Zombies. It's not a 1940s horror movie, but instead
it's a fun minigame in Call of Duty: World at War that you can play either by
yourself, or with up to three friends. The game has no ending and the goal is
to survive for as long as possible against hordes of undead.

Plot? It varies depending on which map you pick. On Nacht der Untoten, you are
a hapless unnamed bomber pilot, who has been shot down. You (and up to four 
other people) have crash-landed in the middle of an open field in the 
geographical middle of nowhere. It's dark and misty, and all is quiet until...
well, zombies emerge from the ground around you, killing one of your wingmen 
and causing you and your teammates (who make no effort to rescue said wingman)
to retreat to an old country house.

Well, eventually you get trapped inside the house, and instead of escaping,
you (and your teammates) hole up here, fending off seemingly endless waves
of bloodthirsty zombies.

Zombie Verruckt has more of a plot to it than Nacht der Untoten does. You
and your squad have just captured an old asylum in Berlin, when the power
goes out (presumably from the bombing of the city), splitting your team
into two groups. You must work with your teammate(s), exploring the building
and uncovering various machines and gadgets used in the Nazis' experiments
in order to find your way together again. Meanwhile, hordes upon hordes of
bloodthirsty zombies have caught your scent and are on the long
will your squad survive?

III. HOW TO PLAY [#how_play]

A. Unlocking

Before I can discuss gameplay, I should mention that this game is not
immediately available to you. You must complete the regular single player
campaign mode on any difficulty first. After you sit through the credits, the
game will begin. Regardless of your level of success in your first run through
the level, which probably won't last long because it begins without warning,
the game will announce that you have unlocked Nazi Zombies.

You can select Nazi Zombies from the Mission Select menu - the level is titled
"Nacht der Untoten", which means "Night of the Undead".

Only Nacht der Untoten will be initially available; in order to play "Zombie
Verruckt", the second map, you must purchase Map Pack 1 from the XBox Live
Marketplace. It costs 800 Microsoft Points. Once you buy it, it will appear
in the same menu as Nacht der Untoten.

For information on how to play Nazi Zombies in multiplayer, check out Section
III.E of the guide.

B. General Gameplay

Your primary mission in this game is not to die. While this mission is not
exactly possible to fulfill due to the game's endless nature (well, whether
it is truly endless is not known), you must still try to survive for as long
as possible. You only have one life, so when you die, that's it. (In
multiplayer, this is only sort of true - see Section III.E of the guide for 
more details.)

Furthermore, you are apparently the weakest soldier in your army (the sarge
must really hate your guts). Unlike in the campaign where you can survive 
huge explosions and multiple gunshot wounds, it only takes about three hits
from a zombie in order to kill you. So you should make it a point to keep
zombies from sneaking up or ganging up on you.

The zombies come at you in groups (the game calls each zombie rush a round).
Between groups, you have about 30 seconds to move around, pick up a new
weapon, make any repairs, or otherwise rest before the next round begins.
Each round has more zombies, and the zombies move faster and hit harder
than in the previous round.

Eventually, you will die. When this happens, the Game Over screen will
appear, followed by your results. If you get tired of Nazi Zombies and want
to go back to the main menu, you have to quit the game from the pause menu;
after the Game Over and results screens, a new game immediately begins.

C. How to Score Points

Kill stuff. Seriously. You get points for simply shooting zombies. It is a
bit more complex than that, though, so read on.

As I mentioned, when the game begins, you will spawn in the main room of the
map without any warning, armed only with a Colt M1911 pistol. 

- You also start off with 500 points. Isn't free stuff great?

Refrain from cussing at your player character for not bringing a flamethrower
or something into a zombie-infested area and find the nearest window or entry
point. You will probably notice a zombie or two ripping boards off it. As you
attack them, you will score points:

- You get 10 points for each shot that lands on a zombie's body.
- You get 60 additional points when you kill the zombie.
- If you headshot the zombie, it immediately dies and you get 100 points.
- If you kill a zombie with a melee attack, you get 130 points.

You can combine kill methods - for example, you can shoot a zombie five times
and finish it off with your melee attack for a total of 180 points. 
Experiment a bit and see if you can maximize your total point intake for
each zombie.

After you kill a zombie, you should set about repairing the window, because 
for some strange reason your soldier doesn't think escaping the house is a 
good idea. To do this, walk up to any window that has wood boards on it, and
when the prompt appears on-screen, hold the Use button (default is X). Your
character will use the Force to miraculously lift boards off the ground and
make them fly into place, without nails!

- You get 10 points for each board you move back into place when repairing
	a window. 

Note that zombies can attack you from behind while you're repairing a window,
so try not to spend too much time fixing windows. The zombies are your primary
target and are worth more points in the long run.

D. How to Use Points

Points aren't just a meaningless score in this game. They act as a sort of
currency, allowing you to expand your arsenal or the map itself. This is
fortunate, seeing as your trusty M1911 doesn't have that many bullets, and
the zombies are unarmed.

Purchasing things in this game is somewhat beyond my comprehension, but
to do so, all you have to do is walk up to one of the many chalk drawings
or disturbing writings on the walls. If you have enough points, press the X 
button to gain whatever reward is listed. Now, I have no idea how weapons 
materialize out of concrete walls, but then again, you are fighting zombies.

Spending points is the only way to open up new areas for zombie extermination.
This is also the only way you can expand your arsenal beyond what you can buy
in the first room of each map. However, opening up new areas means the zombies
have more ways to get onto each map, and as such you should be alert and watch
your back. Just remember: you don't have to fix a window completely to stop 
zombies from coming in, and it's only a stall tactic anyway.

Each new area of the map costs either 750 or 1000 points to unlock. A list of
weapons and their costs can be found in Section V of the guide.

E. Multiplayer

Yes, you can play Nazi Zombies with your friends! You can team up with up to 3
other people on XBox Live or system link, or one other person on split-screen,
and see how long you can last against the undead hordes. This is actually 
quite fun, and is one of the more popular XBox Live playlists in the game. 
Standing up to the zombie hordes is a true test of teamwork, because are way 
more of them than there are of you.

To access Nazi Zombies, choose Cooperative from the main menu. From here, pick
which method you're using for multiplayer (most likely XBox Live), then choose
Nazi Zombies. Note that if you're playing on split-screen or system link, you
will have to go into the Game Modes menu to play Nazi Zombies.

I mentioned earlier that multiplayer contains an exception to the "it's over
when you die" rule. When you die, you have about 30 seconds where you're lying
helpless, waiting to be revived. Dying in this game is similar to the Last 
Stand perk in regular multiplayer - you are lying down, fending off the 
zombies with a pistol. Until the 30 seconds runs out, any one of your 
teammates can revive you by running up to your bleeding body and holding
the X button. If you're revived, you resume play right where you left off,
with the same weapons and ammo you had before (interestingly, you magically
gain back any ammo spent while you were down).

As long as you keep being revived, you can play indefinitely, although if no 
one revives you, you die "permanently" and have to watch the rest of the game 
from the sidelines. However, even this kind of death is not truly permanent if
your teammates are on their toes - if they can make it to the end of the
round, you will respawn alive and well at the beginning of the next one. You
keep all your points, but lose any weapons or perks you picked up before (you
will magically gain a new Colt M1911 pistol, however). I strongly urge you 
to make a dash for the nearest weapon as soon as possible before the next
round starts.

Other than that, basically follow the tips listed below and coordinate your
actions, and you should be able to survive at least 10 rounds easily.

REMINDER: You can play with up to 3 other people on XBox Live or system link.
	You can only play with up to 1 other player on split-screen!

F. General Survival Tips

These tips apply to both maps.

- This is probably the best tip I've seen, mainly because so many people
have emailed me about it. It is possible to leave one or two zombies alive
at the end of the round. While they will come after you, it's far easier to
avoid one or two zombies than it is to avoid dozens of them. If you leave
them alive, you have all the time you need to board up windows, refill on
ammo, or obtain new weapons. After all, the round does not end until all
the zombies are dead. Do be warned that leaving zombies alive too long may
end up annoying your teammates, and you're advised to off them once they're
no longer needed.

- Make sure no zombies can sneak up on you. If you back up to a wall, make 
sure you can escape in case you're overwhelmed, lest you get gnawed to death
with the quickness. If you're repairing a window or entrance, be sure to
turn around (you can still rotate while holding the Use button to fix a

- Do not, in any circumstances, let your guard down once you've "killed" a
zombie. Especially in later rounds, some zombies won't stay dead and will
come to life, crawling around more quickly than they were running at you
in the first place. While they will eventually die on their own in about 10
seconds, these zombies are extremely dangerous and you are advised to off
them before any others, if you have the chance. This tends to happen more
often when using explosives to kill the zombies.

- Try to wait a bit before going for pickups, unless you or your teammates 
desperately need them. You don't get them too often, and when you do get 
one, it's tempting to grab it right away. However, it may well go to waste 
if you grab one at the wrong moment. You have about 30 seconds to grab a 
pickup before it vanishes. A list of all the pickups appears in section V.B
 of the guide.

- I've said this a few times, but you don't have to fully repair a window in
order for it to keep zombies out. Granted, a window with six boards on it
will hold up longer than a window with three, but it still buys you some time
to either prepare for the next rush or kill them while they try to enter the
house. Apparently, these are meticulous zombies who simply can't climb through
a window until every last board is ripped from it. However, they CAN attack
you through the walls, and there have been cases of Zombies glitching their
way through boarded-up windows, so be careful.

- If you're playing multiplayer, try to conserve your ammo. Pickups are more
common here, and you should get plenty of Ammo Boxes if you play your cards

- If you're playing multiplayer, make sure to communicate with your teammates.
The zombies aren't very smart, and a good team can easily find ways to outwit
them. Also, if someone dies, you should always have someone not far away, so
that player can be revived before being locked out of the game. If you can't,
the remaining players should try to get together and coordinate their actions
so the fallen player can be revived at the end of the round. The squad
approach used in the regular multiplayer mode works wonders here if you have
a full team of four players. It is absolutely vital in Zombie Verruckt, where
you will actually BE two squads for much of the game.

IV. THE MAPS [#maps]

Since this is a text file, I can't exactly show you the maps. I'll just 
detail the ins and outs of each area, like how many zombie entrances there
are in each area, what weapons you can find, and where you can go from there.


This map is similar to part of the multiplayer map Airfield. If you want to
get a general idea of what this map is like, play a few games on Airfield
first and hang out in the large building for a while.

i. The First Room

Windows: 5
Weapons: Colt M1911, Kar98k, M1 Carbine
Doors: Root Cellar, Balcony

This is where you start off. Do not spend more than five rounds here or you
will be overwhelmed. Where you go from here depends on how hard you want
the game to be; I strongly recommend going to the Root Cellar from here,
which is the door marked "HELL" (or "HELP" or whatever it says). Going to
the Balcony will make the game much harder, but will score you some kick-
ass weapons for the trouble. It is also key to an ingenious strategy that
is detailed below.

ii. The Root Cellar

Windows: 3
Weapons: Double-Barrel Shotgun, Mystery Box, Thompson
Doors: The First Room

You will find the Mystery Box and the Thompson back here. This, in turn,
is where you will get the almighty Ray Gun if you can get lucky with the
Mystery Box. This room has the least zombie entrances, so it may be easier
to defend here unless the Balcony has been opened up; if that's the case,
then running and gunning will likely be a better strategy. If you are
overwhelmed, the side of the room near the staircase and the Mystery Box
is excellent for last stands, and, with the right weapons, a breakout is
even possible (though potentially not desirable).

Note that there is a wall that the zombies will break through; this wall
counts as a window for the purposes of this guide. What's amazing is how
your character will not only use the Force to repair the wall, but he
doesn't even need any mortar or concrete. The wall's just automatically
resealed. I need to hire this guy to work on my house.

iii. The Balcony

Windows: 4
Weapons: Grenades, Trench Gun, Sawed-Off Shotgun, BAR, Scoped Kar98k
Doors: The First Room, The Root Cellar

This floor contains the power weapons, but opening it will open the door
to zombie ambushes, because there are four windows up here. You might be
able to make a mad dash for the BAR or Trench Gun if you're quick enough
(or need them), but you may leave yourself or your team open to a zombie
rush. Go here if you want a challenge, or if you feel you or your team 
needs the extra room to move around (usually late in the game, after the
10th round or so).

One reason you may wish to open the Balcony is the staircase in the back
of the room; if you leave the door from the First Room to the Root Cellar
closed, you can cause all the zombies to have to funnel down the stairs,
leaving you and your team able to kill them while they shamble down the
stairs. This is a pretty good tactic, and several people have pointed it
out to me. The only downside to it is that it makes you have to run pretty
far to reach the Mystery Box, but there is enough time between rounds that
by the time the next zombies begin to appear, you should have your shiny
new weapon from the box. However, if you aren't going to be using this
strategy, don't open the Balcony.


Use these tips, plus the general tips found in section III.F of the FAQ to
survive the zombie onslaught in this rather small map.

- Use the Mystery Box. Yes, it may give you a crappy weapon, but there are
more non-crappy weapons than crappy ones, and if you still have a weapon
from the first room, then you stand to benefit from pretty much anything
the box gives you. Try not to use it more than once per round, though, unless
you are given something you really don't want, such as a Panzerschreck when
you don't have much ammo in your other weapon.

- In fact, once you have access to the Mystery Box, don't bother using wall
murals at all unless you're desperately in need of a weapon and/or ammo and
can't get to the Mystery Box.

- Don't move through the house too quickly, but at the same time don't spend
too much time in one area. If you move too quickly, you'll miss out on some
easy points. However, if you move too slowly, you might be overwhelmed by
lots of zombies in a very small area.

- Zombies need not be in the house for you to kill them. You can kill zombies
before they enter the house, and there are even red barrels and gas tanks 
surrounding the house that will explode if you shoot them. This is very 
effective in later rounds where there may be lots of zombies trying to get
through one window.

- Don't buy any sniper rifles. Seriously, they're a waste of your hard-earned
points in this game, and this map is not open enough for sniper rifles to be
useful. You might get a few kills if you try to shoot zombies outside the
house, but it's likely there'll be another zombie gnawing on your head 
before you know it, because sniper scopes make you blind to things close to 

- Don't buy the double-barrel shotguns, unless you like being killed while


Zombie Verruckt takes place in a larger setting than Nacht der Untoten, and
there are more areas to explore. It should be noted right off the bat that
not all the doors can be opened right at the start of the game. Yes, while
most doors will cost either 750 or 1000 points to open, others will require
you to restore power to the asylum before you can open them! Keep this in
mind when you're exploring the map. Also, this map requires quite a bit more
teamwork and patience than Nacht der Untoten, as you're not just killing
zombies with wanton disregard - it's not quite that simple...

If you're familiar with the multiplayer map Asylum, this map plays in much
the same way, only there is no outside area.

This map also contains a few differences in game mechanics that aren't in
Nacht der Untoten, and the following subsection will detail them.

i. Differences from Nacht der Untoten

- YOUR TEAM DOES NOT SPAWN TOGETHER. If you have a team of four, you will be
split into two groups. The map is somewhat symmetrical, so you must work
carefully with your teammate in order to reach the Power Room. Once the
power is turned on, you'll be reunited with the other half of your team.

- YOU CAN USE PERKS. I'll explain how in the next section. You must restore
power to the asylum first before you can get perks, however. Perks disappear
when you're downed, even if you're revived.

- Speaking of the Power Room, a lot of doors and items on the map cannot be
used until you or a teammate restores power to the asylum. This is done by
locating the power switch at the top of the map (in the Power Room, duh) 
and activating it.

- The map is much larger and has a lot more ground for you and your team to
cover in a fairly short amount of time. As such, there are more zombie entry
points than in Nacht der Untoten.

- The zombies move faster and are much stronger than in Nacht der Untoten.
Faster reflexes are needed to survive. However, this map is more open than
Nacht der Untoten is, so it's not impossible to fend off large waves of
zombies. Sniper rifles can actually be somewhat useful if you're able to
use them properly, but I still don't recommend using them.

- There is a new weapon - the Bouncing Betty. For more information on this
useful new feature, check out section V.A of the FAQ (it's under the listing
for grenades).

- The map contains electric barriers in some of the rooms. When activated,
the barriers will slow down or even kill any zombies that come into contact
with it. This is an excellent trump card to play if you're overwhelmed, but
you won't get any points for zombies killed in this way, and the barriers
can trap you in the room with no way out. The barriers will shut off after
a short while, and cost 1000 points to use.


This section will be somewhat less detailed than the Nacht der Untoten 
overview because this map is much larger. As I mentioned, the map is
fairly symmetrical, so some areas will be similar to others.

I will use the terms Left and Right to describe the rooms; if your initial
spawn room contains a "Juggernog" machine (just play along until you get to
section V.E. of the FAQ), you are on the Left. If it contains a "Revive
Soda" machine, you are on the Right. You can spawn on either side, but the
game seems to prefer the Left side when you're playing alone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The numbers I have for zombie entry points (which I always
call "windows" even if they are not windows) are estimates based on about
24 plays through the map. As such, they may not be correct. If they are
not correct and you know the correct numbers, please contact me - my email
address is at the end of the guide.

i. Left First Room

Windows: 4
Weapons: Kar98k, Gewehr 43, Grenades
Doors: Left Balcony (1000 points)

Soda Machine: Juggernog (2500 points)

The Mystery Box may respawn here if destroyed.

The "Juggernog" soda machine may be found here; as the name might indicate,
it gives you the Juggernaut perk, allowing you to take more damage before
dying. For some strange reason, Juggernaut is more powerful in Nazi Zombies
than it is in multiplayer, as it will allow you to take a great deal more
damage before you're downed. Like all the soda machines, you can't use it 
until you reach the Power Room. Keep in mind that, like all perks, this
effect will disappear if you're downed, even if you're revived.

There is a door connecting the Left side and the Right side, but it will
not open until you restore the power.

ii. Left Balcony

Windows: 2 (including a breakable wall)
Weapons: Double-Barreled Shotgun, Bouncing Betty, MP40
Doors: Left Upstairs (750 points)

Soda Machine: Double Tap Root Beer (2000 points)

The Mystery Box may spawn here if destroyed. This room also has electric

The "Double Tap Root Beer" grants you...duh, Double Tap. This doubles
your fire rate, but this will only be noticeable if you have a full-auto
or semi-auto weapon; bolt action rifles are unaffected. If you use this,
keep an eye on your ammo, because this perk will drain it in a hurry.
If you manage to score a Deployable FG42 or M1919 Browning, you will
definitely want this perk.

iii. Left Upstairs

Windows: 3
Weapons: Trench Gun, STG-44
Doors: Power Room (750 points)

This room contains no soda machines. The Mystery Box may spawn here if

iv. Right First Room

Windows: 3
Weapons: M1 Garand, Springfield
Doors: Right Hallway (750 points), Right Back Room (750 points)

Soda Machine: Revive Soda (1500 points)

This room contains the Revive Soda machine, which contains a new perk -
Quick Revive. This perk allows you to revive downed teammates faster than
usual. This perk can be useful in a pinch, but since you're trying not to
get downed in the first place, the other perks are going to be more useful.
Not to say that this perk doesn't have its uses...

v. Right Hallway

Windows: 3
Weapons: Thompson, Grenades, Double-Barreled Shotgun
Doors: Right Balcony (1000 points)

The Mystery Box may spawn here if destroyed.

vi. Right Back Room

Windows: 1
Weapons: BAR, Trench Gun, Bouncing Betty
Doors: None

This room is a dead end, but those with long range weapons can hit zombies
in the Right Hallway from here. This is also a decent place to mount a last
stand if you're overwhelmed.

vii. Right Balcony

Windows: 3
Weapons: Deployable BAR, Bouncing Betty, Trench Gun
Doors: Right Upstairs (750 points)

This room has electric barriers.

viii. Right Upstairs

Windows: 1
Weapons: Sawed-Off Shotgun
Doors: Kitchen (1000 points)

Soda Machine: Speed Cola (3000 points)

This room has a Speed Cola machine. Speed Cola must have actual speed in it,
as it grants the Sleight of Hand perk. This highly useful perk doubles your
reload speed, making it much easier to use heavier weapons such as the
deployable machine guns and shotguns. Make it a point to pick up this perk
when you have the chance.

The kitchen is a nondescript room that costs 1,000 points to enter, and is
essentially a staging area for the Power Room, which costs 750 more to
enter. It has one window.

ix. Power Room

Windows: 1
Weapons: None
Doors: Access to Left and Right sides

This room contains the all-important power switch, which opens the door
separating the initial spawn room, uniting your team. It also activates
the electric barriers and soda machines, allowing your team access to


- The Mystery Box starts off in the Power Room. Don't waste your time looking
for it until you get there; you'll have to use what you have until then.
Speaking of which...

- Don't overuse the Mystery Box. The Mystery Box in this map is like the one
in Nacht der Untoten, but it also contains a cute widdle teddy bear. Okay, so
it's covered in blood. Big deal. Anyway, the bear will destroy the box if 
found, and the box will respawn in another part of the map. Therefore, if you
have a habit of visiting the box at the beginning of each round, you may wish 
to kick it in short order, unless you have no problem with hunting for the box
again in a later round.

- Remember: if you need time to prepare for the next round, chuck a grenade
at the last zombie alive in the current round. It shouldn't die, but rather
its legs will be blown off and it will crawl around. Experts agree that
zombies without legs aren't rather agile, and you can use this to your
advantage by doing anything you need to do before the next round; when
you're ready, put the zombie out of its misery. If you're playing alone
and have enough points, you can use this tactic to explore the entire map
without any zombies coming after you.

- If you have a full team, it may be easier for the squad on the Left side to
make its way to the Power Room while the other squad stays put in its initial
room. This way, if the Left team can get the power back on, you'll have a
full team in the side of the asylum with fewer windows.

- Use Bouncing Betties at chokepoints such as doors and staircases to slow
down large groups of zombies.

- Use the electric barriers to your advantage if you're cornered. Just don't
walk into them - they'll down you instantly, and you won't be able to get
out until the barrier shuts off!

- Unless you have Juggernaut or a trench gun, stay as far away from the 
zombies as possible. These zombies, as previously stated, are much stronger
than the ones in Nacht der Untoten, and they will disembowel you in short
order if they're able to touch you.

- If you have a shotgun and/or a machine gun, get Speed Cola and try to get
as many Ammo Boxes as you can; you'll be nearly unstoppable with this combo.

- Be careful near windows, because zombies WILL attack you through them. 
However, keep as many windows repaired as possible unless you've decided to
hole up in some part of the map, because zombies will crawl through them,
and this time it isn't a glitch!


I'll be frank: your initial equipping, a Colt M1911 pistol, sucks. You may as
well be firing your bullets from a slingshot. While it is more than possible
to kill zombies with it, ideally you're going to want to get rid of this thing
with the quickness. Fortunately for you, there's hope.

Each part of the house (or asylum) has different weapons and items you can 
purchase. This section details them all, and includes the pickups that 
zombies will sometimes drop after you kill them. Each weapon will include its
initial cost, as well as the cost of ammo, which is usually half the original
cost. The weapons are also rated by effectiveness: excellent, good, fair, 
poor, and bad.

Note that all of these weapons (and more) may be acquired from the Mystery
Box, but you run the risk of ending up with an undesirable weapon in the
process, plus you won't be able to refill their ammo without returning to a
wall painting or picking up an Ammo Box.


i. Colt M1911 Pistol

Initial Cost: You start with it.
More Ammo: You can't buy any. Why would you want more, anyway? The only way
	to get more ammo for this is to die in a multiplayer game and not be
Rating: Poor

This is the weapon your poor soldier boy happened to have on him when he got
stuck in this miserable place. At least he had the sense to keep it loaded.
It has stopping power roughly equivalent to that of a stapler, and does about
as much damage. It should be replaced as soon as possible because practically
every other weapon except for the sniper rifles can deal more damage more 

ii. Kar98k

Initial Cost: 200 points
More Ammo: 100 points
Rating: Fair early on, Poor later

This is the only weapon you can afford right when the game begins. It packs a
punch, but it's not a great weapon considering that for an additional 100
points (you start with 500) you can have the far superior M1A1 Carbine. The 
Kar98k simply fires and reloads too slowly to be of much use against the 
zombies too much further into the game. Its small clip size (5) doesn't help,
either. This weapon becomes slightly more useful in multiplayer, when you 
have teammates watching your back, but even then you should reconsider.

iii. M1A1 Carbine

Initial Cost: 600 points
More Ammo: 300 points
Rating: Good

Great weapon in the early game. You are strongly advised to buy one as soon as
you can afford it. It's very accurate, has a larger clip size than the Kar98k,
and reloads fairly quickly for a rifle, allowing for some efficient zombie
hunting in the first area, and possibly early on in the second. However, even
the mighty M1A1 won't be able to hold up to the later, larger zombie rushes. 
Until you can buy an automatic weapon or get the Ray Gun, this is the best
you have.

iv. Double-Barrel Shotgun

Initial Cost: 1200 points
More Ammo: 600 points
Rating: Poor

Don't buy this. Sure, it has a huge amount of power and will kill virtually
everything you point it at, but it has too much going against it. First of
all, it has a clip size of two slugs. Furthermore, it takes an absolute
eternity to load two more when you've spent the first two. This gun also has
less range than, say, the trench gun, but if you're using a shotgun as a mid
to long-range weapon, then you have other problems. At any rate, this weapon
is not recommended, as it will simply leave you in a bad position when you
need it most.

v. Thompson

Initial Cost: 1500 points
More Ammo: 600 points
Rating: Good

This weapon is highly recommended, and should be purchased as soon as you
can afford it. It has a clip size of 20, a decent rate of fire, and modest 
range. The only downside is that it's not the most damaging gun in the world,
and it takes a few bullets to put down a zombie, but you can still kill 
zombies pretty quickly with this gun.

So this is a good weapon as soon as you find it, but later in the game, the 
MP40 and the Deployable FG42 will trump the Thompson, and you're encouraged 
to pick those up when you have the chance.

vi. Grenades

Initial Cost: You get 4 grenades at the beginning of the game, and 2 at the
	beginning of each round.
More Ammo: 250 points
Rating: Fair

This here will refill your grenades. You begin the game with four, and you 
get two more (not exceeding the original four) at the beginning of each
round. However, you can't get any extra without visiting this mural. They
aren't quite as powerful as you might think a grenade would be. In fact,
particularly in later rounds, grenades will do no more than blast the
legs off any zombies caught in the blast. They might move a bit slower,
but they're still not dead. They're also just as fatal if they manage to
reach you.

Basically, you have to ask yourself: are grenades really going to be that 
helpful to you when you have very large hordes of zombies breathing down
your neck? In certain situations the answer might be yes, but you might
want to save your points for more effective weaponry.

vii. Bouncing Betties

Initial Cost: 1000 points
More Ammo: You get 2 more (up to a max of 2) at the beginning of each
	round, but only if you've bought this. You can't buy refills.
Rating: Good

This is only available on Zombie Verruckt.

The Bouncing Betty is Call of Duty: World at War's version of Claymores.
They are makeshift proximity mines that are triggered by nearby movement.
As such, these can be devastating to use against approaching zombies.
It's often a good idea to place these at chokepoints such as stairs, so
zombies trigger them as they try to get through. Alternatively, you can
set them near windows so you can go to another part of the map. Also,
for some reason, you can't be killed by your own Betties - keep this
in mind when strategizing with these.

The Betty's only real weakness is that it's nearly useless unless a
stream of zombies; the explosion will only kill or down the zombies
near it; zombies far enough away from the explosion will get through
unharmed. So the Bouncing Betty is worth your hard-earned coin, but
you should have a backup plan if you plan to use them extensively.

Bouncing Betties disappear when you are downed, even if you're revived.
They DON'T disappear at the end of each round, so you can have as many
out as you can get.

viii. M1897 Trench Gun

Initial Cost: 1500 points
More Ammo: 750 points
Rating: Good

For the love of God, buy this (or get it from the Mystery Box) as soon as 
you can. This is the best shotgun, and one of the best weapons you can get
outside of the Mystery Box. It has a clip size of 6, the damage and spread
of this weapon are both quite good, and one shot will likely kill whatever
is on the other side of the barrel at the time.

However, it isn't perfect, and as with all shotguns, it suffers from very 
short range. It also takes a while to reload, being a shotgun and all, but
contrary to what I thought I found in the game, you can interrupt this
process should a zombie run up to you while you're reloading (just melee or
fire to cock the weapon). Still, this is a great weapon to have until you 
can pick up a MP40 or flamethrower from the Mystery Box, and even after you
get those, it's still a very effective secondary weapon (unless you have the
Ray Gun, of course).

ix. Sawed-Off Shotgun

Initial Cost: 1200 points
More Ammo: 600 points
Rating: Bad

This is essentially the Double-Barrel Shotgun all over again, but this version 
has even shorter range. It still has a clip size of two, and reloading still
takes forever. When you consider that for 300 more points you could have the
trench gun, which trumps this thing more than you could possibly imagine, the
decision is made - avoid this gun like the plague.

x. BAR

Initial Cost: 1800 points (2500 points in Zombie Verruckt)
More Ammo: 900 points (1250 points in Zombie Verruckt)
Rating: Good (Fair to poor in Zombie Verruckt)

The BAR is a pretty good automatic weapon. It doesn't entirely trump the 
Thompson, but is still overall effective against large groups. Even with the
small clip size, the BAR can mow down the opposition, and it also has more 
range than the Thompson. However, its power is a bit lacking, but the added
range can make up for this in the right situation. Basically, the BAR is
more powerful than the STG-44, but is weaker than the MP40.

However, there is one additional problem - the cost. The heavy machine guns
(MG42 and FG42), and the MP40 trump the BAR in terms of effectiveness 
against large groups, and those only cost 950 points, since they are found 
in the Mystery Box. The BAR will hold you until you're able to get one of
those, but don't hold onto this for too long.

In Zombie Verruckt, this weapon is way too expensive and you should have
access to more economical weapons by the time you find this. Buy this
only if you don't mind losing 2500 points or can't get anything more

xi. Scoped Kar98k

Initial Cost: 1500 points
More Ammo: 750 points
Rating: Poor to bad

This gun is only available on Nacht der Untoten.

NOTE: This weapon is found in the gun closet in the Balcony on Nacht der 
Untoten. The closet will usually give this weapon, but it VERY RARELY gives
other sniper rifles, including the PTRS-41. You're better off just using the
Mystery Box.

Don't buy this unless you're either playing multiplayer or asking to die. Even
if you ignore the fact that it's a sniper rifle, it's the same as the regular
Kar98k in every way. Given your other options in this area, you should really
think twice before dropping 1500 points on this thing.

On multiplayer, this weapon isn't quite as bad. You can camp somewhere and 
take out zombies as they enter the house, or provide covering fire for a
teammate. Still, even in multiplayer you have better options, and neither map
is big or open enough for a sniper to be effective.

xii. Springfield

Initial Cost: 200 points
More Ammo: 100 points
Rating: Fair to poor

This gun is only available outside a Mystery Box in Zombie Verruckt. 

The Springfield is a pretty decent bargain buy, but if you have access to it,
you also have access to the M1 Garand, which does a bit more damage and has
about equal range. The choice is yours, but do note that this gun is a bit
weaker than the Kar98k. At any rate, it  should be replaced once you have
access to more effective weaponry, unless you really need a mid- to long-
range weapon and just don't want to use a M1 Garand.

xiii. Gewehr 43

Initial Cost: 600 points
More Ammo: 300 points
Rating: Good to fair

You can only buy this outside a Mystery Box in Zombie Verruckt.

The Gewehr 43 performs almost exactly the same as the M1A1 Carbine in this
game, only it has a bit less ammo. It's an okay weapon early, but suffers
later on for the exact same reasons as the M1A1. If you're playing Zombie
Verruckt, this should be your weapon of choice unless you want slightly
longer range, in which case you should take the Kar98k. Do be aware that
the Kar98k is somewhat weaker than this, though.

xiv. MP40

Initial Cost: 1000 points
More Ammo: 500 points
Rating: Excellent

This can only be bought on Zombie Verruckt. Otherwise, you'll need a Mystery

Very excellent weapon that trumps the Thompson. Despite appearing to be
similar to the Thompson, the MP40 is actually more powerful, serving as a more
effective way to deal with large groups. The MP40 is also light, allowing for
good mobility compared to the larger (but more powerful) machine guns. And if
that wasn't enough, the MP40 is also easy to aim (easier than the Thompson), 
allowing many opportunities for headshots. You can combine this gun with the
trench gun for excellent close- to mid-range effectiveness, or with a FG42 or
Ray Gun for mid- to long-range superiority. The MP40 is a very versatile 
weapon that you simply can't go wrong with. 

xv. STG-44

Initial Cost: 1200 points
More Ammo: 600 points
Rating: Fair

This is a recording: this weapon is only available to buy outside a Mystery
Box if you're playing Zombie Verruckt.

The STG-44 is an okay weapon. It isn't very powerful, though, and the other
automatic weapons trump it in every way. However, it does have a good supply
of ammo and a modest fire rate, and is easy to aim. You may indeed find
yourself getting a few headshots with this weapon. However, there are much
better weapons than this, namely the MP40, and you're advised to try to pick
one of those up instead.

vi. M1 Garand

Initial Cost: 600 points
More Ammo: 300 points
Rating: Poor in Nacht der Untoten; Fair in Zombie Verruckt

The M1 Garand is only available in the Mystery Box in Nacht der Untoten.

You might think the M1 Garand is a good weapon, like the M1A1 Carbine was.
Sadly, that isn't the case. The M1 Garand is very underpowered compared to
most other weapons you could have at the time. It takes a disproportionately
large number of shots to kill a zombie with one, and its iron sights make
headshots a tall order. It also has a small clip size (smaller than the M1

In Zombie Verruckt, however, attrition is the name of the game. Early on,
you don't have a lot of options, and of all the weapons you have until the
third or fourth areas, the M1 Garand does the most damage; in fact, the M1
Garand actually does more damage in Zombie Verruckt than it does in Nacht
der Untoten. However, it has a slow rate of fire and a small clip size all
the same. Basically, you can substitute this for the M1A1 Carbine (which
you can't get in Zombie Verruckt outside the Mystery Box). Replace this
with a full-auto or semi-auto weapon when you can.

You may also encounter a version that comes with a rifle-mounted grenade
launcher. Despite what you may think, one grenade will not kill a zombie, 
and the grenades are even less powerful than your hand grenades.

B. Pickups

Given that zombies are just randomly carrying some of these things, it's a
wonder they're not more dangerous than they are. Pickups are fairly rare, and
disappear about 30 seconds after they're dropped.

i. Bomb

This little baby will obliterate every last zombie on the map, and for some
reason the zombies will never think to use this thing against you. It's a 
great trump card if you're in a bad situation and will buy you a few seconds
of breathing room, although it will not necessarily end the round immediately.
Try not to let it go to waste. Do note that you won't get any points for using
the bomb.

On Zombie Verruckt, you will get points for using this - each player will get
a flat 400 points. It's up to you whether you'd rather kill the zombies
normally and potentially get more points, or if you'd rather just take the 400
points and live to fight another day.

ii. Ammo Box

This pickup will fully refill your ammo supply for any weapons you've bought.
It's rare, but when you get one you'll be damn glad you did. This thing will
save you the trouble of going all the way back to a particular weapon drawing,
and there's also the added bonus that the ammo refill comes at no cost to you.
It will also make weapons like the Deployable MG42 seem like they have
infinite ammo, which is a plus.

iii. Double Points

Need a new weapon? How about some ammo? Or maybe you want to take a chance at
the Mystery Box? Well, with this pickup, you'll have enough points to spend
twice as quickly. This will double your point intake on any action that would
normally give you points. This is great if you have the M1 or any other weapon
that allows for easy headshots, because the Double Points item will make every
headshot worth 200 points! Melee kills are worth 260 points! The effect lasts
for 30 seconds.

iv. Insta-Kill

When you get this, you will instantly turn into a killing machine for the next
30 seconds. The effect of Insta-Kill will cause any shot that lands on a 
zombie to kill that zombie instantly, even if you're using a pistol! If you 
are in a room with a large group, have an automatic weapon, and are lucky 
enough to score both this and Double Points, then sit back, spray the room, 
and let the points roll in! However, if you don't have Double Points, you
may well get FEWER points than if you didn't have Insta-Kill active, as you
won't get points for individual hits.

This also works with your knife attack, but the knife attack is not quite
as efficient as your other weaponry, unless you have a Panzerschreck or
something. However, if you're low on ammo and Insta-Kill is active, swing
away with your knife and you might be surprised at how many zombies you can
kill with it. It just won't be as many as if you had an automatic weapon.

C. The Mystery Box and Its Contents

Initial Cost: 950 points
More Ammo: N/A
Rating: Who knows?

For some strange reason, you may come across a weird box with question marks
upon it, which may once have been owned by the Riddler. Anyway, the box is 
certainly interesting because when you drop the 950 points on it, you will
get a random weapon or item. You might get something useful that you 
wouldn't normally find elsewhere, but at the same time you may get a 
horribly crappy weapon that will do little more than accelerate your own
gruesome death.

While the weapons you can find in the Mystery Box are generally worth your
while, note that they all share a severe drawback - the only way to refill
their ammo is by picking up Ammo Boxes as you go along. Even if you get a
weapon from the box that can be found elsewhere, you're going to have to find
that wall drawing and pay full price for the weapon before you can get ammo
refills for it.

WARNING: On Zombie Verruckt (Zombie Asylum), the Mystery Box will sometimes
	give you a teddy bear. While this might seem harmless (and somewhat
	useless - cuddly things tend not to work on zombies), the bear will
	destroy the Mystery Box and cause it to respawn in a different area
	of the map. Therefore, try not to overuse the Mystery Box, lest you
	end up destroying it and having to find it again.

i. Deployable FG42

Rating: Excellent

Despite what the game calls it, you can't actually mount this weapon. I'm
not exactly sure why...

Despite what I say later about the Ray Gun, the FG42 is one of the best things
you can get in this game. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one,
you will become a force to be reckoned with. While it has a high fire rate (it
is a machine gun, after all), the FG42 has a great deal of power and accuracy,
allowing you to mow down zombies with wanton disregard. The only downside is
that it doesn't have a great deal of ammo, carrying a total of 192 rounds. 
Still, combine this weapon with the Ray Gun or a trench gun and you will be
nearly unstoppable for quite some time, especially in multiplayer where the
Ammo Box pickup occurs much more frequently. Definitely a must-have for any 
multiplayer match.

ii. Deployable MG42

Rating: Excellent

Despite what the game calls it, you can't actually mount this weapon. I'm
not exactly sure why...

The MG42 might be even better than the FG42, as long as you know how to use
it properly. The MG42 is more powerful than the FG42, but with the increase
in power comes an increase in recoil. This makes the MG42 difficult to aim
unless you fire in short bursts. However, the MG42 will generally put a hail
of bullets right where you want it, regardless. This, like the FG42, is a
weapon that will seem to last forever as long as you or your teammates keep
picking up Ammo Boxes throughout the game. However, the increased power of
the MG42 is more effective in desperate situations where you're backed up
to a corner, with a seemingly endless stream of zombies running at you.

iii. M1919 Browning

Rating: Good to excellent

The Browning is an excellent weapon, but the unfortunate thing about it is
that it is trumped by the other two machine guns. It's powerful, but it has
a much slower fire rate than the MG42 and FG42. It's also heavier, meaning
you will move around at about the pace of continental drift with this thing
in hand. However, it's still a fairly strong weapon if you can't get one of
the other machine guns from the Mystery Box, and it at least comes with a
huge supply of ammo that won't be gone in less than a minute. Hang onto this
until you can get something better.

Now, if you're on Zombie Verruckt and manage to get Double Tap, this weapon
gains new life. It becomes a bullet hose that will disembowel the opposition
in very short order, and is almost better than the Ray Gun in this respect.
If you can stay alive (remember, your movement is slowed while carrying this
thing), you will be a force to be reckoned with until you run out of ammo.

iv. M2 Flamethrower

Rating: Excellent

The Flamethrower is superior to all other weapons in one respect - it never,
ever runs out of ammo! Yes, you have a magical flamethrower that never seems
to run out of fuel. This is good news for you, as the flamethrower is a very
good weapon against the zombies, and is great for dealing with zombies at the
various windows and entrances to the house. The only catch is that the flames
will not kill a zombie immediately; it takes about three or four seconds for
a zombie to realize that, yes, it is burning to death. So all in all, as long
as you do not let it overheat (because it takes a bit for the flamethrower to
cool if you do), the flamethrower is an excellent weapon, but only if your
team has a good handle on the battlefield and isn't about to be overwhelmed.

v. .357 Magnum

Rating: Good

It's another pistol. However, the .357 Magnum is much more powerful than your
rather useless Colt M1911 pistol. In fact, it is almost as powerful as the Ray
Gun, felling zombies in as little as one or two hits. It's actually about as
powerful as the Trench Gun, but has longer range and can be used when you've
been knocked down by zombies, allowing you to get some sweet revenge before a
teammate comes and revives you. However, the reload time is fairly long, 
about the same as that of the Ray Gun. So it's a fairly decent weapon, but
the reload time and lack of ammo (it is a revolver, and a clip only holds 6
bullets) may make you reach for a different weapon in the end.

vi. Scoped Springfield

Rating: Poor

About the same as the Scoped Kar98k, only a little less powerful and a little
easier to aim. Unless you are playing on multiplayer, a sniper rifle is not
going to be very useful to you, because, as I said above, it will rob you of
your ability to deal with close- or mid-range targets. While the Springfield
might be useful in a few situations, by round 10 or so there will simply be
too many targets for this weapon to be worth your time. Skip it.

There is an unscoped variant that is only available outside the Mystery Box
on Zombie Verruckt. Go back up for information on it.

vii. Panzerschreck

Rating: Poor

Yes, what zombie-hunting game would be complete without a weapon solely
designed to serve as unnecessary overkill? The Panzerschreck is just that
weapon, allowing you to wipe out the opposition in one shot. However,
power is all the Panzerschreck really has, and it isn't worth the trouble
it is to get. It occurs very rarely from the Mystery Box, and when you do
get it, it only comes with four rockets. These rockets, for some reason,
don't do much splash damage, and won't kill as many zombies as you might
like. Furthermore, the sheer size of the weapon will slow your movement if
you have it out, and later in the game you can't afford to be carrying
such a heavy weapon if it can only get very limited use. Oh well, at least
it's good for some spectacular suicide attacks.

In Zombie Verruckt, you get quite a bit more ammo with this weapon. It's
still not very useful since you'll still end up blowing yourself up most
of the time, but at least it's not quite as useless as it was on Nacht
der Untoten.

viii. Molotov Cocktail

Rating: Fair

A grenade by any other name... Basically, the Molotov Cocktail combines the
destructive power of a grenade with the splash damage of the flamethrower.
However, the impact damage of this weapon is somewhat less than that of the
normal grenade. This doesn't mean that this thing isn't worth your time, since
the flames created by the Molotov will do some pretty decent damage to any
zombie dumb enough to walk into them. This is a good weapon to toss at windows
when large numbers of zombies are trying to get into the house. It should also
be noted that if you get this from the Mystery Box, you still get to keep your
current weapon.

ix. PTRS-41

Rating: Fair

Yes, the king of sniper rifles can be found in Nazi Zombies. This is one of
the most powerful weapons in the game, and will kill a zombie no matter where
you happen to hit it. It's actually so powerful that the bullets it fires 
will rip through entire lines of zombies. The power more than makes up for 
the other, far less powerful sniper rifles. However, powerful as it is, it is
still a sniper rifle (well duh, I've said that more than a few times), and 
suffers from the same shortcomings as the others. Furthermore, it takes a 
very, very long time to reload this weapon, and you may well find yourself 
dead by the time you're able to reload it, unless your team has a solid 
handle on the battlefield. If you prefer to use sniper rifles, you may well 
want to hold onto this weapon, because it will be very, very useful to you.
The choice is yours.

x. PPSh-41

Rating: ????

This weapon can be acquired from the Mystery Box on Zombie Verruckt, but it
occurs fairly rarely. I have yet to encounter it myself, but it has a high
fire rate and moderate power, but a low supply of ammo.


The Mystery Box is also key to unlocking an easter egg in the game - the all-
powerful Ray Gun.

D. The Legendary Ray Gun

Initial Cost: 950 points (only through the Mystery Box)
More Ammo: Can't buy refills. It IS possible to end up with TWO Ray Guns
	if you're lucky, though.
Rating: Excellent

Yes, a ray gun. Apparently the aliens came to Germany during World War II,
because here we have a tacky laser gun that looks like it came right out
of a 1950's sci-fi movie. Despite its goofy appearance, the ray gun is the
best weapon in the game. It is fully automatic, has deadly accuracy thanks
to its "iron sights", and one shot from it will kill a zombie in no time 
flat (at least, until the zombies get stronger later in the game).

Unfortunately, such a powerful weapon has some downsides. First, the reload
time is slower than the M1A1 Carbine, but is still faster than the bolt-
action weapons you can end up with in this game. Also, when you fire the 
weapon and when the laser bolt hits something, there's a bit of a shock
wave effect. This shock wave can hurt or kill you if you don't watch where
you aim. This means you should not use the Ray Gun at point blank range; opt
for a shotgun instead, if you have one.

If you somehow happen to score this weapon, hang onto it for as long as you
possibly can, even if it runs out of ammo. This weapon WILL save your life
if you're in a bind and need the firepower.

By the way, it should be noted that the Ray Gun counts as a pistol, meaning
that if you've been knocked down, you can use it to clear the way for your
teammates to come revive you. Granted, you'll want to avoid being knocked
down in the first place, but still...


NOTE: By the way, you do have a melee attack, and it can kill a zombie in one
or two hits depending on which round you're on. It's not the greatest thing in
the world, but it can help you escape from the clutches of an offending zombie
long enough for you to kill it with something more effective. If you do manage
to kill a zombie with your knife, though, you will get a healthy point bonus
(130 points). 

However, later on, your melee attack will be about as effective as a wiffle 
bat against the zombies, and you are advised against using it if you have some
other way of dealing with your enemy. It will still kill in one hit if you
have an Insta-Kill pickup active, though, so keep that in mind.

It takes one knife hit to kill a zombie, times the number of the round you're
currently on. So on round 1, zombies will die to one melee attack. On round 8,
it will take eight hits.


Special Thanks to:

Activision, for creating the incredible Call of Duty series.

Treyarch, for this particular installment of the aforementioned series, and
	totally redeeming itself for the travesty that was Call of Duty 3.

Infinity Ward, for creating the Call of Duty 2/Call of Duty 4 engine that this
	game is based on.

Everyone I've played with on XBox Live, who have provided valuable information
	that helped make this guide what it is.

CJayC and GameFAQs, for hosting my guide.

The Call of Duty Wiki (, for weapon availability on
	Zombie Verruckt.

And the following people who were of great help in providing additions and
corrections to the guide:

Devil May Cry Again, Joseph Lesser, bibliomaniac15, natetodamax, K3lg4r, 
IceCube43, gryphon goodrich, Chuck Norris (okay, not really - it's actually 
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