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Call of Duty: World at War


Veteran Mode Guide

by BSam

(  ____ \(  ___  )( \      ( \      
| (    \/| (   ) || (      | (      
| |      | (___) || |      | |      
| |      |  ___  || |      | |      
| |      | (   ) || |      | |      
| (____/\| )   ( || (____/\| (____/\
(_______/|/     \|(_______/(_______/
 _______  _______ 
(  ___  )(  ____ \
| (   ) || (    \/
| |   | || (__    
| |   | ||  __)   
| |   | || (      
| (___) || )      
 ______           _________         
(  __  \ |\     /|\__   __/|\     /|
| (  \  )| )   ( |   ) (   ( \   / )
| |   ) || |   | |   | |    \ (_) / 
| |   | || |   | |   | |     \   /  
| |   ) || |   | |   | |      ) (   
| (__/  )| (___) |   | |      | |   
(______/ (_______)   )_(      \_/   
          _______  _______  _        ______  
|\     /|(  ___  )(  ____ )( \      (  __  \ 
| )   ( || (   ) || (    )|| (      | (  \  )
| | _ | || |   | || (____)|| |      | |   ) |
| |( )| || |   | ||     __)| |      | |   | |
| || || || |   | || (\ (   | |      | |   ) |
| () () || (___) || ) \ \__| (____/\| (__/  )
(_______)(_______)|/   \__/(_______/(______/ 
 _______ _________            _______  _______ 
(  ___  )\__   __/  |\     /|(  ___  )(  ____ )
| (   ) |   ) (     | )   ( || (   ) || (    )|
| (___) |   | |     | | _ | || (___) || (____)|
|  ___  |   | |     | |( )| ||  ___  ||     __)
| (   ) |   | |     | || || || (   ) || (\ (   
| )   ( |   | |     | () () || )   ( || ) \ \__
|/     \|   )_(     (_______)|/     \||/   \__/

FAQ Version: 2.0
Date: 11/13/08
Platform: XBOX360
Rating: M
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Author: Ben Sam
E-mail: [email protected]
Table of Contents
0.0: About this FAQ
0.1 Updates
A0: Disclaimer
A1: Strategies
A2: F.A.Q
A3: Credits
B1: Semper Fi
B2: Little Resistance
B3: Hard Landing
B4: Vendetta
B5: Their Land, Their Blood
B6: Burn 'em Out
B7: Relentless
B8: Blood and Iron
B9: Ring of Steel
C1: Eviction
C2: Black Cats
C3: Blowtorch & Corkscrew
C4: Breaking Point
C5: Heart of the Reich
Final: Downfall
0.0 About this FAQ

Hi, I thank you for reading this FAQ and hope I can provide some help so 
you can make it through The evils and demonic levels of Call of Duty: 
World at war. Don't fret though, you can still apply this to any other 
mode that you're playing, yet this guide was intended for those who want 
to get through the Veteran mode. I won't waste time talking about 
achievements or where to find Death Cards,those have no relations to my 

Call of Duty: World at War from here on out will be referenced as WAW.

The main thing you need to know about Veteran is that it's a lot of 
excuse my language but bull shit. You will get angry and feel like a 
helpless little lamb about to be eaten. It's that hard of the game and 
the veteran mode is a lot harden then COD4 and COD3 with rivaling COD2. 
It's not as long as the other previous games campaigns but it makes up 
for it with it's ridiculous difficulties. So before you start you should 
ask your self if you're up to get angry. If you have valuable things in 
your room I would suggest moving them. You don't want to break them, I 
also suggest you play in a cool and comfortable room. The more relaxed 
you are the more focused you are and less irritation leads to fewer 

Veteran mode isn't really much different in aspects of enemy locations 
from the other difficulties the main things that make Veteran mode so 
difficult are these few factors.

- Infinite Spawn of enemies, they won't stop coming from one spot unless 
your have moved ahead.

- Grenade Spam, this is the main thing that will kill you in this game. 
It's really frustrating since it forced you to constantly be on the 
move, which leads to the next part.

- Less health, you will die in 1 to 2 shots. So being exposed or longer 
than 2 seconds will end with you dying.

- Team mates being completely worthless, they will push you out in the 
open and never cover you.

- Checkpoints are never around when you really need them and seem 
completely random. Most of the time you can feel when a checkpoint will 
happen, such as clearing a heavily swarmed area or getting to a new 
area. Though this is not always the case, and can lead to frustration 
when you spend 8 to 10 minutes clearing and make it to a new locations 
and get killed by some random enemy and have to do it all over again.

So I hope your ready, this is really, really, really, hard.

0.1: Updates
11/23/08- Finished the guide, but still need to add links to the video.
11/23/08- Uploading to GameFaqs

Comment- 11/23/08

A0: Disclaimer
This FAQ is copyrighted to Ben Sam, and can and only be used and seen on, you do not have permissions to do anything or use this for 
any profit, if you wish to use this for your website and are a 
professional reputable site, than you may ask permission. If I never 
heard of you, than you probably won't get permission, if you decide to 
use this anyway I will find you. So please just ask and don't rip this 
guide from this site.

A1: Strategies
Veteran mode is really hard, and even explaining it probably won't help 
much since there are tons of enemies that keep respawning, so finding 
the best way possible for people just starting is going to be hard. Most 
of the beginning levels you don't really need much help besides some 
text trying to guide you in the right direction, but near the end your 
going to need some visual aid to get through.

Luckily I decided to torture myself so you can try and use my way to 
help you get through it. Yes I died, a lot and got extremely angry that 
I wanted to destroy everything around me, but I tried to keep my cool 
and figure out strategies to get through some of the hardest parts in 
the game. While the videos may show me as being super awesome, I usually 
cut out a good amount of death from my side. Only 2 levels did I spent 
more than an hour just trying to get past a certain part. These were 
Blowtorch and Corkscrew and Heart of the Reich. Now when I play them 
it's still very difficult but for Heart of the Reich when it comes to 
entering the Reichstag I have a solid plan that works 100% of the time, 
but this is after tons and tons of trial and error.

Blowtorch and Corkscrew, there is no super concrete thing that will 
guarantee you 100% success, it's based on luck and how good you are at 
using cover. View the videos, and learn from me so you can do it, and 
than modify it to fit your needs.

You will notice in most of the guide some of the instructions may seem 
vague or a little confusing, I use very brief statements such as . "Turn 
left here, than use the cover up to the right." this is all based on 
First person so just apply that, so when you turn left and look up  
to the right you will find cover.

There a few tricks you need to know in order to be successful in 

Bobbing- This is where you prone and crouch super fast so you can view 
the enemies around you.

Prone- Not even a trick, but being in prone makes you harder to hit but 
it does make it harderto run from grenades.

Throwing Grenades back- Take the enemies grenades and throw them back, 
you need to master this if you want to survive in the later parts. Use 
their grenades against them.

Below is the list of Strategies for most of the levels, those not listed 
aren't to difficult to get through.
A1.1: Videos

Burn Em out (BEO)-

Heart of the Reich (HOTR):

Relentless (RLTS): http: //

Vendetta Sniper Duel (SNP):

Ring of Steel, Asylum section (ASYLM):

Eviction (EVIC):

Blowtorch and Corkscrew (BTCS):

Downfall (DFALL):

Breaking Point (BPNT):


B1: Semper Fi
Difficulty: 3/10
Strategy: No

This level isn't really difficult, and is probably one of the easier 
missions to play through,that doesn't mean it doesn't have it's 
difficult parts. This level you should get through between  
10 to 20 minutes and maybe 40 if your having difficulties.

The level starts with you being interrogated, eventually some of your 
allies come to rescue you and than the level really begins. Once you 
have control, pick up the Type 100 and replace your pistol with M1 
garand, make your way down the beach, you should see a walkway to your 
left and than a little hut to your right. You could rush to the left to 
the walkway since that is way you need to go, or head into the hut and 
pick the enemies off than make your way to the walkway. Once you are 
comfortable or can rush, make your way onto the bridge, keeping a good 
look in the distance at the enemies to try and kill them while you go 

Once you make it up, head on over past the beach back up the next 
walkway, an enemy will come and attack on of the soldiers, so kill him 
fast. If you do this, you will walk away with the 'Saving Private Ryan' 
achievement,  Move on up to the boxes right near the edge of the hut, 
you should have a good view of the enemies on the next hut aiming at 
you, take them out and head to your left and go around the hut, an enemy 
will burst out of the hut there should be 2, take them out. Than go 
inside if you want to switch out your weapons for the Thompson or the 
Arisaka equipped with the bayonet.

Stay inside here and slowly peak out the window, and snipe the Japanese 
enemy on the MG, once he is out, take out the enemies hiding right 
behind the rock and head outside while staying prone, and inch out ever 
so slightly and take out who you can while taking cover. Eventually your 
unit will move up, and you can head on through. I would use caution when 
following your men, sometimes enemies come from the MG hut or behind it, 
so be on your watch while using the sandbags as cover from the enemies 
that can appear from the front.

Continue up into the forest, up some ways you will be attacked by 
Kamikaze soldiers, don't worry you should be able to kill them without 
much problem, once you finished them off continue until you reach the 
ridge. Here you will need to cover another platoon from Japanese fire, 
stay prone and you can move up to where there is a rock, you should have 
a good shot on the enemy on the tower and spotlight, take those out, 
then proceed down and take out the enemy on the MG. The rest is pretty 
simple, eliminate the rest of the forces which shouldn't be too much. If 
you find your getting spammed by grenades you could rush all the way 
down to the peach take out all the enemies in the mg nest, and use that 
as cover as you pick them off. Though I highly doubt you will need to 
take such a drastic measure.

Once the enemies have all been killed off regroup with Roebuck and head 
up the river, you will see a lot of dead soldiers and a small little 
broken down hut, go in there and prone your self. You will be ambushed 
and blinded once you regain your vision you will have to take out a lot 
of enemies. This part is a little tough so don't get discouraged if you 
die a few times here. If you find doing it from the hut is hard, head 
all the way to the right, you should see a dead soldier here, use the 
rock for cover and if you still have the Arisaka, snipe off all the 
soldiers hiding behind the cans and the little cliff guarded by the 
logs, there are usually 2 enemies here. Clear the enemies in the area 
while using the can for cover or the first place you took cover and you  
shouldn't have too much problems. Once it's cleared head on down look 
right ahead and you should see a Japanese sniper on the small cliff 
appear, snipe him down and rush to cover, there will be more enemies 
coming in front of you, clear them out. Take cover by the boulder with 
the piece of roofing leaned up next to it and clear the enemy on the MG.

once this is done you will me ordered to puncture the oil on a truck, 
and than they will send that truck right to the enemy blowing a lot of 
Japanese up and really destroying their compound.Here you will rush down 
with your team, you will notice the Japanese are in chaos, you need to  
pick them off while backing up Roebucks. Keep your eyes to the right as 
there are usually snipers ready to pick you off, take them out and I 
would suggest bringing out the type 100 and killing the rest of the 
enemies as you go, use cover as needed and rush to Roebucks who will 
open the door to where you have to plant charges. Pretty easy, plant 
them and rush out to the beach, you will get hit by what seems to be 
mortar fire and than assaulted by an enemy. Don't worry you won't  
get killed but instead saved by Roebucks and dragged to the boat and 
leave as the place blows up.End of level one, after this it turns into 
pure hell.

Survive Interrogation
Beat through the huts
Survive enemy ambushes
Help save the platoon on the beach
Survive a major ambush
Take set a truck on fire
Plant some charges
Run to your boat and live

B2: Little Resistance
Difficulty: 4/10
Strategy: No

Well the level starts out while your on a boat being attacked by mortars 
and MG crew, you can't do nothing for a bit until your boat gets hit. 
You will be saved by Sullivan and will be given the option to radio in 
some strikes from your naval forces. Use it on the enemies right ahead 
firing the mg on you. Once you take them out head on up with the rest of 
your teammates and get over the ledge. This section is a little hard but 
you will need to place a strike on the MG to the very far right, and 
than on the left. While fighting off soldiers, taking cover is also very 
difficult since enemies throw quite a few grenades, you should alternate 
between the very left cover and right cover. You can still pop up and 
see a few enemies on the ridge and advancing. You don't want them to get 
very close as it's what usually kills you. Once you call in the second 
strike for the left part, rush up on the left of the level going against 
the wall you should arrive to a wall the covers the front of you, there 
are quite a lot of enemies to the left once you go around. So wait until 
you have another strike to radio in, than run out and keep turning left  
until you see the ridge and lay it on there. 

You should be far enough that the strike won't hurt you, once the 
enemies have been killed one of your tanks will go by, head on up, when 
you reach the part where you can go left or right, throw a smoke to the 
right. Once it activates run to the left taking cover by your teammates 
you will also find a deployable type 99 here as well. Once you have 
another strike set it right ahead down the trench taking out as many 
enemies as possible. Head on down and eliminate any other remaining  
enemies, I crawled down as you reach the end you will notice an enemy to 
your right eliminate him and run to the left overlooking the tree in 
front of you. An enemy sniper is climbing up, so take him out and place 
a strike on the grass, you will probably kill some enemies also earning 
the 'Snake in the grass' achievement. Head up along the ridge taking out 
enemies as you see directly to your right you will see an entrance to a 
bunker, you will find the trench gun in here. I would suggest using it, 
but if your not comfortable with it you don't have to bother. Head to 
the truck where Roebucks is, than head on straight down into the next 
bunker, there are quite a few enemies see take caution and try to pick 
them off or use grenades from outside. Once your inside just go throw 
the tunnel picking off 1 to 2 enemies with the shotgun. You will end up 
right behind the enemy. Send a nice air strike right in front of the 
bunker right by the entrance.

Eliminate any surviving enemies and then head right into the bunker, you 
will have to take out 2 Japanese tanks so climb up the ladder. This 
isn't difficult, but note the tank to the west is your own so don't 
waste your barrage of missiles on it. The first thing you should do is 
put a strike right down below you on all the enemies looking up at the 
MG. Once they're taken out you should see 2 tanks place the smoke on 
them, and they should get destroyed, clear out the rest of the enemies 
with the MG. Than the mission will come to a close with Sgt Sullivan 
dying from being stabbed, poor guy. 

This is the end of level two, a lot more difficult but still not 
entirely hard, you made it and you did well to get past this level.

Radio in fire on MG nests
Storm the beach
Radio in more fire on mg nests
Clear Bunkers
Take out enemy tanks.


B3: Hard Landing
Difficulty: 4/10
Strategy: No

Your mission starts off with you deep in the swamp with your platoon, 
just follow them up around until you see a broken down aircraft. Move up 
until a scene takes place, here you want to head to the left where you 
see some bricks, take cover here and focus right by the plane and on the  
ridge. Eventually you will be ambushed and a bunch of enemies will 
appear here, take them out. Than kill the enemy standing on the plane, 
turn directly left and quite a bit down you should notice another enemy 
sniping pick him off and advance with your force through the river. You 
will get ambushed so rush on forward not paying attention to the right 
and take cover, kill the enemies that come from the left of you. Once 
you kill them continue with your team. You will than arrive by more 
bunkers which you need to storm right up and rush to the log. Use this 
as cover and kill the enemies to the far right of you hiding by their 
cover. You will notice to the left of you is a cannon, head over here 
for cover and you will have a good view of the enemies coming out to 
attack you. Throw a smoke(you don't really have too but just to stay 
safe) than crawl until you reach the barrier, slowly make your way 
around and eliminate all the enemies taking cover, and any other 
additional enemies.

once inside the bunker, take extreme caution and kill the first enemy on 
the Mg, than head on around making sure your aiming as you will run into 
about 4 enemies. Kill them and continue until you see another enemy on 
the Mg. Kill him, run out to the left and take cover by the wall. You  
will notice your by a broken down building, you can either go this way 
or head to the right where you will see 2 trees separated by supplies. 
If you go through the broken building you have to take out 1 to 3 
enemies while being pretty obvious to the enemies to the right. If you 
take cover by the trees, you will have some excellent cover and can pop 
up and take out enemies one by one. You will also notice that one of the 
bunker has 3 destructible barrels, take them out and pick off any other 
enemies in your way and rush down there.

Head along the wall in prone until you get to the point where you need 
to lay suppressing fire on the bunker with the 2 MGs on it. You will see 
that one of your allies who has the flamethrower will get killed by 
fire. It is now up to you to take up the flamethrower and burn them out 
of the nest, so rush up pick it up, and lay down the fire inside the 
bunker. Once you cleared them out head to your left to get in the 
entrance while staying in cover to the very left, as your turn left 
around the corner flame up the enemy through the hole who will be 
waiting for you. Than continue burning up enemies around the corner. 
This is a pretty dangerous place so knowing that there is about 3 
enemies in here will definitely help you, staying prone as you turn the 
corner is very helpful. Once they are eliminated head on outside.

Rush down the battlefield until you see a flipped over truck on smoke, 
use this for cover as you will be ambushed by Kamikaze enemies. There is 
also a sniper in the tree so take him out, to your left of the truck 
will be another 2 or so snipers. Take them out, and head up the road.
and rush down into the dip getting as close to the wall to the right of 
you as fast as possible  

There is a major assault coming from the building head, use the recently 
destroyed truck as cover and going into prone here is ideal. You will be 
instructed to follow roebucks to a supply truck where you will pick up a 
grenade launcher. Shoot it up at the mg, you will notice a little column  
so use that to detonate it fast, than toss a smoke to give you cover as 
you move to the right and take cover along the building. Switch to your 
flame thrower and rush into the smoke to the far right of the building, 
head inside and burn all the enemies. Use each column as cover as you  
proceed you will notice an enemy by the entrance into the room, and one 
behind some cover and a sniper right above him. Take them out and enter 
the room, head on up top and get off the building and follow your tanks 
to assault the airfield.

Use the tanks as cover and head to the left as you continue you will 
notice a bunker head inside to grab the bazooka. You will than need to 
take out 3 type 97 tanks. This isn't very difficult and you won't have 
to leave the bunker much so take your time ad take out all the tanks. 
Once you destroy them head to the left and take cover, this part is 
somewhat difficult, you need to clear the trenches so switch to your 
flame thrower or the type 100. You will notice a some barrels ahead, 
rush there in prone and throw your smokes. Than drop into the trench, 
crawl along and burn your enemies, you will reach a point where your 
trench ends, and you need to cross over into the other trench, go into 
this trench. Once your in the trench rush to the truck to the very right 
of the building and take cover by the wall and crawl around you might 
see an enemy or two so burn them down. Then turn around the corner of 
the wall and follow your team. 

Head on up and burn the enemies by the wall, then cook a grenade into 
the far corner of the right. Once the enemy in the corner is killed hug 
the left of the wall as you head on up to the AA crews, as you reach the 
steps kill the enemy waiting for you. You should see his gun then rush  
ahead and down the slope to a dead end. This is for cover from the 
enemies on top of you by the AA gun.

Burn the enemies in the seats of the AA, and head to the right where you 
should notice one of your teammates taking cover. Direct your attention 
to the building overlooking the AA turret your just took out, and 
eliminate the enemies on top with one good cooked grenade. Now head 
behind the AA turret and use it as cover and pick off the enemies 
operating the 2 AA turrets you have a good view of, once you killed them 
take control of it and take out the AA turret that is still operating 
and the enemies coming to your location. Once you have cleared all the 
AA turrets you will need to eliminate all the other enemies still alive. 
Take the left side and kill all the enemies in front of you taking cover 
by their supplies and the barrels, than run to the right you will notice 
a BAR. Pick that up and start annihilating the rest of the enemies while 
slowly moving up, but do not stay long in either corner as I have 
noticed they seem to cook a grenade and throw it at you. There'll be no 
indication just instant death, once you kill them.

You now have to hold up here and defend against Japanese infantry, this 
is a really hard section but there is a real easy way to get through it. 
The number 1 thing you'll need is the Arisaka and the type 100 and NEVER 
get on the AA turrets. They are suicide you will die trying to use them.  
You just need to hold out for a bit, you can go up to the sides and pick 
off the enemies or try using the MG and blow up the gas canisters and 
trucks coming in. You won't spend much time trying to use them just 
going back and forth taking out enemies. You will get a checkpoint 
halfway through, from here on out it might get a little tough because 
now you have tanks firing on you. Most of their fire won't instantly 
kill you but if you try to run to far back or stay in one corner for to 
long they will lay a precise shot ending you. You need to try and 
survive their fire, and take out the enemies who will be climbing up to 
kill you. 

Eventually the tower in front of you will start having enemies taking 
control of the MG on it, take them out. Just continue running back and 
forth killing enemies. When you hear the victory music, go to one of 
your platoons and get cover by them, I noticed if your not by them you 
will get hit by a one hit kill shot from the cannon, and this is really 
annoying. So you just have to hold out and keep going side to side to 
avoid cannon fire.

That is it for this level, it had it's moments but nothing to extremely 
difficult to get by, after this level you really need to make sure your 
ready for some hard times. That is all there is after this except for 2 

Defend against enemy ambush 
Take out the MG infested bunkers
Burn enemies
Take out tanks
Take out AA crew
Survive from reinforcements from the enemies.

B4: Vendetta
Difficulty: 7/10
Strategy: Sniper duel
Reference Code: SNP

This is the first level that really shows how evil veteran mode is, you 
will start out in a fountain with a bunch of dead bodies, once you get 
control head forward there you will notice another soldier is also 
alive, this would be Reznov. He will fill you in about Amsel and that 
you will need to be the sniper. Since he is injured you will get his 
weapon, here he will tell you about taking out the body guards 
surrounding the building. You will have to wait until the airplanes go 
over your head, this is also the point where you can get the 'The 
professional' achievement for killing all the bodyguards and the dog 
without reloading. You can check youtube for the video on how to kill 

Dispose of the bodyguards with 2 to your far left 2 to the middle and 2 
to the far right, the middle and the far right can be killed with 1 shot 
from rifle. The 2 to the left have to be killed with 1 shot each. 
Eventually a soldier will come out and kneels down, aim at his knee and 
fire it should also take out the dog too with 1 shot, if you don't get 
the timing down, wait until the dog comes at you and knife him.

Reznov will take point so just follow him, you will head all the way to 
the right and jump into the window. Reznov will do some talking then 
lift the counter up. Once he does follow him to the truck, eventually 
you will take fire from a sniper so rush and jump into the building, 
than head up stairs. The next following bit will take you between 7-10 
minutes all the way to about an hour, it is entirely based on your skill 
of aiming.

You have to fight a sniper; the bad thing is if he sees you, you will be 
killed in 1 hit. There is though the small split second that you see him 
that you can move to cover to avoid the shot. This whole duel is really 
difficult since he can be on 3 levels. I found when he is on the fourth  
floor he is less difficult and you can scope the whole top section 
really easy.

He also uses the Enemy behind the Gates tactic of putting his helmet up, 
you'll notice it as it goes up and down from the cover, do not fire at 
it. If you do, you will be stuck putting another bullet in the chamber 
and be shot instantly. Although after about 1 to 5 bobs of his helmet he  
will appear, which is an easy shot.

He will run back and forth, so the main thing you will need to do is 
keep looking out for him while going back into cover constantly. When 
you see him run behind cover between 2 windows he only has 2 choices. To 
attack from said left window or the right window. Your best bet is 
getting cover so you can only see the right window, without the worry of 
getting shot from the left. When you see him behind cover wait a few 
seconds and than hold your breath, the A.I is evil that it knows you 
will probably hold your breath right when he takes covers and as soon as 
you go to exhale he will pop up and lay you out. The tactics are simple.

Stay on the top floor and head to the right window, and just keep 
staffing between the window and cover while trying to get a glimpse of 
where he is located. It may take a bit but once you got it down it 
really gets simple. It's just a waiting game and narrowing the place 
where he can fire, it takes between 3-4 shots to end his life. I know, 
it's a long process and it really sucks to be killed when you only 
needed one more shot to kill him. You can check out the video of how I 
did it in the strategy section.

Head on around and make a right, you'll notice a table you can pick up 
the Walter P38 for the 'The Gunslinger' achievement later in the level. 
Follow Reznov down the stairs and jump over the table. He will tell you 
to be quiet and get down so you don't alert the Germans outside. Sadly  
they find out and start shooting flames at you, this can be an easy part 
or a difficult part again it's based on your skill on aiming and your 
speed to get through it.

Continue crawling on the floor and pay focus to the left window just a 
bit down you will see enemies going by, count them the third one take 
him out. Ignore the Nazi at the right window and get up and run around, 
as you turn the corner ready your rifle and kill the German in the left  
window and than move up and kill the German in the right window and 
continue up the stairs. You only have one shot to kill these guys, if 
you miss you'll probably burn to death.

Follow Reznov up than jump outside the window where you will be greeted 
by some nice Germans, eventually some help arrives and they will kill 
them. You will be back on your feet head up the ladder and go into the 
building. Your job is to cover your comrades from enemy fire, so first  
thing take out the enemy on the mg in the building in front of you and 
the 2 enemies on the walkway on top of the building to the right. Once 
you do this just start picking off enemies, make your way around and you 
will notice there is the ptrs sniper rifle, it has around 26 shots  
you can take it if you want. Head on around the corner and you will 
notice enemies are coming from the end of the building as well as dogs. 
So kill them take cover and move up as fast as possible. This is a 
little tough especially with grenades and dogs(only 2 come out) but with 
the ptrs there isn't that much recoil so you can just swipe and snipe.

I would not suggest going down the stairs to the left just stick to the 
right and take cover you should have enough to pick off a good majority. 
When you finally approach the next building there is one enemy just 
waiting to the right, which you can shoot right through the wall and 
kill him. Enter the building and go man the MG by the window, and kill 
Nazis on the roof of the building and take out the 2 Nazis on the MG on 
the 2 vehicles that come in. After awhile it will clear up and Reznov 
will go open the door so you can continue into the building.

This room is really annoying there are about 5 enemies 1 on each side of 
the lower stair case and 2 in the next room over. When I enter I head to 
the right look over into the entrance way downstairs and pick off the 
enemy to the left of the entry. Then I move and kill the other 2 and  
wait until Reznov says he found a good place to snipe. Follow Reznov 
down stairs and down the hall into the room which is overlooking your 
teammates fighting the Germans.

Here you will need to look to the building with the Nazi flag, in a 
moment a Amsel will be coming out with around 5 body guards. You can 
take out about 2 here, than look to the right and kill another one of 
the body guards in plain site. Keep a look to the left where there's a 
vehicle as one of their snipers usually will crouch here, kill him. All 
the snipers are one hit kill once you kill them, just try to snipe 
Amsel. Eventually a car will come to pick him up, kill the driver and 
head to the very far right window. When you see him running just kill 
him. Once he has been eliminated you will be hit with some artillery it 
seems and be knocked back get back up and run with Reznov, when you get 
close to see the room with stairs zoom in. Take out what Germans you can 
while moving, if you stay behind you will get killed by the collapsing 
building. Eventually if you make it through the Germans and to the top 
you will need to run and jump out the window into the river. That is it 
for this level, besides just the sniper duel the rest of the level is 
really not that hard, but if your not lucky you will be spending most of 
your time trying to beat the sniper duel. 

Regroup with Reznov
Assassinate all of Amsel Bodyguards
Defeat one hell of a sniper
Escape the flames from the Germans
Provide cover for your comrades
Eliminate Amsel and escape to safety


B5: Their Land, Their Blood
Difficulty: 5/10
Strategy: No

The level starts out with you again being in a pretty bad situation 
being captured by some Germans. You will attempt to take the rifle next 
to you but will get a boot right in your face. Eventually Reznov will 
bust right in and save you, here you can pick up the rifle and if you 
head to the right of the room pick up the deployable FG42. Than proceed 
outside and follow your men. You will be given some Molotov cocktails 
which are your special grenade here on out for the Russian missions.

Continue following your men down the road until you reach the small 
creek, eliminate any Germans not running and head forward. You will be 
given a choice to go left or right, I took the left and you will see 
some trenches and some Germans by barrels. Eliminate them and move up as 
fast as possible in the trench, you will get to a small break where the 
trench is a dead end to the left or right, take the right side and focus 
at the back near the trees there is usually a sniper waiting here. Kill 
him and the 2 or 3 Nazis up the trench with a grenade, rush to their 
spot and hide by the barrels taking out any other approaching Nazis. 

You will come to a huge defense line and see a small wall right there is 
a MG42, pick this up and head up the left side. If you head up here you 
will need to take out one Nazi in the very left corner. Head along the 
side of the wall for cover when you reach the area pick up some more 
ammo for the MG42. Take a look down and throw grenades and lay down some 
suppressing fire. Than head back down either crawling and crouching, 
some Nazis will start coming out of the trench so be ready, as you make 
your way into the trench make sure all your ammo is loaded. Head around 
to the left and you should see a bunker to your left 2 or so Nazis will 
come out from here and 2 more from the right, take them out. You can use 
the supplies to right as some cover, then peek out and slowly kill 
anymore who come out, which will be from the right where the MG is. Head 
up there with extreme caution and kill the 3 or 4 remaining Germans. You 
will see another bunker ahead of you where there is some FG42 ammo if 
you still kept the gun.

Proceed out and head right down the trench pick off the 2 Germans in the 
front than continue with your teammates. You will now have to destroy 4 
tanks, this isn't really difficult but if you take too much time you 
might get to many Germans spawned all over the place. So begin heading  
left until you see the golden bazooka, pick it up and destroy the tank 
that should be in plain view, wait a bit and you should start seeing 
another tank come from that side as well take it out. Now head to the 
right past the gate overlooking the house, you may have troubles seeing 
the tank because of all the grass and trees. Wait until you see it's 
cannon move than you should be able to locate the tank. Take it out, 
than run back past the farm house keeping your back to the wall and you 
should see a shed ahead of you, 3 Germans will run out, take them out 
and get into the shed to replenish any health from the 3 Germans sniping 
near the broken wall. Once you go back out eliminate the 2 crouching 
firing at your comrades. Head up along side and jump over the wall. 

You should see a few Germans coming from the house, kill them and head 
through the front of the house staying close to the front for cover. 
Peek in each window and kill any Germans still held up, jump in and go 
up stairs and go to the room to your right, look through the window and 
take out the last tank.

Regroup with Reznov and take out the bazooka, keep a look an the big 
barn door with the red tank icon inside. Eventually the door will be 
blown open so shoot a rocket and duck down, than get back up and finish 
it off switching to your gun to eliminate any other Nazis around. Head 
into the yard and head outside and get on the tank to ride it.

The tank will take you up a bit once you see some towers get off and use 
it as cover as these towers have enemies with bazookas who will fire and 
most likely blow your face off. Once you see all the cement barriers use 
them as cover and if you still have your bazooka aim at the towers to 
blow them up. To the left of you near the sandbags is some bazooka ammo. 

This section is really annoying but the best thing you can do is take 
the bazooka and blow up all the trucks you see. Then rush to them for 
cover I took the right path and used the sand bags as cover and popped 
up and destroyed the tower. I would suggest having the MP40 for this 
section, so you can take out enemies without too much trouble. Continue 
on the right you should see 2 more trucks blow them up and use them for 
cover, then peek out and take out any Germans in your path. Once you 
cleared them rush to the fence and prone, Reznov will tell you about a 
truck that has enemies in it. Take out the bazooka and go around the 
fence where there is a big opening and shoot it, then jump down and head 
back the tent for cover.

I didn't worry about the towers since none of them had enemies with 
rockets, so this section gets a little tough head up around the tent and 
pick off the enemies down to the right side then rush around to the 
other tent. Peek around the barrels and you should see 2 or 3 enemies 
rushing around take them out, then go behind the tent through the left 
and kill the 2 Germans by the barrels. Head back to the right and go up 
against the wall and pick off the guy in the tower. Rush to the fence 
and you should get a checkpoint here, you will be told that the enemies 
are pulling back go over into the next area and show them there is no 

I would suggest blowing up the vehicle with the MG turret than going 
prone and head on through and swing to the right, you should see a 
structure adorned with Nazi flags go up there kill any enemies that you 
can and the level should end.

The level has a few annoying moments but nothing that can't be managed, 
the first time on veteran I went through I had a lot of problems because 
I didn't take out the towers in the first part of the camp. Do so, you 
don't want more frustration than you already have. The best thing to do 
in this camp is really just keep to the right, you have perfect view of 
all the enemies that can lay any fire on you. The one problem is this is 
a point where there is a lot of grenade spam's. So be careful you don't 
want to get stuck with nowhere to move because there is a grenade in 
every direction.

Escape being killed
Join the battle 
Take down the enemy's defense line
Eliminate 5 tanks
Storm the camp and take out the towers

B6: Burn 'em out
Difficulty: 8/10
Strategy: Yes
Reference Code: BEO

This level starts you out right in a trench with the objective to take 
out their mortar crew, pick up the Thompson to replace the garand or if 
your going to attempt the achievement for just using the flamethrower 
ignore it.

This whole section is really difficult, so head to the wall that should 
keep you from getting hit from the mg if you look straight ahead you 
should see Japanese running for cover, kill them and destroy he barrel. 
Move up carefully and take out the enemy looking down above you from the  
trench, kill them and move and turn right. You will see a bridge with 
enemies running across kill them then throw a smoke into the corridor. 
When it's filled up take your flamethrower out and burst fire all the 
Japanese holding up their position here. Take out the enemies on the MG 
and turn right.

There are now snipers in the tree and if you move forward there is only 
one place for cover and that is to the left, so head over there and 
check your back for any enemies coming from behind kill them, than move 
up to the barrels on to the right in a prone position. Peek out and take 
the 2 enemies out the tree, than take out your flame thrower and move 
up, a bunch of enemies will come out from the bunker. Burn them all 
down, when their done, move up slowly against the barrels and take out a 
gun. Turn to the right, you should see some boxes above the trench line, 
there are 2-3 Japanese enemies here with type 100 that will annihilate 
you. So pop up and kill them, when you finished, throw a smoke grenade, 
than head forward into the bunker with your flamethrower blowing down 
most of the enemies inside.

As you reach the inside you can find BARs, Arisaka rifles, a death card, 
take what you need, than proceed out. As you exit you can go up and out 
the trench and kill the enemies in the next area from above, once you 
finished them, go back in the trench and throw a smoke grenade in the  
following area. Once there is smoke, rush in and start torching down the 
top edges of the trench and all the enemies popping out, keep doing this 
until you see a path, follow that around. As you come around to the 
right a bunch of enemies will come out at you, torch them down, then 
proceed down where they came from torching the window killing the enemy 
with the type 99. In here you can replenish your grenades, head back out 
with caution there are some very accurate enemies on the edge of the 
trench, so throw a grenade to blow up the barrels and throw a smoke to 
conceal your movement. When you got enough cover, run in hugging the 
left side burning all the enemies on the top ridge. 

Here is a really crazy part and is where I died a lot but when your 
about to move in the next area immediately turn left and torch the 
enemies in the bunker below. Once they're killed just move out and 
proceed down the next area. You will need to go down this tunnel, head 
down there prone and hugging the very right, as you appear you can see a 
big hole in the ceiling, throw a grenade and a smoke ahead of you, 
hopefully killing the guy with the type 99 waiting to lay you out. Than  
throw another smoke in the other room, once there is a lot of smoke 
proceed to burn everything in front of you, even if you don't see 
anything. You will hear the screams of many people dying, while doing 
this you have to dodge a bunch of grenade spam's, you can take cover by 
the barrels right to the left of the entry to the new room and torch 
down what ever enemies you can.

When it's clear move slowly inside, you will notice a path leading 
outside easily prone and move and take out the enemies ahead of you 
taking cover by the supplies. Once you eliminated them move up and watch 
your back, there is an enemy right behind you. Taking him out is up to 
you but I didn't get a checkpoint when I went up here so you can move up 
around the left hugging the wall, you should see the mortar crew, burn 
them, This will end the mission.

It was a tough mission, but you can check out how I did it with the 
video in the strategy section.

Eliminate Mortar crew

B7: Relentless
Difficulty: 8.9/10
Strategy: Yes
Reference Code: RLTS

This mission is really hard even from the beginning, even writing this 
guide might not be much help but luckily I made a video for this which 
you can see in the strategy section.

First thing is your on a tank on your way through a beautiful day in 
Japan, when you get attacked by artillery, you need to get off your tank 
while your screen is still shaking from the attack. Head upwards to the 
broken down tree in front and take cover there, here you can see your 
being attacked from 2 sides. Across the river and from the left of the 
tree, you will need to go up the left side and flank them. 

Throw a smoke up on the left side of the river and one right down it, 
once they have been activated move up with the trench gun and kill the 
unsuspecting enemies, I stayed prone and crouched a few times. While 
clearing them out, get prone and take out the browning. Stay prone  
and move up killing all the Japanese that you can, move on up and you 
will be told to go man the AA turret, do not do this. You end up getting 
picked off in a matter of seconds, but do go to the very corner of it 
which will initiate a banzai attack, finish off these guys. Look down 
around the trench and finish off the 2 enemies attacking, then look to 
your left towards the bunker you should see a soldier right by the 
barrels pick him off and head right into the bunker. You can get some 
ammo and pick up the M1 garand, than proceed out.

What you need to do is clear another artillery position, thing is it's 
very hard to get a good view and not get spammed with grenades. So make 
your way down the trench where you can pick up a scoped Springfield, 
than head back up and pick off some of the soldiers that you can view. 
Throw a smoke out in front of the trench, once it deploys, move up to 
the left you should have 2 barrels which will provide just enough cover. 
Sadly the enemy will start spamming grenades so just head to the right 
and prone in the other corner, while popping out to take out the enemies 
in the nest just in the left side of the map. Once you see your tanks 
start coming out start pushing forward and head down the left, there is 
quite a few places for cover here, but just stay prone most of the time, 
while trying to dodge grenades. As you approach you will see another 
structure with a few enemies here and snipers. If you keep heading left 
you can take cover by the bushes, as you step out from the side you have 
an excellent view of what ever enemies are left. Finish them off and you 
should get a checkpoint. Continue with your team up the path and jump 
over the log, your now about half way through the level, only problem is 
it gets a lot worse here on out. So I suggest having an Arisaka rifle 
for this part and hopefully some excellent reflexes.

You need to rush to the end of the slope, and duck by the wall take a 
look straight to your left and take out the 2-4 Japanese soldiers 
waiting by the edge of the barrier, keep a watch on the top as you hug 
the right wall there are a bunch of Japanese soldiers up here, so you 
need to stay prone if your continuing down this side. You will see a 
flame tank appear, and start burning  
everything. Roebucks instructs you to stay behind the tank, don't do 
this you will be killed. You need to rush down from where the tank 
busted through and hug the left wall and make your way up.

To the left is a structure with what seems to be never ending soldiers 
popping out, so you need to keep your eye out for them, ahead where most 
of your team is taking cover are fighting all the soldiers along the 
barrier and caves. You need to somehow avoid fire, grenades, and make 
your way to that cave. I wish there was some easy way to do this, but 
there isn't. You will spend most of your time alternating cover from the 
back left where the tank came through and the upper right where most 
your team is. I made it to the left and prone along side their 
structure, and picked off the enemies coming out the cave. You should 
see the tank, you can use it for cover from the right as you inch your 
way out, you will notice a soldier waiting along side it, waste him and  
dash to the left of the cave, there will probably be an enemy right 
behind you to your left, don't worry he will probably only get one shot 
off before your team finishes him and you get a checkpoint.

This part is either hard or easy, and reading this will make it a lot 
easier, head in from the right cave entrance. As you move up you will 
see some enemies standing by another tunnel entrance. Kill them and 
crawl on around and focus your fire to the left, where there are 2  
enemies keeping your other team pinned down. Once they're killed look 
ahead and you should see a bunch of supplies in the middle, make your 
way around it and kill another enemy at the tunnel entrance. Keep a look 
on your right and finish off any other enemies to your right using this 
as cover. When it is clear head up the tunnel to your left, you will 
come to a point where the tunnel has an opening to the right, take this 
route. When you turn left move up slowly and throw a grenade down into 
the artillery room then move up. As you approach you will hear a lot of  
gunfire but not see much, head up and look to your left and see if you 
can spot the muzzle flash from the enemy. Take him out and rush over 
here and take a look to your right, you will notice another enemy take 
him out. Move up and you should see the cannons and another soldier 
waiting around kill him and clear the rest of the room out. There 
shouldn't be any other soldiers after him so this won't take long.

If you decide to take the left cave, your going to end up constantly 
fighting respawning enemies from the right, so if you head to the right 
you kind of eliminate their spawn point and it's a lot easier. Once you 
finish this level, take a break and pat yourself on the back since this 
is one of the 5 hardest levels you will face.

Survive artillery attack
Flank the enemy and eliminate their artillery
Move with your flame tank to the caves
Clear the caves out of all enemies

B8: Blood and Iron
Difficulty: 3/10
Strategy: No

This is a really easy level even on veteran, there is no real need to 
walk you through this. All you need to do is burn enemies and blow up 
other tanks. Strafe when needed and continue down the landscape. If you 
are having serious problems with this level, e-mail me and I'll work on 
this section.

Eliminate Bunkers and Towers
Clear a path by destroying enemy tanks.

B9: Ring of Steel
Difficulty: 5/10
Strategy: Asylum section
Reference Code:  ASYLM

This level is actually not too bad and shouldn't be too much of a 

First thing you need to do is wait until your side is done firing 
rockets and charge with the rest of your squad. As you approach the 
fence climb over it and make your way left using the buildings as cover, 
eventually you will have a bunch of Nazis in the house windows just 
firing like crazy. You need to take a majority out until most of your 
team can move up, as you continue you will eventually hear about them 
fleeing, head into the left building than proceed upstairs.

Now the second part is you need to eliminate all the MG gunners and the 
enemies with panzershreks in the windows. Head up stairs and make a 
right into the room make sure there aren't any German soldiers still 
left, than head out and you should have a pretty clear view of the 
soldiers with panzers and the mg firing. So you need to kill them and 
you will get a checkpoint. 

If you go into the room where your men are you can find a panzershreks 
lying around, pick it up and use it to take out the enemies in each 
window. Just prone, pop up, and fire through out this part. You can 
avoid pretty much most of the enemy fire, if you do get hit just stay 
low or go into the backroom where most of their fire won't get you. The 
main thing to do is get the enemies with the Panzershreks out of the 
windows, these guys are easy to spot because they're the ones that 
aren't firing the MG. They take forever to fire so either pick them off 
or use the panzer to clean them up. Once you killed them you will be 
ordered to get down from the building.

Follow your team up into the next building heading upstairs. Head up and 
cross the platform into the next building. Head downstairs and into the 
alleyway, eventually your tank will burst through the wall and you will 
be forced to head in and take over the asylum. It's pretty hectic out 
here, to your right are enemy on the steps in front of the door, and a 
small barricade down the street with around 5 Germans. You can decide to 
pick them off then head left into the front of the asylum using the 
steps as cover.

You will notice a small place for cover so rush over here, the whole 
front is littered with cover, so you shouldn't have too much problem 
when it comes to alternating cover from the grenade spamming Nazis. Just 
throw grenade at the enemies position and pick off the sniper in the  
building overlooking the street, this guy if you ignore him is usually 
the one to kill you with a WTF shot. Once you take him out head around 
the left of the wall of the asylum, if you look ahead you should see a 
MG on the top of the building. Take him out, once he has been killed 
it's really basic, eliminate what enemies you can see and rush up to the 
left. You will see some weird looking cover right by the steps to the 
asylum, you can use this as cover to kill any of the enemies in the 
corner to the right of you. Slowly move on out and they should be 
cleared with your new objective clearing the Asylum.

Follow your team inside, and make your way upstairs you will notice 
Reznov telling you to pick up the shotgun on the staircase. I would 
highly advise not doing this at all. You can still pick it up though but 
any SMG,HMG, and even the bolt action rifles would be very good in here. 
This isn't to say that you couldn't use it, there is some close up 
action but this is veteran and you don't want to be that close to 

Head upstairs and you will be told that it's a little too quite, and 
they're right. Move on into the showers and you will be assaulted by a 
bunch of Nazis. I ran in right to the front where there are a bunch of 
sandbags and it's the part that splits the 2 rooms. I prone and crawled 
and made my way around the corner shooting at the few Germans that I 
could while retreating back into the cover. You can throw 
grenades/moltovs as well from this position.

Now your going to be playing whack a mole except your the mole doing the 
whacking, pop up and  down shooting down the Germans in the next room 
and checking your surroundings each time. You should clear a good few 
when your team wants you to move out. So head on with them, you will be  
instructed to man the MG and attack the Germans in the next room over. 
You could do this but I still managed to get killed I prone and sniped 
out the German on the top of the room. Then I stood up and took burst 
shots on the few enemies left. Going back into prone I moved from this  
location into the next room where you will find a panzershreks, you can 
use it to attack the enemies on the roof of the asylum, the one of the 
very left is carrying a panzer so I would take him out first. Most of 
the guys are pretty easy to take out from here, you can move up when 
they have all been killed on the roofs. 

Head up back into the building, and head right you will have an MG in 
the next room to your left so you have to take it out, you can just rush 
in here and hug the left side while prone than pop up and shoot whomever 
is on it. Around 3 to 4 guys will try to man it so pick them off, when 
you go to face inside the room there is one guy who hides behind the 
supplies, so be careful and take him out. 

From here, head into the next rook and head on up hugging the right side 
spraying down everyone in your path. Then head out and make a right 
eventually you will come into a room with quite a few Germans, but you 
will notice you can go back outside to the right, go outside and prone 
up to the window, there will be 2 Germans blind firing on your comrades, 
kill them. Once they have been eliminated jump right out of the building 
and continue with your tanks to eliminate the rest of the German forces.

This is pretty much the end of the level, don't try to mount up on the 
tanks you will be eliminated. I would suggest sticking to the right and 
picking off all the enemies in the top parts of the buildings in front 
of you. There are about 2-3 guys up here, kill them you will also notice 
at the bottom of this building is a German with a panzershreks so kill 
him. While keeping cover take a look to the left you will notice a 
halftrack and some guys hiding behind it kill them. Than continue along 
the right side of the city, as you approach the building where the 3  
guys were sniping from, you can go in here for cover if your hurt and 
head out to get a better look and you slowly make your way around the 
Russians will begin announcements to the Germans in the city, this 
concludes this mission.

Not extremely tough, all you have to do is just keep moving up and 
taking out certain amount of Germans. A lot easier than the rest, the 
only problem is the Asylum section which I made a video tutorial for 
that which you can check out in the strategy section.

Advance with your squad
Take out the enemies with MG and Panzershreks
Clear the way to the Asylum
Clean the Asylum
Continue with the tanks to VICTORY!

C1: Eviction
Difficulty: 5/10
Strategy: Yes
Reference Code: EVIC

From the beginning just rush on out, there aren't any enemies anywhere, 
as you continue you will end up going into a room with a radio 
transmitter, end his life and the few guys behind him. You can use his 
little station as cover from any fire, throw a grenade into the right 
corner and pick off what ever enemies are left and the room will be 
cleared. Don't rush out into the next room, instead cook a grenade and 
run out and throw it to your left. Than slowly peak out, there might  
be 2 Germans left at the end of the hall taking cover where the stairs 
are to the right and the rubble to the left finish them off, than slowly 
make your way down as you approach the railing look down and finish off 
the German down below. Turn to corner by the stairs and eliminate  
another German here. Head down stairs and slowly make your way down, you 
will approach another room with a Nazi about to kill one of your guys, 
finish him off and another Nazi will appear kill  him than rush into 
that room and prone your self.

You need to lay down a bunch of fire on a lot of enemies in the next 
room, this might be hard since well your getting grenade spammed and you 
have a lot of enemies. I crawled out to the left and picked off some 
enemies using furniture as cover. Since I mostly could see their head 
they didn't last long with some spray and pray tactics, move over to the 
right and you should see an entrance to the outside, rush for it and 
kill the gunner. Take over the MG and eliminate the Germans below. Head 
back out and into the next room, head forward and turn right and drown 
down the hole in the floor and continue forward. A Nazi will see you and 
prepare to attack you, eliminate him. As you reach the corner you will 
have 3 guys not even paying attention to you. Kill the 2 out in the open 
and one in the room below the staircase. You can look on top of the  
staircase and be able to see another Nazi with a panzer you can either 
throw a grenade up there and pick him off. 

Now you need to rush into that little office that you killed the one 
Nazi to avoid the Mg42. Your teammates will recommend another way 
through, I decided to take the faster way and slowly inch my  
way out and pray for some very well aimed shots to the guy on the 
turret. Kill him and head forward, make a left and head down into the 
next room. Head all the way to the right of the room, you should have 
some windows which have excellent view of some Nazis, pop up and 
eliminate each one there should be about 3 to 4 of them. Once you killed 
them head to the left and make a right kill the 2 Germans on this side 
and advance up. When you get into the next room right before you can 
leave outside, look right and take out the 1 to 2 Germans all the way 
down than proceed outside.

It's hectic, but your going to be spending most of your time in prone 
slowly moving up when you get a good view of the broken down tank to the 
right rush over there and stick to the side while avoiding enemy fire. 
Eventually all the Germans will get bombarded and you can advance to the  
subway entrance. Kill the Germans down below surrendering, because we 
don't believe in surrender and head on in. 

Here you have 2 choices you can proceed along the left side of the 
subway or the right side. I prefer to do the left side than the right 
side. The great thing is the enemies won't attack you from the other 
side. The bad thing is, it's still very hard. I prefer having a smg and 
a bolt action rifle for this part.

As you go down the stairs don't rush right out down the platform, you 
will get mowed down by gunfire, instead peek out and take out the 2 
Germans in the front than rush to the left side of the wall. Here on out 
your going to be prone and moving along side the wall killing everyone. 
To your left will be around 2 to 3 small offices go into them and take 
out all of the Germans inside than head back out on to the main path. 
You will eventually need to take out a MG. Kill the guy as you approach 
another office go inside, this time you should have a good view of a 
train with a sniper in it. Kill him and head out eliminating the rest of 
his buddies. Your going to do this for a bit until you reach the end 
where all of the German soldiers are held up, you need to basically 
survive for a few minutes until the door opens since all of the Nazis 
are going to flood you all out.

You can hang to the left of the wall and stay crouched while peeking out 
to take out the enemies behind the rubble. This isn't very difficult you 
can't prone which is annoying but if you stick to the left and just lay 
down suppressing fire eventually they will open the door and the level  
will end.

A mildly difficult level but not extremely hard, infuriately this is the 
last of the 'easy' veteran missions after this all hell will be brought 
to you.

Eliminate Radio Transmissions
Clear out all the enemies
Clean the streets up
Clear the subway up
Get flushed out

C2: Black Cats
Difficulty: 2/10
Strategy: No

This is just, way too easy. You shouldn't have a problem take out the 
boats and planes trying to ram into you. Other than that there isn't 
much to say about this level except this is actually  
really the last easy level and it's pretty fun. 

C3: Blowtorch & Corkscrew
Difficulty: 10/10
Strategy: Yes
Reference Code: BTCS

This level is extremely hard, all throughout this mission is just a lot 
and I mean a lot of grenade spamming, if your reading to find some easy 
way through this, there isn't one single simple way to do this. You are 
going to need luck and some very well place checkpoints that the game 
give you. You should also clear your room of anything that you could 
possibly break from throwing the controller.

You basically start out with the flame thrower and have to head up this 
ridge to take out these bunkers, head up in a bit Roebucks will ask you 
to burn the grass down where a bunch of enemies will ambush you. Kill 
them and head to the right next to the stone, take out your browning and  
pick off the sniper right on the other side, than focus to the upper 
left and take out that sniper. Throw a smoke in front of you and a smoke 
grenade up the ridge, than rush it and pray to the lord you can get a 

If you made it up here chances our you got a checkpoint but it's still 
ridiculously hard there are tons of enemies in front and behind you and 
your teammates want you to throw smoke to cloud the MG so you can get in 
the bunker. Sounds pretty simple but your surrounded and with the  
inability to see your enemies, you have people all behind you sniping. 
So you can burn the people behind you and try to move your way on up 
along the right side.

Once you reach a stone where most of your teammates are, throw some 
smoke alongside the fence, and a further one near the bunker, while your 
trying to damn best to avoid being banzai attacked and grenade killed. 
Work your way up and throw what ever grenades you have and just rush 
forward, if everything goes well you should go right into their base 
drop down and get a checkpoint.

Here on out really you need to go into a tunnel, throw some grenades 
destroy some bunkers and head into a fortress, not super detailed 
because your better off just watching my video in the strategy section. 
This as a whole is really, really difficult but even explaining isn't 
really going to change anything.

going into the cave, head around the right you should see a waterfall 
through a grenade to the right than rush to the other side using the 
rock as cover. You need to destroy 3 bunkers and it just so happens that 
they're pretty well defending the first one your going to take is the 
one on the far right of you compass. Just leave the area and head to the 
right, while torching numerous enemies and hoping that god has been kind 
enough to smile on you. Too bad that isn't going to happen, your going 
to get grenade spammed just try as hard as possible to get to the bunker 
and toss a satchel in the bunker to detonate it.

Luck would have it that there is a checkpoint after each bunkers 
destruction, from here take out a gun and take out the soldier to the 
right of the bunker as you proceed to your next destination, use this 
wall as cover and peak out. There are a ton of Japanese soldiers out 
here  some of them Banzai warriors as well. You can just head forward 
using the edge of the terrain for cover than rush up to the wall, if you 
manage throw a satchel and destroy the bunker.

The last of the bunkers is actually pretty easy, move on forward up and 
just torch everything, there is very little cover to the side like just 
enough to cover you in prone us it to avoid being killed by the guys on 
MG, once you finished them move up slowly and head to the left into  
you get stuck by the barb wire, if you turn and look to your right you 
will be able to throw a satchel into the bunker and detonate it. Keep in 
mind there is one guy on a MG outside the bunker, finish him off first 
to make this easier.

Your next job is to regroup with Roebucks and continue with your tanks 
up the hill, as you start to get to the top your tanks will be hit with 
artillery fire. This is pretty troublesome but the main thing is there 
is a huge fortress with MG everywhere and everyone aiming just at you. 
So you are given a choice of 2 path to take to flank and get inside the 
bunker. I am going to suggest the right side, I found it the easiest of 
the 2, the left side has a lot banzai soldiers and it's just a big 

The right side isn't that much easier but I find it more manageable, 
start by heading up the right side of the hill you should see a small 
piece of barricade, prone and use this to look up at the fortress you 
won't be able to get many good shots in, unless your crouched. If you 
crouch focus on the very right MG and take the guy out there are about 
3-4 respawns than they stop, this is also for the next MG that you have 
to go up against.

Start moving down into the dip and get as far up to the left of the 
wall, make your way up the path and you will notice 3 enemies one 
directly in front of you using the boulder as cover, one to the left 
using supplies as cover and one directly to your right using another 
boulder as cover, eliminate them. You will notice a very small cave, on 
top of this cave is the spawn point for infinite enemies so get to this 
as fast as possible so you don't keep getting stuck in the same boring 

While your going into the small cave you will have to kill 2 more 
enemies on the other side, and have to deal with a kamikaze soldier. 
Kill them and move up to the right and down the hill, again you will 
have to fight more Kamikaze soldiers, finish them off and go to the 
boulder that your teammates are using for cover, Directly ahead is the 
bunkers entrance but it's surrounded by enemy snipers so your going to 
spend some time running in what seems to be a triangle from  
boulder to boulder trying not to be killed by grenades. There are 2 
snipers laying on the edge of the entrance, finish them off, and any 
soldiers on foot in front of you than continue around crawling. As you 
approach the entrance top, you have to kill a soldier who is on the 
opposite end, kill him and enter the bunker.

Going into the bunker you need to head to the right, you will see some 
Japanese soldiers run out kill them, as you approach to make a left kill 
the soldier waiting to your right, than continue in eliminating any 
opposite. You need to go up stairs about 2 time, but the soldiers aren't  
anything difficult to kill. As you approach the last level, when you go 
up the ladder burn everyone to the right since there are 2 guys in this 
room waiting to kill you. Once you kill them align your self to the left 
and move slowly a few enemies will run in so all you have to do is  
burn them, as you start to see the room dash for the right to the boxes. 
Kill the soldier over here and take a look to your upper right, throw a 
grenade in the entrance way to kill the LMG users. Rush in here to end 
the spawning, do not go right and head up the ladder you will be  

You can go outside and make your way up to kill some soldiers but most 
of your men should have killed them. If they have not and you died, go 
back into the room and go up the ladder HALF way. Than head back down, 
this will initiate the script to send your teammates who will do the 
rest of work and will finish out the level for you.

If you beat this level you should take a break, and congratulate 
yourself you beat a level that probably 97% of the community won't be 
able to do, you had a lot of luck on your side. Especially patience 
since it takes roughly 2-3 hours to get through this level and maybe an 
hour or 2 if your really lucky or good.

Burn Stuff
Destroy Bunkers
Destroy Fortress

C4: Breaking Point
Difficulty: 8/10
Strategy: Yes
Reference Code: BPNT

You will notice at the start of the level you don't have any ammo and 
need to go get supplies, as you approach the supplies you can pick up 
the browning and get some ammo, but you will be assaulted by enemy 
forces so juts head to the right where you should see a very small 
barricade, hold up here and point your attention to the left you will 
have 2-3 banzai soldiers come around, kill them than take out the 
enemies in the trees and up some ways from your position.

You will be assaulted with mortar fire and will be forced to move take 
cover and move up around the left side of the trench, then prone your 
self against the wall to the right. You should see a small area of cover 
so get to here for a checkpoint. While doing this you will be trying to 
avoid being killed by the enemies surrounding you, so just be careful 
and rush your way through while take small moments of cover, if you stay 
in one place for too long you will be killed by mortar fire, I know what 
a devilish design.

Here you will need to drop down into the bunker and take out some 
enemies, not really difficult, your just going to crawl on in until you 
see the enemies gathered around the table talking, cook a grenade and 
finish any survivors. Than proceed out, go back up the ladder and 
prepare for quite the fight.

You need to get up this hill and into their base, but there are spider 
traps everywhere and enemies firing down upon you, you can use the wall 
as cover but try to get all the way down to the other end. As you do 
this 2 to 3 enemies will appear out of their spider traps, kill them and  
head to the end you should see Roebucks already has climbed up. Get up 
this end and hide by the rock for cover, here through a smoke at the 
left of the steps and one right in front of it, once the smoke has 
started to activate rush on up the stairs killing the enemies that will 
hinder your way. I would suggest having the type100 from here on out.

As you get out of the entry way head left and duck behind it, here you 
will have to fend off against snipers and such, this isn't too difficult 
just throw a grenade and you should notice a building to the right this 
is your next destination. Clear the enemies while crawling up, once  
you see a moment to rush do it. Don't go directly in the building but to 
the right, as you head up a little further you can see the enemy sniper 
in the tower. Take him out and look at the basin of the building, in the 
windows you will see more enemy snipers. Now you can go into the 
building that your using for cover and picked up a scope Arisaka rifle, 
and pick them off. Than dash out in the small corner to the right of the 

Proceed to rush in down the hall there might be 2 or 3 enemies left, you 
have the advantage so kill them and head down, you will notice a room at 
the end of the hall. Don't go in it, it will activate 2 scripted banzai 
soldiers and you won't see them at all they just magically appear, so  
ignore them and head left and up the steps to the castle.

Now you have to take out 4 mortar pits without a checkpoint, this is 
pretty fun you might die but you can prime mortars and throw them, the 
only problem is you can't throw them too far and if you a miscalculation 
you will end up dead. So you need to head up around and you approach the 
area right in front of you will be a box with mortars on it, pick it up 
and look up and throw it at the crew. Pick up another one and head right 
and take out the other crew. You can also throw the mortars at the MG 
nests which will destroy them permanently. 

As you take out the second one and approach the steps to the next area 
you should get a checkpoint, but don't rush out. To the left of you is a 
mg nest and some enemies so pick them off and head on down to the right 
near your teammates. They will be right by some mortars so pick it  
up and take out the second mg nest and the mortar crew right next to 
you. Head to their pit pick it up and throw it at the next crew than 
move up into the building. As you approach the steps you will be 
assaulted by banzai soldiers, end their lives and proceed in.

This section is the hard part of the level, because it's a lot of 
grenades and trying to move up is really difficult. Yet as you first get 
in head to the left outside, using the statues as cover you will notice 
enemies up by the fountain pick them off and move up fast upon the left 
side. If you still have smoke grenades, this is really easy if not your 
going to have a lot of problems, but if you do have a smoke throw it at 
the steps of the building. Duck for cover and wait until it starts to 
disperse, now you need to rush up here, when at the stop prone and back 
your self up against the sandbags and scout for soldiers around you, 
than get up and look left you should see a sniper still attacking pick 
him off and enter the building.

You will be asked to use the MG to kill some of the enemies outside, get 
on blow up the destructible barrel and focus on the door for remaining 
soldiers to come out. Get off the mg and head into the interior there 
are a few soldiers still defending the place but nothing difficult  
to deal with kill them, and enter the tunnels. Once inside proceed with 
caution until you get to the open area, you should see one of their 
soldiers run out from the left, kill him and the soldiers standing in 
the middle. Crawl around the left and pick off the soldiers hanging by 
the broken ceiling. Once you have killed them move around taking out the 
soldiers in the entry way and throw a grenade to your right so you can 
kill any spawning enemies coming from your direct right. Enter the entry 
way, kill about 3 of 4 soldiers in the room and head right, you should 
see some supplies and a staircase, kill the soldiers on the staircase 
first and throw a grenade behind the supplies.

This should finish off most of the soldiers so you can go up the stairs 
and into the courtyard of the castle. Here you will need to make a 
decision, make it and then get into the prone stance, pick off enemies 
that have you pinned down while running for cover to the sandbags 
scattered around. Eventually you will be able to call in air strikes on 
the castle, place one strike on the north castle, once it has been 
destroyed head back where you can in and duck behind the railing,  
here it's just a waiting game you need to place 2 more strikes on the 
east building. You can survive pretty long up here and throw grenades 
without too much problem, so just hold out until the castle goes down.

You have now completed all of the eastern missions, this level was a 
little difficult but you did it. Now you only have 2 more levels to 
complete, and they're not really easy to do, yet with completing 
Blowtorch and Corkscrew they're not as difficult so you will be able to 
do it.

Get supplies
Clear bunkers
Rush the steps to the castle
Clear mortar crews
Eliminate Enemies
Hold out and take out Shuri Castle.

C5: Heart of the Reich
Difficulty: 10/10
Strategy: Yes
Reference Code: HOTR

Starting off you just got out of the subway and need to take the steps 
of the Reich, once you have control head to the left until you appear 
outside the enemies stronghold. Rush in to the front and take cover and 
make your way around it while running from the occasional grenade spam.  
Once you have reached the corner go behind the building to the left that 
dash down the front. You will see a window, there is a sniper in here 
kill him, than as you turn the corner to the left kill the 3 or 4 
Germans outside, hug the right wall and keep your eye on the broken hole 
in the wall that lets you see in the building, there will be a German 
right by the entry way and 2 more inside, kill them than head on out and 
into the next building.

The building is covered with books and bookshelves all torn down, so 
just rush in and around killing the Germans at the end hiding by the 
desks. There is a lot of cover here, but you need to head up around the 
right, once you eliminated them all, head outside in the trench and into 
the tunnel for the second part of the mission.

Here you will need to eliminate 4 flak cannon crews, and this is really 
difficult since you only get a checkpoint after taking out 2 but here is 
my method after lots of trial and error the best way to do this is.

Immediately head right, use the wall by the tank for cover, than head 
right to the steps along side the wall, you'll see a broken chunk out of 
the wall which you can use to climb up. Once your on top prone and kill 
the enemies to your right while slowly making your way up, you should 
see the flak cannon dead ahead, throw a grenade and take out your gun 
and pick off the enemies still surrounding it. Than move up, tricky 
thing is sometimes an enemy is just hiding right behind the flak88 and 
as you make your way to the cannon he jumps out and will shoot at you, 
so take caution. The next troublesome part is you can't prone up to the 
Flak88 you have to walk up allowing you to get shot from the other 
10,000 Nazis here. So get up there, plant the charge and rush back down 
and make a right to the tank.

Here you can pick up a Panzershreks, use this to peak out and take out 
the Flak88 to the left of you, you will now have a checkpoint and have 
to head forward to take out 2 other flak88. Your going to take out the 
left Flak 88, so proceed up, just keep running for cover from the  
grenades, but head to the left near the flak88 you should find some 
barrels/boxes for some decent cover from fire. You just need to watch 
your upper right where the enemies are coming in from the building, head 
on up the steps and keep an eye out on the top of the building there 
might be a sniper so kill him. Once your on top crawl near the fence 
right by the flak88 and eliminate the crew, once it seems clear, rush 
down and plant the explosives on it, than head right using cover  
to regain your speed.

Now keep heading to the last one, Reznov should be taking cover right 
here, so crawl and peek around the corner and take out the flak88 crew. 
Once they have been eliminated slowly but not too slow get over there to 
plant the explosives, now run back to your cover. Once they Flak88 have  
been destroyed you will get another checkpoint and now have to proceed 
up the German stronghold before the steps of the Reichstag.

This is pretty hard, but I found out a really easy way to do it on my 
second time through. When you get your checkpoint, make sure you have 
the Kar98k than head behind and on top of the building behind you. You 
can pick off a good majority of the enemies here and there is a moment 
when they stop spawning. So once you cleared enough to make it through 
the buildings without a problem head forward to the right building. Head 
inside and up the stairs, here you can find your self a panzershreks and 
a PTRs sniper rifle, use this to pick off the people on the steps that 
*you* can go up, not the ones on the left. If you kill enough people 
here Reznov will tell your men to move forward and you will get a much 
needed checkpoint.

Your basically going to do the same thing here, but before you do head 
outside and to your right and look up you should see some sandbags and a 
guy held up here. Kill him, than go back into the building and go all 
the way to the back and snipe off people until your out of ammo, make 
sure you don't keep killing the infinite respawns guys. Just pick off 
the people in the building or held up by the building. Once you kill 
some of them focus on the stairways defense and take them out. Now head 
down stairs and up the stairway prone going to cover to cover. When 
Reznov says, "Move Forward" go back downstairs and continue the same 
thing. He will than ask you to come over, head back up the steps, a 
pillar should fall down, go all the way down the stairs. 

A Nazi with a flamethrower will torch Chernov and once he is dead go 
with Reznov into the Reichstag, and this will end the level.

This is a horrendous level made from the depth of hell, it's really hard 
to do even for the second or third time for me, it took about an hour to 
finally figure out a strategy that now works constantly. Checkpoints are 
weird after you destroy the Flak88 since my first time I got a 
checkpoint when I went into the building, this time I had to destroy a 
good amount of their forces to get a checkpoint. Either way, I'm done 
with this level and so are you, now the final  level approaches us.


Also, during the part where you need to take out the 2 flak88, I 
previously thought they only gave you one Panzershrek, but there are 2. 
The second one is right along the side of the stairs to the building 
that leads to the right upper right Flak88, so you could technically 
take out both further away flak88 with the panzershrek fire, the video 
doesn't show the second one, but it's still useful just incase you miss 
and have to do it the hard way.

Storm the German defenses held up at the street
Take out the Library
Take our 4 Flak88
Storm the steps

Final: Downfall
Difficulty: 9/10
Strategy: Yes
Reference Code: DFALL

This is the final level, and you have made it this far so there is no 
turning back. Your room has been destroyed, everyone in your family is 
now afraid because your extreme yelling and banging of objects into the 
wall. Now it's time to make all this worth it for those Gamer Points.

This is probably the really hardest part of this whole level, as soon as 
you step out your obliterated with MG fire or snipers. What makes it 
worse, is you can't really see the enemies nor can you really peek to 
find them since they have some type of super human sense to tell that 
your just peeking. So what you do is wait until the people behind you go 
out, most of them will be killed by gun fire, now you have to rush out 
there and try to make it to the barricade. You can choose to go left or 
head right, the right seems to have you more covered than the left, so 
were going to take the right.

Crawling along side it you should make it into the room, if you look 
through the dresser, you should see a guy in the corner, kill him than 
get down and move a bit to the right you should see a very small 
opening, here you can take out 2 more enemies. Now you need to rush all 
the way down to the right and get in prone using the boxes as cover. If 
stand up and move to the left you expose your whole body to the people 
on the stairs out in the main room, but you don't have a choice. The 
trick is to take out all the enemies on the left held up and the enemies 
in the middle that you can run in to the right section. Here you can 
peek out and kill the enemies on the mini towers and under the 
structure. Once you cleaned them up but your side to the wall of  
the stair, than look up and back up till you can see 1 or 2 enemies, 
kill them than proceed up the stairs. You should hopefully get a 
checkpoint here so you don't have to keep wasting time trying to get 

Now go up the stairs crawling so you don't get shot from above, as you 
approach the next set of stairs throw a grenade up there to try and kill 
some of the Nazis waiting. Move up and pick them off if you see their 
heads. You should be able to clear them out from here, now move up into 
the next room. Here you will see a major battle going down in the 
auditorium you need to provide some cover for your comrades so you can 
advance. This is really easy, just turn right and head up the stairs and 
make another right where you can pick up a sniper rifle, use it to kill 
all the Germans holding their positions below. After a while some 
Germans will appear opposite of you which you can snipe off here. Switch 
your sniper rifle for something else, and head back down stairs.

You need to move down using the chairs as cover, as soon as you reach 
the barricade head left, you will eventually find a Panzershreks, which 
you need to aim and destroy the huge golden eagle above the enemies. Do 
this, than prepare to take out 3-4 enemies with flame throwers. Keep 
your distance and defeat them and move up into the next area.

Your just going to clean up the remnants of the enemy on the balcony, 
just keep moving forward shooting them. This a really easy section, you 
can toss grenades to make them scatter so you can burst them all down. 
Once they've been finished continue upwards to the final hold of the  

This is probably the second hardest part of this mission, as you go up 
the steps your screen will start shaking as all hell is being contained. 
Stay prone and move up and look to your upper left, you'll see an enemy 
with a Panzershrek, luckily none of his shots can kill you since your  
on an angle, so take him out and scoot over to the left, you should see 
another enemy kneeling down on the scaffold. Take him out, the hard part 
is the guy on the mg and 2 guys further down. The 2 soldiers on the 
other scaffold are really hard to see, which make this really 
frustrating as you keep looking and can barely see. So this is all up to 
your eyes to see them and make the shot. Once you taken out the MG nest, 
and all the surrounding soldiers move up to the left next to the box and 
use it as cover.

2 enemies will keep spawning by the sandbags and keep attacking you 
constantly. So your best bet is to inch out and take out the 2. Than 
move up right to their barricade and slowly make your way around it. 
Look to the very right hole in the wall, take out the head of the German 
in here, than take a look outside to the right and kill the soldier next 
to the entry way. Now move in, as you enter this room go prone and aim 
above the barrel to headshot the soldier inside.

This is the hard part, move up and you will see 2 or 3 enemies further 
down the tunnel kill them, than head outside using the pipe as cover. 
You will see a broken down beam, head here and look to the top and take 
out the Panzershreks. Once you have done this, head back to the piping 
and look back at the scaffold to your upper right, kill the soldiers 
going underneath it. You can also look under the pipe and kill some 
soldiers outside. Now rush back into the room, and kill the 3  
Germans to your right.

Head out and finish the game.

You have done it, you have beaten the hardest Call of Duty on Veteran, 
not even COD2 could really compare to the difficulty. Yes, by difficulty 
I mean the endless spam's of grenades all over. You deserve all the 
points and more, you can now rest easy.

Storm the Reichstag
Clean it up
Support your comrades from the balcony
Finish the game.

A2: Frequently Asked or thinking of asking questions

Q: Why didn't you add a section for controls or weapons?

A: You have an instruction manual for the controls, why should I write 
them down? You can also check them in game.

As for the weapon section, I didn't really see a point in listing the 
weapons you can go on-line and read some extra information about them, 
if it is very important to know what I think of each weapon if I get 
enough e-mails I might be willing to write it up, but as for now it's 
not really important. It really comes down to you using a SMG and a Bolt 
action rifle most of the time anyway.

Q: Your guide is hard to follow, be more thorough and detailed!

A: This is a FPS, and on Veteran mode there are tons of infinite spawned 
enemies, I am only focusing on the more important parts of the game. 
This is also explained in the strategy section. If you follow my advice 
you shouldn't have too much of a problem, sometimes you have to skip  
enemies. You kill who you have to, you use the cover that you find 
useful or use mine. The choice is up to you, but in the end you 
shouldn't have too much of a problem.

Q: You die in your videos, how can you show that and why should I bother 
listening to you if your having problems?

A: I never stated that I went through each level flawlessly besides the 
Black Cats mission and the tank mission, and I don't know many people 
who didn't die on any of the other levels, even if you know what's 
coming that won't help the random grenade tosses and the environment 
that will  hold you back or stupid teammates who will push you out of 
the way or get in your way.

I did die, but on my second run through making this guide I only had 
problem on the actual really hard levels. I did them a third time based 
on the strategy and got through it in less time. So if you can do the 
hardest missions without any problem, pat yourself on the back. If not, 
please  don't e-mail me about how horrible I am. This game is made of 
pure evil and horrible checkpoint logic. Instead of having stable 
checkpoints it decided whether you continue or don't.

Q: There are tipos or gramar problems lurn to spell.

A: No, I still want you to comprehend what I'm saying but mistakes may 
happen, my apologies but sometimes I stayed up in the early hours to 
write this guide, so if things look funny you may point it out and I 
will try to fix it.

Q: Can I use this guide for other difficulties?

A: Yeah, the only major difference between them is on Veteran mode you 
die easier and have to deal with more enemies and grenades.

Q: Is there an easier way through Blowtorch and Corkscrew?

A: No

Q: Where is the list of Death Cards?

A: On another site/guide/video try looking for it.

Q: You sound like a real hardcore ass, what's up with that?

A: Only stupid people get me to be an ass, I am normally a nice guy. 
Don't ask stupid questions or questions which are easily answered.

" Is the SVT a machinegun?, I been using it but it doesn't fire like 

Chances are I won't get these type of questions, but as long as you in a 
nice way I will reply in such, but if it's the opposite expect the same.

Q: Your guide and videos suck!

A: I'm sorry you didn't like them or it, even though I spent to time 
trying to help you. Get over it and find a better way.

Q: I can make a better guide!

A: Do it, more views on a game will help players find multiple ways of 
doing something.

Q: Can I use something from your guide in mine?

A: Ask and you might receive.

Q: You sound weird and or some videos have no commentary!

A: Sorry sometimes when I'm doing the recording I just mess around with 
my comments, or get sidetracked writing something down. If you notice a 
video has no commentary (I.E Breaking Point it will be fixed in the 

Q: I can do it faster, why does it take so long for you to complete some 

A: I am a super cautious player until I know what needs to be done, even 
knowing that I have to do a certain objective, I don't want to rush and 
die. I have replayed veteran mode about 3 to 4 times and by the fourth 
time I was breezing through the levels. This guide was done between the 
second and third run through.

Q: I want to help you with your guides, I.E Jobs.

A: I would love to have help, spelling and grammar checker, and possibly 
someone who is excellent in video editing and has the time to do it, I 
don't have the time to make fancy effects because I'm busy with school 
work and projects at college. So if you want to help on further projects 
you can apply, make sure your e-mail is titled . "Guide Application." so 
I don't delete it.

Q: I want you to make a guide for so and so game!

A: Maybe, it depends if it's worth my time.

If there are any other questions, feel free to e-mail me. I will try my 
laziest to answer them.

A3: Credits

Thank you Treyarch for making a great game, I know a lot of people have 
been ragging on you ever since Call of Duty 3, and it's really stupid. 
You made a great story and a fun multiplayer (except spawns which are 
still horrendous) you have redeemed yourself and made a better story  
campaign than Call of Duty 4, which still was awesome.

Thank you Activision for slave driving Infinity Ward and Treyarch to 
keep releasing a new game every year!

Thank you Gamefaqs for hosting this FAQ!

Thank you Mountain Dew, I couldn't have stayed up those long hours 
without you!
Thank you Zombie Mode, for relieving me of my stress from Veteran mode!

Thank you Band-Aids, for making sure all the cuts and bruises from 
breaking things while playing get healed faster!

Other Thank youz!

Danny Fong, for the awesome HDTV to play on!

Virtual Dub, for the great easy editing.

Bed, for sleeping

Youtube for video hosting

Gamebattles for video hosting

To you who is reading this, you are the reason I make these guides, so 
thank you all the people who have troubles playing games. :)

Copyright (C) 2008 Ben Sam
Call of Duty is a copyright trademark of Activision and their 
subdivisions and I(Ben Sam) am no way affiliated with Activision.

Treyarch Logo is copyright and a trademark to Treyarch Studios, and 
I(Ben Sam) am no way affiliated with Treyarch.