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Assassins Creed Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Assassins Creed

SuperCheats Guide
Assassins Creed Guide
This guide will help you find your way through the streets of Damascus, Acre and Jerusalem. You'll find instructions for completing all of the inves..
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We've got loads of useful cheats for this game including unlocking the secret ending and the Animus Eagle Vision. We'll even tell you how to kill guards without losing a life.

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We have 35 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Assassins Creed please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : PC

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Loud Assassination:
To do a loud assassination hold LB + RB and press X. This assination can be used while approaching a guard, the only problem is that because it's noisy it will alert other guards.
Silent Assassination:
To do this assassination hold LB and press X. This assassination is most effective when used from behind a guard as nobody will hear a thing.

Easier Interrogation

Before you begin the interrogation take the 'target' to a safe area. Begin the interrogation by punching them, then 'grab' them for faster completions. It usually takes about two grabs to quickly finish them but into the last three quarters of the game you may have to grab them up to four times or more.

Kill Anyone without Losing a Life

Beat the Game and you will be able to replay Memory Blocks in Story mode and kill anyone you like without being penalised.

Dr. Vidic's Computer

To access Dr. Vidic's computer and emails you must steal his pen before starting Memory Block 5. To do this walk up behind him and press any button.

Masyaf Flags

The following video is a complete walkthrough of ALL 20 flags in Masyaf.

Animus Eagle Vision:

Complete the main story and this empathic sight which enables you to see hidden messages and tell friend from foe can be used whenever you want regardless of the synchronization levels of the Animus machine.

Unlock Secret Ending

Beat the game and after the credits have completed you will be able view it. The secret ending suggests that there will be a sequel.

Frenzy Attack

To perform a frenzy attack you need to equip either the short blade or the sword. If you are facing a large number of guards just keep attacking them, bouncing one attack to one enemy then attacking the next. If one of the enemies tries to attack you while you are attacking another guard quickly press RB then X. Tapping this combination allows you to attack while quickly countering.

Assassin's Creed Guide has an exclusive guide for Assassin's Creed. You can check it out here: Assassin's Creed Guide
It is a complete walkthrough of the game with screenshots.
We also have a collection of wallpapers which you can use to customise your PC here:
Assassin's Creed Wallpaper

Kill Guards Easily

If your in a fight with guards the easy way to kill them is to grab them and throw them on the ground. While there still on the ground, quickly hit them with your sword or stab them with your hidden blade. If your near the edge of a cliff just throw them off the edge, but be careful because they might try and do the same to you, and it's a long way down!!!

Credit ahivemnet

Watch all the credits till the end then you unlock a achivement

Game master 1996Smile

secret acheivment

At the end of the game if you stay through the credits you get a secret acheivement

After The Game!

After you beat the game you can kill people and you won't lose life.

Happy Gaming, Mikol-_

Hidden Achievement

Visions of the Future - Stick around until after the credits for this special 50g achievement

Unlock a cool achievement!

Okay, to be able to unlock this achievement, every time you come out of the Animus, talk to the lady. Keep talking to her until she says that she should get back to work.

Do this every time you come out of the animus, and once you complete all of them, you will unlock an achievement, and gain some points Smile

Kill People With No Penalty

After you beat the game you can kill people and you won't lose life.
Profit of regret


When you have to pickpocket some guys, you might have some trouble. You can only do this when the guy is moving, if they are not they will get the guards. As they are walking walk up as close as possible to them without them noticing, then press B to pickpocket. Also if they get the guards find somewhere to hide as their getting them.

stealth and teabag

Alright I learned these things awhile ago
You need to know one to do the other
To crouch hold a and then rt then let go of rt to uncrouch
this is cool cause it works like on a rooftop like this
| ____
|___1_| |__2_
1=you 2=enemy
You are as tall as line on far left
You can crouch and he wont see you!!
It will work as long as you arent being chased (alo when they lose sight of you during chase).

Once you can crouch you can teabag (if you don't know how think for a few seconds)

"Eagle" Achievements

The Eagle and The Apple - 1191: This is pretty straight forward. Complete Assassin's Creed's story mode and sit through the credits. Bam. Achievement.
Eagle's Will: This requires you to kill 100 enemies without dying. No, not in the same fight, but just killed 100 enemies between deaths. Simply pick a lot of fights, use a LOT of counters (RT + X) and a lot of guard breaks (A followed by X) and if things look grim, don't be afraid to run.
Eagle's Flight: This one is tricky, survived 10 minutes in open combat. Though, it's not impossible. I found a really easy way to do it. Simple go to Damascras and go to the poor or middle district (I THINK it's the poor, but if it's not, go to the middle) Here, the lesser guards cannot guard break or throw. Find a couple of them, l..

how to make a mini glich

When you go up to a horses chest you zoom on to the sadle

Useful Stuff

If you are falling press B to grab onto any ledge, also use this to get down a building without hurting yourself (You get this ability after the 2rd assassination).
Pickpocked the fat guys who you can lock onto to get more throwing knives. When they are walking walk up behind them and hold B. You get throwing knives after the third assassination.
When fighting just use the counter attack. Whenever someone goes to hit you hold RT. Make sure you realease and then re-hold RT before each attack on you. This way even if they attack from behind you still block it. Whilst holding RT press X the moment they swing to counter attack (You get this ability very early on).
Use the Scholars to get into the cities. They will let you walk with them if you save one citize..

Reading Runes.

Ok So Its not exactly the runes you'll be reading, but rather the large blocks of words with them.
To start off with the large square sequence of letters.
The letters read..
"artefacts sent to the skies to control all nations to make us obey a hidden crusade do not help them." this can be seen by reading from the bottom left upwards.
Finaly the large triangle of letters.
The letters read..
"they drained my soul and made it theirs I drain my body to show you where I saw it." (refering to the runes located in the bedroom on the wall.) and again read this the same way as above.
As for the smaller word, or words over by the conference room window, I havent a clue unfortunately. If anyone has any ideas or if it's jus..

Mercy kill and air assassination

When you kill someone using your sword or blade they usually roll around on the floor making a lot of noise and attracting attention. If they are still alive and moving on the floor select your secret blade, press up, and go upto the body and press X. You will then finish them off.
You can assassinate targets/guards/civilians from above. Stand on the edge of a ledge not too far from the ground. Not too high or he won't do it. Lock onto your target and make sure that your secret blade is selected. Then hold RT, lean forward and press X and he will automatically jump down and assassinate. Note that this will be a loud assassination and will attract that attention of the guards.

Throw of Faith

If you find yourself in a bind with more guards chasing you than you'd like to handle just find a cliff or climb a roof. Stand near an edge and let them all catch up (they will all climb a roof to get you if you wait). Once they do, let them get close enough and press RT+B this will grab the closest one in arms length. Use the LS to direct them off the cliff or roof top. Just let them line up and throw them all to thier death one by one till there's no more threat.

No Citizen Kill Penelty

After you beat the game, watch the credits don't skip them. You should then wake up, and be able to walk around and go to previous memories. Well, enter any one of them, and go to the masyaf(out of the castle where you start). You can kill anyone without loosing life. You can go around and assassinate anyone you want.

falling glitch

Can't remember what city this is in but it is in a POOR district with a stream running by the INSIDE wall...
Be carful if you are a block away from the stream and get into a fight because if a guard throws you into a wall (toward the river side) then you will start to fall THROUGH NOTHING and end up dying for nothing...

Easy achivement

When you fight your first target in damacus,equip your hidden blade and when he yells at the merchant kill him. After that you get a achivement.

how to go on a killing spree

ok, so you can't actualy kill people but you can beat the crap out of them. at the very begining of the game when desmond is first in the animus befor the tutorial you can walk around and beat people up as much as you want.

computer pen

Don't know when this comes available but after the third time back to the real world where you lay down where the computer is the woman leaves her pen take it and look on the pc for some info.

Getting away from guards

After you assasinate someone, I find it's alot easier to get on top of the buildings instead of running on the streets. There are less guards and more hiding places.

Tips for "Disciple of the Creed" Achievment

Avoid being detected if you can above all, thats really the simplest.
1. Remember to kill all archers surrounding the area.
2. If spotted, and confronted by the target, throw him to the ground and switch to your hidden blade--then kill him while he's down.
3. If you've lost any health and the target's chasing you...just run in a
perfect circle until your full health again.
4. Lastly, if there are too many guards, jus run to a dark alleyway; not all of them will follow you.
P.S. You don't have to kill your master with a full bar. Only up to Ramir (bald guy you see in the first bit if you're no good with names.) Hope this helps!
Happy Gaming- How Can I Assist You


Hey again veltz here with more goodies ha ha
When sword fighting use the short blade and throwing knifes it's much better for insant kill move's if theres lots of soliders run back throw knifes and then charge in and slit them up ha ha thanks for reading


Always be careful about assasinating gaurds and other what not.but always use eagle vision to warn you about your surrounding you.

Kill people without getting told off

After you have completed the game
you can replay the leves and kill inasant civilians

Game master 1996 Smile

Glitch: Easy way to unlock 'flight of the eagle' achievement

First of all, you need to be in Mysaf (I think) and you need to punck a guard. Then you run all around town untill you have lots of guards chasing you. Now is the risky bit, you need to get to a building that looks a bit like this:
| |
___________| |
| |
| |
| |

You stand here:
| |
___________| |
| |
| ..

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