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Assassins Creed Cheats and Tips

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Want to unlock the Animus Eagle vision or get infinite life? We've got those answers here. We'll also tell you how you see clearly at the start of the game.

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We have 18 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Assassins Creed please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PC

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Get Infinite Life

This great cheat which will help you progress through the game without worrying about how much 'Life' you have remaining is entered at the 'Main' screen by pressing Circle, L2, X, Square, Triangle, R2, L2.

Frenzy Attack

To be able to do a frenzy attack you need to equip either the short blade or the sword. If you are facing a large number of guards just keep attacking them, bouncing one attack to one enemy then attacking the next. If one of the enemies tries to attack you while you are attacking another guard quickly press R1 then Square. Tapping this combination allows you to attack while quickly countering.

Defeating the Master

Before the Master can take away your radar ability making it difficult to see try and lock on to him and use your throwing knife. Doing this will stop him from being able to use his power to blind you which makes it easier for you to kill him as you'll be able to see him.

Defeating Templars

Equip the hidden blade and press L1 to lock onto the Templar when initiating combat against them. Then wait for the Templar to attack you so that you can counter attack their strke and kill them with one blow using the hidden blade.

Escaping from Guards

When you are being chased by guards find a high roof and Kill any of them that follow you there, after a few kills the guards will either run or give up.

Defeating William of Montferrat in Acre

The fastest way of completing this mission is to drop down from the castle when most of the guards have left William and slay him. Then afterward 'de-target' or deselect and run up into the castle buildings and battlement to escape.

Killing Anyone and Secret Ending

Kill Anyone without Losing a Life:
When you have beaten the Game you can replay Memory Blocks in Story mode and can kill anyone you like without being penalised.
Unlock Secret Ending:
When you have beaten the game and the credits have completed you will be able to view a secret ending.

Animus Eagle Vision

When the main story has been completed this empathic sight which enables you to see hidden messages and tell friend from foe can be used whenever you want regardless of the synchronization levels of the Animus machine.

Dr. Vidic's Computer

To be able to access Dr. Vidic's computer and emails you must walk up behind him and press any button to steal his pen before starting Memory Block 5.

Masyaf Flags

Check out the following video for a complete walkthrough of ALL 20 flags in Masyaf.
Watch the video

Assassin's Creed Guide has an exclusive guide for Assassin's Creed. You can check it out here: Assassin's Creed Guide
It is a complete walkthrough of the game with screenshots.
We also have a collection of wallpapers which you can use to customise your PC here:
Assassin's Creed Wallpaper

Taitor to the Creed

When you leave Maysaf and enter the Kingdom on the right down the hill a bit there will be two Assasins and a dead Knight on the ground use Eagle Vision to look at the two Assasins and one will be red meaning an enemy


Unlockable: Unlimited Eagle Vision
After beating the game, you can use Eagle Vision inside the Animus at any time, regardless of your health level (Synchronization).
Unlockable: Killing Without Penalty
After beating the game, you can kill anyone inside the Animus at any time, without losing health (Synchronization).

Stupid archers

I HATE ARCHERS. If you can sneak up behind them with your hidden blade selected and stealth kill them. If they block do what I do... Throw elm off.

Signed: Matthew J.W A.K.A. MMMEEE

Pretty Cool

Have you ever seen any of those huge wooden towers that guards stand on? If you have you know what I'm talking about. Well if your being chased by guards on the ground by one grab him, and throw him into it. U will like the results.

How To See Clearly At The Start

Press L2 and R2 at the start and you will see clearly without having a blur.

Spider-man reference and Free Falling

When your climbing a view point if you postion urself right you will look like spider man when your gathering your surroundings. Also when you climb a view point get on the pointed edge with both hands and make sure a haystack is directly below you (or you might actually die). Then drop and you will automatically fall into the cart but it will look like your about to go splat on the ground but at the last second you go straight into the cart :O.

Multi-Color Horse

If you ride any horse except a white horse or any color horse from a city and ride through a load screen it will be a diffret color

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