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Combat Tips

Star Wars: Squadrons Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Star Wars: Squadrons Combat Tips

In Star Wars: Squadrons you are going to be in your fare share of dog-fights and before you are able to fly like a pro you are going to have to put some work in. Below are some combat tips that will turn you into a dogfighting ace.

Play the Campaign
Star Wars: Squadrons has a single player story that consists of 14 missions and it is recommended that you play through them as doing so will teach you some useful techniques and lessons which you will be able to utilise when you eventually feel confident enough to play in multiplayer. Each of the missions will show you advanced moves such as being able to drift by boosting then sharply turning 180 degrees to face someone on your tail.

Manage your Power
In order to get the most out of your starfighter you need to know how to manage its power. You are able to divert power across your engines, lasers, or shield and doing so will give you a substantial boost to their performance. This though comes at the cost of where you are diverting that power from so it is important that you know how and when to divert power. If you opt to always keep your starfighter balanced you will be missing out on an opportunity to take advantage.

Communicate with Squadmates
Regardless if you are playing in multiplayer or single player it is essential that you communicate with your squadmates over your comms so you are aware of any enemies in the vincinity and are able to begin evasive maneuvers.

Be an Elusive Target
Always avoid flying in a straight line, especially when you are in the vincinity of turrets as this will make you an easy target for them. Once you become aware of enemy fire you need to start making short, sharp movements to become an elusive target. Doing this will also give you time to either some asteroids or debris in which to lose them if you feel the enemy is too dangerous to engage in combat.

Track Attacking Enemies
Constantly cycling through your targets by pressing X (PlayStation 4) or A (Xbox One) on your controller is not the most effective way to target an enemy that is on your tail. If you instead double-tap the button on your controller you will be able to target the foe who last attacked you. This will enable you to know where they are in relation to your starship and know where to counter attack.

When to Deploy a Countermeasure
The best time to deploy a countermeasure is when the 'missile incoming' meter has three of its four red arrows (pointing inward from both sides) lit up. Take a look at our How to Use Countermeasures guide to find out more about these devices you can use when an enemy has a lock-on you to prevent the missile from hitting you.

Firing at the Enemy
Only fire when you have a target in your sights. You need to avoid being trigger happy as many ships don’t allow you to fire for long so you will want to maximise your laser efficiency by firing only when your shots are guaranteed to hit.

Customise your Starship
There are various different components you can unlock for your starfighter to improve its performance, make sure you unlock the components that best suits your game style and maximise those strengths. Take a look at our Best Beginner Build if you are a new player in Star Wars: Squadrons and need help putting together a loadout.

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